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[inexplicable necro] How to make love in LARP?

Evan Waters

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Re: How to make love in LARP?

So has anyone tried just singing out "OH SWEET MYSTERY OF LIFE AT LAST I'VE FOUND YOU!"?


Re: How to make love in LARP?

nero: ONE I stick it in ... TWO I stick it in ...
masquerade larp: I'm enduring enough to give it to you
cthulhu larp: ahhhhhh! The spikes!

That's all i got.


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Re: How to make love in LARP?

For as far as i know is there no sex in dutch larp. I'm also a dutch larp er and have not seen it yet. I play a viking and also no luck with the whole sex/ romance thing here. So I thing IF there was sex or romance it woult be like the movies. Good Luck acting it all out.


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Re: How to make love in LARP?

Not exactly LARP, but I've participated in a campaign that was basically set in the world of Oglaf (aka D&D except with a LOT of sex, focused more on goofiness than pure titillation). By design there was a LOT of sex going on, though we didn't get into Chuck Tingle levels of anatomical detail, and it wound up being really fun even for those of us who didn't actually have sexual attraction drives to begin with. I think we got into proper full-party combat exactly once, all the other issues were solved carnally. All the players in question knew each other pretty well and some were actually dating at the time so I was comfortable it wouldn't go anywhere unpleasant without warning.

The DM asked up front if anything was a no-go zone for us. I said I wasn't comfortable with anything taking mental agency away from my character, such as mind control or lust spells. If he was going to do the sex I wanted to make sure it was fully consensual. By happenstance I had already selected the immune-to-mental-effects paladin, so was assured that I wouldn't have to deal with that.

Which actually led to a lot of hilarity. My uptight transvestite paladin of a death goddess and her consort the Lord of the Little Death was constantly scolding everyone for not focusing on The Mission instead of their genitalia and getting confused when other people got Charm Personed/Calmed/Sex-Pollened and wandered off to have sex.
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