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Infraction for HeWhoSpeaksOfDarkness: 17) Permanent Ban


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Post: Could I have a little clarification.
User: HeWhoSpeaksOfDarkness
Infraction: 17) Permanent Ban
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Administrative Note:
Defence of pedophillia leading to rule 1 ban

Message to User:
It appears that you are actively defending pedophillia. To the extent that is not the case, it is only appropriate to deal with through the appeals system; we will not host this discussion on this forum.

You are permanently banned under rule 1. Appeals go to the administrators, and you would be advised to construct yours very carefully indeed.

Original Post:
When Icarium said he thinks people who like little girls 'that way' are 'scum', he was referring to actual sexual attraction to prepubescent girls.
Yes? That was kind of the point of my reply.
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