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Infraction for KenM: 10) Three Month Ban


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Post: TITLJ: Fairly pissed at paypal and BOFA.
User: KenM
Infraction: 10) Three Month Ban
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3-month ban

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You have a topic ban on the subject of all discussion of customer and consumer service, including any and all personal experiences you may have had with service providers who provide goods or services by delivery or in a fixed location. This text was broadly phrased and very clearly covers PayPal.

We'll be discussing this Backstage. You're preliminarily banned for 3 months for now, but don't be surprised if that goes up.

Here is the full text of the topic ban in question.

Original Post:
Same thing happened to me 8 months ago or so. Driving home from work I got like 9 emails from pay pal saying these transactions are going through that I never autherized. I called them. Pay Pay said they would try and stop it but to contact my credit union to stop it on there end.

They were closing soon, I called them, let them know what was going on. They said that due to a policy they have, they can't do anything until the money clears. They verified on phone that it was the account holder. So I asked " so let me get this right, I know fraud is going on with my account, i'm telling you its happening and you are not doing anything until the money clears?" She said yes. It may not clear. It did clear nexr morning. So First thing I went down there and talked to manager. I told her I was'nt mad at the person I talked to, but I'm mad at the policy for letting my money be taken. it was close to 1000.00 total.

The money was back at end of day and they said they were sorry. I've since closed my Pay Pal and won't have anything to do with them, too risky.
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