Innocuous seeming devices that can be dangerous in the wrong hands


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You get rid from a Stupid Evil villain and realize someone's lifelong dream.

Oooh..what's that? And That? Is that a gun? Eww, what's wrong with your legs? Do you smell burning?

Any of the Portal gels would also fall into this class of items. Like painting a section of a busy highway with speed gel.


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Any of the Portal gels would also fall into this class of items. Like painting a section of a busy highway with speed gel.
I think any of the Portal gels might fail the 'innocuous seeming' qualifier. Those are all, at first glance, 110% incredibly risky SCIENCE!

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There was a Niven one-off story involving a little alien gadget discovered that was a handheld disintegrator with a very short effective distance. You could use it to carve about any substance, no matter how hard. But if you dropped it and it landed point-first, it'd plummet down through whatever floor and ground was beneath, constantly disintegrating the tiny amount of rock in front of it. Add to that it was almost indestructible and had an endless battery, and it could disintegrate a planet on a geological timescale.

See also universal solvents.


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A device that adds or modifies flavors and odors of food. Now some (all?) people have brain wiring that ties odors to memories. If the device is used incorrectly it can cause bad memories to surface, possibly to the level of night terrors. It would have to be used in combination with other tech to brainwash.


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Assuming a Bag of Holding could be smuggled into a high security area, or simply dropped in a Prison's "Yard" you could do some major damage. Well, depending what's in it. Hell, you could smuggle virtually ANYTHING with it.

Throwing a portable hole into it is a waste of good resources, but could just plain wreck a ginormous area.
You've just described "Ye olde dimension bomb", for use on Great old ones, incarnate gods and the like.
Exactly. That was my point. Because it's hilarious AND petty. If I can't have these, NOBODY an 8 dimension radius. :LOL:

I even found a decent(ish) use of cursed magic items. The kind that automatically zip into your hand when you try to use a different (read non-cursed) version of that weapon.

Load. Bearing. Walls. Or some sort of structure that has a single point in the center where all the pressure goes.

Convince somebody to pick up a cursed... Bastard Sword, I guess. Then have it be used as critical piece of the design. Wait until somebody you truly hate moves in... then challenge the poor sod who has a cursed Bastard Sword to a Bastard sword fight. (Or any kind of weapon that user would never use on purpose.)

Step 1: Cursed Weapon
Step 2: Use as a critical piece of some sort of infrastructure
Step 3: Profit (?)


There's also the question: Can a Bard's bolster song ability or the like be recorded? I'm asking... for a friend. ;D
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