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[Interest] GURPS WWII


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So even a simple rifleman in the unit would be a lieutenant? What about NCOs?
Well, that might be an oversimplification, but... OMSBON NKVD was organized more like military college than actual combat unit. They saw action in November and December of 1941, but that's all.
There were two categories: 'permanent' and 'variable' staff.
First ones were instructors, trainers, and commanders.
The second category were conscripts to be trained. After their training was over, they were formed into groups to go behind enemy lines or promoted into permanent staff.

Your PCs are part of permanent staff. So far, you were considered too valuable to risk you; but now High Command has other plans...


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I’ve created a sniper.

Lieutenant Nikolai Petrovich Poroshenko

Age: 29

Ethnicity: Ukrainian

Height: 5’ 11”

Weight: 170 lbs

ST 11 (10)

DX 14 (45)

IQ 14 (45)

HT 13 (30)


Military Rank 3 (15)

Peripheral Vision (15)


Social Stigma - Ukrainian (-10)

Alcoholism (-15)

Bully (-10)


Hates communism and Stalin (-1)

Dreams of escaping to the West (-1)

Has sickly parents (-1)


Ukrainian (native)

Russian (15) (4)

Bard 14 (2)

Jumping 14 (1)

Running 14 (4)

Skiing 14 (4)

Swimming 15 (2)

Throwing 14 (4)

Brawling 16 (4)

Guns (pistol) 16 (4)

Guns (sniper rifle) 16 (4)

Guns (submachine gun) 15 (2)

Knife 15 (2)

Mechanic (gasoline engine) 14 (2)

Telegraphy 14 (1)

First Aid 15 (2)

Climbing 15 (4)

Navigation 14 (4)

Survival (Mountains) 14 (2)

Survival (Woodlands) 14 (2)

Survival (Plains) 14 (2)

Tracking 14 (2)

Teaching 14 (2)

Tactics 12 (1)

Camouflage 15 (2)

Escape 13 (2)

Stealth 15 (4)

Traps 14 (2)

Bicycling 14 (1)


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1. I was going for an assimilated Jew, who would learn Hebrew for religious purposes in his youth but speak Russian at home.
Well, that explains his anti-religious stance. Point taken.
2. My grandfather served in the Red Army in 1943 and 44 and encountered significant antisemitism.
As did grandfather of mine. I've never heard a single ethnic joke from him.
And, by the way: Stalin's opinion on Anti-Semitism
3. The name is the point. He is a proud Jew who didn’t change his name.
Okay, if you wish so.
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Lieutenant Nikolai Petrovich Poroshenko

Social Stigma - Ukrainian (-10)
From this point, characters with Social Stigma (Ethnicity) will be rejected on the spot.
Lullaby scene from Soviet movie "Circus" (1936)

Alcoholism (-15)
Bully (-10)
Hates communism and Stalin (-1)
Dreams of escaping to the West (-1)
Nope. No way.
Seriously, with such a background, no one could be admitted to elite NKVD unit, period.
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First, the rules of GURPS WWII tell you to get social stigma for other nationalities. Ukrainian gets a -10 by default as his loyalty is in question.

Second, my character is secretly anti-communist because Stalin killed a lot of his family members. As Stalin was a lunatic who killed people at random, including families of his friends, ministers, generals and NKVD members, it should be perfectly fine for an NKVD officer to have his family killed or at least imprisoned. Molotov’s family was imprisoned, Zhukov’s was, Rokossovski was tortured himself. I’m sure they all had at least some hatred for the butcher. Also, as Stalin purposefully starved millions of Ukrainians to death, I’m sure that my character will have many reasons to hate him and communism in general, even if he hides his hatred to profit from the system and just survive.

If you feel this is too much, I’m all too happy to pass.


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I'm in thge hills right now but got coverage so ill make a quick post.
Character idea is Ramon Gris, Spaniard and Republican from Granada. He hasn't returned since it fell to the fascists in 1936.
A lifelong mountaineer , he trained in the Sierra Nevada growing up. During the civil war he fought alongside various communist units and was eventually brought into their internationalist fold.
After the end of the republic he moved to the Soviet Union.
He was useful for training other mountaineers as well as sapper training. The GRU got theiur hooks into him as he was useful for language training etc.
Preferred weaponry these days is a hand picked Mauser KAR98K with a grenade launcher cup and a PPS43


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As you've probably assumed from my silence, I don't think I have time to play this one. I'll bow out. Have fun, all!
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