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Here is my character, Artemis Freeman, with everything but Milestones.

Character sheet:
Spoiler: Show
Gender: Female
Age: 5 years
Appearance and Demeanor: Artemis appears to be a young woman in her early to mid-twenties, though in fact she is much younger, having been rapidly grown to physical adulthood in a tank. She has black hair, tan skin, and appears to be of vaguely Asian or American Indian heritage, though her actual genetics are far more complex—and not fully human. Although she looks fully human, humans often find her presence unsettling. For one thing, much of the way she holds herself and her body language is more like an animal than a human. She can also come across as cold and unemotional—not because she is, but because she was never socialized in how to express her emotions.

Buddy: 1d6, Team: 1d8, Solo: 1d10

Distinctions (1d4/1d8)
  • Run Away Lab Experiment: Artemis was genetically engineered in a Sidereal Biotech lab, grown to adulthood in a tank, and educated though subliminal messages as she was grown. Her creators regarded her as a tool, not a person, so she escaped to live free. Both Sidereal and the law still regard her as the company’s property and look to recapture her. Her genetically engineered origin has left her with an enhanced physique and the ability communicate with and take command of bio-monsters.
  • Monstrous Mindset: Given that she was educated by subliminal messages, Artemis was never well socialized to understand or work with humans. She feels much more comfortable with the bio-monsters she was designed to communicate with and control. Humans tend to find her presence unsettling—though that can come in handy when one wants to intimidate people.
  • Free Spirit: Artemis knows what it’s like to be someone’s prisoner and to be mistreated. While she can’t relate to a lot of human experiences, she can relate to that. And she doesn’t want to see any living thing—herself, humans, normal animals, or bio-monsters—treated like that by anyone.
Power Sets
  • Bio-Engineered Physique: Artemis was genetically engineered to have enhanced reflexes, speed and endurance to better help her survive the wilderness outside the cities.
  • Enhanced Durability 1d8, Superhuman Reflexes 1d10, Enhanced Speed 1d8, Superhuman Stamina 1d10
  • SFX: Immunity: Spend one Plot Point to ignore stress from disease, fatigue, poison or toxins.
  • SFX: Last Ditch Effort: Step up or double any Bio-Engineered Physique die on your next roll, or spend 1 PP to do both, then shutdown that power. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.
  • SFX: Second Wind: Before you make an action including a Bio-Engineered Physique power, you may move your physical stress die to the doom pool and step up the Bio-Engineered Physique power by +1 for this action.
  • Limit: Exhausted: Shut down any power to gain one Plot Point. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.
  • Limit: Prejudice: Earn one Plot Point if you step up mental or emotional stress as a result of popular prejudice against bio-engineering.
  • Bio-Monster Bond: Artemis shares the senses that many bio-monsters have, to better interact with—enhanced night vision, heat vision, echolocation, pheromone sensing, etc. She is also capable of communicating with bio-monsters, using everything from pheromones, to howls, to clicks. She can use this not only to communicate, but to assert herself as pack leader and take command of bio-monsters.
  • Monstrous (Enhanced) Senses 1d8, Monstrous Communication 1d10 (Telepathy variant), Monstrous Command 1d8 (Mind Control variant)
  • SFX: Call of the Wild (Constructs): In the appropriate environment, you may summon bio-monsters to your aid. Add a d6 and step up your effect die by +1 when using Bio-Monster Bond to create assets.
  • SFX: Social Animal (Area Attack): You may communicate with or command multiple bio-monsters are once. For every additional target, add d6 and keep +1 effect die.
  • Limit: Exhausted: Shut down any power to gain one Plot Point. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.
  • Limit: Outsider: Earn one Plot Point if you step up mental or emotional stress as a result of not fitting in among human society.
Acrobatic Expert 1d8
Combat Expert 1d8
Covert Master 1d10
Menace Expert 1d8
Science Expert 1d8

Spoiler: Show
Originally known only as XHR-2462, Artemis is the product of a labor experiment by Sidereal Biotech to bridge the human and bio-monster worlds as a first step to reclaiming Earth for humanity. Artemis was not unique—Sidereal created a whole “pack” of bio-engineered people like her; some are identical clones to Artemis, while others are based on different sets of DNA. All of them were engineered by combining the best human DNA with those of animals to be superhumanly fast and resilient to survive in the wilderness beyond the cities; and to be capable of communicating with and even assuming the leadership of bio-monsters. Wanting to get them working as quickly as possible, they were forcibly grown from embryos to adult bodies in womb tanks in only a year, with Sidereal giving them an education through subliminal messages relayed at accelerated speeds into the experiments’ consciousness as they grew in the tanks. Sidereal educated them in the wilderness survival skills they would need, as well as the basics of the sciences so they could carry out research for Sidereal. However, they only gave them rudimentary social skills, enough to interact with the lab staff and to take orders.

The goal of Sidereal in producing Artemis and her “siblings” was to create beings that could bridge the human and bio-monster worlds, so that humans could begin to live outside their cities again, in relative harmony with the bio-monsters. Sidereal’s great mistake was to treat their creations not as valued envoys, but as tools to be used—and sometimes discarded. When Artemis and the others were sent into the wilderness, it was with cybernetic collars to locate them and enforce obedience through shocks directly to the brain. Failure to carry out Sidereal’s program was met with harsh punishment, but there was rarely any reward for work well done. And the lab staff on a few occasions put to sleep those who were extremely badly injured or too disobedient. Artemis and her siblings grew increasingly resentful of this situation, but there was little they could do—until Ana the Necromancer staged her own breakout from a nearby lab, trashing the whole complex. This gave Artemis and several of her sibling an opportunity to escape—but only Artemis was able to avoid recapture by Sidereal.

Artemis came up with her name with the help of an interactive encyclopedia, naming herself “Artemis” after the Greek goddess of the wild and taking the surname “Freeman” from that of the freed slaves from the pre-apocalyptic US Civil War. She hopes one day to return to Sidereal and free her siblings. She also is intent on carrying out the mission she was created for, reconciling the human and bio-monster worlds, just on her own terms. In the mean time, she needs to avoid Sidereal and the law, both of which consider her Sidereal’s property, to be returned to the biotech company.

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Hmm, having trouble trying to think up of proper character attributes.

Would want some Enhanced Perception and Dexterity augments to go along with a Cyberdoc pack with likely an PDA or some futuristic way of keeping medical and military grade info on it. A couple of healing items, like a Derm Slap Patch for healing, tranq for enemies, and possibly some sort of antibiotic toxin cleaner?

Also would it be weird to have an Urban Assault Winnebego that's been converted into a mobile medical suite? Not sure if that would be proper.


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Would want some Enhanced Perception and Dexterity augments to go along with a Cyberdoc pack with likely an PDA or some futuristic way of keeping medical and military grade info on it..
If you take Medicine Master D10, any medical assets you create will be a D8, which is pretty good.

If you want a powerset specifically tied to healing, then we just add some powers to it to represent such a thing and some SFX that allow you to remove stress and trauma. Yo could have a meatball surgery SFX that lets you move into the doom pool for free and the option to spend a PP to jut remove it. There are some other ideas you can play with. But MHR does not really worry about gear unless it is part of the powerset.


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You can also spend a PP to bring in the Winnebego as a Medical Resource, which means it'd only appear every now and then, which might be appropriate for what it does.


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Alright, been going back and forth and I think I got a run down of the crunchy bits which is what's been hanging me up.

Spoiler: Show

Name: Anton 'Doctor Chrome' Marsilles
Sex: Male
Age: 34
Appearance and Demeanor: An older gentleman who's head is covered with black hair with some gray around the temples and is a little too long for a proper professional to wear. His green eyes are rather sharp under a light augmented lens to aid in his profession. He commonly wears a dark pair of suit pants, a black dress shirt, a golden tie, and an armored long coat that is pure white to give him the doctor look even when in the slums. He plays things off as cold and aloof which he actively cultivates to hide the insecurrities he still has from getting sacked for something he never did.

Solo 1d8, Buddy 1d10, Team 1d6

Burned Wage Surgeon
Fully Trained Cyberdoc
Arms Dealer and Sells Guns Too!

Power Set

Cybernetic Professional
A suite of augmentations to help aid in finding and treating gross medical procedures
Enhanced Senses 1d8, Enhanced Reflexes 1d8, Technology Mastery 1d10, Mental Telepathy 1d8
SFX: Mobile Meatball Mobile, a specially designed armored Winnebago that is set up with basic autopilot that can drive to a certain location on a roadway for 1 PP
SFX: Mental Overclocking, in a crunch situation, spend 1 PP to push his mental cybernetics to their limit, focusing solely to remove from the Doom Track
SFX: Limit Telepathy only works to other character of devices with a formated wi-fi device attached to it.
SFX: Limit Interference can disable telepathy or technology mastery

Medical Mastery 1d10
Combat Expert 1d8
Armsmith Expert 1d8
Mercantile Expert 1d8
Crime Expert 1d8


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Aliexster Aliexster

Technolgy Mastery is not really a power. it is a Skill/Specialty, Tech. Putting it there serve you better as you can roll it as part of other dice from your power set.

Your Mental Overclocking, not sure what it does exactly. Are you trying to remove dice from the Doom Pool?
If you want to drive a vehicle you should take Vehicle Expert of Master
No Armsmith, just repair I think.
You should probably add some kind of SFX that gives you more die, a one power power set can be limiting. Versatile, for exaple, would let you split a D10 into 2 D8s.
Your Winnebago. You could actually turn it into a powerset. Also, if you spend a PP you can create an asset off one skills. So if you had Vehicle Mastery you could create a D8 asset that is your Winnebago and roll that D8 when you can make use of the vehicle in your roll. That said, I might rewrite the Mobile Meatball as, When Creating a Vehicle Asset you can declare it your Mobile Meatball and step it up by one.

You could also create a healing SFX that would allow you to remove people's stress.

Looks okay, just needs clarification mostly.
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