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[Interest/Possible Recruitment]Survive This! Vigilante City

Willis the 3rd

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Gadgeteer gets (pg 41)
Combat Training
Computer Skills
Electronics at +1
Mechanics at +1
Ranged Weapons
and 3 others (Art&Music, Computer Hacking, and Dancing)

My origin gets (pg 23)
Subterfuge +1

Starting money gets (pg 28)
+1 to mathematics bringing it up to Mathematics +1

High INT give my modifier in extra languages (pg 12)
Language (Arabic)
Language (Polish)

4 extra skills for level 1 (pg 210)
Knowledge: General
Pilot Basic
Pilot Flying

Or am I mistaking the gadgeteer getting 3 others and shouldn't be getting those 4 extra skills? If not I can take them off


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I think we got it. I forgot about the free languages, so that accounts for those. However, the rules for skill bonuses are a little weird. If you get Subterfuge+1 from origin, but don't have the skill, you're considered to just have the skill without a bonus. So the list *is* correct, but subterfuge doesn't have a +1 until you put a point into the skill.


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OK. At this point, I'm just waiting on Dudley Do-Right. The scenario I'm using is something of a simple "dungeon crawl," so it will be brief role-play/set up the scene, and then pretty swiftly into action. The vigilantes might die or they may become heroes!

Dudley Do-Right

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Here is my entry for review. Hope the backstory isn't too long.

Reina Kimball aka: Red Devil
Class: Dark Avenger
Alignment: Chaos
5’ 8” 149lbs
Brown hair, brown eyes

STR: 17 (+2) INT: 13 (+1) WIS: 11 (+0) DEX: 16 (+2) CON: 18 (+3) CHA: 11 SUR: 10 (+0)
Note: Rolled STR 15, INT 13, WIS 11, DEX14, CON 18, CHA 12, SUR 11
Class modifiers: STR +1, DEX +1, CHA -1, SUR -1
Skill modifiers: Athletics-Basic: STR+1, DEX +1

Saves: Courage 14, Critical 12, Death 8, Magic 13, Mental 16, Poison 13
Note: Mental save includes +2 class bonus, Critical and Death saves include +1 bonus from simple helmet.

HP: 10

Toughness: 2 (+1 brawling, +1 leather armor)

Melee attack: +3 (punches/kicks), Melee attack: +2, Ranged attack: +2

AC: 15 (10+ 2 DEX + 2 armor + 1 simple helmet)

Initiative: d6 + 2

Parents were middle class.
Starting money: $1,000

One of your parents was crippled in a bank robbery.
You grew up dirt poor & took care of them. You have an
intense hatred of criminals. (+2 to melee damage to & -
2 to all social interactions with known criminals)

Czech (Int bonus)

Combat Training: Light armor & light melee weapons
Fighting: Brawling (You are proficient at basic schoolyard
fighting. You can use improvised weapons with no penalty.
You gain +1 to attack with punches or kicks, +1 against
Intimidation attempts & Toughness +1)
Interrogation +1
Street Smart
Knowledge: Construction
Knowledge: General
Ranged Weapons
First Aid

Starting gear from class:
2 light melee weapons (crowbar, 10’ chain)
Padded armor
Moderate clothes/Uniform
Kit or Utility belt

Leather Armor (leather pants, cowl, and jacket) $100 +2 AC, +1 Toughness
Simple Helmet (Built into cowl) $50 +1 AC, +1 Toughness
Steel toed boots $75 (+1kick damage)
Crowbar $5
Chain: 10 ft $10
Flashlight $5 (+1 to spot) 1 slot
Simple First Aid Kit $5 (+1 to First Aid) 1 slot
Swiss Army Knife $15 1 slot
Pepper Spray $20 1 slot
Smoke bombs 1 slot
Duct Tape $ 1 slot
Binoculars (+2 spot) 2 slots
Cellphone 1 slot
Shuriken $100 (qty:15) 3 slots
Utility Belt (12 slots)

Crowbar: 1d6 dmg, light, 10 ft range (up to 30 ft w/STR mod), +3/-3 Open/STR check
Chain- 10ft,: 1d6-1 dmg, +2 to trips, 5 ft reach, light
Pepper Spray: Stun, light, stuns for 2 rounds, poison save negates
Shuriken: 1d4 dmg, 50 ft range ( up to 70 ft w/STR mod)
Punch: 1d4+2 dmg
Kick: 1d4+3 dmg

Reina was adopted as a toddler by Richard and Tonia Kimball. They were stern, but loving parents. Richard worked in construction and Tonia worked in banking. Reina was an average student in school, not putting in too much effort into her studies. Her parents tried to get her into typical activities such as dance and gymnastics but those didn't interest her much.

Reina was often bullied at school due to her accent. She started working out and learned how to fight back. This often resulted in Reina getting disciplined at school and receiving either detention or a short suspension for fighting. Reina and her parents argued that the other kids started it by bullying her but school officials simply said that Reina should ignore the teasing and that fighting was against the rules.

Her father was seriously injured by a stray bullet while cashing his check one afternoon at the bank. He was now unable to work so Reina did what was needed. She dropped out and started doing odd jobs for people. She was a strong girl and there were plenty of people that needed help carrying or moving things. When she turned 18, she got a full time job doing basic manual labor at her father's former employer. She wanted to do more and learn other jobs in the company. The foreman told her it was against union rules unless she had a high school diploma.

With help from some of the other workers and her relatives, she studied as often as she could between work and helping her parents. In time, she took and passed the GED test. Now she could be trained how to use the backhoes, bulldozers, power tools, and other heavy equipment.

Late one night on her way home, she stopped to buy a six pack at the local liquor store. While she was there, a masked man with a gun burst in and demanded all the cash. Without thinking clearly, Reina, a sudden rage overcoming her, grabbed the nearest large bottle, ran up behind the man, and clocked him over the head with it just as he was turning to see what the commotion was. She then started punching and kicking the man in a blind rage. The cashier and a couple of other customers had to restrain her lest she kill the would be robber. She left in a hurry before the police arrived.

Over the next few days, she though a lot about what had happened. It had felt good to stop the robbery and even better to beat the man senseless. She wondered if she could do that more often, become one of those vigilantes she had heard about. She would need a disguise and she had no money for weapons, a fancy lair like the Bat guy, or even a car. Still, she reasoned she could piece together something. She hit all the thrift shops and army surplus stores looking for clothing and gear. She watched some of her father's dvd's of vigilantes and superheroes. She seized upon the idea of creating a persona that would scare criminals and make them speak the name in awe. Dressing up as a bat was too obvious and not likely to be taken seriously by the criminals. Reina settled on creating the vigilante persona of Red Devil.
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Willis the 3rd

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I think we got it. I forgot about the free languages, so that accounts for those. However, the rules for skill bonuses are a little weird. If you get Subterfuge+1 from origin, but don't have the skill, you're considered to just have the skill without a bonus. So the list *is* correct, but subterfuge doesn't have a +1 until you put a point into the skill.
Yeah, I thought since I get Subterfuge +2 I put one point of that into getting the skill and then the other point gives it the +1


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Dudley, I'll get to the sheet soon. The background is fine, though there is no "bat guy" in the city. How about "the vigilante to be named soon who was murdered" picked her up after her first couple nights as Red Devil. He tried to dissuade her, but when she refused, he took her under his wing.

I'm thinking Alleycat was actually the dead character's protege (since her protege abilities affect all allies) and Megabyt3? I'm not so sure. Maybe he was a computer asset for the vigilante, but when he was murdered, Megabyt3 decided to gear up and hit the streets himself?

Willis the 3rd

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Well, Megabyt3's parents were spies, maybe they had a run in or even knew "The Vigilante" so I got sent on "playdates" as a kid to be the vigilante's "guy in the chair" and eventually I got sick of always being in the chair, so I made gadgets to let me go out and fight too. Megabyt3 abandoning his post in the chair could even be why the vigilante was killed.
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