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[Interest/Recruiting] Play by Post Jousting Tournament


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So I really like play by post gaming. But the time lag of the format can be problematic. Finding a game system that is a good fit with pbp is also a challenge.

A few years ago, I participated in a jousting tournament on Google plus. The game used a modified version of the jousting rules from the pre D&D wargame rules of Chainmail and from Original D&D.

I’d like to run a tournament here. It would be a low intensity, slow turn investment of time. Turns would run weekly, with players DM ing me their orders and myself resolving the turns. PCs can roleplay in between turns. Characters can earn gold and xp. Eventually I’d like to do monthly tourneys with activities in between contests much like to on dueling game En Garde!

Anyway the jousting rules document can be found here: http://swordplusone.com/Jousting_final.pdf

In some places the rules refer to saving throws. For that I would refer you to Mike’s old school D&D houserule document. It’s not really required though. You can find it here: http://swordplusone.com/Normandie_rules.pdf

If you are interested let me know. Roll up a character and create a cost of arms!
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A bit more info.

A tournament would drawn up, once contestants have been created, into pairings.

Jousts would consist of three passes. Players DM me, the Joust Master, their offense and defensive moves for all three passes.

I resolve the joust. XP is awarded. Winners advance. Each round would take a week, giving players several days to send in instructions.

A new draw is conducted for each round until a champion is crowned.

I’m thinking of added “off season” activities, yet to be determined. Pilgrimages, campaigning etc much like the Traveller career tables or Pendragons seasonal activities.

That’s all for now!


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I'm interested. I can't check the rules now (on my phone). Are you going to use d&d or are these rules their own thing?


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The jousting rules are slightly modified from Gygax’s pre D&D Chainmail war game. In regards to saves, I’ll be using the houseruled D&D document in the OP, which is based on older versions of D&D.


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It’s quite simple. It’s a matrix to resolve actions. Thecrules doc is only a few pages long.

Don Coyote

Canine Mafioso
Sir Roger fitzHugh
Fighting Man
Mercenary Knight

STR 18
CON 14
CHA 13

HP 11
Gold 100
Station 4 (Mercenary)
Boiled leather armour (AC8)
Reinforced round shield (BF# 1-2)
Medium warhorse (+1 save, +2 damage)

Squire: WIlliam - T!, HP3, AC9, boiled leather, dagger
Retinue: Ralf and Obert, 2 filthy peasants I pay to guard my camp

Sir Roger is big, dumb and impetuous. He has one skill of measurable worth...hitting people. He wanders the land seeking his fortune. To date, he has not yet discovered it...or if he has, William has already stolen it from him...

Coat of arms: sable a saltire or

Poster Boy

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Yeah, I'm up for this!

Sir Edmund de le Poer
Fighting Man
Knight Bachelor

STR 13
INT 16
CON 11
DEX 11
CHA 14

HP 6 (ouch!!)
Gold 160
Station 8 (Batchelor)
Mail hauberk (AC5)
Reinforced kite shield (BF# 1)
Medium warhorse (+1 save, +2 damage)

Squire: Guillaume the Warlock- MU1, HP3, AC6, dagger, spell book with Sleep and Read Magic
Retinue: 5 0-level Men-at-Arms armed with clubs - Arsène, Batistin, César, Dénin and Edelmir

Sir Edmund is a snob from a good Norman family. He has had quite a cloistered upbringing, loving books and learning even more than he loves feats of arms. Regrettably, he has not an ounce of common sense, but is a likable enough chap.

Coat of arms: argent a chief indented sable

Can we spend our money?
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