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[Interest/Recruiting] Play by Post Jousting Tournament

King Hellfire

Saving RPG.net...
Love some medieval action!

Do we apply standard CON bonus to HP? I've assumed not, as it's not in the jousting document.

Sir Eirik Eirikssonn
Fighting Man
Knight Bachelor

STR 13
INT 10
WIS 10
DEX 15
CON 14

HP 8
Gold 90
Station 5 (Bachelor)
Mail hauberk (AC5)
Wooden kite shield (BF# 1-3)
Light warhorse (+1 damage)

Squire: Arni Tradersbane - T1, HP4, AC8, long bow, boiled leather armor, sword, dagger
Retinue: Odd and Snorri, 2 filthy peasants I pay to guard my camp

Sir Eirik is light on his feet and light in the saddle. He is taciturn and keeps his teeth together if he has nothing of import to say. This can make him appear stand-offish.

Coat of arms: (sorry, I don't speak Heraldry) a gold field with a rampant black wolf holding a spear
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