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[Interest/Recruitment] (D&D 5E) From Obscurity to Glorium


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A group of starting 1st-level characters.

An overland wilderness voyage, culminating with a Challenge(tm) of combat against a dire opponent.

The trip begins just outside Axos (a town that hasn't been good to you or anyone), and is supposed to progress through the wilderness of the Outlands to Glorium, the gatetown of Ysgard.

It takes 3-18 days to travel from one point of the Outlands to another. Since the Challenge(tm) takes place in around a month, it's best to get started!

A one-eyed bariaur with axes to grind let you all in on a semi-secret of Glorium: every so often, a group of envoys from Ysgard (specifically the layer of Nidavellir) come to town to formally invite challengers to take part in a ritual combat in their realm. Though anyone is invited - indeed encouraged - to take part, the natives of Glorium like to keep the contest dark so that they and they alone can claim the Prize, to which of course only they feel worthy.

Said prize is a wondrous item forged in conjunction by the svartalfar and the dwarven inhabitants of the town of Ashbringer, both of whom are legendary groups of smiths. Such a prize could change the course of many a low-born life. Such a prize could change the life of a high-born in all likelihood. Also, winning a contest of combat and glory set up by the people of a literal realm of glory is sure to do wonders for one's reputation.

I'm looking to start a 5E D&D game that holds my interest and has a sort of natural end point. To that end, I came up with the notion of running a wilderness crawl with probably a mini-dungeon at the end, provided the characters survive the trip. Since I love zeroes-to-heroes, or at least rooting for lowbies and watching them grow through adventure, I decided that I'd start at level 1 and have them level up as they voyaged through the wilderness.

As with all of my PbP games, I expect players to post once a day, or every other day at the maximum. I don't feature rape or sexual violence in my games, but they can be thought of as "R"-rated for violence, language, and gore. Mechanics will be handled by myself as DM, rolls through Orokos, to keep things speeding along. IC and OOC will be all contained in one thread.


This thread is to gauge interest in such a game. Recruitment will not be first-come, first-served, but rather based on a SHORT character concept and whether I feel that they would be a good, enjoyable fit for the game I envision. I am seeking 4-5 characters, tops. If you have an idea for a starting character who has reason to traipse around the Outlands wilderness to take part in a combat challenge and possibly win a wondrous dwarf-and-elf-forged magical item, then let me hear!

I want to have an end point in mind so that if we wish to stop playing eventually, we can do so. If we wish to keep playing after the Challenge(tm), well we'll see how it goes. Plenty of things to do in the planes.


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Melif the Magnificent (Self given title) is an ostentatious sorcerer, he claims to come from an ancient line of dragon-blooded nobles but those who know him know that this just isn't the case. Melif thinks very highly of himself and it is all but impossible to convince him otherwise. He is in fact a street rat who just so happens to have a connection with a dragon from some unknown source.


Sandford started out as your run of the mill Axos street orphan. He learned the basics of steal to eat, hide to survive, and basically keep a low profile. As he got older, keeping a low profile became harder and harder with the various street gangs. After a while you either join them or take a beating from them. He was given the nickname the "Sandman" during some turf wars were he was able to sneak up on and 'sucker punch' a few of the opposing gang members into unconsciousness before the big fight. It was good while it lasted, but jealousy always shines on those that advance, rumors spread,, and now Sandford is seeking other friends to align with and, well, make it through the next day. He won't want to stick around Axos much longer.


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I've been out of the PbP realm for far too long now, and I'd like to remedy that.

Drokk Dragonheim is pact-bound to an ancient Power known only as the Dark That Dwells At The Roots of the World. He made his pact in a moment of desperation, and has regretted it ever since. He’s walking a very crooked path, trying to do enough moral good to balance out the darkness to which he has pledged himself. Drokk’s success in this endeavor has been questionable, at best, and his most recent attempt to Do The Right Thing ended in a lethal tavern brawl with the only son of a minor crimelord.

In Drokk’s defense, the bastard had it coming.

Now rudderless, a desperate Drokk has seized upon the Challenge as a possible path to redemption.

(Dwarven Hexblade Warlock.)


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Sweet! I've been trying to find another 5e game!

Hmm... ideas off the top of my head....

Reknose is an outsider in the literal sense. Born in the wilds, living mostly in the wilds. He has heard of this challenge and wants to enter jsut to see if he can do it, if he's strong enough.

Boros is a holy man, of sorts. A follower of the God/Goddess of greed and gluttony, he's a bit soft in the middle but still strong of arm and faith. A fantastic treasure? He has to have it...

That's two ideas. I'm sure more will come to me now that I've read this.


Had another idea as well. I could play this or the Rouge class I presented earlier. (or if you like both, someone could pick up the other)

Feng Wei is a long way from home. Home is not the right word. Feng has been cast out by his home. The narrow minded masters and there narrow minded traditions be damned. Traditions that lead to suffering are not traditions to be followed. Laws that do not serve the people are not laws. Learning the Way of the Fist to extract money from the common people is not the way he would follow. Their ancient techniques are just that... Ancient. Feng will show them. He will grow into a great master outside his home, despite there rules and traditions. Then he will return to show them what the Way of the Fist truly means. He will become the greatest master they have ever seen. He will return and destroy the Bureaucracy that has poisoned his people. Were better to prove his skill then in a contest f might.


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Lacky, that is, Lachrymosa, is a professional mourner like the rest of her family. Status-conscious families in Axos hire them to wail and rend their garments at funerals when the survivors aren't in a state to perform grief correctly, or the deceased didn't inspire an outpouring of genuine emotion. She and her family emigrated from Ondtland, wintry hell of the cruel goddess Loviatar on the third layer of Gehenna, where there is much to mourn and many to hear the wailing of banshees amid the ice and ash. Their hard-earned license to grieve commercially secured Lacky and her siblings a living, until it was recently revoked following a legal quarrel with the Axos authorities.

Lacky's sick to death of mourning for coppers every week. While the aunts and uncles squabble over what to do next, she's going to ply her skills on the road. Winning an Ysgardian treasure sounds like a good way to help the family, starting with herself. Making her own name could open a lot of doors, or portals. Ysgard is as far as you can get from Gehenna by Lacky's reckoning, but making her way through glory and achievement sounds the same on either end of the Wheel.
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Very interested in this! Here's a couple of character concepts.

Dalvik Stoneseer, a dwarf in good standing, has had an experience. While acting as a guard on routine trip from the dwarf-holt of Ironhall, Dalvik became separated from the caravan and found himself lost in the wilderness. He struggled on for days, surviving off the land as best he could, getting his direction from the stars at night.

The problem was, the stars . . . began to speak to him. At first it was just whispers on the edge of hearing, but as he listened, he began to hear more clearly. Secrets, puzzles, half-understood truths of the universe. Something within, or beyond, or somehow of the stars wished to share its wisdom with mortals, and Dalvik had been chosen as its messenger. At first resistant, Dalvik gradually became curious about, and finally enamored of, the stars' wisdom. When he finally stumbled into Axos a month after his caravan had arrived, his friends barely recognized the wild-eyed, wild-haired maddwarf. Dalvik didn't care; he had a new calling. The wisdom of the stars must be shared, with whoever would listen.

He preached the good word, on street corners, in taverns, on docks, wherever people would listen, he had a new name, Dalvik Starseer, and a new purpose. Eventually he annoyed enough people that it became prudent to seek greener pastures (mad he might be, but he was never stupid), and a challenge for the glory of Those Beyond appeals to him. After all, the winner of such a challenge would command the hearts and minds of many . . .

Dalvik would be a dwarf GOO warlock, probably CN or CG.


Othar Blunderbore was always a big lad, in more ways than one. Physically imposing, Othar was loud at laughter and crying, always the first to step up to a challenge or volunteer for a job. He loved tales of heroes and monsters, and was forever play-acting those tales (always as the hero, of course). His maternal grandfather was supposed to have been a true hero (with a touch of unhuman blood, so the family gossip went), and Othar took after him in more ways than one.

When his sorcerous talents manifested around age 15, Othar was the only one unsurprised. He knew he was destined for greatness, and here was all the proof he needed. There was no holding him back: he was bound and determined to be a hero, one way or another, and when rumors of the challenge reached his ears, he was off and running.

Othar is a big, boisterous, helpful sort who wants to be friends but also craves attention. Variant human giant soul sorcerer, probably LG or NG.


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The third child of a moderately prominent family of Elven nobility, with little prospects at home and a longing for adventure.

Formerly a student a prestigious academy for the nobility, Eirlys made the mistake of assuming that "being in the wrong" was more important than the offender being a very well respected - and connected - instructor.

Expelled in disgrace on barely technically-true charges, she sees the tournament as a chance to win glory and respect. It can't be any worse than remaining at home as a barely-tolerated embarrassment to her family, certainly.

(Elf fighter, probably Lawful Good).
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