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[Interest/Recruitment] Werewolf (20th, Revised, oWoD) All Are of Gaia


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Let's tell a Werewolf story.

This story involves a group of young folk, whose Rite of Passage command was: "become a Pack." For you cannot be of the People unless you understand a Pack. And you cannot be a Pack unless you are of the People.

I'm looking to go back to the well a bit and run an Old World of Darkness chronicle. I want to focus on a small group, and not deal with the Nation as a whole, so the group would be a bunch of almost-Garou who are taking some time to fulfill their Rite of Passage by "becoming a Pack". They are not yet Garou, and thus are not yet "of" any Tribe. They can expect little to no help from their peers and elders until they have indeed become Garou - become a Pack.
Their initial Gifts will be slightly reduced.

As is my tradition, I'd have a combined IC/OOC thread, would expect posts (if appropriate) every day to every other day minimum, and would have "mature" content save for my ban on rape/sexual violence. You're likely to see swearing and violence. Maybe to splatterpunk levels, if it comes to that.

I'll leave this thread up for a couple of weeks to see what sort of interest is present. Characters will not be first come/first served, but rather whatever strikes me as a good fit for the sort of game I'd like. No character sheets necessary until the decision is made.

I'm looking for a pool of 3-6 ongoing characters.

Rules are Werewolf 20th or thereabouts.

I am newbie-friendly up to a point. Characters that have little knowledge of the world are generally fine in a premise like this. System mechanics can be handled by myself if necessary. What I wish to avoid, however, are characters that I recognize from other fictional properties, and lone wolves. This is not the game for those.

Non-werewolves (that aren't chosen for obscurity alone) will be considered, but then the Rite of Passage command takes on a new meaning, in that the Nation might not believe that you CAN be a Pack. Can you prove them wrong?


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Sounds interesting.

Can you perhaps tell a bit more about the setting you have in mind?

If it fits within the setting, I always wanted to play a Corax and afaik they tend to play well with Garou.


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Setting will be modern day, probably nomadic North American at least at the outset. The Apocalypse and other oWoD ends of the world hasn't happened. Probably hyped anyway. The cubs will have had their changes and been taught enough about the Werewolf world to not be complete muppets. If characters want to know more of the big supernatural truths of the world, beyond the basics (vampires exist, there's an afterlife, etc), then they'll need to buy the appropriate Lore.

And yes, Corax play well with Garou. I had been toying with the idea of an all-Corax game before this pitch came to mind.


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Do you mind someone who's played WoD a lot but doesn't know oWoD very well?


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I don't mind. The player lack of experience with the setting would just correlate to the character.

Rook S.

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Thinking about characters. Is this shifters-only or would it be interesting (for everyone, not just DeeCee) to have a mage with a very primal paradigm trying to fit in?


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I think I'll stick with shifters and their related splats for this one. Not that I'm against Verbena or the like, or even Gangrel come to that, but I want this story to centre mostly around the moon (and sun) beasts.

Damian May

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BREED - Lupus
AUSPICE - Galliard
TRIBE - Red Talons ( Future)
CAMP - Whelp's Compromise ( Future)

NATURE - Explorer
DEMEANOR - Bon Vivant/Cub

RANK - 1

STR - 3
DEX - 3
STA - 4 (endurance)

CHA - 3
MAN - 1
APP - 2

PER - 4
INT - 2
WIT - 2

RAGE - 4

GIFTS - Heightened Senses, Call of the Wyld, ( Hidden Killer - Future)

BACKGROUNDS - Fetish 1 (Eternal Waterskin), Rites 2, Kinfolk 1 (littermates), Totem 1

RITES - Moot Rite, Pants

Alertness 3
Athletics 3
Brawl 3
Expression 1
Primal-Urge 4 (hunches)
Subterfuge 1

Animal Ken 2
Larceny 2
Performance 1
Stealth 3
Survival 3

Enigmas 1
Linguistics 1
Occult 1
Rituals 2

MERITS - Acute Senses (scent); Eidetic Memory
FLAWS - Curiosity, Compulsion (chase prey)

APPEARANCE - Depends where chronicle is set.
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Just a note: characters won't start with their Tribe gifts, since they're not of the People yet, and not of a Tribe. Breed and Auspice sure. That was the diminished selection of Gifts that I mentioned earlier. For ease, anything else determined by Tribe will be present.

Chronicle will be set somewhere in North America to start, though the cubs are going to probably be nomadic by necessity. If I have to set a specific location, and bear in mind that the pack WILL be moving on nearly immediately (when they get their bearings and decide what to do as their first pack decision), I'd say a caern somewhere in Canada's Northwest Territories.

Where are the littermates located?

Also, good to see you again, Damian!
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