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[Interest/Registration] The Death Race


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In a post-apocalyptic world devastated by bombs, drought and eternal territorial wars, privileged people organize from time to time buggy races in the vestiges of the ancient civilization for their own pleasure as well as to sit a little more their authority. Wheel-to-wheel duels, traps and destruction are in the program of these races. Those who drive are slaves and the reward given to the champion is freedom. Do you have what it takes?


The game is set in 2066, in the remains of New-York City, surrounded by an endless desert which is a perfect playground for these kind of races. We will use this thread for the following topics:

1 - Players Registration : feel free to present your character and his background, with any kind of art.
2 - Questions & Answers about the rules.
3 - General discussions about the game : as this is the first version of the game, any feedback regarding the balance and the flow of the game is welcome.

This game requires posting twice a week. Tuesdays and Fridays being the deadlines.

This is my first RPG game and the main goal is to have fun and to create interesting characters as well as stories, alongside the stress and the dangerosity of the races. Roleplay will be quite free as long as it matches the course of the races. Flashbacks for the characters are allowed as well as direct communication (it is assumed that the buggies have radios in the cockpit).

It would be nice if we can reach a total of 10 players, 6 being a minimum to launch the first race. Registration is always open. When we are set to start the first race, I will give more guidelines about how to post and the sequence of each game round.


Full rulebook is available on the link below:


I am more than happy to answer any question you would have.

Dice Management

This game requires rolling some dices. To do so, we will use Rolz, easy and practical, it permits also to have a history of all the rolls.

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