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Introducing Play into Work


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I work for an international company. I am in charge of a small team (5 people). We are a new department and I wanted to do something engaging with them. So, I am wanting to build a game based around their work. I am currently working on a board to give them quest (task) for the night. They will role for Ordinary, Epic, and Legendary Quest. Each Quest will be worth points. The points will be awarded through a system we already have in place at work. It's a recognition program that you nominate others for their above and beyond. They will get to use so many points through recognition. Some points will be built up for gift cards. And other points can be spent on a group Pizza Party. Or something similar to that. It will be almost like LARP'ing I guess. I am needed some suggestions for my plan. I attended a Compliance Day last month and they emphasized "PLAY" at work. It is suppose to boost moral and keep people motivated. I'm a strong believer in making work fun. We work 12 hour days and we want them to go by as quickly as possible. Here is some background.

My team CONTROLS "clean room" environments.
We battle microbial's that affect our product, in these rooms (dungeons)
We create chemicals (magic) to battle these microscopic beast.
We have special mops (staves/swords) to battle them.
We have special foamers (again magic) to battle them.

We inspect (scout) our clean rooms for things that are off (people not following procedures that affect these environments. Expired products, proper dress, proper use of chemicals) **I would like to build inspections into A treasure hunt type event.

Observations are where we observe others doing their job and we go back and re-train them in aeseptic techniques. (I would like this to be like mentoring a young knight, wizard, ect)

Can anyone help me out with some story suggestions. Ideals ects., to help get this off the ground. I believe that my TEAM would have a blast with this.


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OOPS, post dropped.

Games could be a good idea, though I might avoid quests, wizards, etc in the workplace unless you know your teammates will play along. Otherwise you run the risk of appearing juvenile or unprofessional.

You might sit down with them and talk about "what are some tasks or goals we can accomplish together?" and lay out rewards, like "if we get 90% quality rating this month, I'll buy pizza for lunch."

I love fan stuff as much as the next nerd, but I would be hesitant to embrace it in my workplace, if my boss offered to make me a wizard in a quest. Good luck! :D
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