Ironport-Splintertown - building an Eberron campaign home base

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The last session (which was two days ago) was once again heavily focused on character-specific plots. I'll go through them one at a time.

- The warforged warlock has spent a lot of time trying to establish himself as a local fence and "underworld negotiator" (basically, a "Mr. Johnson from Shadowrun). The player had a lot of fun role-playing minor scenes where his character engaged in various suspicious activities, such as:

"I sit in a darkened corner of the pub, with my hood drawn over my face."

I couldn't resist replying with: "Four halflings stare at you suspiciously."

In this session, this culminated in a heist where he hired two thieves to steal a small statuette from one councilwoman for another. But afterwards, he acted like he already knew everyone who is anyone in this town, and it's a bit early for him to be that established.

So, I guess it's soon time from some pushback from the underworld figures that are established.

He probably expects some violence from such underworld figures. He probably figures he can deal with any violence, and he might be right.

So I am not going to do that. No, it's going to be much worse.

Instead the Cannith artificer will get a very polite letter from one Lady Zatarra Aashta d’Tharashk, the local representative of her House in Splintertown and owner of the Auction House, who explains that she has heard some nasty rumors that one of his employees has encroached on her turf. She is sure that these rumors are absolutely baseless, but just for appearance's sake could she have his word that his staff has nothing to do with this, and perhaps explain them the principles of House Privileges for good measure?

Oh, and if this "Munin" character is not one of his employees she'd like to have clarification on that as well, so that she can dispose of the problem in another manner.

The artificer will not be pleased - he quite explicitly did not want to know what the warforged warlock is up to in his own time, and he certainly doesn't want to be dragged in any more political drama.

Assuming that the warforged warlock visits Lady Zatarra to talk this through, she will welcome him in her private rooms in the Auction House. Where she has recently installed a huge terrarium full of termites - creatures which all three warforged PCs in the party have expressed a strong distaste for. She will also mention that she has heard rumors that there are halfling shamans who can summon such creatures out of the empty air, and which can take a creature apart in seconds...

Anyway, would he like to work for her? She was really impressed with how quickly he has established a new network in Ironport, and she'd love to have him continue to work for her without all this unprofitable "competition" business. All she'd require is 40% of his take...

Any other suggestions for building on this?

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Oh, I like it... but I'd also give him a bit of physical grief from appropriate source, (such as a rival fixer?), so he does feel badass before the hammer of politics falls.

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The problem is that he is (a) a warforged, and (b) known to be in the employ of the local representative of House Cannith, who also has several other very dangerous individuals in his employ - and who also has the eager support of the Ironport Council (who all want him to build their stuff). It would be a very stupid fixer to pick violence as the first solution, and you don't get to be a successful fixer by being stupid.

Also, the warlock's player is the resident min-maxer of the group, who already feels very badass.

No, the letter is a sensible Catch-22 designed for the Lord d'Cannith: "Is this guy your employee? Then rein him in. Is he not your employee? Then formally disavow him so that violence does become an option."

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And speaking of which, here is what's going on with the Cannith Artificer:

- He attended the ceremony by the Blood of Vol that he was invited to, but he neglected to donate any blood - he used magical gloves to create a minor illusion to pretend that he did. The priest told him that his congregation was having trouble with a new cult of the Keeper that had been harassing them, and the priest asked the artificer if he could continue attending the Blood of Vol ceremonies - if the local Blood of Vol congregation is seen having the backing of someone as powerful as the local Cannith representative, then surely the cultists would back off. The artificer considers their presence to be a disturbing development, and wants to look into this.

I mentioned this earlier - this cult of the Keeper was founded by the renegade vampire who had broken away from the Blood of Vol, and who has charmed a halfling healer who was once a non-Dragonmarked member of House Jorasco. That's pretty much all I have - any suggestions for details?

- He also finally received a request from the Ironport Council - they want a more efficient crane/pully system for transporting goods from the harbor to the city itself (especially the lumber, for which the city has a great need). He hasn't finalized his designs, but so far he is planning two different options:

1. The cheap version: A system that shrinks the goods upon unloading, transports them in shrinked form, and then grows them to their normal size once they have reached their destination.

2. The expensive version: Teleporters.

Needless to say, the Ironport Council is going to choke on the costs for both of these.

However, the player has also expressed worries that this planning and magical engineering is going to reduce his adventuring free time, which is a valid concern.

Any suggestions on how to develop this thread as well?


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Have them discover a magical prodigy as an apprentice who can do the engineering for them, but is a social pariah for some reason so they have to keep the relationship secret.

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The player of the artificer says that he will share his own ideas when he comes back from a trip.

Meanwhile, the warforged fighter originally came to this region because he heard that there are bearers of aberrant dragonmarks, just like him. His player said that he is also hanging around in pubs and playing his musical instrument while listening to rumors.

So I had him overhear pub patrons talking about "Venry's farm" which they regarded as a suspicious place - most local farms are family business, but the only ones others ever see up close are Venry (an older human), a half-elf, and a dwarf. Other people there are only ever seen at a distance, even when there are heavy loads to load and unload from carts.

This is, of course, a hideout of a group of people with Aberrant dragonmarks. They largely just want to live their lives in peace (and learn how to control their powers, lest they burn down the farm), but the recent population growth in the area has them worried that they will discovered sooner or later and thus they are contemplating relocating to somewhere more remote. They have a few skeletons in their closets (for example, Venry used to be a member of House Tarkanan, but they are largely peaceful - unless they are pushed too far, and some of the younger members of the farm might easily be radicalized by circumstances.

Now, my plan was that the warforged fighter checks them out, makes peaceful contact, and maybe helps them with the relocation plan at some point. Instead he immediately contacted the other party members who are now suspecting an Evil Cult at the farm and want to investigate this jointly.

And of course, the farm members will be rather more hostile to known members of House Cannith than a lone warforged with an Aberrant dragonmark - depending on how this plays out, the situation could easily escalate into violence...

So, any ideas for the farm? Any ideas for NPCs (and their personalities) or locations?
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