[Ironswron Solo] The tales of Sigurnyas


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Inpired by the saga of Viktor, I'm going to also write the tales of Sigurnyas.
His character sheet is located here, and you'll also find the selections that have been made for the Iron Lands in a separate sheet in the same link. I'll try to remember to post the sheet often enough with all the changes that occur.

English is not my first language, I hope you'll forgive my many mistakes. It's probably because the way they talk in the Iron Lands is slightly different :D

I'll give you some additional background info about our character before we start. All names are from this generator.


Sigurnyas wasn’t born on the Iron Lands. He came from far away, on a boat. To face extinction, they left on a boat, left all was left behind. He was a young boy at the time. The battles, the incessant wars, the pillaging, the burning, the… horrors of what was… it was too much for the people. Some managed to board on boats and leave for the fabled Lands of the East. In the turmoil, Sigurnyas was taken on a boat with his mother, Elina, and his brother Gottormur went with his father, Hrodgeir, on another one. Never to be seen again.

After a few years of waiting, Elina found a new mate, a Skald named Sigurfin, and life was good in this new harsh land. Elina died a couple of years later giving birth to Sigurnya step-sister Fridrun. And soon Sigurfin was back on the roads, looking for epics to write and lore to dig up. He would often send letters to Sigurnyas and Fridrun and even more rarely come back at the settlement to teach the ways of the Voice to the children.

According to Sigurfin, the broken of the Iron Lands are our descendants. His last missive said that he has found clues in old ruins in the north. It was one year ago and it has never been so long without news from him. Something bad happened and you think you should go on this trek. One week ago, a traveling peddler arrived from Henningsen with news that a boat arrived from the west, battered and barely able to float with few survivors on board. The name of the boat was well known to Sigurnyas, it was the one his brother and father went on. This time, there was no pushing back. In front of the Elders of the village, two iron vows were sworn: finish the task of Sigurfin and find what is the curse of the broken, and find what happened to the boat where the rest of his family was. This was the beginning of a long journey.


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Sigurnyas has never been to Henningsen. He only knows they are a fishing place, about three days away from here, for a decent walker. Sigurnyas is more a storyteller than a scout, but he knows how to defend himself. His step-father made sure of that. So before leaving, he asks the elders what to expect from this settlement.

We roll for Gather Information. Wits is two and we are in a settlement where we have a bond so +1. It will be d6+3 against the two challenge dice. 5 vs 6 & 9. Here is a beautiful miss to start the journey. Let’s see how we pay the price before checking what will be going wrong by rolling on the table: You are separated for something or someone.

As Sigurnyas appears in front of the Elders in search of guidance for his trip, Sjlarboerg the Wisest of all says she can’t answer him. His step-sister has once again decided to make a fool of them and while being tutored on the healing aspect of nature she has taken the old totem of the village and she has hidden it… with her. She has been nowhere to be found since early this morning. If Sigurnyas doesn’t do anything about it, there will be no answer to his questions !

It would be easy to add here an Easy Iron Vow to get back the totem, but I’ll just treat that as a simple obstacle on my way to know what happen to my family. After all, Fridrun is family too. I need to find where my step-sister has gone so it’s time to Gather Information again. Same roll as last time. D6+3 /2d10. 8 vs 7 & 10. That’s a weak hit. It should be easy, no need for the oracle. The girl has run into the wood and has attracted some unwanted attention!

Sigurnyas knows where her sister would have come to get away from the villagers. He knows (most of) her secret hideouts. To hide something as big as the totem, there could be only one place. But she was forbidden to go there because of the broken folks that have been roaming closer and closer to the camp. And he hates when he is right. Just around one of her hiding place a broken is sniffing the air trying to find her. It seems our hero haven’t been detected yet.

Time to learn how combat works.


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Let’s try to Secure an Advantage with insight (+wits is &d6+2) against that broken. 5 vs 1&10, weak hit. I take +1 momentum but something happens.

Sigurnyas (Sig) can smell the broken, a mix of filth and dried blood. Emitting a low growl, what was before a man moves slowly towards Fridrun’s cache. Circling around to try to hit it in the back of it’s head. They may not look like it anymore, but they suffer like humans when hit on their skulls. Being so focused on his enemy makes you sometimes oblivious to simple things, like dead branches on the ground. The sound of dry wood makes the broken turns his head towards Sig, time to fight.

Let’s Enter the Fray against a troublesome foe. It’s a face-off, which is actually better for Sigurnyas, so I roll +hearts (1d6+3). 7 vs 3&10. I choose initiative. And Strike with +Iron (1d6+1). 5 vs 3&3. A Strong Hit !!! +1 harm means I do 3 harm with the staff, so 9 progress. With the doubles on challenge mark, I decide to just End The Fight. 9 vs 6&10. It’s a weak hit that is enough to stun the broken, but will have Sig lose one Spirit due to the fright he had foe his sister.

The broken turns swiftly to face Sig, just to be violently struck on the head by the long staff. Stumbling backwards, it topples over and hits his skull on a rock on the ground. Checking briefly, it seems the broken is not dead. Sig calls to Fridrun. She slowly gets out of her hideout with the totem, mortified. It seems she got already the lessons she deserved, but the Elders may not think the same. Let’s get her back to the village.

And as expected the Elders will put Fridrun to chores and it seems she is willing to do them. Now, the Elder are ready to answer Sig’s questions.

Let’s Gather Information again. Roll +wits (1d6+2). 4 va 4&7. A weak hit, the travel won’t be easy.

Sjlarboerg tells you that broken have ‘settled’ in the woods that separate you from Henningsen. The travel may be dangerous. There is also a longer way around the forest that joins the coastal way, but as merchant sometimes uses this path, brigands have been spotted around. It’s time to consult the augurs and ask the Oracle.

Both paths seem as dangerous so it’s a 50/50 chance. The question will be “should sig go through the forest?”. The roll is 20, so the answer is "no". Let’s move around the forest and Undertake A Dangerous Journey.


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I'll be away for the weekend, the Tales of Sig will resume on Monday ;)


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I lied, it is Tuesday. I got a weak hit on my tasks yesterday and could only choose one task to complete !


So we start this adventure with Undertake a Journey. It’s a roll + Wits with +1 because I start from a Settlement I have a bond with (1d6+3). 4 vs 2 & 6. I mark progress and lose a supply. (now +4)

Sig has decided, or was it Fate, to get to the East coast and then walk North along the trade trail to reach its destination. The coast is a few hours away, but with the late start, it will mean reach it by the end of the day. The day is spent going through farmlands that border the forest, under a nice but not too warm sun. The day couldn’t have been a better one to start on his quest, if you set aside the morning encounter with the broken.

His mood being good, Sig even shares some of his rations with a couple of hard working farmers he meets in the afternoon. Henningsen is not that far away, what could possibly go wrong ?

As the sun is getting low behind his back, Sig starts hearing the sound of the sea, the smell of the ocean. Time to Make Camp, and find a nice place for the night.

Nothing special here, a roll +Supply (1d6+4). 7 vs 2 & 4. Sig will have a good night to Relax (Spirit back at +5), Focus (Momentum at +4) and Prepare (+1 to the next Undertake a Journey).

Not that Sig believes in the Old Gods, but he feels almost as they were looking for him last night. He feels rested, enthusiastic and ready to find what happened to his family !

So we Undertake a Journey once more, same roll as the day before thanks for the nice camp (1d6+3). 8 vs 2 & 5. If I was superstitious, I would start being worried. But I’m not as it brings bad luck ! Being worried, Sig will move at speed (supply +4, momentum +5, progress 4) and ask the oracle which waypoint we’ve reached (Coastal water location + descriptor) : a low Fjord.

The way along the coast is not more than a trail, but a well traveled one. Sig decides that going faster is the only way to go. He wants to know why the boat took so many years to arrive, if his family is still alive…

Most of the road is alongside the white cliffs. But sometimes, you have to along some fjords that cut the land here and there. They are not very deep in this area. To cross some of them, rope bridges have been set sometimes, on the less deep ones. It allows for walkers to cross faster than carriage would. Facing one of those bridges, Sig is tempted for a moment to go around, the safe way. But it is time to take some risks and cross this bridge. Hoping it was checked not too long ago and is not weakened by sea water and bad weather.

Let’s Face Danger with our Edge. Trying to keep our balance on the bridge. (1d6+2). 8 vs 4 & 8. Weak Hit. (Health gets to +4) I did not forget for the tie this time !

Everything is going well, repeats Sig to himself as a mantra. And it goes pretty for much of the way until the sound of a rope cracking is heard. Going as fats as he can, Sig jumps the last few meters and garbs the edge of the cliff. A few scrapes, a big scare and future walkers that will have to go around. It’s probably time for a stop and take back some breath.

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Off to an exciting start. I feel less bad about my own game seeing that you also started off with a failed roll :D

English is not my first language, I hope you'll forgive my many mistakes. It's probably because the way they talk in the Iron Lands is slightly different :D
A perfectly fine explanation.
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