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Is Starfinder worth investing in?


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I'll keep that in mind, thanks. Tell me about this slow space combat, what is the issues?
The GM makes a *lot* of rolls (because enemies take the same turn as the players, but not divided between multiple people). Most of the SFS faithful I know use a spreadsheet to pre-roll everything.

Shields regenerate on any ship with a competent engineer, so a lightly armed attacker might see last turn's successes erased at the start of the next.

Crits frequently don't have any meaningful effect ("Captain! We've lost a system we weren't using!") so scoring one may not speed anything up.

A lot of this can be avoided if you don't run space combats "to the death" (I don't) but it's not always an option.

(As a side issue, the skill DCs for a lot of space actions were errata'd early on, so check out the numbers in the change log)


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I like solarians part of there damage advantage is that they tend to be melee which can be beastly and if there a weapon solarian they can focus there money more on defense to survive in melee. For example. Let's take a soldier. An envoy and a solarian. We will have each attack 1 times at level 1 . Though against low ac targets 2 swings is quite doable. The solarian with his lightsaber and just a 1 point cheap crystal. The solder with a d10 Las cannon and the envoy with the best damaging lvc1 or 2 pistol. The solarian will likly be swinging with a +5. "+4 for str +1 If wf" for d6+5 damage averaging about 8 a swing. So 8 to 16 damage a round is common , The soldier will have same bonus to.attack but is normally ranged , in melee they are about equal in damage but fall a little behind. But have a harder time affording great armor and weapons. With a cannon at lv 1 there averaging 5 damage a shot and can hit 2 times well also. So 5 to 10 a round. and the envoy at level 1 is probably swinging at a +3 or 4 to hit. With an average of 2 or 3 a shot depending on pistol. But can less reliably hit 2 times so will usually not be shooting 2 times . This disparity gets worse with levels . As for the other classes The operative at low level has good spike damage but does not average as much as the solarian. And take a while until they can reliably keep close damage wise. And are more squishy. The exocortex mechanic can keep close to soldier damage ranged wise but usually will use a long arm and not a cannon . The mystic is great damage vs creatures with minds as long as there spell slots hold out and the technology mage us so so damage. The new classes are still in beta. But I'm betting the vanguard will do well damage wise


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My boys suddenly expressed some interest in this after taking the core book out of the library. Are any of the adventures or (better) adventure paths combat-heavy? My boys like lots of fightin' and leveling up.
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