Is their a tabletop RPG that has both villains and super heroes as in 2 members of my players can be villains and the other heroes?

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I've played in and co-run a campaign that had two groups of adventurers, one good and one evil. We used the D&D 5e rules, and the games took place in the Pathfinder campaign setting. They were both really fun!

In the game I co-ran, we had a shared session where we all rolled up characters (so both groups knew about each other) and throughout the campaign they had the chance to throw hijinks at each other. Everyone had a lot of fun, and we finished with a big PvP battle. We even had a mock trial in the middle of the second campaign that brought everyone together, very cool reactions!

Overall, a great experience. Some things I would do differently, like have a more defined meta-plot that pulled on each group. Everyone had fun, and it was a great way to spend the spring and summer.


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Have you considered using GURPS? I just got into D&D legitimately but I've been running GURPS campaigns for years. This sounds like something that would be very possible and pretty easily with the supers book.

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I once ran an IN NOMINE game which featured both demons and angels.

Perversely, instead of running a game where the two sides had an uneasy alliance I alternated the two sides from week to week.

I don't recommend it as an approach but IN NOMINE is definitely a game where super-powered heroes and villains exist side by side.
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