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Is there a D&D “in spaaaace” out there?


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I think I got a few of those, I think, during a sale. :) Are the 1e supplements compatiable with the 2nd edition?

Oooh!!! The Lone Wolf Adventures supplements are tempting as well... (I have the core Lone Wolf.)
We've got a thread going about this offer here and the author of Stars Without Number has chimed in to say that yes, the 1e supplements are definitely usable with the second edition.

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FWIW, I maintain a list of standalone OSR/D&D-esque games (explanation with link to the list here) - you can easily Ctrl+F for "sci-fi" to find even more stuff.
EDIT: Ah, I didn't remember whether I had the link in my sig.

And for the record:
For straight dungeon crawls, I'd pick Hulks & Horrors.
For light-hearted sci-fi and space opera, I'd go with White Star.
For hard sci-fi and transhumanist games, I'd choose Stars Without Number.
For metal science fantasy, I'd run Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells.

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Does this have a robust system for designing PC races and alien life forms? Is there a indepth review for it?
The game handles most alien races cosmetically - special abilities slow down the rate of advancement. The bestiary has a bunch of random tables to figure out cosmetic details and special abilities, and the book suggests using those to develop playable alien races if the need arises.

Alas, I haven't seen in-depth reviews of it yet, and it may take a while to post my own, too.

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Even first edition D&D had a sci-fi module: City of the Gods published back in 1987. The PCs get to discover futuristic technologies. There were also some Blackmoor modules that included time-travel.


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Ehhh, I’ll have to think about it. :-/

For now, I’ll stick to learning D&D and 13th Age (with customized Icons or without Icons) and OSR for D&D-like stuffs.
The "Book of Ages" for 13th Age has, as one of it's Age overviews, the "Age of the Blazing Meteor". A spacecraft has exploded over that Age's Dragon Empire, scattering alien monsters and sci-fi debris across the lands. The overall arc of the age involves a tech vs. magic theme; the engines from the spacecraft are suppressing magic. Some people want the magic to stay suppressed, some want the magic back.

Also, some of the free adventures for 13th Age deal with from-space threats.

Both are missing the "in spaaaace!" part, but I thought they would be worth mentioning. Maybe that could be a good fantasy/sci-fi crossover for you. :)


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I have yet to read through this whole thread... so, this might have already been shared.

Troll Lord Games produced a system they call "StarSiege", which is designed to be flexible enough to create a variety of settings from gritty to pulp to science fantasy (think "Star Wars"). I'll have to dig it out when I get home, I never had a chance to run or play the game, I picked it up because it seemed interesting at the time.
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