Is there a D&D “in spaaaace” out there?


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I have heard nothing about this one, Anyone have any input on it? I am curious but $20 for a PDF is kind on the top end for me and I would like to hear something about it before picking it up...
I've got it but not read it extensively, much less played it. My impression is it's workable but I was disappointed. I was already familiar with Hyperlanes and Esper Genisis and was looking for something a bit less magic oriented. To me, Sci-Fi is all about the gear and skills; magic powers are side issues.

The setting is presented oddly, focusing on several planets associated with particular species or factions. I felt I needed more general background on the setting as a whole; basic orientation to the overall setting. Then it went into the standard character creation sections. I remained disoriented. Never did figure out what a Starwyrm was.

By the way, that link didn't work for me.

Karl Green

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Thanks. I updated the link. I think its working (at least for me).

Hmm so is it more like DragonStar to you? More fantasy in space??
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