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Is there a system which handles supers and normals equally well?

Tim Ellis

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Ian Cooper said:
I was going to promise myself not to mention my group's favorite for a while, but as regards this thread:

One of my group suggested using Hero Wars to run supers game

I'd second that suggestion. It sprung to mind as soon as I saw the question...


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I kind of just skimmed the thread, so if anybody already said this one, count this as a "Me Too!"

Risus, by S. John Ross, handles varying power levels very well with the Advanced Option IV: Funky Dice. By using bigger dice, up to d30, and correspondingly bigger Target Numbers, you can have characters with super abilities that can do much harder things, but also abilities on par with "normals" who use the basic Target Number scale.

An generic super might have the cliches (as Risus calls its traits) of Fire-breather (2d20) and Taxi Driver (2d6). Fire-breather could obviously handle much higher TNs than Taxi Driver when try ing to set stuff on fire. But when crossing town in rush-hour traffic, the Taxi Driver will have the much easier time.

Paul Stefko


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Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!

Some other honorable poster wrote:

The other thing I've noticed is that no one gets too torn up about graininess in mental or social or
mystical attributes. It's the damn physique thing that drives everyone nuts.

Yep. 'Cuz physical strength is one of those rare human traits that can be accurately and objectively measured in a variety of ways. You can get grainy and divisive about the difference between muscle tone, muscle mass, etc. but everyone on earth has some degree of muscular strength, and it only takes about five seconds to find out how you compare to the person standing next to you.

Try that with "constitution" or "wisdom." ;)

Muscular (for an elf),

Scott L

Tim Gray

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Re: Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!

Scott_Lynch said:
Try that with "constitution" or "wisdom." ;)

G: Alright, hobbit, how many spells of opening do *you* know?

B: So I just stand here and we see how many arrows it takes till I fall over, yah? And then it's your turn?

Marius B

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HERO. Although originally created for superheroes, I find it actually works a little better for normals. You can easily have supers and normals in the same game in HERO.

Heroes Unlimited. From Palladium. The Palladiums house system works fairly poorly across the board. ;)

I think FUDGE could be made pretty well at different power levels too.

A comment on UnderGround:
In UnderGround, the effectiveness of an attribute doubles every 3 points. (So for every one point, the effectiveness is multiplied by approximately 1.26). And UnderGround, like Palladium, isn't really very good at any power level.

A comment on MEGS and normal-powered characters:
Although some have complained that the scale in MEGS doesn't differentiate well between normals, I just thought I'd point out that it has about the same level of resolution for most stats as StoryTeller. 1 is really poor, 2 is about normal and 5+ is exceptional or superhuman. Almost the exact same scale. :)
(Of course, it doesn't do skills well.)
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