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Is there any way to adjust how my user name appears?

Silvercat Moonpaw

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Right now my user name gets cut into "SilvercatMoop" and "aw". Is there any way to change it so that doesn't happen? Probably by inserting a space before the "M", I'm not asking anyone to figure out how to give me extra width.

Hello Kaiju

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Looking through other threads, if the userid has spaces between words they seem to split on a space. Can anyone report cases in which names with spaces split words instead of on the spaces?

We're going to want to make test socks to make sure we know what we're doing with name changes and merges (and that they work properly), but there are enough users on the forum that crowdsourcing will probably answer the display question better and faster than making a bunch of long-named socks and adding spaces to the sock-ids.

Crimson Carcharodon

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Add me to this list of needing a space added to my name as well. I haven't seen any cases of a name with a space in it being split mid-word.


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One suspects it'll happen when a word is more than 14-15 characters (as that's where the breakpoint is for the names of the people have asked about it in this thread).


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If you browser support user style sheets (or you have an appropriate browser extension), you can set:

.message-cell.message-cell--user {
flex: 0 0 200px;

to make the box wider.


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From my understanding of how linebreaks and word-wrapping works in HTML, user names which contain several smaller words (small = fits in one row) should always break at the space.
Possible solutions would be for example:
- as already mentioned, insert space(s) into the affected user names (Silvercat Moonpaw)
- insert a zero width space character into the user name (pro: looks like the old username, con: the zero space character is (almost?) impossible to type, so login using the user name would be difficult
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