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Isometric Painting of Barrowmound


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Looking for an artist with experience with isometric or 3d painting of landscapes or dungeons. Need a cutaway illustration of a barrow mound containing an underground longhouse to illustrate a fight that takes place with the characters charging up the mound and falling the collapsing roof to the interior of the mound. The isometric map will go into a published adventure.

Link to mockup
https://www.dropbox.com/s/f7ot8jtbkksu8gh/Ozurr Witchborn Isometric Mound jpg.jpg?dl=0

If interested, please send message with tagged illustrations/isometric layouts and pricing.


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Hi, I am a a game artist and I have some experience with Isometric graphics. Check out theses samples:

I'm guessing about 60 USD should cover it depending on specific details and level of finish required.
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