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[ISTKOTRO] Good System for a Forbidden Siren Game?


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For anyone who is unfamiliar with Forbidden Siren, it's a (short) series of Japanese horror games.

The most appropriate system I can think of would be some kind of zombie survival game with troupe gameplay - but I'm unfamiliar enough with that kind of game that I want to pick the brains of the people around here.

Another key thing I'm looking for - the Shibito (read: zombies kinda) are dumb, but they're physically superior to a human and unkillable. So a game that emphasizes problem solving and cunning over combat would be nice.


I'd ask for the achronal story-telling, but that's really just a campaign conceit, and not something the system really needs to work with.


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Tricky bit with doing Siren in any RPG format is the nature of RPG's themselves vs. video games. Even if the shibito can never be killed, PC's in an RPG still have options that can completely neutralize them as a threat. While unconscious, they can be pinned to the ground, tied up, thrown in a well or buried under heavy rocks; anything that prevents them from moving will reduce their danger. Possible fixes: You could emphasize the danger of attacking them head-on, or stress that spending too much time trapping one shibito might draw the attention of the others.

As for systems, Dread would probably be my go-to, or you could put something together with All Flesh Must Be Eaten if you want a more traditional RPG experience. Call of Cthulhu could also work; the settings of Forbidden Siren are very much "Lovecraft through the lens of J-Horror" anyway.

I'm a big fan of the FS series; let me know how it goes. :)
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