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[ISTKOTTRO] In The Land Of The Deaf


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I'm currently fiddling with a setting where most of the human population is deaf(but not necessarily mute), and where hearing is essentially treated the same way as having "second sight" would be in other settings (there are blind but audible "spirits" mucking around - they're the ones spoken language comes from, for the few people where it's actually useful).

And I got to thinking... what would a society look like where sound is a foreign concept?

Does anyone have any ideas?


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Well I'm assuming a wizard or gods did it rather than evolution right? So no setting details from there.

What I'd look for is information on deaf colleges and other similar communities. I know that since sign language is very public eavesdropping is particularly rude.

Alert systems like alarms should be visual or based on vibrations. For a medieval society this means lots of banners, coded signal flags, and signal rockets.

Writing and passing a note is similar to whispering among people who are literate.

Instead of drums armies use batons or something visual to coordinate marching.

If it's just humans that are deaf, companion animals that seem psychic are a pretty common thing: they'll look at a sound and you know to look too.

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If deaf but not mute, people will still be able to control trained animals by making sounds. Doing so will be a skill and might be a rare skill.
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