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🎨 Creative It was my birthday - give me tournaments!

Craig Oxbrow

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I had a birthday on Wednesday and went to see jousting at Linlithgow Palace on Saturday to celebrate.

So I'd like jousting or other tournament-style activities for any setting.

Intrigue at Camelot's summer tourney for Pendragon? Podracing? The old "group fighter forced into gladiatorial combat" standard? Starting the Olympics in ancient Greece, or reviving them in 19th century Greece? That time they managed to get Angel jousting in the middle of Los Angeles?


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1. The ISCG (InterSector Combat Games) began as a series of underground combat arenas run by various criminal groups in the Antares Sector. When the arenas were eventually shut down the local government realised that they now had a ready made group of stadiums and thought 'well lets just make the fights official, add some medics to stop people dying and tax the fighting stables for extra revenue'. This worked perfectly well for many years until the Grork invaded the sector, attracted by the increasing wealth and prosperity, and promptly got their asses handed to them by an army of highly trained and combat tested arena gladiators. The resulting media interest spread word across the nearby sectors and soon they were requesting to send their own stables to compete.

At this point some bright spark came up wth the idea to have a tournament every five years to determine which stables would have the right to compete in the sector for that period. Its like a cross between qualifiers and a hands on job interview for a combat stable and is now one of the most popular events in the entire Western Spiral Arm, attracting stables from every sector and hosting thousands of broadcasted bouts in every combat discipline you can think of.


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2. Drop-Gecko Racing
Deep in the earth are systems of magma tubes, deep and twisting, ranging from hugely wide to hugely narrow, almost vertical in large segments, and almost completely dark. Also deep within the earth is the drop-gecko, a large lizard that can climb any surface and is unusually willing to detach from them. Naturally a racing culture developed, where racers ride a gecko and dive down these tubes, spending as much time as possible in outright freefall, launching off at odd angles, and avoiding the numerous hazards along the way.


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In that country (or on that planet), mountains are tall and winters are cold. Snowboarding is a very popular sport. Gambling also is popular. And life is somewhat cheaper there. So, while most races are similar to those we know now and here, there also is the combat race. It's a well-liked event, and huge sums change hands with it. Weapons as such are not allowed, but reinforced gloves are as heavy as gauntlets, not to mention the occasional cheater.


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The evening before a battle against vastly superior numbers, a handful of souls find a shrine to the god of strength and battle. What better way to invoke the god's favour than a sudden wrestling tournament?

(This actually happened in my D&D game).


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Renaissance Venetians gathering together on bridges over canals to punch each other out. I've used "two teams start on either end of a bridge/street and go at it, possibly with a goal of getting to the other side" several times.

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