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🎨 Creative It's my birthday! Deliver unto me...weird places!

Kid Twist

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So today's my birthday, and by informal tradition, I am making a creative request. I would like your weird places! I'm trying to come up with ideas for a map I'm making, so weird, interesting places that PCs could visit would be awesome. Fantasy preferred, but let's just get creative!

I'll start:

The Adularescent Abyss

The sea is a place of exploration and boundless perception. But not all perception is outward, and the sea serves as a crucible for greater self-awareness as well.

If you travel far enough under the surface, past the light-filled shallows, down into the shadowed deeps, and further into a lightless deep, travelers eventually find the Eye, a giant eye that peers from the floor of the ocean. On top of the Eye, over the center of the pupil, sits a temple that borders an abyssal pool that appears to be made of moonlight floating on water. The temple is quite large, but rather unadorned save for some supporting columns. A single priestess is present there, dressed in damp blue rags and a featureless alabaster mask polished to a mirror shine. She will remind you that some discoveries can only be made when one is at peace.

The priestess will lead you to the Reflection, a walkways that overhangs the abyss. She will direct you to the pool where you can enter the moonlight, let it envelop you, and sink into it. No one has said what they have seen when they enter, but they all come out changed.

Craig Oxbrow

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Happy birthday!

The House Of Last Moon

Built for a nobleman who died a lunar month before it was completed... and then arrived to accept the keys. The house is twenty-eight days behind the rest of the world, and anyone who visits and leaves by the coach house door can go back that far. Of course how helpful that is depends how far you have to travel to get there.

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Happy birthday!

The Pledging Fields.

A field of colorful flowers, stretching for miles. Whenever one walks through the field, flowers change their colors and tones to match the emotions, dispositions, and intentions of the walkers. Gardeners who live on small houses in the field both tend to the garden, and interpret the complex and precise changes in the field (for a small donation). Many important allegiances, contracts, and weddings take place in the field, and no one as of yet has fooled the flowers or masked their emotions from them.
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