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[It's my birthday] Give me techno-mages, please.

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It seems to become a new RPG.net tradition to request npc, setting piece and riffs on the occasion the anniversary of one birth.
So if you could indulge me, I'd like to see your spin on one of my favorite concepts, "the technomage".
And while different PoV are welcome, my favorite definition of technomage is some who uses magic to overcome limitation of technology bad vice-verse, rather the use magic through technology.



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magic to overcome limitation of technology bad vice-verse, rather the use magic through technology.
The most obvious would be using magic to strengthen and lighten materials, allowing for example the space elevator to be made with concrete and plastic. Think about all the material science that is only available due to our knowledge of composites today. With magic, we would have access to that much earlier in human history.
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The Order Of Circuit And Crystal; this hybrid "technomage" ceremonial magical tradition has combined the trappings of magic and will with that of science. Their ceremonial magic involves the construction and rendering of precise drawings, often resembling circuit diagrams, with the inclusion of symbolic representations of the technological and scientific elements such as distance, wavelength, mass and other such factors. However, until the techno-magus empowers the diagram with their will and understanding of what is represented there, it's just fancy chalk art (or occasionally Sharpie). The ritual magic is written down as if it was a computer program, often in the form of "if-then" statements or other advanced coding, using sympathetic links, in the form of the mentioned symbolic representations, to achieve any of a number of effects. A typical favorite persistant effect to create is a hyperefficient personal computer, where the extraneous heat, noise, vibration and other factors are simply moved out from the case of the computer, with the spell etched onto the side of the frame and into the interior. Another is the sympathetic link LAN, where instead of cables, crystals hewn from the same slab are linked via sympathy to create direct transmission pipes. Such linkages are also favorites for remote hacking attempts on otherwise shielded systems.

At present, the Order is a fringe group within the fringe of magical practitioners, being fairly new to the field, but they are growing rapidly; while they might lack the hundreds or thousands of years of tradition and accumulated wisdom that other magical traditions such as Wicca, druidism or alchemical taoism can draw upon, they do have other advantages, such as an integrated approach to the technology of the modern world, and their symbolic representations of technological elements are typically much easier to handle than, say, eye of newt and tongue of dog.

The Order's current heads, in that it has any acknowledged leaders, is noted hacker couple Blue Smoke and Clarke. What little is known about the pair is that they pioneered the Order's first spells in the 1980s and have run a series of secure websites that act as meeting places and social forums for the Order, which are locked down not just with VPNs and passwords, but hexes and sympathy as well.

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Cold Iron

(Superhero, statted for Icons, borrowing a reference in a recent Iron Man story)

Martin McAllister never expected to become a hero. Working for a small computing company in Glasgow, the world of adventure seemed a long way off. But his grandmother had passed down some of her magic, allowing him to work metals with uncanny skill.

And then the Wild Hunt attacked the country.

His magics weren't strong enough to fight them on their own... so he brought together friends from the occult and technological world to build a suit of power armour, impervious to Fae weapons and able to strike them with a cold iron runic inlay on the sword strapped to his back and the gauntlets over his fists.

His magical abilities are pretty raw, allowing him to see the unseen and forge great weapons. His armour helps to cover this.

Prowess 6
Coordination 6
Strength 4/10
Intellect 7
Awareness 6
Willpower 8

Weapons (sword)

Ability Increase: Strength 6 (device)
Detection: Magic 6
Invulnerability 5 (device)
Life Support: cold, heat, pathogens (device)
Strike: bashing / slashing (devices)
Wizardry: Gadgets 7

Determination 7

"I found a new way."
On-The-Fly Solution

Enemy: The Wild Hunt


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3) Dr Apocalypse aka Master Apocalypse, aka Lord End of All, aka すべてのロード·オブ·ザ·エンド, aka Subete no rōdo· Obu· za· endo, aka about 12 more.

In our dimensional sector, he is mostly known as Dr. Apocalypse. He is a man of destiny. Taking a true prophecy to heart, not only has he conquered one world, but six. As long as he manages to follow the pattern of the prophecy, he knows he will be victorious.

To that end he will create elemental agents on each world to act as his primary enforcers. He will "adapt" several other heroes and villains from the world. Eventually he forms an army of dimensionally compatible warriors and marches forward. Unlike most conquerors, he actually like the administrative details. He loves the planing and the lab work. He finds the actual conquering itself to be a bit tedious.

The man is a master of technology, alchemy, and magic. He is said to be both immortal and possessing of vast regenerative powers. He is a master of rift tech and can cause magic rifts with a practiced ease. He has used his gathered technology and magical resources to create a techno-magical battle armor. He has several sets of armor, one for each realm owned or to be invaded, as each has different rules (while he can override them limitedly, it is always best to work with the way of things).

The man's personal battle suits will give a band of local heroes a major run for their money, be they meta heroes, magical heroes, or technos. Of course to get to him, you have to defeat the four to six elemental beings he has created for this realm. They are all just a bit less powerful than he is, able to give one to three heroes a run for their money.

Note the man currently controls: A cyberpunk realm (home realm), an astroage (retrofuture) world of atomic rockets, two generic fantasy realm (one was his first conquest), a land of Nippon!, and a world of dinosaurs. He is currently working on invading several supers world and one of the 1930s earth via Nippon.

RP;Notes: Imagine Dr Doom with a smaller ego and less Hubris. He seems fairly relaxed, because he has done this before... and even when things go wrong... he will cryptically say... "Yes, it is according to the way. One step closer."

For those that play The Fantasy Trip, he is a Mneorran or off descent. With the skills and techniques of hundreds of worlds at his disposal and effective immortality, there is little he won't be able to do eventually.
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I could see a post-apocalyptic type of setting à la Terminator after Skynet scorches Earth, where you have fighters, scavengers, and techno-mages. The latter use their powers to control machines to do their bidding, can magically open electronic locks, manipulate nanobots to rapidly heal organic tissue, or extract information from computers at amazing speed, all of which leaves the machines and normal humans baffled. The theory goes something like... nature was destroyed but its essence followed the laws of energy conservation, and crystallized in certain individuals. Maybe even animals, who knows. It's likened mostly to "ESP" or "Psi" but people can't really explain it (and don't bother to, either.) Instead, there are even some cults who worship them like messiahs.
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I thought I had sleep posted... going I don't remember posting that this morning or yesterday. Okay. Reanimation.. I can do that.

He thinks it is science, but really... if you look at his crazed notes... it is really magic.

Herbert West brings his dead professor, Dr. Hans Gruber, back to life. There are horrific side-effects, however; as West explains, the dosage was too large. When accused of killing Gruber, West counters: "I gave him life!" Needless to say, he is dismissed. And still wanted by the police.

West arrives at Miskatonic University in New England in order to further his studies as a medical student. He rents a room from fellow medical student Dan Cain and converts the building's basement into his own personal laboratory. West demonstrates his reanimating reagent to Dan by reanimating Dan's dead cat Rufus. Dan's fiancee Megan, who already thinks West is creepy, walks in on this experiment and is horrified.

Dan tries to tell Dr. Alan Halsey, who is Megan's father and dean of the medical school, about West's success in reanimating the dead cat, but the dean does not believe him. When Dan insists, the dean infers that Dan and West have gone mad. Barred from the school, West and Dan sneak into the morgue to test the reagent on a human subject in an attempt to prove that the reagent works, and thereby salvage their medical careers. The corpse they inject comes back to life, but in a frenzied, violent, zombie-like state. Dr. Halsey stumbles upon the scene and, despite attempts by both West and Dan to save him, he gets killed by the reanimated corpse, which West then kills with a bone-saw. Unfazed by the violence and excited at the prospect of working with a freshly dead specimen, West injects Dr. Halsey's body with his reanimating reagent. Dr. Halsey returns to life, but in a zombie-like state.

Dr. Halsey's colleague Dr. Carl Hill, a research-oriented brain surgeon, takes charge of Dr. Halsey, whom he puts in a padded observation cell adjacent to his office. He carries out a surgical operation on him, lobotomizing him. During the course of this operation, he discovers that Dr. Halsey is not sick, but dead and reanimated.

Dr. Hill goes to West's basement lab and tries to blackmail him into turning his reagent and notes over to Dr. Hill so he (Dr. Hill) can take credit for West's discovery. West offers to demonstrate the reagent, and puts a few drops of it onto a microscope slide with some dead cat tissue on it. While Dr. Hill is peering through the microscope at this slide, West decapitates him with a shovel, snarling "Plagiarist!" as he drives the blade of the shovel through Dr. Hill's neck. West then reanimates Dr. Hill's head and body separately. While West is questioning Dr. Hill's head and taking notes, Dr. Hill's body sneaks up behind him and knocks him unconscious. The body carries the head back to Dr. Hill's office, with West's reagent and notes.

Exercising mind control over Halsey, Dr. Hill sends him out to kidnap Megan from Dan. West and Dan track Halsey to the morgue. West distracts Dr. Hill while Dan frees Megan. Dr. Hill reveals that he has reanimated and lobotomized several corpses from the morgue, rendering them susceptible to mind control. However, Megan manages to get through to her father, who fights off the other corpses long enough for Dan and Megan to escape. In the ensuing chaos, West injects Dr. Hill's body with a lethal overdose of the reagent. Dr. Hill's body mutates rapidly and attacks West, who screams out to Dan to save his work.

A dedicated mad man of science... gone so far... he is in the realm of magic... alchemy.

as an aside: Dan retrieves the satchel containing West's reagent and notes. As Dan and Megan flee the morgue, one of the reanimated corpses attacks and kills Megan. Dan takes her to the hospital emergency room and tries to revive her, but she is quite dead. In despair, he injects her with West's reagent. As the scene fades to black, Megan returns to life and screams.
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Magitron, The Orichalcum Sorcerer

Superhero, inspired by this image by Storn Cook

Magitron was built by the last great enchanter of the century during the final days of the Occult War, working in partnership with the Roboteer. With a state of the art body, a cutting edge creative AI mind and a power system girded with the last orichalcum in the world, it helped to turn the tide against Lord Night and saved Keystone City from eternal darkness. Now it acts as the city's mystical protector, always ready to step in when magical danger threatens the mundane world.
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