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🎨 Creative It's my girlfriend's birthday! I'd like 101 angels!


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Preferably non-fallen, unless it's in a REALLY interesting way. I'm interested in divine beings who definitely serve Good, capital G and all, but do it in an interesting way that might not be expected. Or who just have particularly interesting stories to tell.


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1) Sami-el editted

Most people who have met Sami-el don't remember him. If you saw him, you would think they would. He is pretty distinctive: very blond hair in a "beatles cut", dark blue grey eyes, and an odd skin tone. He dresses in greys (light). If asked, "because white gets dirty so often". Sami-el deals with what Mortals call "Time". He tries to explain it. He starts with symphonies, five tiered chess, hyperwave flows, and eventually gets frustrated and just says its "timey-wimey stuff".

He is the angel that ensures time loops get closed. He specializes in closing those wierd portals between times and places (after anything that has to be shifted between the two is shifted... and nothing else). He will assist anyone trying to set things right... if they really need help.

Like most angels, he tries not to touch the world. He is there for insights and to give mortals advice (and maybe gift them with time sense for the duration of the mission). If forced to fight, he is an aikedo master... throwing monsters casually around and catching people in immobilizing joint locks with two fingers.

In a game, the characters will help him deal with some time loop/ time travelling monster. Maybe even go into the past and see something important to their own past. However, things will "get fixed" normally and everyone will forget the time event. The characters will never remember him (or will only if he permits it... usually the next time they meet).

The players on the other hand will see Sami-el and know him. They will start looking for the time events. So, he makes a great tool for foreshadowing. You will describe someone matching Sami-el's description in a coffee shop. It is the clue for the players to put their Dr Who/ Time Watch caps back on and they will amazingly realize that it is a funky time monster thing going on.

So two links to gather a few...

and https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?797728-Riff-It-Good-101-Demons
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I made an Angel for a weird Chuubo's thing. They are..

2) Jabez Nuruallah, the Angel of the Court of Tides, Who Holds the Sword of Loss and the Key of Pianoforte

Jabez looks like an angel classic: A humanoid-creature of skin like burnished gold and eyes like the sea and many arms and endless wings like burning fractals. Beautiful, like the sun, and just as painful to gaze upon.

They rule a beautiful beach-realm, with a towering sandcastle and servants in the form of gulls and giant crabs. Jabez is loss embodied; their realm constantly crumbles into the sea, lost forever. Their castle dies each day and a new one build over night, but it's never the same.

Jabez is kind for an angel. It's not that angels are cruel, it's just they don't understand. They're beings of burning perfection, as RIGHT as a resolved piece of mathematics. It's hard for them to understand human limitations. Angelic standards are impossible to reach, but- Jabez understands, if only a little, some tiny part of humanity.

Jabez knows loss. The feeling of absence, the sound of nothing. The memories of things and people gone from your life, forever. Loss is a gift that gives things worth. It makes them important, it makes them precious. Loss is the tears and the hollowness, but also the smiles and the memories. It's the inspiration to rise above, to become something worthy of tears and sighs and memories.

Like music, whose beauty is both eternal and transitory- like the classics, both immortal and so easily forgotten.

Jabez fights against the clinging mists of despair, against the inability to let go, against the lack of release- of grief that never ends and people who never want to grow up. They aid against ghosts, and demons conjured from the mind and the sea. Their agents are gulls and crabs and turtles.

You can reach Jabez by whispering a prayer in a bottle, then leaving it out at low tide to be taken out to sea. You can help insure their aid by writing a new piano song, cleaning up a dirt beach, or helping build a memorial of something lost and beloved.


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An idea I had many years ago -- probably sillier than some, but worth writing up anyway.

3) Kabniel, She Who is Invoked Against Stupidity

Many angels are made to respond to prayers of specific types. So it is with Kabniel, who was brought forth from the light of Heaven to bring succor to those who are being harmed by the foolishness and stupidity of others. She comes down like a wisp of wind, and gently blows wisdom and knowledge into the hearts and minds of the foolish, making the world a better place.

That's the theory, anyway.

Once upon a time, Kabniel really was quite happy to work like that. But as time went on, and the number of humans skyrocketed, stupidity skyrocketed at the same rate. (Or possibly faster, she says to herself in her more cynical moments.) Miraculous she may be, but she's not one of the major angels -- she has a hard time being in two places at once. She was being run ragged. And more and more frequently, she was being called upon by stupid people themselves, who were convinced that it was actually the entire rest of the world being stupid, not them.

Angels have divine patience. But even they have their limits. After a few thousand years of this, Kabniel's modus operandi has changed a bit.

When Kabniel is invoked, whether by name or (more frequently) by a formal or informal prayer to cure someone's stupidity, she will descend to Earth, study the minds and hearts of the one who prayed and the one they were praying about, determine who is really being stupid here (which, often enough, can be 'both of them')...

...and then whang the stupidity out of them with her blessed silver sledgehammer.

(It's a metaphysical sledgehammer, so it doesn't really cause pain or injury -- more like a sudden and brutal revelation of how much of an idiot one's been being. But the level of shock is about the same.)

Kabniel has no patience for stupidity, ignorance, or willful blindness any more. Even among other supernatural or divine beings, she'll show no hesitation in calling out people acting dumb or avoiding the obvious, and if that's not enough, she's always got her hammer. But she's still mostly concerned about her work in the mortal world -- in an era where ignorance is cultivated as a political weapon, she's working overtime...

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Parsimonius, the Angel of the Light and of Greed.

Now how can an Angel of Greed be a servant of the Light?

1) By showing the greedy the error of their ways.
2) By protecting the not-greedy from the greedy, often (not always) by siphoning resources from the latter to help the former.
3) By helping and encouraging the generous.
4) By teaching mortals, particularly the young, the value of thrift, prudent use of resources, planning (short term and long term) and teaching them to see that with these virtues there is no need for greed.

Parsimonius has a long-term personality conflict to deal with. He serves the Light, and serves well; but he is an Angel of Greed, and almost constantly fights the urge to be less generous, less kind, less giving. It shows in his methods. He will help, but he will look for the least expensive way to do it consistent with fairness and effectiveness. Parsey's the kind of person who will give you a brand-new clothes-washer and dryer, no price and no questions asked, then admonish you not to be so wasteful of electricity, and actually make the rounds of your home turning off lights and shutting down appliances you're not using right now.

Parsimonius sees himself as mostly a teacher, and usually will try to teach by example: but he's quite capable of wreaking holy vengeance upon those whose greed oppresses others, and who will not respond to more gentle methods.

Parsey's idea of kindness is intensely practical. There are times when money, cash in hand, is exactly the right thing to offer; and Parsey will give cash if he thinks cash is what's needed.
But he knows that in many (maybe most) cases that's not the solution, or it's only a stopgap. Parsimonius will try to give what's really needed, not what's wanted at the moment.

He'll take a hungry man to a restaurant and pay for a meal. Or find a homeless woman a safe place to sleep that night, or to live for a while. He'll help the jobless get a decent job. He'll bring the sick to a healer, or do some healing of his own. (It's not his specialty but he's picked up a lot of useful skills over time. Do-it-yourself can often save on money and resources. Besides it's a good example to the mortals.)
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5) "Call me Sam", he would say if you met him.
He is there to guide you, like all angels. Unlike other angels, his ways are neither gentle, nor forceful.
He would just engineer situations that make you realize your shortcomings, and motivate you to overcome them. If you're weak, you might get beaten and need revenge. If you're strong and used to disrespect people that are not, you might get a call from a weakling in the state's administration, and be dragged through all kinds of bureaucratic hell, without opportunity to use your strength.
And then someone appears, offering you to teach you exactly the thing you need to deal with this. It's suspiciously often a wise elder...
Other angels whisper that he's on the way to becoming fallen, like his predecessors at the job. Sam just smiles knowingly if he ever hears such talk, and goes off to take care of another soul in need of a reality check.

Warning: use with moderation, or your girlfriend might tear the rulebooks over your head, in quite the forceful manner:p!
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Parsimonius, the Angel of the Light and of Greed.)
I had one like this. I had a similar one for In Nomine

6) Anaya Lilith of Happiness

"Yes, yes, get it out of your system. Laughter is part of happiness. It is important to remember that most words have two aspects and that a healthy word needs both an Angel and a Demon working for it. "


Yes, I have favors out to both sides, including your boss. Who doesn't? What? You don't? Wanna? Well you might owe me something before this is done"


To be honest, The Angel of Happiness is really slacking. I mean so many opportunities for happiness fall to the side because they are not doing their job. I will owe someone a big favor if they can arrange a meet up with that Angel on Earth... neutral ground and all... we have a lot to discuss. Our word needs some work and she is sherking. "

"Oh my Happiness? Not all happiness is puppies and light. Sometimes it is the joy of the moment, contetentment, and happiness. I am into the happiness of Now. You can be happy, but it is not in your best interest... short term or long term. Still happiness beats the alternatives right?"


"How did a Lilith get such a word? Cute story about that. I stood in line for sixteen weeks for an appointment to Asmodeous. I had to stand in line for someone else, then he was late... so I took my turn. You know Asmodeous? He is the head of our secret police. I gave him a whole spiel about how we could not let an important word be ignored.... and just let angels have it... but I finished with a spiker.

"Happy demons are not rebelling demons."

He laughed and assigned me the word. After a century or three, I have the pull to get here. Lots of work to be done on my word. And I play well with others. I mean Happy to commit sins, Happy to do the dirty jobs, Happy to follow the orders of their superior. I mean, I get a lot of work... and not just from our side. "


"Be a Bright Lilith? Sure, if the opportunity presented itself. I mean that would be so cool. And I could have the word on both sides. The world would be a happier place.

Sigh. Still, I owe my boss a lot... lots of favors to dig myself out of. Want to help? "
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This is my Masks: A New Generation character in a mystic, Dr Strange inspired superhero game. She is the Outsider playbook... an angel...

"Lesser beings should respect their betters."

Seraph manifests as a winged woman with strange blue skin, long blue hair, bizarre eyes that look like they're made of glass. Her skin takes on a strange pattern as the mortal body she has created for herself can barely contain the angelic energy seething within. Her massive bird-like wings only appear to be comprised of white feathers; they are a substance that is as light as feathers but as strong as steel plating. As one of the Heavenly Host, Seraph dons no earthly clothing but wears the uniform of her station; black, a practical and humanizing costume that allows for freedom of movement and provides the modesty mortals cherish so much.

She often scoffs at mortals' reaction to her appearance because she has gone to so much trouble to look just like any other ordinary human.

Seraph is a creature of beauty, justice, and perfection. She is everything that the Earth will never be. Being here among the grime and crime and darkness of the world is a chore, but it is one Seraph dutifully endures. She struggles to control the new emotions stirring inside her -- a side effect of taking a mortal body -- and, therefore, maintains a haughty, aloof demeanor. She must not become emotionally attached to this world and the talking apes which dominate it, after all. Still, she makes the effort to learn all that she can about humanity so that she can better perform her mission on Earth.

Where do you come from?

"We are Elohim. Elohim resonate among the celestial spheres which orbit your world. Ours is a world of light and order, beauty and perfection. Our world is the machine from which all Creation was forged and each of our kind is a perfect piece of the machine designed to breathe life into some aspect of the universe: from the first ray of light to pierce the formless void to the last nanosecond at the end of time."

Why did you come to Earth?
This world, the Firmament, is Fallen. Since the dawn of this universe and the many other worlds, Elohim have watched through our lens of stars. Our kind are petitioned for guidance and protection among the inhabitants of all the Fallen worlds and it is our commandment to serve those in need. We answer the call issued by the one known as FORESIGHT, the Sorceress Maximus."

Why do you want to stay here (for now at least)?
"We don bodies of matter in order to descend to the Firmament and take part in your world. We are a sliver of the Divine given form and substance, perfection made imperfect. This crude matter offers us a unique experience: the opportunity to know emotion, to know hunger or joy or pain, to take in the infinite Creation through your finite senses, and free will."

Why do your people want you to come home?
"Among our Commandments is to remain unseen, for coming to your world poses a great risk to our kind. If we are discovered and our divine essence captured or destroyed, a piece of Elohim is destroyed. While our kind dwell among the Fallen, the Heavens are not whole, thus imperfect. This is an injustice the universe cannot abide."

Why do you care about the team?

"Our kind needs Oneness in the way that humans need to breathe. Unity is our natural state of existence. To be separated from the divine, confined to a lowly mortal coil so far away from the Source of Creation creates loneliness and pain. This Host, however, does not wish to return home. To be a part of this team provides order and belonging -- Unity. It is the closest to Heaven I have come."

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Baramiel, the Angel of Rescues.

An Offanim, Baramiel prefers to move unseen on the winds, hurrying to help inspire another rescue of people in danger, to guide and hearten those who go into fires or firefights for the sake of others. When seen in human form, the angel's gender is uncertain but always thin with long white flowing hair. Skin colour and other ethnic markers will vary as may apparent age. Bramiel, it is said, was the angel who blew the waters of the Red Sea aside for Moses and damped the flames around Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego when they were in the furnace. Other, more obscure rescues are rumoured to be laid to Bramiel's account. It is said that a creature manifesting as wheels in the sky snatched away the last monotheists on Atlantis as the magic holding back the waters failed: where they were taken, no one knows.

Baramiel is a servitor of Dominic, Archangel of Justice and is always on the lookout for bright young angels who can form ad-hoc teams to deal with particular problems. A recommendation from the Angel of Rescues looks good on an angelic resume but it must be emphasised that Baramiel does not worry over much about the safety of rescuers until the mission has been fully accomplished.
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Tohuel, The Angel of Nothing.

Tohuel is strange as far as angels go - she is cold and cares for nothing (both literally and figuratively). She wasn't always like this - her station, as the angelic caretaker of sheer, unrelenting emptiness tends to devour the heart and leave it hollow. She's almost entirely eaten up, just like her predecessor, and his before him.

But if you want something that cannot, must not be, speak to her. If your heart is filled with wickedness, speak to her. She will tear out your desires and make them into mere nothings.

If she could still hate, she would hate what she has become. If she could still weep, her eyes would never be dry.
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