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🎨 Creative [It's (Not Actually) My Birthday] Hit me with some weird kung-fu!


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(My birthday was 4 days ago - I think I can still ask for this?)

Hit me with weird kung-fu action. Please - my Master's honor is at stake!


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The Way of the Rolling Die - this obscure style is developed by Tibetan monks who carry a die with them all the time. The more experienced the monk, the more sides his or her die has. There's a rumor of 120-sided dice, but so far only a 30-sided die has been spotted. Before attacking, the monks roll their die, and attack according to the number rolled. The actual attacks do not seem to correspond to a certain number, which makes the monks unpredictable and more confusing.


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Here is another good martial arts campaign. From one of the 101 threads... https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?589515-101-Urban-Fantasy-Settings-Campaigns/page4

Studio of the Spiral Dragon

Every large North American City has a Chinatown of some description. The City's is larger than one would expect. It is full of semi-exotic goods in the market, some great (and bad) restaurants, and signs and speaking in another language. The City's Chinatown also has a number of studios (schools/ dojos) teaching Wushu, Kungfu, and other Chinese arts. One such place is the Spiral Dragon. There an actual temple trained Shaolin Monk and the descendent of the founding master of the school train students from all around The City.

It started as rumor and babblings of the homeless and odd. Dark shadows that move on their own, than can stand off walls, and do things. The elders and their apprentices spoke of a Shadow-sorcerrer... a creature .... some even whispered a name gao-lin.

The shadows are looking for something. In their spare time they terrorize a person or two (messing with people based on their ancestor's actions). Of course the students of the Studio will get involved. They have been taught medatative and chi techniques that allow them not only to sense the shadow-shen, but strike them.

If the Shadows were not enough, the breath of magic has awakened other spirits and caused other magical events. Chinatown and even the rest of the city is encountering the strange. In fact, the fey and other shen (vampires, werewolves, etc) are moving into the city. They are either taking advantage of the level of magic or looking for this new power source (not knowing it is a being).

Eventually it is discovered what the shadow-shen are looking for: the stopped heart of the Shadow Sorcerer, trapped in a jar. It is buried under the studio and has been for over 100 years (moved from its last place where it had laid for 200).

The students, aided by the monk and their master, will protect Chinatown, the innocent, and prevent the Shadow Sorcerer from rising again. .

Martial Arts+Urban Fantasy... a mixing and clashing of culture... hot 20 somethings hanging around each other. It has the makings of a good movie or CW TV series. Maybe we should use Smallville.


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I have a fascination with 4-armed martial artists who aren't Goro. Because Goro is a caterpillar with a vicious gym habit, good for little more than flexing.

Consider instead a leaner creature with longer limbs (including the legs). Such a fighter can mix offense and defense into the same maneuvers to an astonishing degree. They can throw a punch while performing a two-handed jujitsu intercept on an enemy attack, and they've still got an open hand.

I had one four-armed combat school called Sorrow's Tide. This was technically a sword school founded on the principle of "one step, one kill", but it could also apply to unarmed combat. The theory went that a four-armed fighter could parry any attack from a two-armed enemy, lock the enemy's arm, and leave them open for a counterblow from a free hand. By combining this technique with dynamic power from a steady stride, the fighter can basically walk through a crowd of humans, dropping them as soon as they come in range. This inexorable advance is why the style is named after the tides. A good Sorrow's Tide fighter can fight on both sides of the body at the same time. If they fail to drop an opponent, they may need to develop another source of dynamic leg power, and must use the "Whirlpool", which is a spinning strike that exchanges speed of advance for faster, sustained blows. A single spin will hit the target with two jabs, two elbows, and if you're feeling mean, a leg sweep. These can all come at separate heights, so as to switch up attack patterns and overwhelm guard stances.

To be fair, this could only ever work in a movie/game. There's a reason we don't see a proliferation of arms in macroscale nature. But it would look awesome, and it has just enough theory behind it to sound convincing.


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film - Ip Man

scenario and/or campaign idea - 'Red Cloak' tea is one of, if not THE, most delicious and precious teas in the world. It is almost harvest time, and the bandits in the area know it and are gathering in their hundreds. Every year Tea Masters, and their elite Kung Fu body guards, gather to bid for the harvest and then transport their newly acquired goods all over China... Stylistic note, the tea gets its name from the red cloth draped over the rounded tea bushes each evening - the valley it grows in is at a quite a high altitude (part of what gives the tea its unique flavour) and they need protecting from any night time frost - a sunset battle in the tea fields among the red shrouded bushes is a MUST!

the Martial art & combatant - not kung fu, but great and in keeping - Shastar Vidya

Funky Chi Move & campaign idea - Diving for the Pearl at the Bottom of the Ocean - the Chi master gain the high ground, perhaps standing on a bamboo leaf or pausing a moment on the wing a passing swallow as it chases insects, and focuses his Chi through his arm and into his straightened fingers - with a leaping downward strike he then shocks a Chakra centre of the body of his opponent - if this hit is successful a range of effects can be generated depending on which centre has been struck. These go from instant death (only the most evil would use this method, and 'Diving for the Pearl at the Bottom of the Ocean' is seldom taught to students for this very reason) to Chi induced amnesia. The same technique has also been used to purge demons from the possessed by having seven masters of the techniques strike all chakra centres at the same time. finding seven masters alive at the same time, and persuading them to teach you the technique and/or help perform the exorcism would be an epic quest!
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I have two martial arts boards over on pinterest, with the links below. Note: Sometimes you should click on them and follow the links to the sites they came from to pick up more detailed information.

There are a lot of martial arts related boards on Pinterest, of variable quality, so it is a place to search for Martial Arts goodness. So sign up and look at what is going on (pin what you really like for future searches).

RPG- The Dragon (Bruce Lee) and Eastern Martial Arts I gave Bruce Lee Top Billing because even though TDK can be considered a Western Martial Arts (technically), because it made my list easier to follow.

RPG- Fencing and Western Martial Arts (Yes, Europe has them too) Fencing, Boxing, Savate, Capoeira, HEMA Stuff, MMA stuff, and so on.

These both have information that is useful to a martial artist and a PLAYER of Martial Artists. The posts will give you a feel for description and mindset of said characters.
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Craig Oxbrow

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Happy recent birthday!

Birthsign Strike

It is said that the stars you were born under influence your life. For the Divine Astrologer Temple this is demonstrably true, because the moves and strikes these monks teach depend on their students' date and time of birth. Cat is strong against Rat but weak against Dog, for example. A fighter who knows their rival's date of birth can gain a powerful advantage. Birth rates in the lands in the temple's shadow are higher in the most well regarded signs, as parents seek to give their children the best chance in battle.

The monks will not teach anyone born under Dragon, sending them away to the Cold Flame dojo in the mountains. No-one knows what they learn there.

And they wait for the birth of a child under a celestial alignment who will unite the skills of every sign. How will she use them, for good or ill?

Lord Raziere

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Referential Cosplay Style
A relatively recent and modern supernatural martial arts, it is a very wide and diverse style despite its infancy. Students learn to fight in cosplay outfits and imitate the characters they love and are devoted to, imitating their powers and techniques while they wield their clothes and weaponry. While powerful and flexible, most practitioners only ever achieve mastery over one cosplay outfit. One who achieves two or more are truly talented and exceptional individuals. There are those who attempt to use this Style to imitate omnipotent beings to gain ultimate power, but they always inevitably fail as this is not the way of the style. The style's philosophy is that your only imitating the character out of love for them, and teaches humility to recognize that this is all just imitation of their techniques and not actually gaining their powers, that this all done not for the sake of power but for the sake of the reference itself, and that to forget this central purpose of the style is to forget how to wield the style at all. Of course, some schools of this style are more popular than others due to certain media and shows being more prevalent than others, meaning there are some schools that are more predictable while rarer schools who teach a variant that draw upon obscurer works are not as easily defeated. Some of the greatest masters of the style develop techniques in secret from obscure characters no one thinks to cosplay, so that they may pull out their techniques when people least expect it.

Chilled Out Master Style/Chilled Out Fist Style
Dude, its like doesn't really matter which one is the real name yeah? Relax, its just a name, you can call it whatever you want man. What matters is that your chill man, dude. We like, totally develop this style because like, Drunken Fist was all like too druggy for us, and we wanted a way to counter them all people with the drawing upon anger and fighting spirit and such, by making them chill out man, doesn't have to be all dramatic and serious and whatnot dude, man, with like this pokey chakra point stuff while do this swaying and dodging around and just go with the flow of the chakra thing, and redirecting their ki blasts and whatnot right back at em man, cause what goes around comes around man, dude, man. Its just like all meditate-y and groovy here, being all peaceful and keeping things and peaceful and chill with everyone in mind, in body, in soul, alright? You got that, dude, man, dude?

Tectonic Chakras of Geography Style:
The world is a body, and all bodies have pressure points. This style is about mastering the art of hitting those points. It is a rare and dangerous style, known only by few and taught to only those trusted. For the amateurs of this style with their careless starting blows cause earthquakes upon the planet they use it upon, and it takes training to become less devastating and more sophisticated in their strikes. Masters of the style with carefully applied strikes, can reshape the landscape however they want, redirecting the course of rivers, changing the shape of mountain ranges, opening new canyons or closing divides together, and even stopping or starting volanic eruptions.

Massaging Palms of Climate Style:
A related style to the one above, practitioners start out less dangerous but can become no less potentially devastating. By learning how to properly massage the air, one can manipulate the weather. Students start by learning to push to cause buffeting wind, or cause rainfall, to part the clouds to let the sun shine. As you advance, you learn to stir the hot and cold parts of the air to become a tornado, to massage fog into gathering around the area, to use a single sudden uncharacteristic punch to launch lightning from a cloud, and masters can cause entire storms, hurricanes, blizzards, great falls of painful hail, until everyone who stands in your way dies. There are rumors of a dangerous technique not yet discovered that could be used to change the entire climate of the world forever.
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