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Alternating Current Fist
In a world unlike our own, brilliant yet eccentric scientist Nikola Tesla turned left instead of right on a morning walk, taking him into New York's Chinatown, and overhead a martial arts instructor teaching his pupils about the concept of ki, the life force in all things. Tesla's own hyperactive mind began to make conncetions between ki and electricity, and soon enrolled in that very school. this combination of science, contemplation and physical conditioning became an obsession of Tesla's, to the point of seeking out temples within china itself.

but his quest paid off, Tesla emerging onto the world stage not only as a master martial artist, but physically demonstrating the existence of ki powers by throwing around arcs of lightning from his fingertips, and fighting against the mechanical menaces of Thomas Edison, who had taken and perverted tesla's teachings into a corrupt electric alchemy


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71) Hawk Cry Style

Many styles channel power with a powerful yell - a Kiai. It helps the ki move through the fighter and into/ against the target. This is a soft art accompanying a hard style of sword use. Through use of meditation, breathing, and foci, it allows Ki to be used while working a sword. The yells, based on hawk cries, were used to enhance a style the founder of the art knew: Hawk Talon (Armed (sword - jian ) and Unarmed style based on Hawk movements). The combined styled is difficult to learn, as it has two distinct foci. However it joins together nicely.

Required: Meditation
Signature: Kiai (Ability to yell and generate a +2 bonus to either strike, defend, or damage)

Athletic Leap, Dodge, Fast Strike, Grab (Hawk Talon), Leaping Strike, Offense, Strong Strike, Strike Offense , Throw, Weapon: Sword-jian

Specials: Bolt (thrown attack 2d6E), Deafen (dazzle hearing), Deflect, Knockdown (w/kiai or stike), Skill Focus Athletics, Sklll Focus Hearing, Skill Focus Sight, Stun.

72) Hawk Talon: One of the dozens of Northern Styles based on Animal Movements. It is a minor style, but several of its individual moves have been incorporated into other styles.

Required: Athletic Leap

Athletic Action, Dodge, Fast Strike, Feint, Grab (Hawk Talon), Leaping Strike, Offense, Sacrifice Strike, Strong Strike, Strike Offense, Throw, Weapon: Sword-jian
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73) City Self Defense

City Self Defense simply combines an aerobic exercise program with several moves to defend against and disable an attacker stolen from several martial arts. The class is predominantly for women. The teachers show how to fight in what you wear to work every day or might be wearing on a special occasion, rather than just assuming you will be in athleisure gear all the time.

Bonus + to Physical and Dexterity
Required: Escape

Defense, Defend, Dirty Strike, Dodge, Eye Strike, Head Smash, Nerve Strike, Quick Strike (jab), Throw, Fashion in Action (skill at fighting in constricting clothes and heels).


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This thread has not been forgotten. I was doing a martial arts dealing with tractor/ repulsor powers. I thought I had been totally brilliant. But I am sorry. So, so, sorry. I failed. Still, just a set back. I will get back in the saddle again and do some more marital arts.


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Sufficient Velocity's Wuxia thread got me do do some notes on Under the Iron Hand of the Protectorate All Men are Brothers.

First and possibly most obvious this is a play on the Water Margin (All Men are Brothers) with versions of the various historical highwaymen (though not all from, the right period) as members of the 108. The hidden prince is Charles the second.

John Dee having brought back the basics of Taoist Alchemy from an ahistorical visit to Wudang in the late 16th century, this (known as the New Pankraton or the way of the inner road) has been taken up as slightly eccentric hobby by the English squirachy and adapted to there interests and needs.

Roll on fifty years and Oliver Cromwell realising the Parlimentarians can't match the Royalists for esoteric martial arts has fallen back on using external alchemy to induce lycanthropy in the New Model Army's elite troops. Thus resulting in a Civil War that is much flashier but ultimately similar in result to OTL.

Duval is using Taoist Perfect Breathing (Thus the silk rope to damp out his energy flows or he could just ignore being hanged.) for body reinforcement and lightstepping, Nyx has blended external alchemy with being a Horse Whisperer to teach horses the same. Lady Ferrers is externalising Qi into alchemically prepared bullets and Sixteen-String Jack is using a variation on ranged punching to cut people at a distance with his fiddle strings.


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I finally caught up on my series.

If you enjoy martial arts, you needs to see Into The Badlands

It is one of my favorite pieces of martial arts storytelling. It has great cinematography and awesome fight choreography. It does do a bit too much of "more realistic" wire fu for some peoples tastes. There is a lot of blood and some vicera in the show as well. Nothing is perfect. But it is sooo, darn cool.

The series is worth watching (in order and maybe even binging). There are many youtube videos of the series here


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I have discussed this chronicle before on my Blog. It is one of my favorites. This time through I have gone through with less "oh I like this" and "this is how you martial arts", and went into some elements of Chronicle Design and Character Frameworks that make the chronicle So Much Fun.

Since Martial Arts gaming is what this thread is all about (and I don't have another couple of cool arts to post up), I thought I would cross post it here.

Setting: Studio of the Spiral Dragon
Martial Arts & Urban Fantasy

If you have not read about Martial Arts Chronicles, you really should check out these blog posts.

Now we have discussed this setting before. However, I am taking it in a more chronicle design direction.

Every large North American City has a Chinatown of some description. The City's is larger than one would expect. (We play it as a faux Seattle, but choose a good city.) It is full of semi-exotic goods in the market, some great (and bad) restaurants, and signs and speaking in another language. The City's Chinatown also has a number of studios (schools/ dojos) teaching Wushu, Kungfu, and other Chinese arts.

One such place is the Spiral Dragon. There an actual temple trained Shaolin Monk and the descendant of the founding master of the school train students from all around The City.

It started as rumor and babblings of the homeless and odd. Dark shadows that move on their own. Shadows that can peel themselves off the walls and stand by themselves. The elders and their students speak of a Shadow-sorcerer... a creature .... some even whispered a name: Gao-Lin.

The Shadows are looking for something. In their spare time, they terrorize a person or two (messing with people based on their ancestor's actions). Of course, the students of the Studio will get involved. They have been taught meditative and chi techniques that allow them not only to sense the shadow-shen, but strike them.

If the Shadows were not enough, the breath of magic has awakened other spirits and caused other magical events. Chinatown, and even the rest of The City, is encountering The Strange. In fact, the fey and other shen (vampires, werewolves, etc) are moving into The City. They are either taking advantage of the level of magic or looking for this new power source (not knowing it is a being).

Eventually, The Students become aware of what the shadow-shen are looking for: the stopped heart of the Shadow Sorcerer trapped in a jar. It is buried under The Studio and has been for over 100 years (moved from its last place where it had laid for 200).

The students, aided by the Monk and their Master, will protect Chinatown, the innocent, and prevent the Shadow Sorcerer from rising again.

Updated Chronicle Blurb for ease of following.
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I envision this chronicle as a CW TV series. Thus there will be a lot of hot 20 somethings and more soap opera/ drama than is normally found in an action show. Have you not been reading about visualizing chronicles and metaphor? Well go do it now.

Systems I would use: Smallville, Generic Cortex, Hero, BESM

--- -0- ---
Martial Arts and Urban Fantasy. Two of my favorite gaming genres. So lets hit the high points of what makes this a good chronicle
  • Mixing of two genres is frequently the basis for a good chronicles. We have one genre and one genre modifier (martial arts). This works.
  • The Setting has an exotic aspect. This can make it appealing if not over done. GM's study up on Chinese Culture a bit.
  • The Setting has the clashing of culture as a theme built in: Chinatown vs the City, Modern Students vs Elders, Magic vs Society.
  • There is no monster fatigue by using Shadow Shen... they are different enough that players are not blase about them.
  • It is a martial arts story. There will be "that other dojo" that might be a source of problems along the way.
  • I would have two sorcerers (and maybe apprentices) as cut scene characters. One would be reputable and the other not reputable (not good and evil, they are sorcerer's after all.) These characters will fill in some background in cut scenes and might actually be main stage characters at some point.
  • This setting really needs to have some innate drama from the characters. Thus there should be a lot of relationship friction and drama.
  • By using a Shaolin Kung Fu studio as a base, the characters will have enough diversity in style and strategy to be unique in action scenes.
  • Remember that in a Martial Arts Genre, Combat is a form of roleplaying... unique styles, personal options, new action choices. Keep it interesting people.
  • A few characters might hold back some points so they can have a "growth moment" and become "a skilled warrior" on camera after a quick montage or drama key.
  • Every Martial Arts character should have "a personal challenge" that they must overcome so they can grow and develop. Each character should have such a challenge.
  • Since this is a CW show, it will have personal drama... so those will also be set up dramatic connections. Some of the Romance Rules might come into play.
  • The Shaolin connection gives me a plausible reason for mystic techniques being taught. These techniques will be a bundle that will be included in a Studio Character Package.
  • This is a hidden world Urban Fantasy. This all happens in the background with people covering up what is going on (or just keeping to the shadows).
  • The cultural isolation of Chinatown is a good tool for keeping the secret. After a while, "the natives" might know something is going on... but they are not going to be telling anyone outside.
  • Player Characters will have just enough abilities to be on an even playing field with low-end Shadow-Shen, and a group will be able to take on the higher end Shadow-Shen.
  • The Shadow-Shen will be the main opposition. They will have some variety in abilities. For changes of pace, we can have vampire (European, Asian, or some vampires designed for the Chronicle), werewolves, and other kinds. It is always important to have options for "change of pace" sessions. Nothing is worse than a stale chronicle with the same old monsters.
  • The Sorcerers might be "going at it" in the background of the setting.
  • The First Season will be stop the bad guy from getting the heart. So the end of the season will be The Showdown.
  • There are options for next season. You can gauge player response and see if they want a second season (immediately or after another chronicle).

Count is at 62
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74) Glove and Bracer aka Force Sword and Shield

Force technology has many applications. Of course, someone came up with a weapon system. The Force Glove is used for fine manipulations, so usually the tool. (Sensors in the glove control the force shape tools.) The Bracer is a field generator without fine manipulation, usually with a programmed effect, often worn on the wrist.

So the Glove and Bracer become a force shaped sword tool and a shield tool. This is a force blade style with more visual similarity to medieval knightly combat than to fencing or kenjitsu which is often used force blades. There are some unique manuvers you can do with an intertialess blade. Most practioners user their power belt to hold another field generator to act as "plate armor".

Required: Force Tool Skill (outside the martial arts)

Armor Piercing (finding gaps in the force armor or real armor), Attack, Counter Parry (flicking the blade can get around most parries), Defense, Immobile (hold your ground), Lightning Draw, Moving Attack (Charge), Moving Defense (active shield retreat), Offense, Parry, Parry Missile.
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Seven Deadly Virtues Style

SDV is an art designed by angels, for angels, for use primarily against demons. It is both incredibly physical and profoundly philosophical, each strike carrying immense force and undeniable moral lessons. True victory for the practitioner is measured not in simple defeats but in redemptions, rare though they may be.

It is difficult to describe most SDV techniques, as they are performed by beings who are less than a third physical and frequently not at all humanoid -- kicks and punches mean little to wheels within wheels or clouds of wings and eyes. Human observers report such shouted attack names as (translated from the Enochian) "wall of prudence," "compassionate stroke," and the ever popular "GREAT JUSTICE!" Whenever angels notice said human observers, the phrase "Fear not, for our kung fu is best" invariably precedes combat.

(Known techniques include rather more than seven virtues, which has caused some theological arguments. Angelic practitioners have been known to join in, on multiple sides.)


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In the truth is better than fiction department:


Choy Li Fut Kung Fu Abacus form: literally, it's hitting people with an abacus.
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