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[IWI draw comics about Sailor Moon] Thread 7.5: A Stormy Relationship


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This is a spin-off from the usual IWIW thread, to make it easier to bookmark the comics, and because I want to be able to gauge audience response as it goes along.

Hello! As you probably know, I've been watching, commenting upon, and reinterpreting Sailor Moon, sometimes through comics, both because it's fun and because fanart is a way for me to stretch and test my artistic skills. I started this particular project somewhat guiltily, since I was wrestling with an artistic block on an entirely unrelated comic and was already well behind my intended deadline, but I think the change of pace was exactly what I needed to shake out of the rut. The little technical bits I solved with this comic I can plow right back into the other comic. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this. :D

So, here it is: "A Stormy Relationship", a shameless bit of Ami/Mako shipping (among other things), drawn in 4-panel format because I never have before. It started as an intended "half-dozen to dozen strips" and grew in writing to, um, almost 40. My longest work to date, I think. All my pencils are completed and scanned, so I'll be uploading these one by one as I finish the digitals, and then I'll do a compilation file at the end. I hope you enjoy, but this is also the sort of thing where constructive criticism is appreciated.

For those unfamiliar with Sailor Moon, it's one those shows where everybody is seemingly a bisexual schoolgirl except the occasional bisexual guy. The tall gal (Makoto aka Sailor Jupiter) and the blue-haired gal (Ami aka Sailor Mercury) seemed to have been dating since the first or second season if you were willing to read into it; the show never said anything about it out loud, but it certainly teased silently every so often in visuals, enough so that when, near the beginning of Season 3, I saw them suddenly not sitting especially close together all the time, I went, "Dude?! They broke up?! But they looked so well together!" Realistically, I suppose the showrunners simply dropped the teasing once they had two new and definitely out-of-the-closet characters to play with, but this is fandom, and we certainly can't leave it there, can we? Naturally all this has been incorporated into my satirical rewrites, and it comes out here.

(No, I don't have a website yet. Gimme time.)


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That's it-if I ever get my comic done (need an artist...), you'll be doing the recap comics for the trade paperback version. ;D

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From an artistic point of view, I like the three "Desperate Versions" best. The colours don't look so faded there, and the poses seem more dynamic. What I don't like so much is how you draw Ami's eyes. She looks kind of sleepy a lot of the time. I think that's due to the pupils being drawn so off-centre, which makes the upper eyelid look elongated and flat, as if it was half-closed. The little eyelashes at the end could also be misinterpreted as creases.

Unrelated, the panel where Ami and Makoto burst in through Minako's door is my favourite of the bunch.


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But honestly, I suggest posting these in the main thread (too?). Completion and all that.


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I like and wish to see more! (And an alternate end to the desperate version ^^)


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The subversive version reminds me of the radio sitcom Acropolis Now. Set in ancient Athens, one of the characters is a closeted heterosexual. Her husband isn't happy about it at all.


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also reminds me of my exalted-turned-Mutants&masterminds character, who in Creation would be regarded a 'sexual deviant' for being a monogamous heterosexual


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Seeing Mina in the position you usually put yourself... It makes me want mina/shadowjack fanfictio. Minajack!!
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