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[IWI draw comics about Sailor Moon] Thread 7.5: A Stormy Relationship


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Rei theory-not so much closeted as "confused". Throw in being 14(1) or so and her tastes for older men (by the standards of 14, mind you!), and that she likes Usagi in her own...unique way. Not sure if it's love, lust, she likes being with Usagi and she wants a partner that will throw down with her ("Damn it, Usagi! ¿Why won't you push harder when I'm teasing you?")(2), and her own other issues including her Father and Grandfather...

If I ever do get around to working on more RPSSM, Rei has the issue of "she has way too many people telling her she can either be straight or a lesbian, but not both." The (unexpressed) ideal for Rei would be that she's Usagi's secondary partner, and she has a primary male of her own that she adores (along with Usagi, of course).(3)

(1)-I wish I could find the study, but I remember reading years ago that there was a small but statistically noticeable uptick in the age of sexual behaviors and characteristics in divorced and "broken" homes. Google is NOT being nice with me to find it...

(2)-Usagi with Rei-Usagi is a lemon meringue pie...fluffy and easy to sink into, but all sweetness and light. What Rei wants is a spicy chicken curry-straightfoward, honest, but with a bit of a kick to it...

(3)-Relationship map for RPSSM is around here somewhere...but, I do nice by Minako by Season 4...

I notice I seem to have evolved a slight running theme that Rei is more bothered by the rampant schoolgirl lesbianism!!!11! than anyone else. I don't know where that comes from; I guess just process of elimination. (i.e. Conflict needs some disagreement, so one of them should be bothered. It's not Usagi, because she loves love. It's not Minako, because she's the experimenter—she might pile irritating stereotypes and naive questions onto them, but that's another issue. So that leaves Rei.) If I was doing this story seriously, that would definitely be a stronger element for everyone involved to wrestle with, running over several chapters… though with the way Rei's got her own attractions and issues to work out (on both sides of the fence, and actually there's a couple of strips upcoming for that), I'd want to be careful to avoid the fullbore "closeted homophobe" stereotype, since her thing with Usagi is really a lot more complicated than that.


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So I just finished reading the Sailor V manga.
At first I was like

But then I was like

Spoiler for the Sailor V climax:
Spoiler: Show
"Your love will be hopeless for all eternity. What's wrong? You should look happier! Now you can go on living... without having to torment yourself over the ultimate choice -- your love or your duty." Naoko Takeuchi can be a horrible person sometimes.


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Sheesh, one little cold, and I completely fumble the ball. Let's get going; I still have a few strips to go.

The (unexpressed) ideal for Rei would be that she's Usagi's secondary partner, and she has a primary male of her own that she adores (along with Usagi, of course).
I do think that's where it's headed, for both of them. Neo-Queen Serenity has Endymion, and Mars may have a priest husband by that time, but Mars is not an unfamiliar sight in Her Majesty's chambers, and it's just accepted that there are some times when the Queen needs the comfort a woman provides, especially when the King is away on business. Hell, Serenity probably figures that Endymion has a "Ganymede" to carry his shield when he's on campaign. Whether he does or doesn't. These things happen, after all. (And there are more than a few historical examples among nobility.)

Morilore said:
Naoko Takeuchi can be a horrible person sometimes.
Yeah, she can be pretty damn brutal! Dudes dyin' left and rig

I'm quite looking forward to being "cleared" to read the next volumes of the Sailor Moon manga.


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That's hilariously sweet, and that's a combination one doesn't see very often. I see you're back and in excellent form. :D

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Those were great!

"Don't frost my manga" indeed. Worrying about something so mundane when there's a huge magical thundercloud in the room makes it.
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