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[IWIR] Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon Thread 12)


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A long silence.

And then, a voice beyond the lights:

"I said nothing."
"I distinctly heard you say 'whoops'."
"I heard you say it, too."
"Then it must be so."
"I don't like it when you say 'whoops', Pluto. What happened?"
"I think we have gone in the wrong direction."
"I thought you never made mistakes."
"Only in the sense that they already have and always would occur."
"So when you say wrong direction…?"
"Yes, temporally. What else would I mean?"
"Nnnnnrgh. I hate temporal mech—"
"We know, dear. Pluto, why don't you just pull over and ask for directions?"
"From whom?"
"Well, er, how about those, um… help me, here, Uranus."
"The, er, the sharp…"
"Yes, those. Do they talk?"
"Not that we would care to hear, no. Don't look too closely, you'll only encourage them."
"Oh, for Serenity's sake, you guys. Look, let's just pick one of these doors and take our bearings, all right?"
"As you like, Uranus."
"Here we go! …Huh."
"Looks familiar."
"But strangely different."
"Aha! I know when we are now. Hmm…"
"…Which is?"
"Oh, my apologies, Neptune. We are precisely—"
"—If you use hyperdimensional coordinates again, I will slug you."
"Heh. Let us simply say that we are three years back and two possibilities over from when we started. We shall have to detour through some unusual activity before we return to our original course."
"Is that good or bad?"
"It could be worse. They had to wait several months for us to reappear."
"Who's 'they'?"
"I've said too much. Let us proceed, my friends."


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Act #1: Usagi, Sailor Moon.

Plot Summary
Usagi: "My name is Usagi Tsukino, I'm 14 years old, in the 8th grade, and an enormous crybaby, so you can't say I didn't warn you."
Mom: "If you have time for exposition, you have time to GO TO SCHOOL."
Usagi: /whimpers, tears up. "Oh no! I'm late!"
Mom: /returns to reading the newspaper.

The headline story is all about Sailor V's latest daring exploits.

Mom: "Wow, that Sailor V sure is peachy keen! I wonder what it would be like to have a daughter like that? Instead of, y'know—"
Usagi: "Still here. Haven't left yet. Love you too."

Hero Moment #1
Without hesitation or concern for her personal safety, young Tsukino rescues a stray cat from durance vile.

Usagi: "…let's just skip the part where I stepped on her first."
The Mysterious Black Cat: "RAEWR!"
Usagi: "Let's also skip the part where I kissed her on the lips."
The Mysterious Black Cat: "RAWRRRERRAWROR!"
Usagi: "What's wrong? A cat is fine, too."
The Mysterious Black Cat: /does a wire fu escape move, then stops and stares at Usagi, with what seems to be intellig—
Usagi: "Golly, let's just skip the whole thing! I don't have time for this! I'm late for school!" /runs off.
The Mysterious Black Cat: /sigh

But, Of Course…
Miss Haruna Sakurada, the beleagured homeroom teacher: "YOU'RE LATE!"
Usagi: /whimpers, and goes to stand in the hall.

CUT TO: Break time at school.
Umino, 14 year old boy and enormous dork (but I repeat myself): "Hi everybody! Did you know that Townsville has a superhero now? 'Sailor V'!"
Bitchy Girl: "Masked crimefighters now? Well, it's the right decade for it. What's next, a demon invasion?"
Naru, Usagi's BFF: /tsun tsun. "Begone, jerk! I'm still mad at you for beating me on the test!"
Umino: "Why? I was just fooling around."
Naru: "He got 95 'fooling around' and I had to sweat for 85."
Usagi: "85 is good! Better than me."
Naru: "But he's the only one I wanted to beat."
Usagi: "Golly, why him specifically?"
Naru: /dere dere. "NO REASON."
Usagi: "'kay."
Umino: "Hey, I'm not out of this scene yet! What with all the bizarre crimes these days, it's important to stay on top of the news! It just might save your life!"
Usagi: /girl talk.
Naru: /girl talk.
Umino: "Like, for instance, stores with mysterious deals, that turn out to be magical traps, and—"
Bitchy Girl: /girl talk.
Umino: "I'll shut up now."

CUT TO: Jewelry OSA•P, Naru's Mom's Jewelry Store
Usagi: "Your mom's hot!"
Naru: "What?"
Usagi: "I mean, um, she's on fire! She's working the sales floor today like she's possessed. I didn't know they even HAD '95% off' sales!"
Naru: "Yeah, I guess Mom's finally come to her senses as a shop owner. Business had been kind of rough, but a crowd like this ought to turn things right around."
An Ambiguously-Gendered Individual in Wizardly Robes: "—my conscience is now appeased. Forty-one ioun stones, please."
Naru: "…Or maybe not. You wanna get anything before it's gone?"
Usagi: "I just remembered that I'm broke, and my folks are going to kill me for this test score."
Naru: "Be strong, Usagi."
Usagi: /whimpers.

But Then
While exiting the store, Usagi bumps into Mamoru Chiba, intrepid evening dress enthusiast, and it's mutual irritation at first sight.

Mamoru: /dusts self off. "Well, thanks, Miss Bumps."
Usagi: "They're called BUNS. Got two of 'em!"
Mamoru: "Yeah, well, you sure knocked me back on mine, kid. Great test-score, by the way. Thirty percent?"
Usagi: /snatches the test back. "Shut up you… you… phrenologist!"
Mamoru: "I am not! I'm… not even sure what that means."
Usagi: "Neither do I, but at least I'm dressed in normal clothes!"
Mamoru: "I'm in disguise!"
Usagi: "…"
Usagi: "I'm going to pretend I never saw you or had this conversation."
Mamoru: "See how well it works?"
Usagi: /mutters. "…what a pretentious jerk… totally not my type…"

EXIT Usagi, quickly.

Mamoru: /resumes casing the joint.

Crown Arcade
Usagi: /whimpers. "I wish I was a superhero like Sailor V. I bet she doesn't need to study, and has lots of fun beating up bad guys."

Sailor V: "Phantom Ace! NOOOOO! WHYYYYYYYYYYY??!!" :(

Motoki, the Hunky Arcade Guy: "Say, do you know anything about this Mysterious Black Cat?"
Usagi: "Bwahaha! It's got a crescent-shaped bald patch on its forehead!"
Mysterious Black Cat: /glare.
Usagi: !
Usagi: /runs away

Mom: "How was school?"
Usagi: "Fine."
Mom: "How did you do on the test?"
Usagi: "…Uh…"
Mom: /fixed smile. <Mom Sense is tingling>
Usagi: /sighs and forks over. "…Thirty percent."
Usagi: /cringes expectantly.
Mom: /locks Usagi out of the house. Forever.
Usagi: /cries.
Shingo, Usagi's little brother: /Nelsons.

That Night
Everybody wearing the suspiciously inexpensive jewelry collapses into their beds, exhausted and drained. And back at the jewelry shoppe:

Naru's Mom?: /puts all the captured energy into a tube, for easy mailing.
Naru's Mom?: "…and I'll just take the real jewels for myself, heh heh heh."
Naru: /just came downstairs. "…Mommy?"

Usagi's Bedroom
Usagi: "Homework or sleep? I am a master of avoidant behavior!"

Usagi slobbers drool all over her pillow while sleeping.

She dreams of being Sailor V, just like in the video game, and rescues Motoki and that cat from monsters.

Meanwhile, the Mysterious Black Cat breaks into her room and stalks toward the bed very slowly…

Usagi: "…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz—"
The Mysterious Black Cat: "…WAKE UP!"
Usagi: /wakes up and boggles.
Luna, for that is the cat's name: "It's NOT a bald spot!"
Usagi: "…You woke me up just to tell me that?"
Luna: "Not JUST that. Hi! Name's Luna, I'm a talking cat. Thanks for saving me, and I'm glad I found you, because together we're going to save the world!"
Usagi: "Hi! I'm Usagi, and I'm obviously insane or dreaming. Good night."
Luna: "Sigh. Will you do it for a Scooby Snack?"

And So
Luna fits First Lensgirl Usagi Tsukino with a Lens. Usagi is so busy fiddling with her new trinket that she completely misses Luna's boxed text briefing. The GM sighs and skips to the end: "Just say the magic words and you transform."

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 1

Usagi is now wearing a teenager's idea of an adult's idea of a bulletproof schoolgirl outfit.

Usagi: "Golly gosh!"
Usagi: <Spider Sense is tingling.> "Naru's in danger!"
Luna: "Oh, come now, we can be more specific than that! Look, the suit comes with augmented reality goggles."
Usagi: /is afraid to actually put the goggles on, so holds them up and peers into them. She sees:

The Jewelry Shoppe
Naru: "Mommy?!"
Not Naru's Mom: "—is in the basement, DEAD from STARVATION! Muahahahahaha!" >:D

The Basement
Naru's Mom: /alive and only a bit peckish, struggles against her bonds.

But Naru Doesn't Know That
Naru: /shrieks in horror, feel faint.

A mysterious masked figure in a tuxedo, cloak, and top hat watches from the shadows. To act, or not to act?

Sailor Moon bursts in, dramatically!

Usagi: "Y-y-y-you! Right there! Um…"
Demon: "Who the hell are you?"
Usagi: "Uh… er… um…"

At that moment, the Moon finally rises high enough to shine directly upon her.

Usagi: /boldly, with a charming smile. "—The Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit, Guardian of Beauty and Justice: SAILOR ☪ MOON! (Whoa.)"
Demon: "Never heard of you! And just how do you pronounce ☪?"
Usagi: /wilts. "…I have no idea…"
Demon: "Minions, seize her!"

Somehow, all the people who'd bought the tainted jewels sleepwalk to the jewelry shoppe in a single combat round. Snatching up improvised weapons, the leering mob surrounds Usagi and drives her, squawling, into a corner, where she bursts into tears.

Usagi: ?

Sonic vibrations shatter every pane of glass in the building—and knock out all of the sleepwalkers.

Demon: /clutching her ears. "Nyaaaagh! Excruciating pain: my only weakness!"
The Guy in the Tux: /steps into the moonlight. "No time for crying! Act now, Sailor Moon, with haste!"
Usagi: "Buh, wuh, bwah?"
Luna: /grabs Usagi's head in both paws and turns it to point at the enemy. "This here! The Tiara! Throw it and shout these words—"

The Tiara transforms into a bejewelled chakram. Usagi flings it at her foe with a cute smile—

WHOCK! The Tiara decapitates the demon with a single clean cut, leaving just a flap of skin to keep the head from rolling around. The demon shrieks as not blood, but
sand gouts from the open wound. Flailing and twitching, the creature shrivels, dessicates, and dissolves right before Usagi's horrified eyes. Within moments, it is no more.


The Guy in the Tux: "Well, I didn't find the Legendary Silver Crystal… but I did find something most fascinating. My name is—" /swirls his cape dramatically, and poses upon the window sill.
Usagi: !
Tuxedo Mask, for that is his name: "—Tuxedo Mask. Sailor ☪ Moon, I'll certainly take note of you!"
Usagi: (He's just like the famous thief Lupin!) /swoon.

Luna takes in the situation with a practiced eye.

Dizzy Sleepwalkers: "Wha' happen—?"
Naru: /had fainted. "I have no idea."
Usagi: ♥ 'Tuxedo Mask.' He even pronounces the ☪! ♥
Luna: "…"
Luna: "Fuck it." /drags Usagi home by her pigtails, leaving everyone else to fend for themselves.

Meanwhile, in a Dark Place…
An attractive blond-haired man, wearing the grey uniform of the officers of the Dark Agency. He looks at a crystal ball, which now displays only static, as the signal was cut off along with his demon's head.

The Blond Man: "Well, damn." /chuckles.
The Blond Man: "'Sailor Moon', eh? You certainly did a number on me this time, whoever you are… Well, well. More players in the game. I'd best make sure that I'm the one who finds the Crystal first."
The Blond Man: /switches off his crystal ball and goes to take a shower while he plots his next move.

Naru: "—and then there were all these scary people, but then this SAILOR GUARDIAN burst in dramatically and saved us! If only I hadn't passed out, I might have seen her face!"
Bitchy Girl: "I don't believe you. This kind of stuff only happens to people in the news, not REAL people."
Naru: "We were sweeping up broken glass all morning! Mom doesn't even know if the insurance covers monster attacks!"
Usagi: /overhears this conversation.
Usagi: "…"
Luna: "What?"
Usagi: "Um… could I get that boxed text briefing again?"
Luna: "Say 'please'." ;)

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Re: Act #1: Usagi, Sailor Moon.


Also, Ami's prefered sitting position for reading = D'aaaaaw


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Act #2: Ami, Sailor Mercury.

Luna: "Gee, finding the others will be easy, if they're just giving the identities away in the titles like that."
The Blond Man: /takes notes
Luna: "…Whoops."

A Dark Place
A Byzantine colonnade, inexplicably out of place; towering snow dunes and cold blowing wind without, shadows and darkness within.

A woman speaks, her voice twisted beyond humanity.

The Queen: "And where isss the Legendary Ssssilver Cryssstal?"
The Blond Man: "My humblest apologies, my queen, but I have not yet located it."
The Queen: "The Great Ruler desiresss POWER. We must gather more energy, and locate the Cryssstal IMMEDIATELY."
Jadeite, for that is the Blond Man's name: "As you command. O Queen Beryl—I, Jadeite, the Dark Kingdom's Commander of the Far East, assume this responsibility." /salutes.

A Light Place
Usagi: "Hi, Mom, I'm home!"
Luna: "Meow!"
Mom: "Hello, Usagi! Hello, crescent-bald-spot-chan!"
Luna: "RAERR!" /claw claw bite
Mom: /eep ack owie
Usagi: "I warned you before that Luna's touchy about that."
Mom: /orz
Luna: "Meow!"

Usagi's Room
Luna: /must wash the indignity out of her fur!
Usagi: "Um, look, are you planning on stalking me everywhere? We're on thin ice with my Mom as it is."
Luna: "I have to live with you in order to complete your training as a Guardian of Justice, so that we may locate the Princess and—"
Usagi: "I don't WANT to be ANYTHING that involves monsters and angry mobs in the middle of the night!"
Luna: "They're not 'monsters', they're beings of elemental evil that come from beyond this world."
Luna: "But fear not! You shall have allies!"
Usagi: /perks up. "…you mean, like, Sailor V, and Tuxedo Mask? I mean, if THEY were, I might not mind…"
Luna: "…perhaps."

That Night: Crown Arcade
In a hidden chamber beneath the Arcade, Luna sets to work at a shockingly high-tech—for 1980—computer console.

After a few hours work, she has narrowed down her search to a single candidate:

Ami Mizuno
Although concealed beneath glasses and sweater, a chill wind seems to precede her through the room. The other students recoil as she retrieves her test results—another perfect 500—and then withdraws, never saying a word, never looking up.

Student #1: "There goes 'Ms. Genius.'"
Student #2: "She's not human!"
Student #3: "She's a test-taking machine!"
Student #4: "She's a frigid bitch!"
Umino: "Now, now, let's stick to facts: She tests first rank in the nation for our age level; she attends the newly-constructed, very exclusive Crystal Seminar cram-school—conveniently located in downtown Azabu-Juuban, near the Crown Arcade; her mother is a wealthy doctor; and she participates in no sports, clubs, or other school activities beyond studying."
Naru: "…That was surprisingly informative and helpful, Umino."
Usagi: /hears all this, and wonders.
Usagi: /seems to her, that girl looked kinda lonely… but what does she know?

Walking Home From School
Suddenly! Luna jumps out of a tree and lands on Ami.

Ami: !
Ami: "You're a kitty!" :D
Ami: /nuzzles
Luna: /purrrrrrr
Usagi: "I believe I have learned a valuable life lesson about rumors and judging others."
Usagi: "Hi! I'm Usagi, and that's my cat, Luna."
Luna: "RAWR."
Usagi: "Sorry. I'm Usagi, and that's her cat, Luna."
Luna: "Meow."
Ami: "She came out of the sky so suddenly, I thought she was an angel!"
Ami: /slaps her mouth shut and blushes in embarassment.
Usagi's Shoulder Angel: ♡ OMG SO MOÉ ♡
Usagi's Shoulder Devil: "Even you could easily manipulate this space cadet into helping you with your studies!"
Usagi's Shoulder Angel & Devil: "Make friends make friends make friends make friends—"
Usagi: "Wanna play video games?"
Ami: "I don't know, are they fun?"

Ten Minutes Later: The Arcade
Usagi: /dies again. "FRELL! OBVIOUSLY the razzin-frazzing joystick is damaged. You wanna try? It's really hard—"
Ami: /frowns in concentration.
Ami: "…Done."

She enters her name for the first rank on the leader board—beating the previous highest score by almost DOUBLE. By this time, everyone in the arcade is watching over her shoulder in awe. She was either unaware of her audience, or deliberately ignoring the distraction.

Before Ami can turn away from the machine, there's a loud CLUNK, and something falls from a slot in its side: a curiously-styled, bejewelled pen, with a planet-like device on the cap, almost ilke a magic wand. It suits Ami's hand perfectly.

Ami: ?
Usagi: "I didn't know this game had PRIZES! No fair! I've been dumping coins in it all month!"
Usagi: "Wait, I know! Machines always work better when you do this!" /kicks machine.
Motoki: "Ack! Usagi!"

CLUNK. The machine spits out another pen. It suits Usagi's hand perfectly.

Usagi: "YES!" :D
Ami: /giggles. "You're funny!"
Motoki: "…"
Usagi: "Let's be friends!"
Ami: "Let's!"
Ami: /notices clock. "…Oh no! I'm late for cram school!"
Usagi: "I'm sorry, I didn't know today was your study day."
Ami: "Oh, I go every day."
Usagi: "Are your parents SLAVE DRIVERS?!"
Ami: "Oh no, I want to go. The only thing I'm good for is studying. I want to become a doctor like my Mom, so I have to work hard."
Usagi: "That's… pretty awesome. Wow. Wait, what do you mean 'the only thing you're good for'?"
Ami: /is already gone, like a cool breeze.

CUT TO: Ackbar's Academy and Degree Mill.
Evil Instructor with Colorful Jacket: "Miss Mizuno, we expect much of you. It's the superior ones like yourself who will be the masters of tomorrow's world. Everyone else will try to drag you down to take your position, so you must constantly push yourself harder and harder. This world is one of constant struggle, where the weak must be kept down by the will of the strong. You do not want to be one of the weak."
Ami: "Yes, ma'am."
Evil Instructor: "What was that?"
Ami: "I mean, yes, Mistress."
Evil Instructor: "EXcellent."
Ami: (I must confess I find the teaching style here to be subtly disturbing.)

The Next Day
Usagi: "Is this Crystal Seminar-thingy really that great?"
Naru: "Well, everybody seems to be going these days. The courses are all computerized, and they say they're so interesting, that they even bring the disks home and to school to work on in their spare time."
Usagi: "…Huh."
Usagi: /thinks. "Gee, I wonder if that means I could find—"

—Ami, in the A/V Room, with the Computer
Ami: /sighs. "…It's like my mind actively rejects whatever's on this disk. Oh, well, just have to write it down the old-fashioned way—"
Usagi: /bursts in, still in her gym shorts. "—with your cool new pen! Hi!"
Ami: "Hi!"
Usagi: "School's over. You're still studying?"

At that moment, passing by in the hall—

Crystal Seminar Student #1: "Must hurry. Must not be late."
Crystal Seminar Student #2: "Yes. We have a duty to be strong. We do not want to suffer, as do the weak."
Ami: "…"
Ami: "…I… er… have to go." :(
Usagi: "…It didn't look she wanted to go."
Luna: "…"
Usagi: "But, wait! She left a computer disk behind!"

Heading Home
Remember, the Crystal Seminar is near the Crown Arcade, so Usagi walks past it on her way home…

…and keeps on walking.

Luna: "You're not going to take her the disk?"
Usagi: "How do I know it's the disk for the school? It could be her diary or something."
Luna: "BECAUSE WE JUST— ahem, sorry. We just got that plot point. At school? Your Gather Rumors check?"
Usagi: "We did?"
Luna: "Oh for crying out loud. Look, there's a guy handing out recruiting flyers for the cram school." /takes one. "See?"
Usagi: "Ooh, there's a little picture of a CD on the flyers!
Luna: "Yes."
Usagi: "So?"
Luna: "It's the same CD!"
Usagi: "No it's not, it's smaller, and all thin and paper-y!"
Luna: "Do I need to enroll you in this cram school to knock some sense into your head?"
Usagi: "Ick, everything about this school is creepy, no way!"

Suddenly! Usagi trips over the tuxedo enthusiast.

Mamoru: /dusts self off. "…Did that cat just talk?"
Usagi and Luna: "NO!"
Mamoru: "Oh. Okay." /resumes casing the joint.

Accusations of Railroading
Luna holds Usagi's hand through the investigative process. Look! Same CD as on the flyer! The Seminar seems a little weird! So let's put the CD in a computer and see what happens!

Usagi: "It's just a flash cards program."
Luna: "…Huh. Um… and I was sure there'd be something here."
Usagi: "I know! Machines always work better when you—" /kicks computer.
Luna: "NO!"

CLUNK. The computer starts spewing Dark Kingdom propaganda.

Luna: "…Huh. There's no way that should have worked."
Usagi: "I'm special!"

Meanwhile, At the Same Time
Mamoru Chiba has discovered the same thing, using a Crystal Seminar disk and his own computer.

How did he obtain the disk? Did he pickpocket it from a student, mug them in an alleyway, pretend to enroll and never show up for classes? Did he have to kick his own computer, too? The world may never know.

Mamoru: /frowns.

Usagi Puts It All Together
Usagi: "The disk has creepy brainwashing subliminals!"
Luna: "Yes."
Usagi: "The disk comes from that Crystal Seminar place!"
Luna: "Yes."
Usagi: "All the people who go to that Seminar look all pale and go around muttering creepy things!"
Luna: "Yes."
Usagi: "AMI goes to that Seminar!"
Luna: Yes."
Usagi: "She's gonna end up like them, all creepy instead of cute! What do we do?!"
Luna: "Use the pen to transform!"
Usagi: "Wait, I thought the brooch makes me transform! I'm all confused."
Luna: "The brooch is transforming into Sailor Moon. The pen is for transforming into other people."
Usagi: "Wait… what? Huh?"
Luna: "Like Sailor V's disguise pen, in the manga! I know you've read the manga!"
Usagi: "OO! OO! GOT IT! OKAY!"
Usagi: /brandishes pen. "Make me a doctor from the University Hospital!"

WHOOOOSH! Now Usagi looks a few years older, and wears a candy-striper uniform and pert white pumps.

Luna: "Why does your doctor's outfit have no trousers? Or hose, even?"

Crystal Seminar
A doctor storms into the classroom!

Doctor Tsukino: "Nobody panic! It's an emergency!"

Nobody pays any attention to her. Their attention is reserved for their machines.

Doctor Tsukino: /grabs Ami and slaps her face. "SNAP OUT OF IT! You've never given up on anything in your life, now LIVE, dammit, LIIIIIIVE!"
Ami: "…?"
Doctor Tsukino: "Everybody, get away from those computers! They're making you sick! I'm a doctor, I know these things!"
Doctor Tsukino: /eep!
Luna: "Quick! Transform!"
Doctor Tsukino: "I already am!"
Luna: "…into SAILOR ☪ MOON!"
Doctor Tsukino: "…again? But it's scary!"
Luna: /smacks Usagi.
Doctor Tsukino: "Okay! Okay!"

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 2

Battle is Joined!
Usagi: "How dare you brainwash the leaders of tomorrow! Hey, teacher! Leave them kids alone!"
Evil Instructor: "Everybody wants to brainwash the leaders of tomorrow! How else are we supposed to get anything done?!"
Usagi: "Enough! In the name of the Moon, I—"

Every sheet of paper in the room flies at Sailor Moon like razor-sharp shuriken!

Usagi: "—I ay ay ay AY!"

Paper cuts! Millions of paper cuts! Usagi bleeds and sobs…

…and gets a little angry.


Sonic vibrations shatter every pane of glass in the building, and shred all the papers.

Usagi: "…Oh, if only I could do that to MY school."
Luna: "Hey!"
Usagi: "Sorry."

By now, it's a little hard to ignore the fact that there's a battle raging. The students are out of their seats and running, terrified, for the exits.

Evil Instructor: /seizes Ami! "I'm going to blame you for this!"
Ami: "But why?"
Evil Instructor: "Because you weren't fully brainwashed! You haven't been using your disk like I told you! Naughty girl!"
Ami: /squirms. "I don't like the program! Study is best done through one's own eff—ACK!"
Evil Instructor: /puts Ami in a chokehold. "Like I said, I'm gonna blame you. FOR NO GOOD REASON."
Ami: /ack
Evil Instructor: "I mean, Soldier Whatsit is way over there on the other side of the room, so I obviously can't punish HER. I'm an evil teacher, I can do these things."
Ami: /…sees a distant light…

Ami's pen flashes brilliantly, and the mark of Mercury shines upon Ami's brow. With a frightening hiss, the temperature in the room drops precipitously. Ice crystals form in the air and frost coats the furniture. The chilling effect is centered on Ami: The teacher, frightened and frostbitten, releases the girl like a hot stove. She clasps her arms about herself and shivers, while Ami drops to her knees and crawls away.

The ice fog is now so thick, no one can see a thing. But there are senses other than vision…

Usagi: /nervously. "Luna? Ami? Anybody? Hello?"

Now this is a chance that can't be passed up. The Evil Instructor sheds her frail human weaknesses and extends her talons. She stalks into the mist, heading straight for the frightened voice at the other end of the room.

Sailor Moon feels the touch of strong hands, which gently turn her to face in another direction.

Tuxedo Mask, for it is he: "…Be ready to kick… NOW!"

With a shout, Sailor Moon executes a perfect high kick, catching the demon right upon the jaw. The demon goes down with a yelp.

Sailor Moon overbalances and falls into Tuxedo Mask, who catches her, and for a moment they're both holding on to each other. His hat falls off.

Usagi: "I… er… wow…" ♥
Tuxedo Mask: /seriously. "You need to remain aware of your enemy at all times!"
Usagi: /is really aware of where everybody's hands are right now.
Tuxedo Mask: /sets Usagi down gently.
Usagi: /weebles and wobbles but doesn't fall down.
Tuxedo Mask: /picks up his hat.
Tuxedo Mask: ;) "Hurry and rescue your friend."
Usagi: !
Evil Instructor: "Where arrrrrrre you…? Come here, girls. Heh heh heh. I'll wrap you in a sheet…"
Usagi: /unlimbers her Tiara.

WHOCK! Sailor Moon hears two large objects hit the ground, one after the other. The demon shall teach no more.

Usagi: /shudders, and not just 'cause of the cold.

Usagi: /rushes to the window from which she last heard Tuxedo Mask's voice…

…but he is long gone. By now, the sun has set, the moon has risen, and the stars have come out.

Usagi: /looks at the moon, wistfully, then turns away.
Luna: "Are you all right?"
Usagi: "Er… yes? I think? What about Ami?"

When the danger passed, the icy mists began thinning rapidly. Sailor Moon can now see that the mist is being withdrawn into the body of another sailor-suited warrior—Ami Mizuno.

Ami: /boggles
Luna: "Perfect! She'll be the brains of our group! (Because Bog knows Usagi isn't up to that role…)"
Ami: /looks behind herself, to see if they're talking about someone else.
Ami: /looks back at them, sees they're still looking right at her.
Ami: /points at herself, as if to ask, "ME?"
Luna: "The warrior of intelligence and the water element, guardian of the planet nearest to the Sun: SAILOR MERCURY! We've been looking for you!"
Usagi: "Oh boy! Ami's on the team! OH BOY! We have a TEAM! This is gonna be so cool!"
Usagi: /rolls eyes.
Ami: "What? WHAT? WHAT?!" :eek:

Ami: "Should we worried about collateral damage and bystander casualties?"
Usagi: "I don't know those words. They sound long and boring."
Luna: "In the grim future of Sailor Moon, there is only WAR."


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Re: Act #2: Ami, Sailor Mercury.

Yay, it's back!

...Wait, he's doing the manga?


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Re: Act #2: Ami, Sailor Mercury.

Hmm. Yes, good. I haven't read the manga, so this will be all new to me. Welcome back, girls; it's been too long.


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Re: Act #2: Ami, Sailor Mercury.

Welcome back, girls; it's been too long.
Amen to that

Its been a while Shadowjack, looks like it'll be fun.

And once again, I'm reading alongside your posts, and well, the manga is somehow more adorable and so much darker than the anime. I'm going to enjoy this.
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