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[IWIR] Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon Thread 12)


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Re: Act #1: Usagi, Sailor Moon.

Indeed. Shadowjack's art's pretty awesome. :D

Hello, folks!

I first started reading Shadowjack's threads in mid-December, and it took me three weeks to read them all. And then I tried to register on the forums, and somehow failed miserably. When I realized that there had been updates (yay!), I tried again and was successful!

This was all so I could say how much I love this universe that you've put together. It's the most fantastic fan interpretation of Sailor Moon out there, and I can't wait for you to start going through SuperS.
Welcome to the thread. :D

So... you think we'll fill the thread up before the next update? :p


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Re: Act #1: Usagi, Sailor Moon.

One of these days, Shadowjack is going to post a new thread, starting with a welcome message and maybe a quick skit by the senshi. Then he'll go off to finish up the thread's first recap, and we'll fill the thread to the post limit before he can post it.


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Re: Act #1: Usagi, Sailor Moon.

I love how his artwork has improved by leaps and bounds, but I've never stopped being impressed by how well he does body language and movement in his artwork. All of his characters feel alive and dynamic, and that most of all makes my jaw drop in delighted astonishment whenever he posts something new.

Comic artists rarely get that, but Shadowjack seems to have a gift for it.
*blushes* At least I'm doing something right! :D


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Act #3: Rei, Sailor Mars.

Shadowjack: "In which all my running characterization gags go flying out the window."
Luna: "Yes! At last!"
Shadowjack: "—to be replaced by entirely new ones."
Luna: "Dammit!"

A Dark Place
Flecks of snow swirl without settling through hollow marble halls, whose portals have been open to the chill wind for untold ages. Those within feel not the cold.

Jadeite: /avoids looking into that terrible face.
Queen Beryl: "Jadeite, I'm a reasonable woman. I give anyone two chances to learn they can't fuck me over. They don't get a third chance. You got any questions about what that means for you?"
Jadeite: "What happened to the hissing voice you had last chapter?"
Queen Beryl: /grabs Jadeite, shoves his face in the introductory text above.
Queen Beryl: "You read this? Says 'all fuckin' characterization'. It's very important to be able to read. A vital skill. That's our educational moment for the day, 'Queen Beryl says', capiche?"
Jadeite: "Arg, ow, yes, Your Majesty!"
A voice (confident drawl): "Your Majesty, don't be too hard on little ol' Jadeite—"

REVEAL Nephrite, a tall, handsome man with long curly hair. He lounges insolently against the wall, drink in hand. He'd have his boots up on the table if the Dark Kingdom believed in furniture.

Nephrite: "—you can't expect too much of a boy whose only minions are little clay dolls."
Jadeite: /realizes that the Queen permitted Nephrite to be present, to witness Jadeite's punishment.
Nephrite: /sips his bourbon and smiles.
Jadeite: /nnnrrrggghhh
Nephrite: "O Queen! Please consider transferring this operation to the North American Division! Gathering energy AND Silver Crystals—whatever they are—we can handle it."

ENTER Zoicite, a lanky young man with soft, long hair. He steps in to support Nephrite.

Zoicite (diffidently): "Yes. For whatever they are, these 'Sailor Guardians' seem to be seeking them as well."
Nephrite: /accepts Zoicite's hint with a curt nod.
Nephrite (boldly): "Your Majesty, may I ask: just what IS this Crystal that's got everyone so fired up?"
Queen Beryl: /frowns at this questioning of her orders.
Queen Beryl: /…but it's a fair cop.
Queen Beryl: "I'll have to kick that question upstairs."
Nephrite (sweating): "…er… no, you don't have to—"
Queen Beryl: /eyes roll back.
Nephrite: "—don't bother yourself, really—"
Queen Beryl: /eyes start to glow.
Queen Beryl: /is surrounded by a dark aura.
Everyone else: /nervously looks away.

After a time…

Queen Beryl: /gasps, and returns to herself.
Queen Beryl (eyes shining with madness): "The Legendary Sssilver Crystal is an energy source of literally limitlessss power. Its wielder can dominate the universe. Let that guide your sssearch—"
Nephrite and Jadeite: "Your Majesty!"
Queen Beryl: "—later. Jadeite! These 'Sailorsss' have made themssselvess a priority. They've had their two chancess."
Jadeite: "Your Majesty, I shall take care of them."
Queen Beryl: "I don't want them taken care of. I don't want them made an example. I want them fucking dead. Either you or them. Go now."
Jadeite: "I hear and obey." /marches right out of the room right now.

Hikawa Shrine
A stern yet beautiful shrine maiden tends the sacred fires. Grade-school children run past, on their way to catch the bus home.

Some little kids: "Bye-bye, Rei!"
Rei, for that is the shrine maiden's name: "Fare thee well, [children's names here, because despite her outward demeanour, she's the kind of person to get to know every child by name]."
Some little kids: /get on the bus.
One of the little kids: "Hey, Mr. Bus-Driver! You're not our usual driver, and your uniform is funny!"
Mr. Jadeite, perfectly innocent bus driver: "It is, isn't it?"
Mr. Jadeite: /looks Rei up and down admiringly.
Rei: /deliberately fails her Spot check, thereby entirely failing to observe Mr. Jadeite and his unwelcome interest.
Mr. Jadeite: /shrugs at this snub, and closes the doors.
<Rei sees nothing.>
Mr. Jadeite: /drives the bus around a corner that isn't there.
<Rei sees nothing.>
<Rei sees nothing.>

Some Time Later
Sleeping before class.

Luna: "You sleep ALL THE TIME."
Usagi: "So do you! You're a cat!"
Luna: "Which is why I've learned to make productive use of—"
Usagi: /zzzzzzzz
Luna: "MEOW!"
Usagi: "I'm awake!"
Luna: "At least make ONE Gather Information check, please."
Usagi: "I have been! It takes 1d4+1 hours, but it doesn't say I have to be AWAKE for it. Being asleep only penalizes Dexterity."
Luna: "WHAT? That can't be right! Give me that manual."
Usagi: "There's a rumor going around that the Sendai-Zakaue 6:00pm bus is a ghost that abducts people."
Luna: "Wait, it says here you have to spend money to buy drinks, and you're broke."
Usagi: "Okay, then there isn't a rumor. Good night!"
Luna: "FINE, WHATEVER! Team meeting after school."
Usagi: /zzzzzz
Luna: "—at Crown Arcade."
Usagi: "Hello!"
Ms. Haruna: /just coming in. "Hello!"
Luna: "MEOW!"
Ms. Haruna: "Cat! Cat!"
Usagi: "Oh, sorry, she's just leaving."
Ms. Haruna: "No personal visits!"

Team Meeting at Crown Arcade

< DING! Usagi has reached a new level of the game! >

The machine spits out a pair of wrist watches as rewards.

Luna: /immediately snags the watches.
Motoki: "Whoa!"
Usagi: "It's cool, she'll bring them back later."
Motoki: "Er, right. When'd you get so good at that game? I've never seen those boards."
Usagi: "I've got an incredible teacher named Ami-chan!"

< Ami has discovered a new source of joy in life: helping others to learn! >

Ami: /but Incredible Teacher Ami-chan also has a job to do…
Luna: /screwdriver and loupe action!
Ami: "What are you doing with the watches?"
Luna: "With a little modification, they'll make perfect communicators."
Ami: "Funny coincidence, them coming out of the machine just when we need them, you knowing just how to handle them…"
Luna: "Well, you know. Stuff happens."
Ami: /get cat.
Luna: "Er… hi."
Ami: "Hello! You seem like a perfectly nice cat…"
Luna: "And, er, you seem like a perfectly nice girl."
Ami: "Thank you! But I know nothing about you. Before I go to work for you, I have some major questions, and although she's a sweet girl, I don't really want to wait around for Usagi to get interested before asking them."
Luna: /sigh. "You have a point."
Ami: "So I'm going to wrap you up in my sweater here, just like we're going to the vet, and I won't let you go until you give me some answers."
Luna: "Ugh. There's stuff I can't answer, you know."
Ami: "Well, let's start with the summary."
Luna: "Okay, short version: You just woke up, so to speak. You'll remember the details on your own pretty soon—"
Ami: "'Remember'?"
Luna: "—so don't stress, just let the memories come back at their own pace. As for right now, our duty is to find and protect the princess and the Legendary Silver Crystal."
Ami: "Why?"
Luna: "Oh, golly, look at the time… you're going to be late to your night classes!"
Ami: /hums to herself, doesn't unwrap the sweater.
Luna: "Okay, jeez! It's too early for this, but fine! The Crystal controls the universe, and the princess controls the Crystal! The bad guys are demons, and come on, you've read books, you know how the rest goes!"
Ami: "They want to destroy the world? What are you holding back?"
Luna: "Classified information. We got shapeshifting, mind-controlling monsters here—you do the math."
Ami: "Not everyone can be trusted, and we could be a liability if captured. Got it." /put down cat. "I'm really very sorry about that."
Luna: "No, no, you're right to be cautious."
Ami: "Usagi! I gotta go!"
Usagi: "Awwwwww! But I wanted to try a partners game!" :(
Ami: "You can always come along with me." ;)


Umino: "Don't get on that bus! It's the Sendai-Zaka line, the same as the haunted ghost bus! Beware! BEWARE!"
Usagi: "Why is my life like this now?"

On the Bus
Ami: /giggles.
Usagi: "What?"
Ami: "You said you wanted to try a partners game, which reminded me: on this bus line, there's sometimes a passenger I think you'd be very interested in meeting."
Usagi: "Dude, we haven't known each other that long! You really think you know me that well?"
Ami: "Oh, I pay attention."
Usagi: "Who's this mysterious person?"
Ami: "Look for the girl in the Catholic school uniform."
Usagi: "Now what's so special about some girl in a—"

This is Rei's stop. She walks right by the two. The bus fills up with shoujo flowers.

Ami: /waves hand in front of Usagi's face. "Usagi? Usagi?"
Usagi: /twitterpated, follows Rei off the bus.
Ami: /giggles, calls after her. "Have fun!"

Hikawa Shrine
Usagi: /blinks.
Usagi: "Wha? How did I get here? Where'd Ami go?"
Luna: "God save us all from human hormones."

Two ravens swoop down and attack Usagi, cawing and screeching!


A shrine maiden bursts out of the shrine, dramatically!

Rei: "I heed your call, Phobos and Deimos! Has the time we always feared, at last come to pass? Do not try to conceal yourself, specter, for I sense thy magical aura, and thou shall not bring calamity upon this holy place. In the name of the gods, I shall punish thee! EVIL SPIRT, BEGONE!"
Usagi: "Evil spirit? Where? Where?"

Rei belts Usagi on the head with a prayer strip. Boggled but by no means exorcised, Usagi falls over with a crash.

Rei: "…whoopsie."

And So, After Tea and Bandages
Rei (blushing furiously): "My humblest apologies, Miss Usagi. The error was mine entirely. Although your aura is most… unusual, 'tis apparent you are no demon."
Usagi: "It's okay, really! When it's a pretty girl, I'm willing to forgive just about anything. ♥" [I didn't change this line at all — SJ]
Rei: "Er… yes. Ahem. Again, I apologize. Phobos and Deimos rarely attack humans, and I overreacted."
Usagi: "I wonder why they didn't like me?"
The two ravens: /glare at Usagi jealously.
Luna: "…"

The bell rings outside. Rei excuses herself to go attend, and sees some of the locals she knows, praying.

A woman: /distraught, but trying to put on a brave face. "Oh, Rei! You didn't hear? My daughter has disappeared!"
Rei: "…"
A woman: "She would have been coming home on… on that haunted bus they talk about. Did you see anything?"
Rei: /has a sinking, guilty feeling. "No. I saw nothing."
A woman: "This has always been a bad neighborhood, I wonder if—oh! But of course, I don't mean anything about your shrine."

But there have always been whispers in this neighborhood about the witch-girl of the Hikawa Shrine…

Rei: "…"

Usagi: /to Luna's immense surprise, volunteers a question: "What was that, about this being a bad neighborhood?"
Rei: "I would not speak ill of neighbors. But I will say that here, five hill slopes and five roads meet at one crossing, a most unusual circumstance. There have long been tales of a hidden sixth slope, on which people may be spirited away…"
Usagi: "Whoa."
Rei: "Thou art safe at this shrine, but take care on thy way home."

Heading Home
Usagi: "She's so calm."
Luna: "So quiet."
Usagi: "With strange powers."
Luna: "And an aristocratic face."
Usagi: "Her grace…"
Luna: "Her devotion…"
Usagi and Luna: "Could she be—"
Luna: "—the princess?"
Usagi: "—Goemon?"
Luna: "WHAT."
Usagi: "Tuxedo Mask is like Lupin, and now I've met someone who's like Goemon! Oo, does that mean I'm like Fujiko? But Ami's not much like Jigen, so—"
Luna: /facepaw

A Dark Place
Nephrite (chuckles): "You're going soft, boy."
Jadeite: "Nah, this is the best way. Keep it simple."

Jadeite is busily dragging the unconscious passengers from his bus, and laying them out on the floor of this chamber. Nephrite just watches.

Jadeite: "Living hostages (oof) will draw out the Sailors. (There we go.) And afterwards (easy does it), a blood sacrifice for our Lord."
Nephrite: "The Sailors, too?"
Jadeite: "I'm not taking chances. He can have their heads."

The Next Day
All anyone can talk about is the "spiriting away" of bus passengers, which continues despite the police's best efforts.

Umino (appears out of nowhere): "Usagi! Somebody ought to do something!"
Usagi: "…"
Luna (after Umino departs): "I want to follow up that bus lead. Let's check out that shrine again. That miko might be one of our allies."
Usagi (solemnly): "…or one of our enemies. We don't really know."
Luna: "Hey, you're actually thinking about this! Good for you."
Usagi: "Well… I saw how scared that mother was about her girl. If there's anything I can do to help—"
Luna: "Aaaaand here's the bus. All aboard!"
Usagi: "—EXCEPT THAT."
Luna: "Oh, grow fur. This is the 5:00 bus, we're an hour early, and you can always call Ami on the—"
Usagi: "On the what?"
Luna: !
Usagi: "What is it, Luna? You know I'm slow, stop waving your paws and making shushing noises and say something."
Mamoru: "Yes, Luna, say something."
Usagi: /!!!!
Mamoru: "I'm SURE I heard that cat talk."
Usagi: "No she didn't! She doesn't talk at all! Why would a cat talk! AHAHAHAHA!"
Mamoru: /glares over his sexy librarian glasses at Usagi.
Usagi: "Why are you here? Why are you dressed normally in a school uniform? Why are you wearing sexy librarian glasses? WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON? YOU CAN'T FOOL ME, PROVE IT!"
Mamoru: "Okay, you can climb down from there, Miss Bumps, I don't bite."
Mamoru: "Buns. I know. Breath, kid, breath."
Usagi: /gasps for breath.
Mamoru (answers): "I'm coming home from school. I'm coming home from school. I'm nearsighted. That would be telling. Here's my student I.D."
Usagi (reads): "'Mamoru Chiba, Moto-Azabu High, 2nd year.' Wait, we're only three years apart?"
Mamoru: "What, you thought I was some college-age creep who follows middle school girls around?"
Luna: /badum-tish.
Mamoru: "(Thank you.) What are you doing here anyway, talking to your cat about the mysterious disappearances that occur on the 6:00pm Sendai-Zaka bus in the environs of the (as local folklore has it) cursed five-slope hill in this season of unnatural crimes?"
Usagi: "Nothing at all! What about you? Wait, you just answered that, never mind."
Mamoru: "Yeah."
Usagi: "So."
Mamoru: "I guess we have nothing to talk about then. Unless the cat wants to say anything."
Usagi: "The cat has nothing to talk about!"
Mamoru: "Okay then."
Usagi: "Nope. Nothing at all."
Mamoru: "Well, we'll just ride the bus then."
Usagi: "Okay. You first."
Mamoru: "I was."
Usagi: "Right."
Mamoru: "Fine."
Usagi: "You know, you look a little familiar…"
Mamoru: "Come to think of it, so do you…"
Usagi: "Yeah, but, um…"
Mamoru: "Er?"
Usagi: "Ah…"
Mamoru (suddenly): "Are you her?"
Usagi: "WHAT?"
Mamoru (blushing): "Sorry! Just talking to myself. HAHAHAHA! That'd be silly, wouldn't it? Forget I said anything!"

Hikawa Shrine
The bus drives off.

Usagi: "He knows! HE KNOWS!"
Luna: "Calm down! If he knew, he wouldn't ask!"
Usagi: "AAAUUUUGHHHH okay I'm calm maybe no I'm not oh god."
Luna: "Who did you think he looked like?"
Usagi: "Is it possible to build glasses into a mask?"
Luna (puzzled): "What kind of a mask?"

There's a disgruntled mob in front of the shrine.

A neighborhood representative: "—so, Miss Hino, perhaps you could use your 'spiritual senses' to locate the missing children."
Rei: /doesn't really know what to say. "It… They… They don't really work in that way. You would do better to rely on the police."
A neighborhood representative: "Damn you! How can you be so cold? I've been going to this weird shrine for twenty years and you do nothing! Where's your grandfather, anyway? Don't you share some responsibility for—"
Rei: /can't take it any more. "Please! Just… just go away!"

Suddenly! A presence is felt on the hill.

Rei notices Usagi, watching her sympathetically across the crowd.

Rei turns her face away and runs inside. The crowd feels awkward.

As they all walk away…

Usagi: "Darn it, it's so unfair! She cares as much as any of them, but now they hate her because they can't find the real enemy. It doesn't make any sense."
Luna: "Neither does this whole incident. Speaking in terms of strategy, the enemy should be searching for the Legendary Silver Crystal, not abducting random children off the street. What do they know that we don't?"
Usagi: "What's the Legendary—?"
Luna: "Okay, you're going to have to scroll back on your own time."
Usagi: "Sorry."
Luna: "I don't see the pattern. What's their next move gonna be?"

Inside the Shrine
Rei: "I must not let this bother me so. I must focus."

Rei tries to calm herself. She stokes the fires and meditates, hoping for a vision to guide her through this crisis. Soon, an image appears in the flames… a blond man WHOM SHE HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE strangling Usagi-chan.

Phobos: "Oh ho! 'Usagi-chan' is it?"
Deimos: "From -san to -chan in two brief meetings and less than a dozen pages."
Phobos: "I bet the bunny uses bleach. No way that's her natural color."
Deimos: "Heh-heh, yeah! And— uh—?"
Phobos: "Hey, Rei? What are you—?"

Rei instinctively leaps up and runs out of the shrine.

Phobos and Deimos: ?!

Rei gets as far as the bus stop before…

Rei: "…Wait a minute, I don't even know where she lives, where am I going?"
Mr. Jadeite, the bus driver: "Right here." /waves hands hypnotically.
Rei: /hyp-mo-tized! "Have I seen you somewhere before?"
Mr. Jadeite: "Just get in."

But Fortunately!
Luna: "Hey, there's the demon bus!"
Usagi: "Hey! REI'S ON BOARD, all passed out and sickly looking!"
Luna: "Hey, there wasn't a hole here, but now there is!"
Usagi: "AND THE BUS IS DRIVING THROUGH IT! I gotta do something! I gotta—"
Usagi: /TRANSFORMATION PEN! "—transform into a stewardess!"

VOILA! She becomes Miss Usagi, a lovely young stewardess with a keen hat!

Usagi: "No time to explain! I have to ensure a pleasant trip for that passenger!"

Usagi makes a daring, desperate leap onto the bus as it slows to take the corner (that isn't there)…

…but in the process, drops Luna!

Tuxedo Mask: /daring last minute CATCH!
Tuxedo Mask: /boggles, cannot believe his eyes, etc.

And the bus drives on, into the 8th dimension. Usagi is now alone with the unconscious bus passengers and the creepy driver.

Usagi: "Oh noes! Now what do I do?" /tears up.

Meanwhile, On the Ground
Tuxedo Mask: "What's-her-name turned into a stewardess and then the bus and the thing and the wha huh bwa hah buh wah?!"
Luna: "Usagiiiii! Noooo!"


Tuxedo Mask: "AHA! You DO talk! Get back here and answer some questions!"
Luna: /scarpers before sweaters come into play.

It's the early 90s, remember.

Ami's Gizmophone Watch: ♫ deedledeedee deedledeedee deedledeedee dee ♫
Cram school instructor: "What's that odd, musical beeping noise? Is somebody's digital watch alarm going off?"
Ami: "I'm sorry, I think that's me."

Ami takes the call outside.

Ami: "SHE WHAT?!"

Luna: /hands Ami a laptop computer.
Ami: "Where were you keeping—?"
Luna: "This is an emergency and I don't have thumbs! Quick, trace the tracking signal from Usagi's watch!"
Ami: /Mercury Tricorder Action.
Ami: "Okay, I've got a map of Tokyo up, and the blinking cursor marks Usagi's current location. It seems to be heading—"

The two of them stare as the cursor literally comes off the screen and sinks downward through the air, away from the computer entirely. They boggle at the inexplicably dimensional pixel hovering above the floor.

Ami: "Er… any ideas what that means?"
Luna: "I have no idea how any of this shit works."

An icon flashes on screen, and Ami shrugs and selects it. Immediately, Usagi's radio (or whatever) signal comes through, faint but clear.

Usagi (via radio): "LUNAAAAAAAAAAAAAA—"
Ami: "Usagi! I'm here, too. Where are you? What's going on?"
Usagi (via radio): "The bus disappeared and I'm in a scary castle with a pile of unconscious kids and Rei is unconscious too and there's this creepy blond guy and—"

The Creepy Blond Guy
Jadeite: "JADEITE! My name's Jadeite!"
Jadeite: "…and what's HER name?"

Jadeite kneels by Rei. He doesn't seem predatory, merely… confused. He shows no sign that he even notices Usagi. Instead, he gently brushes the hair from Rei's face, and stares intensely at her.

Jadeite (awed): "I admired her from the first moment I saw her. Who is she?"

Usagi (via radio): "—and I don't know what to doohoohoohoo!" :(
Ami: "Wow."
Usagi (via radio): "…All by myself?"
Ami: "Luna! If we synchronize the transformation wands and redirect the energy through a phasing hyperspace loop via the tracking system, could I teleport to the location of the transformation by shunting myself at the same time as the guardian suit?"
Luna: "Sure, why not?"
Ami: "You… you don't know?"
Luna: "Hey, you're the genius, I'm just the adult supervision! If you think it'll roll, let's give it a go!" /puts on headset. "I have the conn!"

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 3
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 1

Sailor Mercury pops out of the sparkles and makes a perfect landing next to Sailor Moon.

Ami: "…It worked!"
Usagi: "I always wondered how sentai teams gathered so quickly!"
Jadeite: "So! You have finally arrived!"
Jadeite: /equips Rei in his shield slot.
Usagi: "UNHAND HER, YOU FIEND! Oh, and all these other people, too. IN THE NAME OF THE MOON!"
Rei: /begins to regain consciousness. "…that voice…?"

Battle is Joined!
Ami deploys Mercury Aqua Mist—the same freezing cloud she'd used unconsciously before.

But Jadeite grins boyishly. With a single pass of his hand, he cools the cloud farther, causing the ice crystals to precipitate, clearing the fog.

Usagi: /begins to cry.
Luna (via radio): "Don't you dare cry! The, er, pocket universe you're in is very unstable, and the high frequencies would make it collapse!"
Usagi: /sniffs, and bravely tries to hold it in.
Ami (sotto voce): "Is that true?"
Luna (via radio): "Don't knock it, it worked."
Usagi: "I guess I gotta… TIARA BOOMERANG!"

Jadeite catches the tiara WITH HIS BARE HANDS (though it makes him wince. He keeps smiling to maintain an intimidating front).

Jadeite: "Ha! I laugh at your puny attack!"

Luna cackles and slams a button on her computer. Immediately, the tiara unsprings itself, then reforms around him, pinning his arms to his body.

He gets off a last, hasty energy burst, an unaimed snap shot, but his bonds are unaffected, and Sailors Mercury and Moon are only knocked back by the misdirected surge of magic. Jadeite frantically strains at the ring around him, before…

Rei Regains Consciousness
Rei: /leaps to her feet, ready to defend her rescuers!
Rei: /casts about for a weapon.
Luna (via radio): "Boy, I hope my hunch is right. AMI! THROW HER THE SPARE PEN!"
Ami: /throws.

Rei's caste mark begins to shine, and she snatches the pen out of mid-air.

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 3
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 1
Rei into Sailor Mars: 1

Mars' eyes blaze with righteous indignation as she immediately directs her full fury upon Jadeite! Out of the last swirls of transformation energy fly the raven familiars, Phobos and Deimos, called across space by their devotion to their mistress.


Sailor Mars summons divine fire, and her shikigami corvidae draw the curtain of flames across Jadeite. He screams and screams as the fires consume his spirit, leaving only a withered husk behind.

Ami: /struck dumb with horror
Usagi: "I told you! I told you it was scary!"

And The Rest Is Wrapping Up
The hostages: "Wha happen—?"
Luna: "Right, so for our records: Moon has two kills and one assist; Mars has one kill; Mercury has one assist. Not bad."
Rei: /staring at her costume in disbelief.
Luna: "Oh, by the way, welcome to the team. You are Sailor Mars, warrior of fire and passion, guardian of the red planet. I knew all along, of course."
Usagi: "Pleased to meet you!"
Ami: "Likewise! Welcome to the team!"
Rei: "I'm a magical warrior? THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH ABOUT MY LIFE! …Wait, no it doesn't. WHO ARE—? WHAT—? WHY?!"
Ami and Usagi: /laugh.
Usagi: "Ah, just like old times. Such memories."
Ami: "Yeah, how innocent and naive we were last week. Good times."

BUT! Meanwhile, in a Dark Place
Nephrite: "NO! Fuck! What the— NO!" /litany of semi-articulate curses.
Zoicite: ?
Nephrite: "They got Jadeite! Those little bitches got Jadeite!"
Zoicite: !
Nephrite: "They just blew him away! They just blew him away and they're smiling! And now there's ANOTHER of them!"
Zoicite: "I thought you didn't like him?"
Nephrite: "HE WAS ONE OF US! One of the Four Kings of Heaven! One of the CHOSEN! And they just blew him away!"
Zoicite: …
Nephrite: "Someone's gonna pay. Someone's gonna fuckin' pay."

Usagi: "So, just to sum up: I'm a delicate waif; Mamoru's legal; you're a psycho, i mean, mission-oriented spymaster; Ami's sly when she's not a machine; Rei speaketh liketh Frog; Nephrite's, like, Texan or some junk, gets along fine with Zoicite, and was tsundere for Jadeite; Queen Beryl is a terrifying monster; and we meet at Crown Arcade instead of wherever."
Luna: "You lost me at 'delicate waif'."


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Re: Act #3: Rei, Sailor Mars.

Usagi: And we just killed a boss right off the bat!

As you can see, sub-bosses don't get long arcs in the manga, generally.


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Re: Act #1: Usagi, Sailor Moon.

Well, we are trying to get him to work faster, which means we need to get more Shadowjacks.

We've got two options. So far, the SCP (Shadowjack Cloning Project) has been an abject failure(1)...

So, we're going to the Aperture Science Perpetual Testing Route and doing alternate universes! Which has actually been pretty hard. We have to find universes where there's (a)Shadowjack, (b)watches Sailor Moon(2), (c)publishes in English(3), (d)publishes in a form of English we can understand, (e)isn't collecting energy for his Dark Master/Mistress/Genderless Abomination, (f)isn't working exclusively on Evangelion fanfic and doushinji reviews, and (g)isn't trying to hunt down and kill the other versions of himself to increase his own personal power and become a God.

Still looking, tho!

(1-Don't ask. We've got one clone in the back with a DVD player, copies of Cos Prayers, and whispering the word "Precious...." as he strokes them. We're keeping him off the internet, but it's a near-run thing. And this is the best of them so far...)

(2-Tho, I have to admit, the version of SJ that is doing the review of Magical Cuddles Penguin Ami has been quite amusing to see...mostly because it's absolutely hilarious both in the reviews and the original show itself.)

(3-A lot of the jokes translate well from the original Klingon.)

One of these days, Shadowjack is going to post a new thread, starting with a welcome message and maybe a quick skit by the senshi. Then he'll go off to finish up the thread's first recap, and we'll fill the thread to the post limit before he can post it.


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Re: Act #1: Usagi, Sailor Moon.

Usagi: And we just killed a boss right off the bat!

As you can see, sub-bosses don't get long arcs in the manga, generally.
Yeah. I was in shock when I got to that part. "They bumped him off already?!"


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Re: Act #1: Usagi, Sailor Moon.

Yeah. I was in shock when I got to that part. "They bumped him off already?!"
I remember reading an interview where Takeuchi said she regretted killing him off so soon once she heard his voice for the anime.
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