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This thread was inspired by a thought I had a while back, that in many ways the Scavenger Lands book for Exalted 2e best exemplified how I'd like Exalted to be. But that's just an idle thought: how does this book actually stand up on a more detailed examination? Hence, this In Which I Re-Read thread. Note that my schedule is currently a bit erratic at the moment for personal reasons, so I may not get around to updating this thread that regularly. Anyway, let's get started!

Leaving aside the cover, which I don't have a lot to say about (it has a Warstrider, and Dace, and that might be Lookshy in the background), the first chapter is the Introduction. The facing comic strip has Maren Sidaris appearing before the Confederation Council (of which we learn a bit more in the next chapter). I'm not sure about this one; it hints at various things (I guess Maren Sidaris is a pirate of some kind, and so is Blackedge) but doesn't really tell us a lot about the Scavenger Lands. Also, gratuitous cleavage, but this is a White Wolf book from 2006.

The rest of the Introduction is a quick summary of what's in the rest of the book, so I won't go into here. What's more interesting is that the "How to use this book" section talks about "settings aplenty for every type of group and style of play". Add this to how it talks about the states of the Scavenger Lands being "economic powerhouses and bastions of freedom that are the envy and inspiration of the rest of the free world", and I get the impression that the area covered by this book (which was, I think, the first world book published for Exalted 2e) was intended to be a home ground for the PCs; somewhere they'd feel sympathetic to, and somewhere they could adventure without worrying that if they dared flare their anima, Chejop Kejak would teleport in with a small army of Immaculate monks. (At this point in the line, the only PC type with a book out was Solars).

But does the rest of the book follow up on this? Well, we'll see.
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