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[IWIW Evangelion] Shadowjack Twitters From the Geofront

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Casting my mind back to somewhere early on in this 50+ page thread, Shadowjack you said that theorizing about fictional chains of command is something you enjoy? Well, here's some info I dug up from my collection of Eva related info.

This, by the way, comes the 'NERV White Papers', an Evangelion RPG. No, it's not in English, and no, it's never going to be released outside the Land of the Rising Sun.

Unfortunately, my Japanese is very, very shaky.

Apologies for size. Still getting used to posting from photobucket.

This looks like the organization of the UN after the Second Impact

This is NERVs command chain

And two shots of what the Geofront looks like

I have a floor plan of Misato's apartment somewhere in my collection, but Section 2 hid it on me.


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Casting my mind back to somewhere early on in this 50+ page thread, Shadowjack you said that theorizing about fictional chains of command is something you enjoy? Well, here's some info I dug up from my collection of Eva related info.

This, by the way, comes the 'NERV White Papers', an Evangelion RPG. No, it's not in English, and no, it's never going to be released outside the Land of the Rising Sun.

Unfortunately, my Japanese is very, very shaky.

But my Japanese is practically non-existent, so I'll have to wait for someone here to take a shot, or pass them to my brother when I see him next.

I have a floor plan of Misato's apartment somewhere in my collection, but Section 2 hid it on me.
I've got those in the artbook; I could scan and share if someone wants. (I still can't believe I found that thing for only $1 almost new.)


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TV Episode #7

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Episode 7, Part 1: The Human Creation

Appropriate that we begin Act II with an episode about deception. Also, I like this one because (1) it lets us see more of Misato, who's one of my favorites, and (2) it's one of the most realistic episodes in terms of placing NERV in a functional world.

Also, this episode title could be taken a couple of different ways, heh heh.

* * *

Our first and last appearances of Kaji are on the telephone. This is somehow fitting for a man who's always anywhere but here.

Gendo: "Once again, I owe you."
The Voice on the Telephone: "But you're not going to pay me back anyway, are you?"
Kaji—whom at this point we know only as some anonymous agent of Gendo's—has just finished his end of an operation to stall a Freedom of Information Act request about NERV. He then asks if he should do something about "that project" as well (presumably the upcoming Jet Alone), but Gendo says it's under control.

The Voice on the Telephone: "Then I'll continue with the Plan…"
Hum hum. Well, we already knew that Gendo was using Kaji while stringing him along, so not much new there.

* * *

Mornings at the apartment have taken on a routine! Shinji is a tea and toast man (I salute you, sir), Pen-Pen gets fresh fish (he probably gets better food than Misato eats), and Misato stumbles late into the kitchen in her sleepwear and drinks a beer.

Misato: "A traditional Japanese breakfast begins with rice, miso, and sake!"
Shinji: "…traditional for Misato, maybe…"
Shinji is developing a backbone when it comes to Misato. He gets on her case about skiving her chores (Misato? slacking at home? I might have a heart attack and die from not surprise.) and leaving messes for him to clean up.

Shinji: "Now I know why you're still single."
Misato /twitch twitch. "Are… are you calling me lazy?"
Shinji /coolly. "And sloppy, too."

(I love how childish her body language is in this scene, curled up on the chair in her shorts…)

A minor relationship misstep: Misato is to come to Shinij's parent-teacher meeting at the school, and he's in "This isn't any trouble, is it? I know you're very busy" mode.

Misato: "Oh, it's no problem! This is part of my responsibilities, anyway!"
Shinji: "Oh. It's part of your job. …Oh."
Misato /oops.
Misato wanted to say it doesn't interfere with her other duties, and instead implied that being Shinji's parent is an unwanted chore—rather than her willing choice. Oops, indeed.

Insult to injury, Misato just can't resist the urge to dig back at him for nagging her earlier—by pointedly not putting on a robe when Toji and Kensuke come to the door to pick Shinji up. They take every slight opportunity she gives them to ogle, and Misato delights in Shinji's embarrassment.

Afterward, despite this, Misato smiles over her second morning beer (single handed can popping action!). That Shinji has regular friends and is able to stand up to her now is a Good Thing. That happy thought in mind, she makes the routine phone call to the security detail that invisibly bodyguards Shinji…

* * *

Shinji can see his handiwork from the window of his school. I did not notice this before, but—is that blood that has seeped from the holes in the Angel's corpse? Yummy.

Okay, we saw before that mature social decisions are not Misato's forte. So her way of arriving for the parent-teacher conference is by speeding into the parking lot in a hot red sports cars (shit, she has two Renaults?), screaming into a bootlegger stop, and strutting up the front walk dressed to kill. Most of the boys and a few of the girls in the school drool out the window, and she revels in the attention. There is a part of Misato that never got past middle school, sadly…

At least Shinji's homeroom teacher is so senile that he probably won't notice to disapprove. ("Yes, you have lovely legs, madam. Like my late wife. She died in the Second Impact. Those were dark times, when all mankind had built seemed to turn to ash…")

And here's an odd shot of Rei ignoring the commotion:

Note the pose: she really is Gendo's "niece", isn't she?

Toji and Kensuke are spinning fantasies of what they'd like to do with Misato (iykwimaityd), and when Shinji tries to bring a little reality into the discussion ("…She's not actually that impressive at home…"), they brush him off:

Kensuke and Toji: "You just keep the Earth safe, and WE'LL take care of Misato!"
Shinij /le sigh.

* * *

Which leads Shinji to this train of thought, the first chance in a month (three Angels in a month!) he's had to really think about this stuff:

Shinji: "'Keeping the Earth safe.' That's what Eva is for. Right? But… Come to think of it, just what is Eva? The entry plug smells a lot like blood… but I feel so comfortable and relaxed in here. Why? Now that I start thinking about it, I really don't know anything about Eva!"
He's just described an artificial womb, of course—blood and comfort—and doesn't know it. But he knows enough that feeling safe in something that's almost killed him three times is just plain wrong!

So the next time he's around the grown-ups—Maya, Hyuga, Ritsuko and Misato, coming back with Shinji from another round of calibration and testing (Elevator Scenes +1)—he opens the manual and pretends to review it, while actually listening carefully. Not too interesting for him, though: they mainly bitch about how low NERV's budget is for the job they're supposed to be doing (and Eva-02 is on the way!), and isn't it nice the Commander's out on a conference and off our backs for a day or two?

Ritsuko actually cracks a joke:

Ritsuko: "Well, you know what they say: 'Man cannot live by Eva alone.'"

* * *

Gendo practically has the spaceplane to himself, so it's funny when one of Gendo's peers, pretending to nurse a bottle of in-flight liquor, asks if the seat is free. I'm just guessing here, but I think the guy's Chinese or maybe South Korean; he looks Asian, anyway.

China: "The revised budget for sample collection passed easily, didn't it?"
Gendo: "The Committee's main concern is for their own survival. They aren't stingy when their own lives are at stake."
China: "Yeah, they used to think there'd be no more Angels… But I have more good news: All of the permanent members of the Security Council except the U.S.—"
At this point I always laugh, because it's true. My country's earned it's reputation, hasn't it?

China: "—have approved the budget for Eva Unit 06. It's just a matter of time before the U.S. approves it as well. The Americans seem to be allergic to unemployment, heh heh."
Gendo: "And your country?"
China: "We will participate beginning with Unit 08. And the plans for the second installation proejct are still viable. But a pilot has not yet been found…"
Gendo /shrugs. "The Angels have returned. We have no choice but to defeat them."
China: "We don't want another Second Impact, either!"
Evas planned up beyond #8, the possibility of a second fortress base (unnecessary, but only the insiders know that), and worldwide budget issues. Well, well.

* * *

So just what is Second Impact and what's it got to do with us? Shinji quietly asks a few questions, and Ritsuko for once is in a mood to answer them (Elevator Scenes +1). Ritsuko explains that the Second Impact was actually the first Angel—it was discovered in Antarctica, and halfway through the investigation it exploded for "unknown reasons." NERV is to stop the Angels from triggering a Third Impact.

Shinji is, like, "Okay. That makes sense." After all, he's seen that Angels can explode pretty good, so it'd obviously be pretty bad if a bunch of them came down from…wherever… and had a bomb party.

Our first big hint about Misato's history: something about Ritsuko's story makes her quiet and angry. But Ritsuko brings her out of it by reminding her of something scheduled for tomorrow. And that's it for questions for today, but Shinji can try again later.

* * *

A new day. The breakfast routine comes to a screeching halt:

NERV has a full dress uniform! (We don't see it here, but it even has a hat, a sort of Glengarry cap, I think, but we never get a really good screenshot.)

Uniforms Digression: The standard duty uniform appears to be the khakis, with a red beret for security troops. Misato has a red uniform with matching beret, but usually only wears the jacket; this ceremonial dress uniform is black with cuffs and color. Ritsuko never wears a uniform. We sometimes see Kaji in a dark blue uniform. Fuyutsuki has brown in the same cut. Gendo wears black. There appears to be little in the way of insignia or decorations (though it's possible that's just a matter of animation budget)—only the normal personnel and Misato have the gold delta-V patch and the orange shoulder stripes, and everyone else just wears a distinctive NERV nameplate.

So, um, I dunno. We never see anyone else in the other colors except named characters; NERV's small, but not that small! Maybe the full color uniforms are dress uniforms, or senior officer's uniforms.

Misato looks very serious as she departs on today's chore.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Episode 7, Part 1: The Human Work

Presumably the same title as before, just translated differently. Again, just what is the human work here? Eva? Jet Alone? What was done to Jet Alone? Clever title.

* * *

Today, in the "28th Abandoned Area" of Old Tokyo, Japan Heavy Chemical Industries is proud to demo their new superheavy anthropomorphic defense system: the J-A, or "Jet Alone."

The Jet Jaguar Song said:
He jock it made of steel!
Eats sushi from a pail!
Jet Jaguar! Jet Jaguar!
He mother never really love him!
He crimefighting covers up a basic insecurity,
He dickey covers up an Addams' apple the size of a Toyota,
He basically good-hearted but he'd like to smash that kid against a rock.
Knock! Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
His head looks like Jack Nicholson;
Don't smile like that, it will stay that way.
Don't touch my bags if you please, Mr. Customs Man.
My Dad used to work at Lockheed, so I grokked this situation rather quickly: NERV and the Evangelions have already been selected for the job of fighting the Angels, but due to government fairness in trade regulations and political lobbying, competitors have the option to bid on the replacement mecha. So lots of politicians, generals, lobbyists, and so forth have been invited here to be wined and dined by the military-industrial contractor. NERV has to send someone to show the flag, so that it doesn't turn into a complete NERV-bashing party. (The only people missing are Japan's "Strategic Self-Defense Force", who Ritsuko says "aren't allowed" to be involved.)

What we and Misato don't know yet is that NERV is orchestrating their own little show. Ritsuko's job here is to shape the narrative.

Every table in the convention center is filled except the center one, reserved for NERV and its measly two representatives. Conspicuous, unpopular, underfunded. Dr. Ritsuko Akagi, who has brass and a Plan, makes sure that they can't be ignored by immediately seizing control of the Q&A session.

Ritsuko points out everything that's wrong with, well, a giant mecha. It's nuclear-powered (the promo materials boast 150 days of operating power!), which is insanely stupid for a close combat weapon. It's radio remote controlled, which is also stupid; it's clumsy, which is sad but realistic; and finally it's a giant freakin' robot, which is stupid weapon no matter how you slice it. And it's ultimately a conventional weapon, with no AT Field (though Ritsuko does not say this directly), and thus has no way to attack or defend against an Angel.

The Company Douchbag counters by pointing out everything that's wrong with the Evas. They need an extension cord to run more than 5 minutes, they inflict severe mental stress upon the pilots, they can go berserk (and here he holds up a classified photo that he should not have a copy of), and he's sure the engineers will find a way to duplicate the AT Field (and he does call it by name) Real Soon Now.

Neither questions the feasibility of giant robots in the first place, because Company Douchebag doesn't care whether they're feasible or not so long as his company gets the contract to build them, and NERV cheats with magic.

Company Douchbag goes for the low blow, comparing the berserk EVA-01 to "a hysterical woman"—and immediately all the manly generals and lobbyists start laughing at that shrill bitch Akagi, ha ha. She smiles and faces it down. They'll remember NERV on this day as polite, determined, and dedicated.

Company Douchbag dismisses the idea that "science and courage can tame the beast", and then goes for the kill by accusing NERV directly of political corruption: the recent budget boost to NERV from the UN could have fed 20,000 people, he says (never mind that he wants a piece of that money himself), and isn't it nice that NERV is protected from its errors by a supra-legal act?

Misato isn't in on the Plan, so she is just painfully embarrassed for Ritsuko. Ritsuko just keeps smiling…

This is just hints and supposition, but I get the feeling that the U.N.—more accurately, whatever were the more powerful nations who decided to back the U.N.—only barely managed to hold things together after the Second Impact with a carrot-stick combination of massive international social welfare and unhesitating military force, and that things are still pretty shakey all over. So it certainly doesn't help that SEELE is siphoning off a bunch of the money for its secret projects.

* * *

Alone at last. Misato takes out her frustration on an innocent locker. Ritsuko is more subtle: she sets FIRE to the briefing packet.

Note to self: Never piss off Ritsuko.

Misato is most angry because someone leaked this asshole highly classified information. Ritsuko is curiously silent.

Cut to a shot of someone hacking into the code for the JA.

* * *

Misato and Ritsuko stand off to the side as the JHCI control room goes through their start up procedure, which of course is rather similar to the EVA-01 start up, right down to the same first step.

Misato: "Hey, it walks! Now that's something to be proud of." /winks at Ritsuko.
Ritsuko /seems to be waiting for something.
Sure enough, a moment later, it all goes horribly wrong. The JA's reactor locks into overload, and the radio control refuses outside input. Oops. The control room technicians (and Misato and Ritsuko) figure it out before anyone else does, and dive for cover. A moment later, the JA strolls through the building (CRASH WHAM SMASH) and onward, heading toward the city of Atsugi.

It looks kind of like a MegaMan or Sonic the Hedgehog villain robot, doesn't it?

Misato is smiling her ass off, Ritsuko just fades, everyone else is running around in circles, the Corporate Douchbag is all, "But, but, but, this can't be happening!" ("Impossible!" Counter +1)…

So Misato takes command. Never mind that she has no authority here. She's got that voice. In seconds, she's got the techs giving her information:

Corporate Douchbag: "The best we can do is wait for it to stop…" [Yeah, in 150 days? Or when it overloads?]
Misato: "What are the odds of that?"
Technician: "0.00002%… we'd better hope for a miracle."
Misato: "Determined efforts are better than a miracle! Tell me how to stop that thing!"
Realistically, we're not risking a nuke, but it could quite possibly be a Chernobyl cloud—one on legs. So, yeah, they've got a city to save.

There is a password override from the onboard computer system; all they need is the password and someone crazy enough to go inside a radioactive runaway robot. Corporate Douchbag bravely steps up and… gets on the phone to his bosses to ask permission. Cue several minutes of "That's not my department!" "Can't you ask me in writing?" etc. Misato looks surprisingly sympathetic, actually; she knows bureaucracies. So she just walks away.

* * *

Misato phones Hyuga at NERV and orders up EVA-01 and a carrier plane, then "appropriates" one of JHCI's radiation suits. Ritsuko makes some perfunctory "No, stop, what are you doing?" noises, then quiets down.

When Corporate Douchebag realizes that this random NERV officer really is going through with this crazy plan, he breaks with his bosses and gives her the password: "HOPE".

* * *

EDIT: Oh, and I just saw this over in the Images Thread, from a real flying wing prototype:

We saw in Rebuild 1.11 that it's not until Operation Yashima that Shinji realizes that everyone at NERV is fighting with him. Here's an equivalent scene for the TV series: for the first time, Misato is going into action with Shinji, lives equally on the line. Actually, her life even more so.

Misato quickly and efficiently briefs Shinji on the situation: we've got 5 minutes to stop the explosion, so you're going to deploy while holding me in your hands, then put me on the back of the robot so I can climb in the inspection hatch. While I'm in there, you hold the JA in place.

Shinji is stunned. Isn't that DANGEROUS?! Oh, no, the AT Field will protect you just fine. Heh. Misato is smiling, calm.

Misato: "There's no other way… I've got to give it my best shot, or else I'll regret it for the rest of my life."
So Shinji plucks up his determination and gets ready to go out there with her.

* * *

I'm sorry, but I simply cannot believe that this woman's past career at NERV was as some daffy lab tech. She's clearly seen the elephant, and how would you do that as a door guard for an agency that doesn't even fight humans?

My hunch is that she went straight into the UNAF after college, did at least one term of service with a frontline "peacekeeping" unit—probably not special forces, but something like paratroops, recon, or forward observation—then arranged for a transfer to NERV's budding "staff college" to help write their tactical manual. That's where she was "discovered" and assigned to her current posting.

* * *

An EVA with a "Type F" package is drop capable, that is, they drop it out the back of the plane and let it try to land on its feet. They're off! Shinji runs EVA-01 across the city wasteland, catches up to JA, grabs the convenient docking clamp, and—

Misato: "Don't think! Just do it!"
—holds out his hand. There's a nasty moment when it looks like she's gonna fall, but she catches herself, climbs up, opens a 2001-style hatch, and crawls into the glowing red interior…

Nice touch: When the JA starts venting steam, Shinji frights and tries to cover up the "leaks." He doesn't know that he should let the steam vent out, that covering it makes it worse…

Control room. Quiet. Misato flips the manual override and types in the password.


…Oh, shit.





It was sabotage. The code's been altered. Not much time left.

Misato: "…Guess I'll try the long shot."
She tries to shove the reactor control rods in by hand. Control rods are very big and heavy, and she is not a large woman, so it looks like this will be the last we'll ever see of—

* * *


Suddenly, all control systems are working properly. The reactor promptly shuts down. Misato stares at the board in astonishment. She hadn't done anything!

The JHCI techs shout and jump and cheer (I love how normal they look and sound, just working guys in dull uniforms), Shinji is ecstatic and almost weeping with joy and relief, and Ritsuko…

…Ritsuko mutters, sadly, "That crazy fool."

Misato: "I'm okay. Not in the greatest shape, though, whew…"
Shinji: "You're alive! You're all right! That was amazing! I couldn't believe it! Thank God! It's a miracle!"
Misato /thinks. "…but the miracle was set up by someone."
Misato's too smart not to have a hunch about who that someone might be. Who would sabotage the J-A? Someone who stood to gain by its failure or lose by its success. But it's a pointless boondoggle that's useless against human troops, so it can't be a commercial competitor or an enemy nation. So the only people who'd be threatened by it, would be…

* * *

Cut to Gendo's office. Ritsuko and one of the NERV MIB are also present.

Ritsuko: "Except for the actions of Captain Katsuragi, everything went according to plan."
Gendo: "Good work."
It's a good thing for Misato that she's made herself useful, and has a powerful friend. A very good thing.

* * *

Breakfast. Misato is back to slob mode.

Misato: ♫ Where are my bra and panties?
From hero to zero in less than one day! Shinji goes out the door in a huff.

Toji: "Misato is just so kewl."
Shinji: "I thought so, too, at first—but she's sloppy, embarrassing, and lazy at home! She's not embarrassed about it, but I am."
Kensuke: "That's nice for you!"
Shinji /?
Toji and Kensuke helpfully set him straight:

Kensuke: "She lets you see a side of her she won't show to anyone else. That means she's your family."
And Shinji's face lights up as he realizes the truth of this… This is probably the happiest day he's had in a long, long time.

Fly me to the moon…

* * *

Was that Misato singing that version of "In Other Words?" In any case, a jazzier rendition for her episode.

And so we've completed the last thematic issues of Act I, and started into Act II, and here's something important established both about the characters and the way this setting works:

When Ritsuko makes the bold claim that NERV can tame the Eva with "science and courage", people laugh. As well they should; this whole episode has been budget issues and politicking, not the power of heart and teamwork. But Misato throws herself like Sailor Moon into a desperate mission, trusting to love and luck to carry her through so long as she does her best. She doesn't just talk about the power of the heart for inspirational speeches, she does really try to live it, even to the very end.

And it doesn't count. J-A wasn't stopped because of Misato's heroism, it was stopped because Ritsuko calculated that "NERV heroically stops runaway droid" works about as well for their goals as "Japan Heavy Chemical Industries irradiates city", and simply changed the codes back. Sure, Ritsuko didn't want to lose a good friend, too… but it's not like they prayed together to save the day. Hope and inspiration meant nothing against training and resources. Misato was right when she said, "Determined efforts are better than a miracle!"

The power of heart only works for the Evas because the Evas have godmode turned on.
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But my Japanese is practically non-existent, so I'll have to wait for someone here to take a shot, or pass them to my brother when I see him next.
The first one is
UN Army [at least, I assume "kokugun" is short for "kokusai renpou guntai"]
Human whatserface committee [ningen hokan iinkai]
Various countries [australia, canada, russia, japan, germany, UK, and USA, but oddly enough not china].

The second one is too small for me to read given my poor kanji skills.

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My favorite bit from Neon Exodus Evangelion comes from their version of this episode:

"Pass sensitive data about the Jet Alone system through an Evangelion's communications and command system? Surely you jest."

"Mr. Nakamura, let me make this perfectly clear to you," said Misato calmly. "If you stand here and allow Jet Alone to blunder into the middle of the state capitol and explode, I will personally kick you, very hard, once for each life that is lost. Do we understand each other?"

"I'd pay to see that," Truss noted.

"Keep out of this, John," said Misato.


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I've always liked Misato's dress uniform. It was such a shock to see her in it and realize, "Holy crap. The crazy, messed up drunk woman is a professional. She's even more awesome than I thought she was."

I've seen fan art of Rei in the uniform, but what I've always wanted see but never have was all three pilots standing at attention, wearing dress uniforms. It would seriously juxtapose the 'child' and 'soldier' aspects of the children.

Before I head off to bed, I'll do a bit of translating on the NERV command chart.

Underneath NERV it says 'Ikari Gendo', and under him 'Fuyutsuki Kozo'. Beneath them are the 4 identified departments of NERV.

1. Military Operations Department (Katsuragi Misato and below her Hyuga Makoto)
2. Technical Department (Akagi Ritsuko and below her Ibuki Maya)
3. Security Department
4. Publicity Department

The arrow leading to Military Operations is connected to 'Aoba Shigeru' which suggests while he answers to Misato, he's not directly under her department, which fits with the idea of him working Strategic rather than Tactical.

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My favorite bit from Neon Exodus Evangelion comes from their version of this episode:

"Pass sensitive data about the Jet Alone system through an Evangelion's communications and command system? Surely you jest."

"Mr. Nakamura, let me make this perfectly clear to you," said Misato calmly. "If you stand here and allow Jet Alone to blunder into the middle of the state capitol and explode, I will personally kick you, very hard, once for each life that is lost. Do we understand each other?"

"I'd pay to see that," Truss noted.

"Keep out of this, John," said Misato.

I personally like what they did in Nobody Dies

When all you have is a hammer...
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