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[IWIW] Sailor Moon, Part 2!


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re: Kunzite's incompetence:
If we are to over-analyze things (come on! All the cool kids are doing it!), he's probably self-sabotaging like crazy at this point. I mean, by now, he has very, very good reasons to want Beryl dead, dead, dead. But consciously, he cannot rebel against her.
Hence why he's subconsciously letting the senshi win. It's the only way he can get his revenge on her.
...Well, it's more entertaining than "the writers got really lazy". :D

re: The "darker implications" you've seen in this episode:
I say it's all in your head.


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So is this the start of a long string of brutal treatment the senshi get before punching through it to win in the end, or did that start with the recapture of Endymion?


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Aaron Peori said:
That's right folks. Kunzite found a person who knew Sailor V's secret identity, turned that person into a loyal monster who still remembered Sailor V's secret identity, knows personal (because he was there for her first appearance) that Sailor V and sailor Venus are the same person, has information from an earlier episode that Minako has been in contact with Sailor Moon and...

He still never figures out who Sailor Venus is.

Ladies and gentlemen, the dumbest man in all anime.
He's certainly in the running.

Blazing Bat said:
I find it hilarious that even the cats consistently outdo Ami when it comes to combat.
Remember, though, housecats are dangerous creatures! 1d4 commoners can't be wrong!

GAMING ANECDOTE FROM YE OLDEN DAYS: This one's from my Dad's D&D days, back in the 1970s. Second-generation gaming lore! Wisdom of the ancients, here.

One player was late, and no one knew where she was.

Another player had started a tremendous argument in the group, during a fight with some pixies or something. "Small things can't hurt big things!" he loudly insisted.

Shortly thereafter, the party got in a fight with a giant. My Dad, who I understand tended to play Chaotic Stupid, spent the entire encounter loudly insisting (as they beat the giant to death) that they hadn't a chance, because, "We little things can't possibly hurt this big thing!"

Shortly after that, in came the player who was late – and she had massive bandages all over her arms and face. "What happened?!" everyone cried, shocked.

"Well," she replied, "I had to take my cat to the vet, and he didn't want to go… so I had to go to the doctor afterward."

Someone says, "But little things can't hurt big things," and the table busts up.

The loud player didn't come back.

Blazing Bat said:
That was such an OOC moment, IMO. Sailor Moon considering NOT saving someone who was turned into a monster?
Yeah, I know! Why would Venus even think that?

Jhiday said:
Also, I love the sunspot subplot.
It such a wonderful pulp science bit. "All over the world, astronomers monitored the sun's activity with increasing concern…"

I'm totally thinking of Earth vs. the Flying Saucers right now. Time for some labcoated scientist exposition!

I'm also totally thinking of Marathon Infinity, with the W'rkncacnter imprisoned within Lh'owon's sun.

[Wow, I spelled that correctly on the first try, only misplacing the apostrophe. I really am a pfhan.]

Jhiday said:
Ah, enhanced interrogation techniques. The bread and butter of all good Interpol agents.
Fun fact (AFAIK): there aren't any Interpol field agents. Interpol simply relays information between the participating nations' own national police forces. They only have an official staff of about 500 or so.

Jhiday said:
Oh dear. I never thought of that, but then I was 9 when I first saw this episode.
When I saw the silhouette in the warehouse, I immediately thought, "Aha! The twist is that the criminal is Alann! That'd be tragic!" But we never see him.

But then he just shows up, two minutes later. Hmm.

Jhiday said:
This will not be the last episode indicating that being a Sailor soldier has broken Minako's life. But hey, at least now she's got friends beside the talking cat.
Indeed. Seeing her begging Usagi in tears brought home what a lot of emotional weight she's already put onto Usagi — that she expects Usagi to be the one to make those decisions. Usagi doesn't quite realize until later.

Gargoylewing said:
I never guessed why they his in that cruiser. If they had used the short pause to call the others or something...
Yeah, I kept expecting them to call reinforcements. But the idea of a quick escape was a good one, especially when you face a flying foe — we saw how fast the jazz pianist Dennis had to drive (shame on me, I can't remember his real name :D) to keep up with his flying youma.

Gargoylewing said:
Am I the only one who got a strange memory gust from the Jaseite arc episode he tried to suck the energy from the whole ship ?
Nope! I still wonder about that empty ship. No crew on the deck. No lights. Just sitting at anchor. Creepy.

Maybe the owner went bankrupt or something.

Gargoylewing said:
I saw the youma thing go down and dissolve, did V just *kill* one ? And was it a youma disguised as a mugger or a human transformed into one with some other device ? And if, did Mina then kill a transformed human ?

Other question:
Did she do it by her Sailor kick alone ?
Is this some sort of Energy attack kick ?
Well, they dissolved into sand a lot back when Sailor Moon was relying on Moon Tiara Action, and Zoisite's discovery of the Dark Crystal Shard Transformation Trick seemed to be a new development; I presume that this was just some random youma, busily engaged in a Doctor Who plot, and wearing the magical equivalent of a rubber mask.

That's one tough kick, though. I think V could give Mako a good stand up fight.

Shadowjack said:
Queen Beryl: "Interpol! Chun-li! You've suborned Chun-Li! Awesome!"
Fun fact: Jackie Chan once played Chun-Li.


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Episode #43: Is Usagi Going It Alone? The Sailor Warriors Get Into a Big Fight.

"Dear Dark Kingdom, as of today, I, Sailor Moon, have decided to quit being a sailor warrior. Please let me join your organization. References available on request. Sincerely, Sailor Moon.

P.S. Sailor Mars. How you like THEM apples?!"

• COLD OPEN: An open field at night. Ninja fight action!
The other four have surrounded Sailor Moon!
Usagi: "I'll never surrender!"
Makoto: "Heh heh. Really?"
Minako: "We have no choice."
Ami: "Goodbye, you poor fool."
Rei: "¡In the name of Mars, I will chastise you!"
Rei: "¿'All'? Oops."
Everyone else is dancing on flames and shouting in pain and surprise.
Rei: "Sorry, my finger slipped…"

Ah, the trusty ol' Just A Training Exercise opening.

• MEANWHILE, BACK IN LENG: Massive feedback on the Crystalvox channels! (And it can't be sunspots, because Dark Kingdom equipment compensates automatically, for obvious reasons.)
Queen Beryl /?!
Kunzite: "This interference has been increasing in frequency. My agents suspect some change in the MacGuffin. Oniwa Bandana, report!"
Queen Beryl: "I should kill you for that pun, Kunzite."
Kunzite: "I didn't name her, she did. And she's worth it."
Bandana /ninja apparate. "Banban banban banban banban banban banban banban banban banban banban banban banban banban banban banban banban banban." [Translation: "What is thy bidding, my master?"]
Kunzite: "Hard to believe as it may be."
Bandana /presents photographic proof of the Senshi fighting each other.
Queen Beryl: "Amazing. Faction fighting… or the semblance of it to trick us? Kunzite?"
Kunzite: "We shall continue our investigation while exercising caution. We'll need arrange a test of their unity."
Queen Beryl: "I believe I can help with that." /writes Kunzite a note. "Try here."

• OSAKA JEWELRY: Burglar alarm!
Naru and Naru's Mom burst in, armed! "Stop, thief!"
Burglar is Bandana!
Bandana /uses ninja stars to pin the two women to the wall.
Naru's Mom /apparently faints.
Naru: "Mom, is this another test?"

• SUDDENLY! Sailor Moon bursts in, dramatically!
Usagi: "I AM THE TERROR THAT TRIPS IN THE NIGHT! I am the— oh, hello Naru."
Naru /feebly waves. "Hello."
Bandana: "Banban?"
Usagi: "I am the baby cart assassin that slaughters the ninjas of Injustice! I AM S—"
Rei /kicks Usagi over. "¡PRIMADONNA!"
Usagi /rubs nose. "I thig you broge ma node!"
Rei: "¡An improvement!"
Usagi: "Fug you!"
Rei: "You deserve it, horning in on our introduction like that!"
Ami: "This was my case!"
Makoto: "Bitch!"
Minako: "Slut!"
Usagi: "Backstabbers!"
Everything devolves into mutual name-calling and recriminations. In the confusion, Bandana steps out.

And, coincidentally, a cute reporter dressed in the height of fashion—for 1970—steps in.
Tabloid Chick /snaps embarrassing photos of everybody in mid-fight.
Everybody /?!
Minako: "Oh, hell, it's Asahina for Surprise. She's the worst of the paparazzi."
Tabloid Chick: "Thank you! Sailor V, any comment on your new team? How did the fight start? Is it over a man—or a woman? Has Sailor Mars stopped beating Sailor Moon?"
Usagi: "Ahem. 'The Sailor Senshi have no comment at this time, except to say that we remain firmly united and dedicated to the cosmic principles of love, truth, and justice.'"
Everybody else just snubs the reporter—and Usagi—and walks off.

Naru: "Uh, hello?"
Usagi: "Right! Right! Sorry." /helps let Naru down from the wall.
Naru: "What was that all about?"
Usagi: "I don't want to talk about it right now."

But! The Tabloid Chick is spying on them.

But! The cats are spying on her.

• THE NEXT DAY: Walking to school.
Usagi: "Sorry about that. I completely forgot your mom was also nailed to the wall. I was so flustered…"
Naru: "No, it's fine. Staying up there all night serves her right, anyway. ;) She wanted me to take on that ninja by myself, as some sort of training to carry on the family honor or something. But, anyway, what was up with all that?"
Usagi: "…Surely you don't think the Sailor Senshi would have a falling out?"
Naru: "Well, it sure looked like it."
Tabloid Chick /materializes. "You sound like you know a lot about this!"
Usagi /? "You're not Umino!"
Tabloid Chick /shoves recorder in Usagi's face. "Are you close to Sailor Moon? Which of the team does she dislike best? Is she still using cocaine?"
Usagi: "Naru, help!"
Tabloid Chick /shoves recorder in Naru's face. "You've been rescued by Sailor Moon several times. Would you care to comment on the rumors you're her secret lover?"
Naru: "Usagi, help!"
{Usagi has left the scene.}
Tabloid Chick: "Well?"
Naru: "Gosh, look at the time, I'm late for school!"
{Naru has left the scene.}

But! The cats are still spying on the Tabloid Chick.

• THE SHRINE, THAT NIGHT: More training.
<< Usagi dodges! >>
<< Usagi dodges! >>
Ami: "What's the square root of 2?"
Usagi: "Uh…"
Rei: "¡An irrational number!"
<< Usagi is down! >>

One Fenix Down later, and with the benefit of Ami's Pocket Cone of Silence…
Usagi: "That kick was full of hatred."
Rei: "¡Stop whining! ¿This was your plan, remember?"
Usagi: "I know, I know."
Luna: "You said, 'Since we can't find a Dark Kingdom portal, we need to convince them to take one of us there, and the only way we can do that is if they think one of us has switched sides.' And you volunteered, because it was your plan. And we went along with it, because we couldn't think of anything better, strange to say."
Usagi: "I know, I know."
Rei: "So we have to look like we're fighting for real."
Usagi: "I know, I know. BUT IT HURTS! Can't you pretend a little less enthusiastically?"
Rei: "¡NO! Anything less than absolute commitment to the role would dishonor my patron, Mars."

• THE SHRINE, THE NEXT DAY: The team is passing back and forth the latest issue of Surprise, and groaning at the absolute slaughter of their reputations that the headline article is perpetrating.
Minako: "Artemis, what have you found about… *sigh* …Asahina? Anything new since last time?"
Artemis: "As a matter of fact, yes. She's suddenly become extraordinarily popular outside her usual line of work: tremendous 'scoops', as they say, in sports, politics, even the arts and sciences."
Usagi: "I knew it. She's another one possessed by the Dark Kingdom! Proof we're on the right track!"
Ami: "It could just be a coincidence… but either way, it's in our laps."
Makoto: "I say we move to phase two."
Usagi: "Agreed!"
Luna: "This is dangerous, Usagi. Will you really be okay?"
Usagi: "Er… probably…?"
Rei: "…"
Makoto: "Don't worry, we'll be watching the whole time."
Rei: "¿Do you want me to take your place?"
Usagi: "AHA! Trying to usurp my position, aren't you?!"
Rei /?!
Minako: "Usagi, you're being paranoid."
Rei: "¡To cover up for her clumsiness! And I was being serious, too. ¡Tu madre!" :mad:
Usagi: "Oh yeah?!" :mad:
Rei: "YEAH!" :mad:
Usagi: "OH YEAH?!" :mad:
Ami: "'Commitment to the role,' she said…"

• PHASE TWO BEGINS: A really fancy condo.
Usagi: "Nice digs for a reporter."
Usagi /folds newspaper.
In response, a nearby parked car dips its lights.
Usagi /phew. "Okay…"
Usagi /rings the doorbell.
Tabloid Chick /answers the door. "Hello?"
Usagi: "Uh… Sailor Moon appeared and asked me to deliver this letter to you. I have no idea why."
Tabloid Chick: (reads) "I want to quit being a sailor warrior of love and justice. I don't want to fight with those other warriors any more. I want to make a shocking confesion, so I will be waiting at the Juban Cemetery at 11pm tonight."
Tabloid Chick /eyes gleam. "WHAT A SCOOP!"

• LENG: Kunzite's intelligence directorate.
Bandana /hands Kunzite the letter.
Kunzite /reads, smiles. "I see. I think it's time for me to go into the field."
Bandanda: "Banban banban banban banban banban banban banban. Banban banban banban banban, banban banban banban banban."
Kunzite /sigh. "Yes, do that."

• JUBAN CEMETERY, 11PM: A very creepy, monolithic clock tower is the centerpiece of the cemetery, really emphasizing an overall mood of time running out and impending mortality and general DOOM.
Usagi: "I shoulda held the rendezvous at a taco stand."
Tabloid Chick /ninja apparates. "Thanks for the letter. Is it true, Sailor Moon, that you and the Senshi are on the outs?"
Usagi: "Total Splitsville."
Tabloid Chick: "Oh really?"
Usagi: "Yeah really?"
Tabloid Chick: "No way!"
Usagi: "Yeah way!"
Tabloid Chick: "Well, in that case." /reveals herself as a demon ninja.
Usagi: "Shock! Gasp!"
Kunzite /pops in. "Hello."
Usagi: "You don't have an appointment! You'll have to wait until I finish my interview."
Kunzite: "There's not going to be any— You know what? Go ahead."
Usagi /turns to Bandana. "Okay, shoot."
Bandana: "Banban banban banban banban banban. Banban banban banban banban banban banban banban? Banban banban. Banban banban banban?"
Usagi /turns to Kunzite. "I'm all yours!"
Kunzite: "If the Senshi don't appreciate you, why not come to our side? I can offer good pay, excellent medical, your own office, kinky sex with the demons of your choice, you can visit Endymion in the hospital whenever you want, and you can experience the joy of crushing your foes beneath your booted feet and generally cutting loose. What do you say?"
Usagi: "…Hospital? Is he sick?"
Kunzite: "Heh. I've said too much."
Usagi: "What's the catch? Besides my loyalty and stuff."
Kunzite: "Hand over the MacGuffin."
Usagi: "…You drive a hard bargain. Deal."
Bandana: "Banban!" /holds out an expectant hand.
Usagi: "After you take me to see Tuxedo Mask. I want proof of your end."
Kunzite: "Deal."

Makoto: "Are they falling for it?"
Minako: "Shhh!"

Bandana /whispers something to Kunzite.
Kunzite: "So, it was a trap after all?"
Kunzite /opens a black hole portal. "The entrance to our little kingdom. We'll go up to my office and talk about this like reasonable beings."
Usagi: "This portal is cold and creepy as hell."
Kunzite: "If you've changed your mind, stop wasting my time."
Usagi: "Jeez, you're as a cruel as Sailor Mars."

Rei: "¡Lemme at her! ¡Lemme at her!"
Ami: "Quiet, Scrappy!"

Usagi: "Okay, here I go."
<< Bandana uses Bandana! >>
<< Usagi is grappled about the neck! >>
Usagi /!
Usagi: "So, it was a trap after all!"
Kunzite: "That's my line. Hand over the MacGuffin!"
Usagi: "No."
Kunzite: "Then we'll kill you now and search your corpse."
Usagi: "I'm not stupid. I don't have it with me."
Kunzite: "You are stupid. If you die, who else can use it? Strangle her. Slowly."
Usagi: (thinks) "Slowly? Ah, good, they're testing to see if they can trust me, or if the others will leap in to save me. DON'T DO IT, GUYS! I can take it!"

Makoto: "They're killing her! Let's move!"
Rei /blocks the team. "No. We have to stick to the plan."
Makoto: "You cold-hearted bitch. You really do hate her."
Rei: "…"
Rei: "¿If Sailor Moon really believed that, would she have asked me to hold onto this for her?" /holds up the Moon Crescent Wand. "¿And would I have done it for her? ¿You don't think it tears my heart to hear her struggling to breath out there?"
Minako: "Mars is right, Jupiter. We're playing for keeps, here."
Makoto: "…Sorry."
Ami: "Are we going or are we staying?"
Rei: "We're staying."

Usagi /sinks to one knee.
Bandana: "BANBAN!"
Kunzite /looks on, faintly amused.

Rei: "We're… we're staying."

Usagi /reels…

Rei /utters a string of untranslateable Spanish maledictions and charges from her place of hiding.
Ami: "I knew it." /grins and charges.
Minako /puts on her game face and charges.
Makoto /shakes head. "…Rei, Rei, Rei."
Makoto /shrugs and charges.

Kunzite: "So! The monkey-girls finally dropped the charade."
Rei: "¡Usagi!" /throws Moon Crescent Wand.
<< Usagi is freed! >>
<< Kunzite blocks! >>
Usagi /catches Moon Crescent Wand.
Kunzite: "Sealed with a curse as sharp as a knife. Doomed is your soul and damned is your life." /pops out.
Bandana /draws sword and attacks Usagi!
<< Usagi parries! Ninja sword is shattered! >>
Bandana /draws ninja stars.
<< Bandana casts Ninja Fission! >>
<< Now there are five Bandana! >>
Ami: "Ha! You forget the Inverse Ninja Law!"
<< Bandana are immobilized! >>
Usagi: "I had to read Ami's entire John Le Carré collection to come up with this plan, and now it's all gone to shit! Rhododendrons are beautiful!"
Bandana: "Banban banban banban?"
Rei: "¡Shut up! ¡It's funny in Japanese!"
Bandana /dance on flames and shout in pain and surprise.
<< Bandana revert to Tabloid Chick! >>

Usagi: "Good coordination, everyone, and thank you… for ruining the whole goddamn plan! What are we going to do now, walk to the Dark Kingdom? Who's responsible for this mess?!"
Ami, Makoto, and Minako /point at Rei.
Rei /¡!
Rei /:eek:
Rei: "You were crying like a little baby. It aroused my maternal instincts."
Usagi: "Maternal instincts my ass! You didn't want to get left behind in the cold!"
Rei: "Oh yeah?" :p
Usagi: "Yeah!" :p
Rei: "Oh yeah?" :p
Usagi: "Yeah!" :p
Minako: "Somebody please stop them."
Tabloid Chick /miraculous recovery.
Tabloid Chick /descends upon Usagi and Rei. "Trouble in paradise! Is it true you're breaking up the band?"
Usagi: "Rei, kill her for me, please."
Rei: "¡Kill her yourself!"


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re: Kunzite's incompetence:
If we are to over-analyze things (come on! All the cool kids are doing it!), he's probably self-sabotaging like crazy at this point. I mean, by now, he has very, very good reasons to want Beryl dead, dead, dead. But consciously, he cannot rebel against her.
Hence why he's subconsciously letting the senshi win. It's the only way he can get his revenge on her.
...Well, it's more entertaining than "the writers got really lazy". :D

re: The "darker implications" you've seen in this episode:
I say it's all in your head.
Probably. :p

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Fun fact: the dub rewrote the dialog so that Usagi was clumsy and forgot her wand, and Rei found it. Yeah. Way to miss the entire emotional arc of the episode.


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s'not how i remember it. but was equally dumb now that i know the full story. the tone of the exchange was that rei had taken the wand
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