[IWIW] Sailor Moon, Part 2!


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GAAAAAAAAAH. For goodness's sake.
The end of season one was butchered in the english dub. The entire Venus episode was cut, and the two episode climax? Cut down to only one episode because spoiler spoiler spoiler you'll know soon enough spoiler.

BTW, how's that "avoiding the title spoilers" thing going?
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Shadowjack said:
Maybe it's that I've caught a cold, but body language and vocal tone in this episode led me to a much darker interpretation of events than was presented in dialogue. But what am I suppose to think when I see Minako flinch?

She really has had it rough, poor kid.
Despite apparently having two living parents, Minako seems to have had the hardest past of any of the original senshi. Though we never really get a good look at what life is like for Makoto, living one her own at 14.

I think this has been mentioned before, but of the five sailors, only for Minako was becoming a senshi a raw deal. The others are clearly better off and happier than they were before. Even if, in Usagi's case, better off just means growing up. It was only Minako who's life went into the sewer when she became a magical girl. Well, until
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Hotaru and, to a lesser degree, Haruka and Michiru, but those two got true love out of the deal.
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Dear rest of the thread:

Spoiler: Show
Please don't reveal the cast change in the next episode ahead of time. Let's see if he actually notices the difference on his own. If he doesn't, then we can drop the bombshell on him after he finishes the season. The reaction will be priceless.

... and that's when I said, that's no Sailor! BWAHAHAHA!


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Dear rest of the thread:

Spoiler: Show
Please don't reveal the cast change in the next episode ahead of time. Let's see if he actually notices the difference on his own. If he doesn't, then we can drop the bombshell on him after he finishes the season. The reaction will be priceless.

... and that's when I said, that's no Sailor! BWAHAHAHA!
Spoiler: Show
I, for one, didn't notice until after I'd been told. That was a great acting job on short notice - and considering later casting decisions, perhaps a job audition as well?


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*blues guitar*

I'm just sittin' in bed, I got nothing to do,
I'm just sittin' in bed, got a cold or the flu,
I'm just sittin' in bed, watchin' Sailor Moon,
Got those sittin'-in-bed-watchin'-Sailor-Moon blues.

Oh, I'm having fun with this next episode. Trying something a little different. Maybe have it up tonight, if I'm lucky.

I like a good tragedy, and this episode was firing on both cylinders.

EDIT: Also, I am mad, MAD!, but you knew that already.
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Episode #44: Usagi's Awakening! A Message From the Distant Past.

Having to sit through it to avoid the main menu screen… I still don't like the 2nd ED music. :p But enough commentary! Have at you!

• COLD OPEN: Cat on the run!
Usagi is crying into her pillow over Tuxedo Mask… and just as it shifts to the good kind of dream…
Luna /bursts in, dramatically. "USAGI! USAGI!"
Usagi /wakes up. "…arrrrrrrgh. What?"
Luna: "Venus and Artemis have found an entrance to the Dark Kingdom!"
Usagi /springs out of bed. "At last!"

• THE PARTY IS GATHERED BEFORE VENTURING FORTH: And there, in a restaurant closed for the night, they find in the basement…
Minako: "There it is."
Rei: "¡Bueno!"
Luna: "Let's go!"

Usagi: "This looks like Fraggle Rock…"
Minako: "…only more sinister."

Down, down, they go, through twisty tunnels all alike.

• SUDDENLY! Kunzite.
Kunzite: "Welcome to the Dark Kingdom. I regret—"
<< No effect! >>
Kunzite: "—that this is a recorded announcement, as our preparations to receive you are not yet complete."
Usagi: "He's a frikkin' hologram!"
Kunzite: "If you are Sailor Moon, please say the word, 'One', now."
Usagi: "…One."
Kunzite /pops in, in person. "Sailor Moon: Give us the MacGuffin and we will let you live."
Usagi: "Give us Tuxedo Mask and we'll let you live. End message."
Kunzite: "So be it. We'll see how you enjoy a trip outside the ordered universe, that amorphous blight of nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the center of all infinity."
Usagi: "Run for it!"
Ami: "Too late!"
Minako: "Circle around the Princess! We mustn't be separated—"
Time and space lurch sickeningly—

Kunzite /dives for it.
The Wand slaps his hand away, spins about, and follows the Sailors into the dimensional rift that has been opened.
Kunzite /?!

• CUE: Ligeti's Atmosphères.
The Sailors plummet through the cracks of time and space.

…the Moon Crescent Wand precedes them, somehow, and brings them to another place. It is long before any of the Sailors wake.

Usagi /is the first.
Usagi /climbs to her feet.
Usagi /gapes, staggers, looks about.
Usagi /climbs to the top of a nearby mound of rubble.
Usagi /stares in wonder.
Usagi: "Where the photon are we?"

• LOST CARCOSA: Silver columns, broken and toppled like nine-pins, upon the shores of a mirror-still lake that reflects that strange sky of unwinking stars. Above hangs the Earth and the twinkling, spinning satellites of men.
The silence is absolute…

Beyond the Lake of Hali, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Carcosa. Our wands were shattered in our hands and we hung our crowns on the oak tree. The silver towers were fallen, into a sea of blood. How many miles to Carcosa? None, I say, and all. The silver towers are fallen.

…absolute save for the Sailors, and one other thing:

Serenity's Ghost: "This is the ruins of the Silver Millennium, and I bring you a message from the distant past. Behold before you the semblance of the last incarnation of the Moon Goddess, Serena; the last Queen of the Silver Millennium, Serenity Tranquillitatia; your mother."
Usagi: "My…?"
Serenity's Ghost: "O Princess of the Moon! I am thy mother's spirit, doomed for a certain term to walk this endless night, till the foul crimes done in my days of nature are burnt and purged away. Remember now, all you Sailor Warriors, of this other time when you lived…"

• LIGHT! A wave of light encompasses the Senshi. Memories come flooding back.
"We are long-lived lifeforms, born to the Moon. Our sacred mission has ever been and shall be to protect the Silver Crystal, to watch over and aid the evolution of the Earth. And you, Serenity…"

• A COURTLY BALL: But standing apart from the revels is a familiar young woman with blonde twintails…

Often beneath this starréd sky have I stood
To gaze upon this planet Earth, that hangs
In this our firmament. O! This marbl'd blue
With forests green, how I should love to feel
Thy winds again, and thy arms of thy Prince
And mine, Endymion. Where art thou, my knight?
Why come you late to the Feast of Sarnath?


I pleed thee forgive me, Princess of the Moon,
For much did stand between me and thy face
That fills my heart with joy.

How now, Earth's son?
What could e'er stand twixt you and your love?

War impending and crimes descending. Listen!
My Queen, and thy kingdom's former ally,
Beryl, mistress of spirits, has cast her nets too far
And called up that which she cannot put down.
Metallia, some call it, the basest Evil, I call it,
For guided by its whispers in her pointéd ear,
She has woven speech that plays on men's fears
Of death, through jealousy inspir'd, that they
Lack long life that thy race was born.

But you say WAR, and longevity
Is not what war can e'er be said to prolong.

This truth falls deafly on my kinsmen's ears.
But soft! I hear the Palace guards' clatter,
And I must not here be recogniz'd.

Then within the Ball shall thy Princess await,
To learn furthermore of thy country's fate.

Exeunt separately.

• MEANWHILE, BACK IN THE PRESENT: The cats emerge from the tunnels to a hellish howling landscape of ice and snow.
Luna: "The fuck?"
Artemis: "Assuming we have not left Earth—"
Luna: "—we haven't. Gravity and atmosphere haven't changed."
Artemis: "—this is either the North Pole or the South Pole. Take your pick."
Luna: "Let's keep moving."


Enter QUEEN and court.

All my people, and guests from the Farther Side
Of this, our Moon, remember you a long count ago,
Of the Golden Millennium which Bokrug slew,
And set the table for the Silver. Now our table is set.
Be merry! Eat, drink, and sing harmonious,
To cheer our kingdom imperishable, and our allies
Indivisible. But first, dance with me this masque.

But who is that handsome knight there
Who with Serenity makes such loving play?
Endymion of the Earth will play with him
If he find out.

Hush now! I wot not,
And nor shall we, for he wears a dancer's mask.
But thinks me that noble Endymion stands not far.
Come, all, softly, reel apart
That they may speak so heart to heart.

All dance.

This might not be the right time, this might not be the right place,

Thy mask becomes thy face as foam the waves.

I fear 'an it last me so long.
And must you fear, too, my enemy.

My enemy?

Thy loving enemy forevermore.
For when my kingdom sounds trump and does march
Beneath flags unfurl'd and cannons roar
Shall war work its strange transformation,
That hospitality be sudden revok'd,
Palace become camp, chambers become prisons,
And I from ambassador and suitor
Shall be to spy and assassin transmutéd.
Yet I shall still be I, Endymion.

A name so fair should never change.
But this shall be only if Queen Beryl
Will listen to the whisp'rings in her ear
Of that spirit which she has summon'd.
I knew Beryl once, much given to phant'sy
And the conjurer's tricks, that delighted
A young Princess when in childhood's chambers
She yet stayed. And this women she became
Would not see an old friend perish herself.
Is there nothing that can stay this course?

If we but stand, the Moon shall fall from Earth's sky.
But if we stick ourselves to the wheel
And thrust it from the rut with swift purpose,
It may be that Metallia shall tarnish, and Beryl shine.
Will you lend me your power, my Princess?

Never doubt it, my Captain.

My kiss makes tears.
I am sorry that I brought no happier jewel
To frame thy face.

What is that sound?

Alarums and excursions. Enter LUNA and ARTEMIS.

What strange revel is this?

Gracious my lady,
I should report that which I say I saw,
But know not how to do it.

Well, say, cats.

As we did nap upon the city's walls,
We chanc'd to look upon the Earth,
And saw an army from that traveller

War has come upon us all!

This cannot be so, for Terra and Selene have
Danced amid stars over an age as lovers true.
Yet we hear the beat of drums, and we fear
That Silver joy gives way to Iron tears.
Let us to arms and see.




Mercury, my patron,
Trickster, messenger, fly upon your wingéd step
To confound invaders all. Form fog from air
As bubbles from water, and billow our defense.

Venus, my patron,
I know you love our City. For that love, I beg you,
Let my hand speed thy gleaming spear.

Jupiter, my patron,
Father of storms, father of thunder, father of lightning,
Empty thy quiver at the foe, and show thou art supreme.

Mars, my patron,
I know yours is not the way of granting prayers.
Yet I ask you one thing: let my wand burn.
Let me scorch all foes with my spirit's fire,
And drive us this day to victory.
And if not, I shall best your blade in hell!

Let our powers combine, brave hearts!

A fire burns in the sky. All cry out.

Alas, my Jupiter, I am slain!

She lies beyond hearing. Soon shall I.

My sight dims. But remember my promise, O Mars!

Enter BERYL and army.

Reave them, my soldiers, and leave none alive
For too long have they stolen your lives
To prolong their own. Baked they their bread
With the blood of your children;
Stole they their silver from your noble toils.
Forward, to lusty fire, and spoil as you will,
For none shall defy me, Beryl, who shall be
Queen hereafter, in Metallia's name.
Banish moonlight, and let my light of night
Cover all with Beryl's purple mantle.
This is the birth of our Dark Kingdom.

What joy there is to slaughter the deathless!
Come, my friends, none now stand before us,
And there is glory in the van. Demons, smash the walls!
The City of Carcosa like her Sailors shall fall!


• WITHIN THE INNER KEEP: (CUE: Vivaldi's Storm.)


Mother! Endymion! What a fire burns without.

Enter BERYL.

So, you are the Princess Serenity?
Where is thy tongue, child? No matter.
I shall cut speech from your pretty face!
But what flower is this that trips me?


Prince of the Earth!


Why should a knight defend this pewling stirk?
Thy memory was always weak, my Prince.
Hast thou forgotten my suit, my subject?
Marry me, and you shall be King over all,
Two worlds, and the Sun, and more besides!

You have been misled, my Queen, but loyal
Still I stand. I beg you, by all obligation
Between retainer royal and royal head,
To lay down this power that came upon you
Out of black night to fill desire's gulf,
And compose peace as befits the crown
Of Earth's good green hills and fair white clouds.
Will you not join us?

Thy worm's tongue twists falsely.
Let slip the surly bonds of Selene, and return to
Thy mother Earth as rocks do when released.

He flies into the air.


Silence! You spake that name three times,
And it gained you nothing.

Then a fourth and more!
Endymion! Endymion! Endymion!
I am pledg'd forever to follow that noble heart
Whither goes he, be it land, sea, air, or space.

She flies after him.

Then let heaven's archers bear my scorn
And Metallia's poison fill your wounds both!

Bolts fall.

Enter QUEEN, attended by cats.

My daughter, O, my daughter!

We have failed all.

The Princess of the Moon is dead,
The traitor Prince too, and soon false Queen.
And when I wear Silver's Light upon my brow,
All shall behold me and despair!

O, Serenity. Is it thy daughter's tears
That yet fill the air, or my own in blindness?

Still your tears, my faithful, my friends,
For a queen ever has a last reserve.
Hand me my wand.

My lady!

If you release yon Silver Crystal, your life—

—is nothing when weighed 'gainst peace
For Earth, for Moon, or for Heaven.

What is this light? What is this light?

O Moon! Heal this breach with my own heart,
And with escalation blunt all swords
And refresh all hurts that can yet be.


All is lost! No army? No mistress? No queen…

Beryl is vanished.

…no queen. No more.

• MEANWHILE, BACK IN THE PRESENT: The cats are struggling.
Luna: "Artemis? Are you okay?"
Artemis: "…Pay no attention to me. I can walk. What about you?"
Luna: "I refuse to die until we find their hideout."
Artemis: "…We've found it."

A massive yawning chasm in the earth, shrouded by nauseous purple vapors.

Luna: "This isn't the North Pole, it's the South Pole."
Artemis: "I'm afraid… it's far worse… than that. We're… You recognize that basalt?"
Luna: "Noshabkeming, help us. We're on the Plateau of Leng itself."
Artemis: "Where no cat walks."
Luna: "We've got to go back and get the others—"
Kunzite: "Too late!"


Enter CATS, bearing the QUEEN between them.

Lay me down here, my friends, for I would not leave
This my mother's seat, nor will I see anywhere else.

My lady! Had I arms to bear I would join you.

You have shown arms enough, son of lions.

What is thy last bidding, Queen of the Moon?
Charge us, and if it can be done, this we shall do.

The Silver Crystal holds power in ultimate,
To shape any plot. The worlds are stages, and
We players pursue our ends with our strengths.
But the Crystal makes the hitch in the cock's neck,
That cuts stories too swiftly. In good hands,
It can dress a bad story to feed all before
The chorus sings tragedy. But in bad hands—

Strain not yourself so.

She would speak still.

I have bound this demon from the worlds,
With all the power we had left to spend,
But power like water flows and gathers,
And who may not some day reverse my art,
To loose this formless metal appetite,
To smite the worlds again as it did today?
But only a scion of our Silver'd line
Can wield the Moon Crescent Wand,
To stand bulwark 'gainst Behemoth,
And guardian this island verse eternal.
The last scion floats dead in orbit,
Satellited by frozen tears. She is dead.
But I have kept to myself certain motes
Of power, as a woman will keep her combs
And jewels in case of dire storms.
And these dregs shall Wand drink,
And weave our Kingdom its final chorus.
Stand me up.

My lady!

Mark the sky.

Those who have fallen here — behold!
They are not slain, but sleeping only.
Through the black shall these souls rise,
From these burnéd lands and boiled seas,
Through the black sky to gentle harbor
Where Earth abides, to live again new-name'd,
Purgéd clean of these painful memories,
And so does death buy death another chance,
My Serenity, her Endymion,
Our Sailors and our servants and guests,
May all their loves be fulfilled in the future
Upon the good green hills of Earth.
And you too, Luna, and you, Artemis,
I charge you sleep enchanted 'til arrival's day,
And go down to this world to compute our plans.
Be not as lions, but as mice, hidden,
Until such day that battle must come,
And your roars exalt women once more.
But I grow faint—

My lady!

She died, here,
So that all others might live. Such was my Queen.
Let her lie here on regolith, for Moon's elements,
Shall preserve her better than ever could mortuary art.

Take you the Wand, for I cannot bear it.
Song of my soul, my voice is dead,
Die thou, unsung, as tears unshed,
Shall dry and die in Lost Carcosa.

Speak not so, for we (but one) shall meet some day,
If our mistress's testament we swiftly obey.

Exeunt omnes.

…a Wand…
…Five Sailors.

Usagi /cries and cries.
Ami: "…Kunzite did not know what he did, by sending us away. Or did he? Fate works in mysterious ways…"
Rei: "Now we know why we are what we are. And there's strength in that."
Usagi: "Mother… I know my mother lives, but I also know my mother is dead. It would be so easy to go mad."

Suddenly! The yowl of cats, and the clash of battle!

Usagi: "But not today."

Luna and Artemis are down! Kunzite is only lightly scratched.
Kunzite: (utter disbelief) "SAILOR MOON?! It can't be! I killed you!"
Makoto: "You don't always get what you want."
Minako: "Thanks to you, we've recovered our memories."
Ami: "All of them."
Rei: "And we'd like to show you just how we feel about it."
Kunzite /giggles nervously, then reins it in. "You're… You're still children, compared with me." /ready stance.
Usagi: "Mamoru, Tuxedo Mask, Endymion. By whatever name, give him back to me."
Kunzite: "The deal was Endymion for the MacGuffin, nothing less. Fuck off and die."

<< Kunzite casts Dark Matter! >>
<< Sailors are stunned! >>
<< Kunzite uses Dark Scythe Frenzy! >>
<< Sailor Moon is down! >>
Rei: "¡LET'S ROCK!"
<< Kunzite is provoked! >>
Kunzite: "You're in my own space. Will your magic still work against me, I wonder?"
<< Kunzite uses Dark Scythe Frenzy! >>
<< Sailors are hit! >>
Minako: "Defend the Princess! Quick, form on me!"

Bit by bit, Kunzite whittles down the Sailors. One by one, they go down.

Kunzite: "Should have levelled some more. Ready to give it up?"
Usagi: "Not for all the pretty dresses, and all the jewels, and all the men in the world…" /marches forward, brandishing the Wand.
Kunzite /:eek:
<< Escalation is charging! >>
Kunzite: "On my pride, I will not yell, 'Refresh!'"
Kunzite /throws his weapon.
Usagi /parries! The weapon rebounds back at Kunzite!


Kunzite /spits blood. "Im… impossible."
Usagi /does not relax the spell.
Kunzite: "Zoisite… I'm coming to you."
<< Kunzite is disintegrated! >>
<< Usagi levels up! Master grade achieved! >>
<< Rei levels up! Master grade achieved! >>
<< Ami levels up! Master grade achieved! >>
<< Minako levels up! Master grade achieved! >>
<< Makoto levels up! Master grade achieved! >>

• AFTERMATH: The cats are hurt, badly.
Usagi /salutes the spot where Kunzite fell, and sheaths the Wand.
Luna: "Such… such power…"
Artemis: "She's different from before. Serenity was never like this…"
Usagi /gathers up her cat, tenderly. "Hang in there, Luna."
Luna: "Usagi, Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity. Whoever you are, or want to be… the Dark Kingdom lies down that tunnel."
Artemis: "There's no time to lose… the sunspots are already—" /cough cough
Usagi: "We understand." /uses Shelter and saves.
Usagi: "Ladies, are we all ready?"
They're ready.
Usagi /leads the way. "In the name of the Moon…"


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Okay, so it's not quite proper iambic pentameter. :p

Oh, yes, and since I'm heading into the final two-parter next time, I'll write my prediction in the envelope, and we can open it after I get there and see how close to the mark I hit.

Spoiler: Show
It's a generally optimistic series. So obviously the world is saved and Metallia banished. What's important to us is our main characters. Because you know there's gonna be a cost.

Death, resurrection, and renaming has become a running theme in the magic of this storyline. As is the theme of people repeating events from past lives—but also changing to escape them, in the desire to live happy "normal" lives. The Wizards From Hell certainly didn't want to go back.

I'm trying to figure out how we can have an ending where everybody fucking dies AND everybody lives happily ever after, since that's what seems to be foreshadowed here; Queen Serenity's sacrifice balanced against the unifying force of love and friendship. Possibly some sort of time-loop, or releasing the spirits of past selves into the light, or death-rebirth rite with angel wings, or something like that. I'm looking forward to seeing how they work it out and what sort of imagery they use.

I'm curious to see just what IS sacrificed. "The magic goes away." "No True Love, just the chance to earn it." "Temporal reboot! None of this ever happened." "Mamoru sacrifices himself; tragic funeral scene."

And I'm curious to see if Beryl can be redeemed or not. I mean, bitch is going down, sure, but how? "My kingdom for a horse! Lay on MacDuff!" "Sharky gets knifed in the back by Grima." "REFRESH! *blink blink* Wha' happen–?" "You were right, Usagi; you were right…"

So that's my bets, and careful with your :Ding and :eek:ing, please, and I'll see you all next time.
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Now responding to the episode itself...

The cats got attacked. There is something cold and wrong about that. The kid gloves went off, and aren't going back on anytime soon.

Kunzite DIED. Technically at his own hand (the Sailor Team aren't anywhere near as vicious as they are in the manga) but still. First direct death of a General.

The majority of this episode is the flashback. What we learned of Silver Millennium society pretty much comes from here. It's an interesting world. My personal fanon has Endymion as Prince of Atlantis, which was lost in the war. Explains the Greek name, as well as where the wreckage of a great kingdom went.

(Of course, I also make
Spoiler: Show
Roof Mellow
Endymion's betrothed who he abandoned for Serenity, blaming Beryl for her tragedy as well.)

Your take on Beryl amuses me.

But the cats. Those poor cats.

Next comes the ending! The spoiler title that we've been dancing around! Inevitable retcons for your version of things! (Yeah. You're going to have to make some. Sorry.) And we'll be with you all the way.

Oh, and Shadowjack earned a Sailor Shakespeare Point. Yay!
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