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[IWIW] Sailor Moon, Part 2!


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"Alert G-Force!"

Y'know, I don't think anyone's ever written that particular crossover. Although I'd rather think of 'em as the Kagaku Ninja Tai.

...Or were you referring to the hamsters? :)
Actually, for once, no reference was intended to anything. I just made up an obvious name, based on the whole anime thing about the letter G. (When it doubt, use a word with a G in it.) I should have looked it up first, but… :p

Nice drawings again, especially the last part with the mothers. Venus looks a bit, well, less enthusiastic than the others, though?
Well, it's the panel about dodging dark pasts and such. I imagine she isn't!

Oh, and why is Ami seen with a gun ?
If I remember your comics right, she skipped Soviet arms smuggling in favor of rolling on the floor with Makoto ?;)
Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.


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Okay, here we go folks: the big conclusion. We've got music, we've got pictures, and the whole thing is probably longer than the original screenplays.

My next IWIW will be in the form of a goddamn haiku.

(Music? Yeah. It's optional. Click the YouTube link and listen, ignoring the video—or cue up your music program, if you own the track—and envision appropriate action awesomely synchronized to suit the mood. Or, you know, not.)


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Episode #45: Luke's Dad Kills the Giant Ape With His Old Sled Because Bruce Willis is

American Newsreader: "Scientists worldwide have reported…"
French Newsreader: "…massive sunspot activity never before seen…"
Russian Newsreader: "…along with storms, earthquakes…"
British Newsreader: "…riots in insane asylums, UFO sightings…"
Brazilian Newsreader: "…and electrical malfunctions in key systems."
Congolese Newsreader: "No explanation has been be given for these strange events…"
Japanese Newsreader: "…but authorities urge the need for calm and caution."
Interview, Fire Department: "I've seen every form of combustion known to man, but this beats the hell out of me."
Interview, Rome: "The Pope has taken no official stance on these phenomena, but off-the-record… I think it's a sign from God."

• THE CATS ARE ALIVE! But bandaged and limping.
Luna: "It's a sign, all right. That we're going out of business."
Artemis: "There's still a little time."

• USAGI'S LAST MEAL: My God! Usagi makes a bigger kitchen mess than my brother.
Mom: "Did you have to use every utensil in the kitchen?"
Shingo: "Is this curry rice? It doesn't look like curry rice."
Dad: "Now, now, Usagi is trying to learn how, and I'm sure it'll be perfectly… edible."
Usagi: "Of course it will! Everyone, dig in!"


Usagi: "All right, all right, I'll take the first bite." /om nom nom
Usagi /nom nom
Usagi /nom
Usagi /um
Usagi: "…"
Shingo: "She's weeping."
Dad: "Because it tastes so good?"
Usagi: "…"
Usagi /phbbbbpppprrrrrrfffff!!!
Shingo /Nelson HAW HAW
Mom: "I'll order pizza."
Dad: "I'll get the mop."
Usagi /blech blech ptui! "Sorry!"

Minako: "It's time."
Makoto: "I can't wait!"
Ami: "I can't believe we made it this far…"
Rei: "Okay, whatever happens, let's be prof—"
Usagi: "Rei! Rei! Rei! Rei!"
Rei: "WHAT."
Usagi: "Did you, you know… 'cause we might not be coming back, you don't want any regrets…"
Minako: "Let's not have any 'what if' talk, that's self-defeating."
Usagi: "Rei!"
Rei: "WHAT."
Usagi: "Well, did you, uh, you know, with Yuichiro—"
Usagi: "I was just wondering."
Rei: "¡Of all the things to be thinking about at a time like this!"
Makoto: "Well, I know I'm thinking about it. Once this is done, I'm not going to waste any time on shyness. I'm gonna find me someone special and just ask them."
Ami: "Sounds like a fine idea to me. Hell, I already know who I'm gonna— I'm, uh—"
Usagi /leans in. "…Yes?"
Rei /leans in. "Who?"
Ami: "—uh—" /blush
Minako /all ears. "I didn't know you had a crush on anyone."
Makoto /:D "Cool! Anyone I know?"
Ami /blush blush blush
Artemis /limps in, all business. "No time for idle chitchat, ladies."
Luna: "Girls, for what we hope shall be the last time and pray it won't be, if you get my drift: TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT!"

CUE: Alessi, "Savin' the Day" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGAuPfho1og)

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 38
Usagi into Princess Moon: 1
Usagi into Disguise Form: 8
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 11
Rei into Sailor Mars: 10
Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask: 2
Makoto into Sailor Jupiter: 4
Minako into Sailor Venus: 4

Luna: "No."
Ami: "What?"
Luna: "No."
Artemis: "You are not bringing that."
Ami: "Come on!"
Artemis: "It is not lady-like."
Ami: "Colt made pistols for ladies! That's why it's called an 'equalizer.'"
Rei: "Oh, come on, Mercury. This routine has gotten old, especially when you've had more transformation sequences than any of us except Moon."
Minako: "And you know they're immune to mundane weapons, same as us. Unless you've got magic bullets—"
Ami: "But it makes me feel more useful."
Usagi: "Your arm is shield enough for me, Mercury."
Ami: "…So you did read it." :)
Usagi: "Eventually, yeah." :)
Ami: "All right, I'll leave it behind."

Makoto: "We gotta walk back all the way through those tunnels?"
Artemis: "No, no, you left a save point active. You'll just teleport direct."
Usagi: "One of our spiffy new group powers, eh?"
Luna: "Yep. Because we cats are wounded, we'll stay behind and out of your way, so if you want to hock anything or top up on items, now's the time."
Usagi: "Do we get a price break?"
Luna: "No."
Usagi: "…"
Artemis: "It teaches you discipline."
Usagi /grudgingly maxes out on Potions, Ethers, and Fenix Downs.

Usagi: "As ready as we'll ever be. How do we look?"
Luna: "Like big damn heroes. Are you going to be okay?"
Usagi: "Well, that's the plan."
Artemis: "As long as they stick together, they're sure to triumph."
Usagi: "Energize."
{Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako have left the scene.}

Artemis /pours out the last bottle of brandy. "Here's to the Army and Navy and the battles they have won; here's to Millennium's colors, the colors that never run."
Luna: "May the wings of liberty never lose a feather." /drinks.
Artemis /drinks.
Luna /gets teary-eyed. "They cratered the sidewalk when they took off. They never did learn to minimize the collateral damage."
Artemis /pats on shoulder. "There, there, old girl."
Luna /tosses her drink back. "Good luck, women. Go get 'em."

Usagi: "Don't these uniforms come in winter versions?! With trousers!"
Usagi: "Trousers and a jacket! And a hat! A pretty beret would fit the theme. I decree hats for everyone!"
Usagi: "Because it's freaking cold here!"
Rei: "Of course it's cold, it's a blizzard at the North Pole. We're all cold."
Usagi: "South Pole! There's a rock in my boot, and there's no rocks at the North Pole!"
Rei: "You must have got it from the take-off."
Usagi: "And Santa Claus wouldn't let the Dark Kingdom set up shop at the North Pole! Mercury, help me out here!"
Ami /scanning. "Right! I think I've located the Dark Kingdom's base."
Usagi: "Good job!"
Makoto: "You detected their evil energies with your tricorder?"
Ami /flips visor up. "I did that to confirm, yeah, but I could already guess that it's the giant, dimly glowing crater in the ice over there that's exuding a column of purple vapors. You guys can probably just see it yourselves if you squint."
Minako /shades eyes. "I see it. Maybe a couple of kilometers, maybe more."
Usagi: "Let's start walking, I guess."

Queen Beryl /speechifyin'. "Soon, soon, my people, we shall face the glorious hour of our—"
Queen Beryl: "Oh, of all the— why now?"
Queen Beryl: "All right, everybody! We've got five darling little magic bitches inbound. Whoever wants to give them a death sentence, step forward!"


Queen Beryl: "…"
Queen Beryl: "And I promise not to kill you if you screw it up."
A shout from the back: "Or torture?"
Queen Beryl: "Or torture!"
A shout from the back: "Then the DD Girls volunteer!"

Five color-coded swimsuit valkyries step forward.

Queen Beryl: "Looks more like C than— Why am I wasting my time thinking about it? Go! And you shall be well rewarded if you succeed. And if you fail! I shall—"
Queen Beryl: "—I shall—"
Queen Beryl /sighs. "—I shall be extremely disappointed in you. Have fun."
DD Girls: "We certainly shall!"

• FIVE SAILOR SENSHI, ready to bring the Law.
Makoto: "Ready?"
Rei: "Ready."

The snows part, and Tuxedo Mask hangs before them on chains, horribly wounded.

Ami: "It's a—"
Everyone else: (all together now) "—TRAP!"
Usagi: "…It might not be."
Rei: "I'm not falling for that one again. And neither are you, silly."
Ami: "I'll try to scan for the source of the illusion."
Tuxedo Mask: "Help me, Sailor Moon." /twitch twitch.
Usagi: "Fuck it." /charges forward.
Everyone else /dogpiles Usagi.
Ami: "LOOK OUT!"

Suddenly! Steel cables shoot from Tuxedo Mask's chest.
Everyone dodges.
Tuxedo Mask unmasks as one of the DD Girls!

Rei /slugs Usagi in the arm. "¡TOLD you!"
Usagi: "Ow! Okay, demon, you—"
Usagi: "OW. That one really hurt, Mars."
Usagi: "I am the terror that trips in—"
Rei: "Just shoot her."
Usagi: "—thenightinthenameoftheMooniwillpunishyouMOONTI—"
DD Girl /disappears!
Usagi /snaps fingers.
DD Girl: (magic voice) "You guys don't stand a chance against us on our home ground."
Minako: "So they're eskimo valkyries. Ten times as dangerous."

The snows part, and Tuxedo Mask hangs before them on chains, horribly wounded.

Rei: "Oh, for God's sake. ¿Twice? ¡Even Usagi isn't THAT stupid!"
Usagi: "Yeah!"
Tuxedo Mask: "Sailor Moon—I love you."
Usagi /charges forward.
Everyone else /dogpiles Usagi.
Usagi: "Sorry, reflex…"

Suddenly! Steel cables shoot from Tuxedo Mask's chest.
Everyone dodges.
Tuxedo Mask unmasks as one of the DD Girls!

Makoto: "Come on, guys, they're making fools of us! Why don't we ambush them?"

The snows part, and Motoki hangs before them on chains, horribly wounded.

Makoto /hesitates just a moment.

Suddenly! Steel cables shoot from everywhere but Motoki's chest.
Makoto is entangled!

DD Girls /start spinning about and ringing prayer chimes. Ching ching ching ching ching…
Usagi: "Mars! Fast-ball special!"
Rei: "¡On it!"
DD Girls /close to melee range.
Rei: "Check fire! Check fire! We'll fry her in the blast at that range!"
Makoto: "Don't worry about me. I can handle a little—"
<< DD Girls use Electrocution! >>
Makoto: "Heh. You've got a lot of brass, sisters. Let's see if you can take it."
Makoto /amplifies the signal, and routes the power back through the cables. There's a critical reaction—

A sun touches Earth, briefly.

The mushroom cloud boils upward, the steam sublimates into ice and sprinkles to the surface with a hiss, and the waters in the ice crater churn and congeal.

Legs embedded in the solidifying water, body impaled on ice shards, is Sailor Jupiter.

Usagi /scrambles over the rubble, trying to find a safe path.
Usagi: "FENIX DOWN! GET ME A FENIX—" /sees Makoto up close. "…fuck…"
Ami: "…"
Makoto /horrifyingly still conscious. "…don't bother, Usa… I'm done…"
Usagi: "A FENIX DOWN—! Leave? Leave you?"
Usagi: "We're not leaving anyone behind! We're all in this together, remember?"
Usagi /tries to climb over again. "Jupiter! Mako!"
Usagi: "You said you after this you were going to go out and ask someone and— Don't make yourself a liar! Jesus—"
Makoto: "…no time for tears, princess… cheer… u…"
Usagi: "…They did it. They really did it. Those bastards actually did it."

• FOUR SAILOR SENSHI, standing on the sea.
Minako: "Sailors, move out."
Usagi: "NO!"
Minako: "Your Highness, please—"
Usagi: "Superheroes aren't supposed to die! If this is what we face, we should have just given them the fucking thing in the first place! It's because of me that she— that—"
Usagi /rage at the horizon. "Come on, damn it! You want the bloody Crystal, you can have—"
Ami /calmly slaps Usagi.
Usagi: "…"
Ami /looks at her hand in mild surprise.
Usagi: "…ow."
Ami /utter calm. "Don't waste her death."
Usagi: "Waste?"

The tricorder beeps.
Ami: "They're coming."
Ami: "You three move on. I'll hold them here."
Rei: "¿With what?"
Ami: "I'll beat them to death with my goddamn princess wand." ;)
Rei: "Seriously."
Ami: "Look, it's safe to detach me, it's bound to be worse further on, and you have stronger attacks. Just head toward the purple column, you can't miss it."
Usagi: "Mercury—"
Ami: "Besides: what is ice but water gone cold? This is my battlefield."
Usagi: "Mercury, I forbid you to—"
Ami: "I'm not committing suicide."
Usagi: "…That's a promise, right?"
Ami /smiles, then turns to face the horizon.

The three retreat.

Ami stands with her back to the grave.
Ami: "…I dedicate this truth to you."

The snows part, and Ryo Urawa hangs before her on chains, horribly wounded.

Ami /laughs. "Nice to know I wasn't forgotten."
<< Illusion vanishes! >>
<< DD Girls use Lava Flow! >>
<< Lava Flow is dispelled! >>
Ami /thinking quickly. "(It's an illusion, but it's real heat. That suggests EM control, visible and near-visible spectrum—holography? A laser…?)"
<< DD Girls cast Fire Team! >>
<< Ami dodges, barely! >>
Ami: "Bingo! (The lens on her forehead is the projector.)"
<< L Target to select target point! >>
Ami /bends to pack a snowball… with a solid ice core…
<< DD Girls use Lava Flow! >>
Ami /drops the snowball. "(That'll do no good. Let's try one of new ones…)"
<< Lava engulfs Ami! >>
<< Ami is immune to fire! >>
Ami: "Yes!"
<< DD Girls use Steel Cables! >>
<< Ami is entangled! >>
Ami: "Damn! Still too slow…"
<< DD Girls turn up the heat! >>
<< Ami is taking damage… >>

DD Girls close in…
DD Girl #1: "Roast Senshi! My favorite."
Ami: "Crude."
DD Girl #2: "Burn that silly uniform off of her."
Ami /can't feel the heat anymore…
Ami: "Heh."
DD Girl #2: "She smiles?"
Ami: "…bubblehhhh…"
DD Girl #1: "What did you say?" /leans in.
Ami /smashes the tricorder over the DD Girl's head! "—Bubble HEAD!"
<< Illusion Generator destroyed! >>

The lights go out.

Ami falls a hundred feet onto ice and basalt.

• THREE SAILOR SENSHI, up a creek with no canoe.
Usagi: "Mercury's dead."
Rei: "Don't cry like a baby every single time it happens, please. We've still got a lot of enemy territory to cover, and it looks like it's going to be one for one the whole way."
Usagi: "This isn't funny any more. I never expected it to happen like this. I never wanted—"
Minako: "LOOK OUT!" /dives to knock Usagi clear.

Suddenly! Steel cables rip from beneath the ice!
<< Minako is entangled! >>
Usagi: "LET HER GO! LET HER GO! I'll give you anything just—"
Minako: "If you give in to them I'll never forgive you!"

Minako is dragged below the surface.

Queen Beryl: (magic voice) "There's no need to negotiate now. We'll just take the Silver Crystal after we kill you all!"
Minako /screams in pain.
Rei /drags Usagi from the edge of the crevice. "MOVE!"
Usagi: "NO! She's still alive! They haven't— We've got to— NO!"

Below the surface…
DD Girls close in…
Minako: "I'm getting sick of all this."
DD Girl #3: "Not at point-blank r—?!"

The ground heaves, and fling itself upward.

Usagi has a subliminal impression of a body thrown like a ragdoll from the epicenter of the blast, and landing somewhere amid steam and shatter.
Usagi: "VENUS! Nonono— Shit! Lemme go! MINAKO!"
Rei: "¡No!" /keeps dragging.

• TWO SAILOR SENSHI, wishing for some sun.
Usagi: "…"
Rei: "Hey, you."
Usagi: "What?"
Rei: "I know we always fought, but you know it didn't mean nothin', ¿right?"
Usagi: "What?"
Rei: "I mean, it's been fun, with you."
Usagi: "Why are you saying such things?!"
Rei: "Just in case."
Usagi: "What happened to 'no what-ifs'?"
Rei: "Eyes front."
Usagi: "Mars, no, wait! Mars! I can take the last two. Go home, please. Your Papi—"
Rei: "No, you've got to conserve your mana to take on their fortress."
Usagi: "Mars, hermana, Rei, love, please."
Rei: "¿What's with all this? ¿You think I'm gonna die on this one? ¿Las putitas out there take me? Fuck that. I'm worth more six of them any day. Look, a decoy!"
Usagi: "…"
Rei: "¿No, huh? Suit yourself. I'll be right back."

Rei /charges.
< REI : TECH > F—
DD Girls /dives under the ice!
Rei /!
Rei /crouches, ready for a target.
<< DD Girls use Jaws of Ice! >>
<< Rei is entombed! >>
Usagi: "…"
DD Girl #4: "You're next!"
<< DD Girls use Steel Cables! >>
< REI : TECH > FIRE3 : DD GIRL #4 >
<< Steel Cables is destroyed! >>
<< DD Girl #4 is destroyed! >>
<< The ice is also on fire! >>

Blasts, shouts, and echoes from within the ice mountain, and a continuous litany of Spanish maledictions.

The mountain stumbles.

Ice, steam, and cinders shoot everywhere. Out of the rising fireball steps…

DD Girl #1: "And then there was one."
Usagi: "…"
DD Girl #1 /kicks Rei's body aside. "And now, your Highness—"
Rei /grabs DD Girl #1's foot.
DD Girl #1: "I killed you!"
Rei: "…you've got it backwards…"

The mountain falls.

Usagi /walks forward, she has to see—
Rei /cut, crushed, burned, impaled, and frostbitten. "…you were right… imagine that? …I guess I should… have… kiss… y…?"
Usagi /turns and runs.
Usagi /and runs…
Usagi /and runs…
Usagi /and runs…

• ONE SAILOR SENSHI, left all alone.
Usagi /rocking self. "This is just a dream."
Usagi: "This is just a dream."
Usagi: "This is just a dream."
Usagi: "This is just a dream."
Usagi: "This is just a dream."
Usagi: "Just a dream. I'll be late to school like always."
Usagi: "Any minute now I'll wake up. Breakfast! Out the door."
Usagi: "This is just a dream."
Makoto /places her hand on Usagi's shoulder, comfortingly.
Usagi: "Or I could go mad. It's a nice day for it."
Usagi: "I'm going mad."
Makoto: "Come on—"
Usagi: "I'm going mad."
Makoto: "—cheer up!"
Usagi /faces her. "I SAW YOU DIE."
Makoto: "…I did." :eek:
Ami: "You probably are a little deranged, right now, but that's to be expected. You're strong, you'll make out. You always bounce back."
Minako: "Come on, don't give up hope. I never did. You were one reason why."
Usagi: "But— but— but you're all d—"
Usagi /stands up.
Rei: "You know we'll always be together. That was a true promise."
Usagi: "…I love you all."
Rei: "As we, you. ¡Now run! ¡Venga! ¡Go!"
Usagi /runs.
Usagi /running. "I'm not alone."
Usagi /running. "Never alone."
Usagi /running. "I'm not alone."
Usagi /running. "Never alone."
Usagi /running. "I'm not alone."
Usagi /running faster, stronger, harder. "I'm not alone."

Heroic running montage.
CUE: Larry Greene, "Through the Fire." (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUhtTA_3Et4)

• MEANWHILE, IN LENG: The Resurrectron 9000 has just finished its cycle.
Endymion /sits up.
Endymion /evil smile.
Endymion /evil eyes.

Episode #45: The Sailor Warriors Die! The Tragic Final Battle.


Majel Barrett: "TO BE CONTINUED."


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Episode #46: Usagi's Everlasting Wish! A New Reincarnation.


Usagi: "This is it. Time to ring the bell."

Queen Beryl: "Time to show you what Hell is."

…and falls plop on her ass!
Queen Beryl: "Welcome, Princess! You have done well to come this far."
Usagi /stands up, rubs behind. "And thank you for the swift if undignified transportation."
Queen Beryl: "I praise you for a job well done, but this is as far as you go."
Usagi: "Look, stop quoting from the Evil Overlord's handbook, and let's get on with it. I made a promise to some friends that I wouldn't miss their funerals."
Queen Beryl /hohoho.
Queen Beryl /steps slowly out of the shadows. "I am Queen Beryl—"
Usagi /sighs, taps foot. "Okay, do you want me to do my speech too, or should I—?"
Queen Beryl /with a flourish, reveals Endymion beside her.
Endymion /is kissing Beryl's hand!
Usagi /!
Usagi: "I know you've brainwashed him, but do you have to rub it in?"
Queen Beryl: "Endymion, darling… there's sand on my boots."
Endymion /bends to—
Usagi: "You spoony bitch."
Queen Beryl: "I tire of this. Endymion, kill her for me, won't you?"
Endymion: "As you wish." /draws sword.
Usagi: "DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU!" /backs away.

<< Endymion attacks! >>
<< Usagi dodges! >>
Usagi: "Get real." /it's Wanding time!
<< Endymion resists! >>
Usagi /?!
Queen Beryl: "You are wasting your time! You are not a true Princess yet. And even if you were, you could never purge Metallia's eldritch energy from Endymion's body!"
Usagi: "Thank you, Ms. Exposition!"
Queen Beryl: "How about you quietly surrender the MacGuffin to me?"
Usagi: "You said 'no negotiation.' Right before you threw one of my friends into a pit." /flips her a V. "Come get it yourself!"

<< Endymion attacks! >>
<< Usagi dodges, barely! >>
<< Usagi drops the Moon Crescent Wand! >>
Usagi: "Frell!"
Endymion: "Sailor Moon." /picks up a rose.
Usagi /?
Endymion: "Die."
<< Endymion casts Black Thorn Tangle! >>
<< Usagi is entangled! >>
Usagi: "Please, O Gods, don't let me die all tied up."
Endymion /does something.
<< Usagi is wracked with dark energy! >>
Queen Beryl: "Only now do you understand!"
Usagi: "Mamoru, please…"
<< Black Thorn Tangle expires! >>
Usagi /tries to stand again.
<< Endymion attacks! >>
<< Usagi is hit! >>
Endymion /kicks her over.
Endymion /calmly, methodically, starts beating the shit out of her.

• CUT TO: International GDF Headquarters.
Sensor Operator: "Sunspot coverage at 70%, and increasing very rapidly!"
Admiral: "Fire a 240 probe!"
Gunner: "…No effect."
Admiral: "What do we have that's bigger than 240?"
Gunner: "Nothing, sir."
Admiral: "…"
Sensor Operator: "Sunspots at 83%, sir. Continuing to rise."
Admiral /takes off hat. "Gentlemen, ladies, it has been an honor serving with you."


Someone in the back starts singing softly: "The minstrel boy to the war has gone…"

• BACK TO: Leng.
Queen Beryl /has just completed her villain's monologue, for her audience of two.
Queen Beryl: "And what do you think of that, little girl?"
Usagi /moans and bleeds.
Queen Beryl: "That's enough, Endymion."
Endymion /flings Usagi aside, roughly.
Usagi /landed coincidentally close to the Moon Crescent Wand, which it didn't occur to Beryl to pick up.
Usagi /stares blearily at the Wand.
Queen Beryl: "Don't even think about it."
Usagi /thinks about it.
Queen Beryl: "Weren't you paying any attention? Our Master will soon be freed—and with the power of the Silver Crystal, we shall fill the entire cosmos with that glorious darkness. In a matter of minutes, everything you have been doing will have been rendered meaningless."
Usagi /:mad:
Usagi /tries to sit up…
Queen Beryl /sighs. "Some people never learn. Off with her head."
Endymion /raises his sword…

Endymion /!
Queen Beryl: "Oo. Right in the gut."
Endymion /falls.
Usagi: "…I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." /continues trying to sit up.
Endymion /gasps.
Endymion /thrashes and screams.
Usagi /finally sits up.
Endymion /twitches, gapes.
Endymion /stands up, like a zombie.
Usagi /?!
Queen Beryl /hohoho. "Endymion has the dark energy within him. You will not be able to defeat my pet so easily."
Endymion /raises his sword…
Usagi /raises the music box.

Queen Beryl /?
Usagi: "Please, remember. I am Serenity—long ago, we swore to love one another. I am Usagi—the girl you met by accident."
Endymion: "Anyone who opposes the Dark Kingdom must die."
Usagi /smiles. "Mamoru, Endymion, please. You are a kind and gentle man. I don't want to fight you."
Queen Beryl: "Stop listening to her! Just hit her with the sword! Now!"
Usagi: "Please."
Endymion /watches in distant amazement as his free hand reaches out for the music box.

Memories flood back to Mamoru! Two lifetimes at once! He staggers.

He remembers: A Lunar summer at the Palace at Carcosa, and the quiet beauty he met on what was to have been a routine diplomatic mission.
He remembers: This past year at Tokyo U., and that funny girl who always seemed to be underfoot any time he went off campus.
He remembers: Sitting in a hospital bed, a terrified boy with no memories.

Mamoru /childhood terrors. "I can't remember anything?! Am I all alone?!"
Usagi /suddenly is there. "No. You have me. Don't fear; you're not alone."
Mamoru /is a man again.

Mamoru /lays down his sword, and stumbles into Usagi's arms.
Usagi /oof
Mamoru: "…thank you…"
Usagi: "…any time…"
Queen Beryl /eyes FLARE! "TWICE! Fucking twice! WHY?! You've taken him from me now in two lifetimes!"
Usagi: "It's not as if I was specifically—"
<< Queen Beryl casts Reaver Pole! >>
<< Mamoru casts Sympathetic Rose! >>
<< Reaver Pole is shattered in mid-air! >>
Mamoru /dives to cover Usagi.
<< Queen Beryl is hit! >>
<< Mamoru is hit! >>
Queen Beryl /staggers. "If you had married me, I would have given you worlds. Why?! Why that cursed brat?! What has she got that I—?! I won't accept this! Never! I'm— I'm disintegrating? My body— your rose— no— all my— no— no— oh, what a world… what a world…"
{Queen Beryl is gone.}

Usagi: "Mamoru!"
Mamoru /bleeds. "…I have this sickening feeling of deja vu."
Usagi: "Mamoru!"
Mamoru: "Hurry, get out of here. You know what happens to the dark tower when the villain dies in these sorts of stories."
Usagi: "This isn't a story. It's real."
Mamoru /tries to smile. "Get out of here, go back to school. Be an ordinary girl. Love your parents. Stay off drugs. Find a cool boyfriend, or whatever."
Usagi: "You're the coolest I've found, Mamoru."
Usagi: "Mamoru?"
Usagi: "Mamo—"
Usagi /has no more tears to give.

• PRIVATE CHAMBERS: Iä! Iä! The power is still building steadily…
Queen Beryl /or what's left of her, crawls to the altar. "…my lord, lend me your power! Give me the power to destroy that hateful girl…"
Cthulhu: "Are you sure?"
Queen Beryl: "…please…"
Cthulhu: "Very well! Beryl, I am free! And all my functions are yours."
Queen Beryl /screams in pain and horror.
Cthulhu /fills Beryl from the crown to the toe top-full of direst cruelty, makes thick her blood, stops up the access and passage to remorse, and takes her milk for gall.

The sun goes out.

• THE DARK TOWER IS COLLAPSING: And in one hall still are a living woman and a dead man.
Usagi /bends to kiss Mamoru.
Usagi /stops. "No. I'm sorry. The rest all died before they could kiss their true loves. Well, except Ami, maybe… Anyway, it would be selfish of me to go ahead without them. You understand. And I have work to finish."
Usagi /stands. "Watch me, love."
Usagi /marches out. "Because the monster always comes back twice."

• OUTSIDE ON THE ICE: A black pod forms, and thrusts up from beneath. Out of it hatches MEGA-BERYL! A hundred feet tall and horrible.

But another warrior is on the mesa.

CUE: Ennio Morricone, "Per Un Pugno Di Dollari" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7p6oOZAxUA)

• AROUND THE WORLD: The skies boil. The lights go out. The ground trembles.

• TSUKINO RESIDENCE: Like everyone else, the Tsukinos are staring out the window at the sky in trepidation. (And the Tsukinos are hoping Usagi is safe, wherever she is…)

Artemis /Captain Obvious. "The end of the world has come!"
Luna: "NO SHIT! Out of my way!"
Artemis: "Where you going?"
Luna: "I'm going to the Pole—"
Artemis /wrestles her to the ground.
Luna /kicks, wriggles. "Lemme go!"
Artemis: "You can't help her now!"
Luna: "It's just like before! At this rate, Usagi is going to release the Silver Crystal and she'll die, just like the Queen did!"
Artemis: "You told me then it had to be, and it has to be now! It's the only sensible thing!"
Luna: "My Usagi doesn't know from sensible!"
Artemis: "If it's her against the whole world—"
Luna: "Fuck the world! My little girl is gonna get herself killed! USAGI!"

Mega-Beryl: "Now, for my next trick, I will make you… disappear!"
<< MegaBeryl uses Nuke. >>

A hundred kilotons boil into the sky.

Standing in the crater, upon the central peak uplift, is Princess Usagi, completely unscathed. Princess Usagi and Mega-Beryl stare each other down…

…and then, at an unspoken signal, they begin. RAW DARK ENERGY vs. MOON HEALING ESCALATION. Flash! Bam! The powers are at stand-off. Each sorceress pours it on with all their heart.

Mega-Beryl: "Why do you go to such lengths to defy me?! You dream of a beautiful future, but you're still naïve—you've yet to experience the world as it really is. This world is already ugly, filthy, corrupt, violent, and rotten!"
Princess Usagi: "Then why try to make it worse?"
Mega-Beryl: "I asked you first, wench!"
Princess Usagi: "I have faith."
Mega-Beryl: "In what? Love? Friendship? Trust?"
Princess Usagi: "Yes."
Mega-Beryl: "Words from a self-help booklet. Don't make me laugh."
Princess Usagi: "I have faith in this world that five of my closest friends died to protect!"
Mega-Beryl: "There's nothing left to believe in! Theirs was wasted effort! They died for nothing, and when you die, it'll be the same."
Princess Usagi /falters, then fights back. "Nothing left? Have you looked?"
Mega-Beryl: "What would be the point again? Only the names and details change, but the world as a whole goes on. Let it all go dark!"
Princess Usagi: "You may be a thousand and I may be only fourteen, but even I can tell that's childishness! If you're going to remove yourself, that's one thing, but leave the rest of us out your grand suicide!"
Mega-Beryl: "In the end, it's always self-preservation. You just don't want to die."
Princess Usagi: "Are you really so sure that it's hopeless? Have you really seen everywhere, done everything? How can you be so certain?"
Mega-Beryl /falters, fights back: "You've seen the same things I've seen! How easy it was to lure people to their own destruction. How everyone has a monster inside them, and one little crystalline seed is all it takes to bring it out."
Princess Usagi: "And every monster had a good person inside them, searching for love and joy and a peaceful life. You people once offered to let me join your side, why not try mine for a while and see if you missed something?"
Mega-Beryl: "I've come too far and done this for too long to start second-guessing and changing courses at random. I'll see this to an END!"
Princess Usagi: "So you DO have faith!"
Princess Usagi /seeks for strength.

Princess Usagi: "In the name of myself…"
Usagi: "I don't have time for this! I'm late for school!"
Princess Usagi: "In the name of my friends…"
Ami: "Since she came from the sky, I thought she was an angel."
Princess Usagi: "In the name of my mothers and fathers and families…"
Rei: "No. ¿Have you?"
Princess Usagi: "In the names of all six billion humans on this blind whirling rock, and all the silly things they believe in…"
Makoto: "Why not pick on somebody your own size?"
Princess Usagi: "In the names of the cats and the dolphins and the fishes in the deep blue sea and even the happy little trees…"
Minako: "I disagree! No matter how hard it is, you must never give up!"
Princess Usagi: "In the names of the nine planets and the names and numbers of all the myriad stars…"
Mamoru: "Hey!"
Princess Usagi: "In the name of the Moon."
Princess Usagi /grins. "I oppose you." :cool:

The Moon Crescent Wand sucks in every bit of energy there is to offer—dark, light, everything. Usagi fires the black hole straight back Mega-Beryl.

Mega-Beryl: "NO, THIS CAN'T BE—" *zap*

No longer under control, the reaction spreads and mutates, and the glowing pink sphere of energy engulfs Usagi, who was about to pass out anyway.

Princess Usagi: "Thank you all, and good night…" *zap*

The Princess Wave engulfs the remnants of the Dark Tower and all that remains within it… *zap*

It engulfs the icy graves of the four fallen Sailor Senshi… *zap*

It engulfs the entire polar ice cap… *zap*

It just keeps going, spreading across the globe…

Colonel Robert Cabana, Space Shuttle Discovery, on duty in the cockpit: "Dave! Dave! Look!"
Captain David Walker, Space Shuttle Discovery, just coming back from a meal: "What in th—?" *zap*

Colonel Anatoly Solovyev, Mir, on spacewalk, and the last human to witness the event before being engulfed: "WOW." *zap*

• USAGI'S LIFE FLASHES BEFORE HER EYES: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iK9PLdVXK4)
Happiness is… finding a pencil; knowing a secret; telling the time.
Happiness is… learning to whistle; tying your shoe for the very first time.
Happiness is playing the drum in your own school band,
And happiness is walking hand in hand.
Happiness is… two kinds of ice cream; pizza with sausage; climbing a tree.
Happiness is… five different crayons; catching a firefly—setting him free.
Happiness is being alone every now and then,
And happiness is coming home again.
Happiness is morning and evening, day time and night time too,
For happiness is anyone and anything at all… that's loved by you.
Happiness is… having a brother, sharing a sandwich, getting along.
Happiness is… singing together when day is through,
And happiness is those who sing with you.
Happiness is morning and evening, daytime and nighttime too,
For happiness is anyone and anything at all… that's loved by you.

Usagi: "I wish…"

• TOKYO: Morning traffic noises. CUE: A little Shiroh Sagisu. ;) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8PiL0gCGN0)

Tsukino Residence:
Usagi /wakes up. "Oh no I'M LATE!"
Mom /sigh. "Usagi…"
Usagi /bolts from the house. "Why didn't anyone telllll meeeeeeee…"

Tokyo Juban District Juvenile Authority:
Proctor: "I don't care if she deserved it, if you start another fight, you're going to be in big trouble. Now we're going to try you at this school and please please please try to get along."
Makoto: "I don't like bouncing around like this either, you know. Sure, I'll give it a fair shot."

Hikawa Shrine:
Gramps: "Why hello there young ladies! Playing hookie today?"
Rei: "¡PAPI!" /broom action. "¡Back to work! Sorry, girls. ¡Back! ¡Back, I say!"

On the Bus to School:
Minako /antsy. "Man, I sure hope I don't spend this year dodging bullies, too. Come on, Mina, fingers crossed for this one. Hope I get that library job, too."

Zero-Period Cram School:
Ami /steps out, checks watch. "Bus is late again… looks like I've got a few minutes."
Ami /looks left, looks right.
Ami /slips a sci-fi novel out of her book bag. "Just time for a few pages, heh heh heh."

Luna: "I feel like George Bailey. 'Oh, no, she's a librarian?!'"
Artemis: "It's a miracle!"
Luna: "Total reboot. It's spring of this year, all over again. Amazing. When that girl makes a wish…"
Artemis: "And you and I are quite in the pink!" /preens.
Luna: "Though I suppose I literally did lose a year off my life."
Artemis: "You look in capital shape to me, madam."
Luna: "Thank you, sir! And you as well. I feel a bit sad for them, though. In a way, it did come to nothing. Everything they did has been erased—they have no memories of it all. All those life's lessons lost…"

They pause as two girls walk by:

Naru: "So what's your excuse for being late today?"
Usagi: "Was up late doing my homework."
Naru: "Liar."
Usagi: "Hand to God! It was actually easy, like I'd done the problems before. I've never felt like that before."
Naru: "Lucky. A good sign for the rest of the year, maybe?"
Usagi: "Hope so. What was your excuse?"
Naru: "The sitter got the time wrong."
Usagi: "Sitter? Where's your Mom?"
Naru: "She closed up the store and went to one of those week-long spa things. Said she was feeling like she'd been doing things wrong for a long time, and needed to break out of her rut, get her head together, and think seriously about stuff."
Usagi: "Huh."
Naru: "She says she's planning to take me on a trip to Europe next break. Just us girls. Maybe America, too."
Usagi: "Awesome!"
Naru: "I know, right?"
Usagi: "Umino's gonna be sad."
Naru: "Umino?! Why him in particular?"
Usagi: "Didn't you know? Major crush on you. It's so obvious."
Naru: "No way."
Usagi: "Way—" /is hit the back of the head with a soda can. "OW!"
Mamoru: "Sorry, kid! Missed."
Usagi: "'SORRY?' Asshole!" /throws the can back, hard.
Mamoru: "OW!"
Usagi: "Put it in the trashcan, don't throw it over your shoulder! Everyone knows that! Jerk! Dweeb! Moron!" /throws the can at him again.
Mamoru: "OW! Jeez, crazy kid." /throws the can away properly before she can throw it again. "Happy?"
Usagi: :p
Mamoru /walks off.
Naru: "Kind of cute, isn't he?"
Usagi: "Bleh. Not my type."
Naru: "Which is?"
Usagi: "I want a handsome, gallant, intelligent, sensitive knight on shining armor to come rescue me and protect me from all ills."
Naru: "Oh ho! Such a simple request. And what if he gets in trouble? Kidnapped by the evil wizard or what-not?"
Usagi: "…Well, then I'll just have to rescue him, won't I?"

The girls move on…

Luna: "On second thought, perhaps things did change. Maybe even for the better." :)
Artemis: "Their souls remain. If they meet at the right time, their friendships will resume."
Luna: "Good. …Say, Artemis. This time loop reset forwards and backwards, right? So in this timeline, you never started Project V?"
Artemis: "It seems so, since Minako is here, rather than in Europe, or over in— Oh, dear. All that effort evaporated; inventing the games, merchandising them, getting them in the stores by Christmas…"
Luna: "So you never spent the seed money then?"
Artemis: "Yes, I suppose the Swiss account is still there. I say, where are you going?"
Luna: "I'm gonna go place me some hot stock picks and place a few clever bets, and make me a fat little nest egg."
Artemis: "I— Here now! Luna! That money's only supposed to be for Great Justice!"
Luna: "Sorry, I can't hear you! I've been taking lessons from the master!"
Artemis: "Luna! Come back here this instant!"
Luna: "'Make me into a cute houseowner!' No alleys for this little black cat!"
Artemis: "LUUUUNAAAAA!!!"

CUE: With absolute sincerity and no trace of irony: DEVO, "Beautiful World." (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1bply_devobeautiful-world_music, and really, seriously, don't watch the video this time.)


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So ends Season 1 of Sailor Moon, and will temporarily end this IWIW for the nonce. I will return for season 2, but right now I'm going to take a break. I'm not certain yet what I'll watch in-between, and I don't know whether I'll do something creative with it, or just watch it all solitary-like, keeping my opinions to myself. :p We shall see.

As for this thread, I'll see you tomorrow after work.


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And my favorite lines from the final episode all made it in untouched. :D


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The story's enough to make me teary; I haven't watched it for several years but your recap brought every minute of the images back to me. And then you had to go and use "Happiness," a song with very heavy associations for me. And then your future for the characters...


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