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[IWIW] Sailor Moon (Part 5!): R continues, Hideous Laughing Woman Strikes!


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…I was about to say that the big diff is that Sailor Moon doesn't offer salvation through Jesus, but then I remember that C.S.Lewis pointed out that different worlds would have different saviors. Gee, that's kind of a creepy/weird/awesome idea, that Serenity is a Messiah. Huh. Kind of works, though. And she is a mortal woman, while also being a deity… hmmmm.
Usagi also has raised people from the dead (her friends), cast out demons (repeatedly), returned from the grave herself (admittedly by reincarnation/time-travel), and certainly qualifies as Princess of Peace.


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I was just thinking about that earlier, that this ties in fairly well with many Christian (specifically Catholic) ideas of sin, grace, forgiveness, and so on. (I was stepping into the shower and thought, "Hey, wait a minute, I just gave the same explanation that I've heard some evangelists use for how the Gospel works!") My Catholic theology skill is basically at a high EDU default, so I'd have to do research to get the terminology correct, but it works.
Hm. I've heard at least one person say that Sailor Moon has a pretty Christian approach to certain things. Dunno about the theology of it, but the Senshi's forgiveness certainly goes in "turn the other cheek" territory at times.

Shadowjack said:

Shadowjack said:

Shadowjack said:
/giggles madly

Usagi: "Scepter. Moon Scepter. Always have you served me well, and always have I recovered you. I had you from my mother, and she from of old. If ever you came from the forges of the true Queen of the Moon, go now and cleanse well!"
Perfect hit.


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Re: #84: Wiseman's Evil Hand! Chibi-Usa Disappears.

New episode yeah !

Chibi-Usa goes outside.
Ah, Chibi-Usa. Never one to let common sense get in the way of the plot.

Esmeraude: "I know I didn't imagine that! There shouldn't be any more Droids in this installation! Who's there?"
We haven't seen a droid since episode #82, have we ? But then, who needs canon fodder when we still have four major villains to deal with in barely as many episodes...

Esmeraude: "But if it's to win Prince Dimande's heart… I'd make a deal with the Devil himself. /puts on the tiara…
Wiseman /eyes glow. "Pleased to meet you."
Esemraude /SCREAMS!
Okay, that was really stupid. I can see Chibi-Usa getting duped by Wiseman, she's just a kid ; but Esmeraude should really know better. Especially as she had been proclaiming for two episodes that she didn't trust Wiseman.

King Endymion /calls up detailed sensor data about the incoming monster almost instantaneously.
Ami /weeps tears of joy and wants to hug the console tenderly.
It's too bad she isn't in the right room in a couple of episodes when we see the most ridiculously awesome example of elaborate future technology.

Anyway : this episode wasn't that good, was it ? Sure, it does the job of moving Chibi-Usa from point A to B and disposing of Esmeraude (who has outlived her usefulness by this point), but it feels like something's missing. Maybe it's because so many people behave like idiots during it. Maybe it's that the fight scene against a dragon isn't that exciting and feels like a diversion (which it is, actually).

Next Episode : She's all grown up !

(Also, remember that #86 has an horribly spoilery title.)


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This actually confused me for a moment.
Oops, yes. That should be "back in the future present." :p

Jhiday said:
Okay, that was really stupid. I can see Chibi-Usa getting duped by Wiseman, she's just a kid ; but Esmeraude should really know better. Especially as she had been proclaiming for two episodes that she didn't trust Wiseman.
Yeah. I guess she's just grasping at straws with Dimande, now.

Since this is her way of "using Wiseman instead", I wonder now if she really never did play the court politics game. She's a field commander, abrupt and lousy at etiquette and scheming, which is why she laughs nervously and too loud in court—but, man, can she roll up the enemy in the field! It's like asking Patton to run a covert intelligence op.

("SAILOR MOON, you magnificent bitch! I read your book!")

(Also, remember that #86 has an horribly spoilery title.)
Unfortunately, I screwed up shifting menus, and already saw it. :(


Sheeeesh. I suppose the point is that the real drama is how it happens and what people think about it, etc., and not what happens specifically. But come on! Surprise us a little! :p


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Okay, let's get this next one up now, so we can discuss it a little before I catch my train early tomorrow. And I'll watch Episode #86: The Dark Brothers Live Happily Ever After! en route…


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Sailor Moon R Episode #85: The Birth of Black Lady, The Queen of Darkness.

Everyone runs every which way trying to find Chibi-Usa/Small Lady.

Here's how it came about. An hour or two ago:

Wiseman /has Chibi-Usa upside-down in the grip of a memory-modification helix.
Chibi-Usa: "…"
Herr Doktor Sigmund von Wiseman: "Memories of an abominable past leave scars upon the heart. Small Lady, remember your mean-spirited mother and your cruel father… How do they make you feel?"

Okay, see, this one time, Momma and Daddy and I were walking in the rain? And I had my own 'brella for the first time! And I saw a froggy, and I wanted to look at the froggy but Momma said "YOU ARE GOING TO SLIP AND FALL" and then I DID and it hurt and I was all wet and Mommy said, "THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T LISTEN TO YOUR MOM," and "DON'T CRY" and I said "I HATE YOU!" and Daddy looked mean and he wouldn't help me up he said "YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO DO IT YOURSELF" and I said "I HATE YOU!"

Wiseman: "See? This proves that they don't love you."

Okay, see, this one time, it was my birthday, and I was at the Big Window feeling sad 'cause Mommy and Daddy went far away on work ON MY BIRTHDAY and there wasn't gonna be anything no presents no party not even a goodnight kiss, then Mommy's Guardians came up and at first I thought they were gonna be nice and Mars even said, "Hey! Why don't WE do a birthday!" but then Jupiter said, "STOP! REMEMBER? WE CAN'T DO THAT!" and Mars said she forgot and then they all ran away from me!

Wiseman: "See? This proves that they actually hate you!"

Chiba-Usa /plunges into blackness, crying. "No one in the world loves me…"
Wiseman: "So turn your hatred upon this world! Destroy it, seal it away, with the power of the Evil Black Crystal! You'll show them, won't you, my young apprentice?"
Chibi-Usa: :mad:

Chibi-Usa / Small Lady into Black Lady, Queen of Darkness: 1

Our warrior ladies' transformation sequences have always had a little sexiness in them—the good kind, that anyone feels about themselves when they dress up a bit. Bright lights and fireworks, hair and face just so, new clean clothes that show off your best parts, and your finest dancin' shoes. "Look at me! I'm lookin' good, I'm feelin' good. Tonight, let's dance." It's like that.

This lady goes through a cruel, bitter parody of that—sexual blatancy that verges on desperation, a little trip through ft gr mc md tr hell. A magical latex bodysuit shapes the feet and face and ass and tits as they grow (and they do), then reforms into a latex and fishnet dress, slit deep up the side, and a red silk train, with (of course) heels, and (of course) a leather, diamond-studded collar.

Twenty-one and ready to destroy hearts, the Black Lady shines with negative energy.

Prince Dimande: ?
Prince Dimande: "Who's your, um, friend?"
Wiseman: "The newest servant of the Evil Black Crystal: the Rabbit."
Prince Dimande /?!

The age and attitude are all wrong, but Prince Dimande notes the similarity of hairstyles with the Rabbit—and the physical resemblance to Serenity—and then he realizes that she bears the Dark Clan mark on her forehead.

Prince Dimande: "How can this be?"
Black Lady /laughs. "Call me Black Lady."
Wiseman: "Dimande, go immediately to the Earth of the past. With Black Lady's power, you are certain to conquer! We'll await you."
{Wiseman and Black Lady have left the scene.}

Saphir: "…It's a trap."
Prince Dimande: "Saphir, aren't you ever satisfied? We're going to get our revenge, to win our clan's long battle at last! If I can't trust him, who can I trust?"
Saphir: "Wiseman either never moves, or moves too fast. And I believe that Esmeraude's death can be laid at his feet."
Prince Dimande: "I'd sacrifice ANYONE'S life to achieve our goals! Look, we can't win conventionally, and you must have felt that woman's power! This opportunity must be seized! Where's my cloak? Thank you. We'll use the plan you and Esmeraude came up with, it was a good plan, and this time, I'll establish the Dark Gate personally, and you stand by to transfer the power."
Saphir: "…but Dimande…"
Prince Dimande /tousles Saphir's hair. "Who else can I trust to do it but my only brother? You're with me?"
Saphir: "…Always."

Sailor Pluto (via hologram): "Pardon me, but I have sensed that Small Lady, strangely altered, has just returned to your original time period though the enemy's portal, and Dimande followed shortly thereafter. As I cannot conceive of any plan of yours which would intentionally produce this circumstance, I ask you to return to your time, find them, and resolve the situation. To that end, I provide this short-cut." /opens time portal.
Usagi: "…I'm sorry, could you please repeat all that from the beginning, slowly?"

Mamoru: "Wait! Before we go, could you tell us just what exactly happened between our time and this future—? No, you're not going to tell us, are you?"
Sailor Pluto: "Of course not! That would be cheating."
Usagi: "…Any hints?"
Sailor Pluto: "Believe in your future, concentrate on your now. That is always good advice."

And they beam in…

Usagi: "Mercury, analysis?"
Ami /tricorder action. "…We're back!"
Usagi: "Ah, smell that wonderful Tokyo smog. It's good to be back."
Rei: "It's a beautiful moon, isn't it? Over the city lights…"
Usagi: "Peace. It's wonderful."
Rei: "…until they come to destroy it all."
Usagi: "Not if we stop them first."

Prince Dimande /soliloquizing. "Now, at last, the time has come for—"
Black Lady: "Are we going to do it, or talk about doing it?"
Prince Dimande: "Fair enough."
Prince Dimande /turns his earring into a Super Dark Henge.

In seconds, the Henge is the size of a small building, and growing fast…

Artemis: "Well, that's a spot of luck. They're making themselves as easy to spot as Chibi-Usa in trouble."
Usagi: "AFTER THEM!"

Enter Black Lady, in a swirling black vortex of black blackness and doom.

Black Lady: "You shall not pass!"
Usagi: "And you are?"
Black Lady: "I have been given a new life by Wiseman, and with the power of the Evil Black Crystal, I shall turn this Earth into a world of darkness. I am the Queen of Darkness: Black Läydi!"
Usagi: "Black Lady?"
Black Lady: "No! It's totally spelled with an umlaut and an 'i'!"
Usagi: "Is it pronounced, like—? Wait, that doesn't work. Why not just spell it normally?"
Black Lady: "I knew you wouldn't understand!"
Luna-P /ping!
Artemis /?
Luna: "…uh-oh."
Luna-P /flies over to Black Lady.
Black Lady /hugs Luna-P. "Luna-P, I see you remember me. My one and only friend."

At the touch, Luna-P's caste mark changes from Moon… to Black Moon.

Rei: "…you're kidding me. ¿Chibi-Usa?"
Usagi: "No, that's not true! That's impossible!"
Black Lady: "Search your feelings! You know it to be true!"
Usagi: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! She looks older than me now! All this time travel is confusing me…" :(
Mamoru: "I don't believe it! She's become a moody teenager!"
Black Lady: "…I'm… I'm totally twenty-one!"
Usagi: "Moody teenager? What makes you so sure, Tux?"

Mamoru /hair long, ratty black T-shirt. "You can't keep me from going out tonight! The Cure is, like, my life!"

Mamoru: "Just a hunch."
Usagi: "…"
Black Lady: "I know how your mind works, Sailor Moon. Don't you dare say it."
Usagi: "…"
Black Lady: "Don't you DARE!"
Usagi: "Young lady, you are not going out like that! You look like a hussy! You go back to your room and put some decent clothes on right now, or I'll have your father talk to you!"
Black Lady: "DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE." :mad:

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 43+28
Usagi into Princess Serenity: 1
Usagi into Disguise Form: 9
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 15+10
Rei into Sailor Mars: 13+9
Makoto into Sailor Jupiter: 8+9
Minako into Sailor Venus: 7+10
Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask: 2+1
Luna-P into Something-or-Other: 10

Luna-P death bumbershoot!

<< Black Lady casts Dark Vortex of Despair! >>
< Everyone is hit! Everyone goes flying! >
Minako: "SUCH POWER. Wait, wait, wait, truce! Chibi-Usa, Small Lady, why are you doing this?"
Rei: "Don't bother, she's been brainwashed! I see it in her eyes!"
Ami: "Anybody got a PLAN?"

<< Black Lady casts Dark Blast of Suffering! >>
< Usagi is hit! Usagi goes flying! >
Black Lady: "No! I hate everyone who has ever hurt me in this cruel world!"
Usagi: "So do I! Who hurt you?"
Black Lady: "EVERYONE!"
Usagi: "…Aw, come on. Your mom and dad love you. We love you. We might've hurt your feelings now and then, I admit, but ultimately—"

<< Black Lady attacks Usagi! >>
< Usagi dodges! >
<< Black Lady attacks Usagi! >>
< Usagi dodges! >
<< Black Lady attacks Usagi! >>
< Usagi dodges! >
<< Black Lady attacks Usagi! >>
< Usagi dodges! >
<< Black Lady attacks Usagi! >>
< Usagi dodges! >
<< Black Lady attacks Usagi! >>
< Usagi dodges! >
Luna: "…Sailor Moon, are you planning on counterattacking at some point in the near future?"
<< Black Lady attacks Usagi! >>
< Usagi dodges! >
Usagi: "I can't fight my own little sister!"
<< Black Lady attacks Usagi! >>
< Usagi dodges! >
Usagi: "Daughter!"
<< Black Lady attacks Usagi! >>
< Usagi dodges! >
Usagi: "Cousin! Whatever!"
Luna: "Then the Dark Clan has already won."
Usagi: "No! There is still good in her. I can feel it."
Black Lady: "It's too late for me! And for you! DIEEEEEEEE—"

Enter Tuxedo Mask, dramatically, armed with +3 blessed throwing roses.
Ami: "…but he was here all along!"
Mamoru: "Even a lovely flower will wilt if a poisonous energy eats away at it. Chibi-Usa, Small Lady, you have been possessed by an evil energy. Do not be deceived by it! Open your eyes!"
Black Lady: "You're all against me!"
<< Black Lady throws Luna-P! >>
Black Lady: "…okay, I admit that a rubber ball was not the best weapon I could have used at that moment. I was angry and not thinking clearly."
Usagi /brandishing the Silver Crystal. "Quite understandable. Hold still!"

Brilliant cleansing light!

Usagi: "It worked this time! Phew."
Black Lady /recoils from the light and hisses.
Usagi: "You've become confused! Trust in the light! Let it flow through you! Remember when you were young: Your mother and father were kind to you, I'm sure of it! Believe!"

Okay, see, this one time, it was my birthday, and I was at the Big Window feeling sad 'cause Mommy and Daddy went far away on work ON MY BIRTHDAY and there wasn't gonna be anything no presents no party not even a goodnight kiss, then Mommy's Guardians came up and at first I thought they were gonna be nice and Mars even said, "Hey! Why don't WE do a birthday!" but then Jupiter said, "STOP! REMEMBER? WE CAN'T DO THAT!" and Mars said she forgot and then they all ran away from me!

And I was so MAD I stayed in my room all the next day, but then I was summoned to the Back Chamber, and I thought it was for some stupid lesson but NO! Mommy and Daddy and the Guardians were ALL THERE! Everywhere was happy to see me and there were balloons and fireworks and a BIG CAKE, and it was my BIRTHDAY even though it was the wrong day! Mommy and Daddy said they were sorry they couldn't come back on the right day, so they had the Guardians prepare a SURPRISE PARTY for as soon as they came back and it was AWESOME and I was so happy to see them…

Her costume and adornments are stripped away by the light, and she floats in the light, free, but confused…

Usagi: "…I think it's working! It IS working!"

Swelling music of joy and happi—

Wiseman: "Do not be fooled, my young apprentice! Recall your mean-spirited mother and your cruel father. You are a poor little rabbit, starved for love. You were a lonely soul, who only wished for those around you to celebrate your birthday… but they didn't. You only gave in to that foolish illusion because your wish was so strong."
Black Lady: "…Illusion? That happy memory was an illusion?"
Rei: "¡Don't let him trick you! ¡What you saw was no false dream, it was truth!"
Black Lady /clutches head. "I DON'T KNOW ANY MORE. WHICH IS TRUE?!"
Wiseman: "People have hurt you, and only people who hate you would hurt you. Hurt them back!"
Usagi: "People are complicated, and don't always do the same thing all the time! Sometimes people hurt people they love without meaning to—but they still love you!"
Wiseman: "You are loved by no one! Hate the world."
Usagi: "You are loved by many! Love the world."
Wiseman: "A simple answer with quick emotional satisfaction and no obvious risks!"
Usagi: "A complicated answer which requires one to take time to trust!"
Black Lady /takes the simple answer.

Black Lady: "I AM BLACK LADY, GIVEN NEW LIFE BY WISEMAN! I am not Chibi-Usa or Small Lady, and never was!" /BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Usagi: "Frell."
Ami: "Would it help if we said 'please?'"
{Black Lady has left the scene.}
Ami: "…Anybody got a better plan?"

Mamoru: "Are you okay, love?"
Usagi: "I'm not sure. I jumped straight from single motherhood to my kids wanting to kill me. At this rate, I'll be suffering menopause by next summer."


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And some comments I couldn't work into the script…

First, what very little we have heard of grown-up Serenity's voice makes her sound like a total dip. Like, Glenda the Good-Witch minus the sense of humor, or the Mom in Smallville pre-color and sans emotion. "Oh, Small Lady? Oh, I say. My goodness."

Second, I think it's hilarious that Serenity and Endymion apparently wear full court costume at all times, but I'm willing to pretend that the glimpses we've seen are colored by being Chibi-Usa's own recollection.

Third, our first good look at the grown-up versions of the Sailors themselves. I've never stated this directly, but I've always had the impression that—physically—Ami and Minako are both still growing into themselves, while Rei and Mako are already well into their development. Though of course they're 14 and all still have a long way to go. Still, you know what I mean: some people at that age will be completely unrecognizeable in a few years, while others seemingly won't have changed at all except for height and maturity.

Apparently, I'd guessed about right. Both adult Mercury and Venus grow taller, and exchange their girlish cuteness for a calmer adult beauty. Yet Rei will seem virtually unchanged, aside from being adult, instead of sometimes pretending to be. (Rei: "¡Well, you can't improve on perfection!" ;) Whatever you say, girl…) However, contrary to my guess, Makoto's facial structure will sharpen with maturity, though she will bear herself with more grace.

All this from a few seconds of footage. Overanalysis is my watchword! :p

Four, I propose the Sith name "Darth Choate." Pronounced with a hard "K" sound, of course.


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The Sailors see it for the first time.

Usagi: "At least this forcefield isn't Sailor-proof."
Usagi? Don't you mean Ami?
Usagi has not returned yet.

Since characters in SF/F media rarely read or watch SF/F media, it's reasonable to me that a very random 14-year-old and an occasionally-oblivious mumble-mumble-year-old wouldn't have made the obvious-to-a-gamer TIME TRAVEL CHILDREN leap. (Though considering all the video games and manga Usagi, Rei, and Minako go through, you'd think they'd have at least raised the idea.)
They might thought of it if Chib-Usa had been less hostile towards Usagi. Her red eyes and her even weirder hair colour, both non-existing among her known relatives did not help either.

Tom McCambley

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So Wiseman is Randall Flagg. I can get behind that. But does that mean the Sailor Scouts serve the Dark Tower? And if that's true also sheds new light on Tuxedo Kamen's roses too...


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They might thought of it if Chib-Usa had been less hostile towards Usagi. Her red eyes and her even weirder hair colour, both non-existing among her known relatives did not help either.
Naah, TV anime series Chibi-Usa isn't really *hostile* toward Usagi (well, not after the first Ep or so she arrives in the story, anyway), IMO.

It's just that
Spoiler: Show
Usagi is her Bratty Big Sister (Substitue), while her Mother, is well, her Mother. And you know how Lil' Bratty Kids behave toward their Big SIbs
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