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[IWIW] Sailor Moon R (thread 4 of a continuing series)

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Re: Or by the Dread Pirate V?

... is anyone else a little turned on by Darth Venus?
…no, not at a—

*follows legs up, up, past the little thigh chain…*

—well, okay, maybe a little.

The look on her face, though! She looks like she's trying to burn through someone with her eyes, and succeeding.


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She's trying an alternative casting technique: Eye Lasers.:D
(watch out for Mars, she is trying a fire breath technique...)

"That day, she was amazed to discover that when she was saying 'As you wish,' what she meant was, 'I love you.'"
No thread should be complete without a Princess Bride quote...:cool:
... is anyone else a little turned on by Darth Venus?
What did you expect ?
Senshi of Temptation...
, noone less !;)
Shadowjack said:
Her style seems to emphasize direct punches from an upright stance, with some throws and grapples
Then why does she not finally start using this, and always run like an angry bull with lowered head and try to punch into the middle body ? (and do´t get me with Princess Ioropa) :confused:

Regarding VLMC:
, btw, here we have
Venus borrowing her girdle(,ok?) to Juno (aka Hera).
(warning: historical nudity ! It was hard enough finding a pic of her wearing her golden girdle, let alone anything...)

And here we have
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon's Venus, wearing her LoveMe Chain like a belt.

So, Shadowjack, are you now finally convinced that the
is a real and good attack for a Sailor Senshi, especially Venus ?
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Then why does she not finally start using this, and always run like an angry bull with lowered head and try to punch into the middle body ?
Apparently the same reason Rei mysteriously forgot her karate training…

Seriously, Rei took out, like, three guys in a couple of seconds, back when the team was breaking into the airport to take on Jadeite; in Makoto's first appearance, she thrashed two street punks larger than herself; and as Sailor Jupiter she went toe-to-toe with Dark Energy Endymion for a couple of minutes and made a good showing, although she lost in the end.

Now Rei gets worked by a that youma wrestler, and doesn't even think of trying to block those blows… and Makoto, as you point out, has degenerated to bull-rushes. Her sifu ought to whack her upside the head and make her tote water for a while.


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She's trying an alternative casting technique: Eye Lasers.:D
So she's a cute, enthusiastic girl....

................who doesn't quite fit in with the people around her........

....................................who dreams of becoming the number one idol in Japan.......

Who shoots eyebeams?



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:p ;) :D

My brother tried to get me to watch that with him a couple of times.

I simply cannot keep up with the fast squeaky Japanese comedies. I tend to man what so much that I just space out and miss what little is actually going on. It's really too bad.

This being the Internet, home of inference and implication, I feel compelled to state for the record that I have nothing against them.

No, damn it, that sounds like I'm about to follow up with, "…why, some of my best friends are series within that subgenre, they're a fine race." And that would be bad.

Rephrase: I simply do not grok them. :D


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Semi-related, here's a cool fanart of Beryl, back on Earth pre-evil (or their rendition, rather), then post.


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Sailor Moon R Episode #66: Usagi's Parental Love? A Curry Triangle Relationship.

Mom: "We're so very sorry, dear."
Dad: "Really we are."
Usagi /just happening by. "—'He picks up a bus and he throws it back down / as he wades through the buildings toward the center of town—'"
Mom: "Usagi!"
Usagi: "No, Godzilla. 'Oh no, they say he's—'"
Mom: "Usagi, you can help us!"
Usagi: "…whoa, everyone looks so serious. What's going on?"
Shingo: "Mom and Dad are shattering a promise made to a defenseless little kid."
Dad: "All right, you, outside."
{Shingo has left the scene.}
Mom: "Next Sunday, all the kids in Chibi-Usa's class and their parents are making curry together…"
Dad: "…but urgent business came up that we have to attend to."
Usagi: "And Big Sister needs to go in your place! No problemo!"
Chibi-Usa: "NO! I didn't ask for stupid Usagi!"
Usagi: "Neither did I, so shut it!"
Mom: "Ut!"
Usagi: "Sorry. Shut it, please."
Mom: "Ahem!"
Usagi: "Say, just what is this urgent family business, anyway? Going back to your secret identities one more time, huh?" /wink wink
Mom /nervous laughter.
Dad /nervous laughter.
Usagi: "…I was joking, obviously."
Mom: "Yes, joking! Ha-ha!"
Dad: "Yes! Excuse us."
{Mom and Dad have left the scene.}
Usagi: "…"
Chibi-Usa: "You suck! I don't want to go anywhere with you!"
Usagi: "Well, DOUBLE DITTO!"
Usagi: "DOUBLE DITTO WITH— I'm hungry. When's dinner, anyway?"

Chibi-Usa: "That's okay. I don't care. I'm fine all by myself. I am a big brave girl, and big brave girls don't cry."
Chibi-Usa /remembers a trip to a restaurant with Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad had eyes for each other, and for her, but she only had eyes for the ocean.
Chibi-Usa /starts to cry.

Usagi: "And then they started to laugh like I'd caught them in the act. So what do you think: secret agents, criminals, or just plain superheroes?"
Luna: "I think you're wrong."
Usagi: "You didn't hear them laugh."
Luna: "About Chibi-Usa."
Luna: "Yes, and how old is she?"
Usagi: "…like, five, maybe."
Luna: "And how old are you?"
Usagi: "…I think I see where you're going with this."
Luna: "When you're the grown-up (and, yes, you're close enough when it comes to her), you don't get into fights with kids. You have teachable moments."
Usagi: "I seem to recall you once judo threw me into the ground during one of those teachable moments."
Luna: "…Yes, and didn't I try to win your trust and all that good stuff before resorting to that?"
Usagi: "…I seem to recall an awful lot of shouting… but I know you meant well. So, yeah, you tried."
Luna: "Kittens are easier. If they get stroppy, you just throw 'em back into the cardboard box! You can't do that with Chibi-Usa. You can't lose your cool, you have to set a good example and never let her dominate. You've gotta be the grown-up."
Usagi: "BUT I DON'T WANNA BE THE GROWN-UP." /joking.
Luna /smiles. "…neither do I…"
Usagi: "I'll try to be more mature about the Spore."
Luna: "…'SPORE'?"
Usagi /scoots out of the room real fast.

Usagi /spies upon Chibi-Usa, who is in the kitchen.
Chibi-Usa: "I don' need stupid ol' parents or stupid ol' Usagi. I'm a big girl and I can do it myself."
Chibi-Usa /spills everything again.
Usagi /debates whether or not to make fun of the Spore or—
Chibi-Usa /tries very hard not to cry again.
Usagi /sigh.
Usagi /big sister mode: ON.
Usagi: "Heya. Watcha doin'?"
Chibi-Usa: "Stupid Usagi, can't you tell? I'm practicing making curry rice. ALL BY MYSELF."
Usagi: "Looks like you're doing okay for a start!"
Chibi-Usa /?
Usagi: "How 'bout we ask Mamoru to come over tomorrow? He can help, and you'll be fine with me around if he's there, too, right?"
Chibi-Usa: "…I dunno. I bet you're just using me as an excuse to see him."
Usagi: "…What a perceptive little darlin' you are! But, no, honestly, what do you say?"

Usagi: "Ding dong!"
Mamoru: "Usagi!" :D
Mamoru: "I mean, grump, grump." :mad: "What are you doing here this early? I was trying to sleep."
Usagi: "Keep making that face and it'll freeze."
Chibi-Usa: "No bantering! I need a favor! Please."
Mamoru /?

Coffee and croissant.
Mamoru: "I'm sorry, girls, but it's too short notice, I have work tomorrow."
Usagi: "…drat. Well, it was worth asking."
Chibi-Usa: "It's okay. We were asking for too much." /sniff sniff "I'll just… figure out a way… by myself… Usagi's no help… I'll try…" /sniff sob
Mamoru: "…Oy, vey. You're not related to my mother, by any chance?"
Chibi-Usa: "What's that mean?"
Usagi: "It means you got him, kid."
Mamoru: "I'll… see if I can swap shifts with someone. But, uh, I don't know how to cook curry rice."
Usagi: "…You've got that fancy kitchen and you don't know how to cook a Japanese staple?"
Mamoru: "Linguine con funghi Portabello ed carciofo, si. Curry rice, no.
Chibi-Usa: "Well, that's all right, Mamo! Usagi can do it!"
Usagi: "…"
Mamoru: "…"
The nine black birds of doom that circle the world until its end fly through Mamoru's living room.
Chibi-Usa: "…Uh-oh."
Usagi: "I suggest we try our practice cooking this evening. So there's plenty of time for, uh, Mamoru to sleep."
Mamoru: "Good luck, girl."

Petz /is eating strawberry cake.
Calaveras: "That'll go straight to your hips, darlin'."
Petz: "It is ewil cake, which does not count, und in any case I deserve something after our last outing. …Calaveras, vhy are hyu placing lemon on hyour face?"
Calaveras: "Authentic 20th-century skin care technique! Ah'm goin' native. Why don' you give it a go, Petz? A little freshenin', and you'll knock the boys dead!"
Petz: "…Men who judge women by their appearance are like pondscum."
Calaveras: "Nothin' wrong with bein' beautiful. I know you was dumped, but being prickly as a cactus will leave you as lonely as a watermelon on Pike's Peak."
Petz /hefts the cake for throwing. "CAN IT, CAL! Or I'll show you where you can put your lemons!"
Rubeus /just stepping in. "…There are few things as beautiful as family members in harmony."
Petz /frantically hides the cake under her chair and straightens up.
Calaveras /frantically hides the lemons in her mouth and looks innocent.
Rubeus: "…"
Calaveras: "…"
Calaveras /sour! sour! *PTUI!* Ack!
Rubeus /facepalm.
Petz: "Hyu have found another Crystal Point, sir?"
Rubeus: "…yes, but maybe I should call one of the others today…"
Petz: "I VOLUNTEER! I VOLUNTEER!" /rushes out.
Calaveras: "Bleeeehhhh. Ick. Cheater! Wait for the order!" /rushes after.
Rubeus: "…Maybe this was not such a good plan after all."

Usagi: "…Wow! Nice. You have all this to yourself?"
Ami: "…A lot of the time, yeah. Uh, let's get to business."
Ami /drops stack of cookbooks on the table. "Let's see, here—"
Usagi: "…"
Ami /flip flip. "Okay, 'history of curry powder.'"
Usagi: "No."
Ami /flip flip. "'How to make your own curry powder.'"
Usagi: "Uh… maybe."
Ami: "'…so and so and so… requires twenty or thirty different spices… prepared over…'"
Usagi: "No."
Rei: "¡You don't need to go to all that trouble!"
Usagi: "Okay, hit me."
Usagi: "OW!"
Usagi: "I meant, tell me."
Rei: "¡Oh, sorry! But I make curry all the time, no sweat."
Ami: "…I thought the point of curry was to sweat?"
Rei: "¡Hey, presto!" /holds up pack of Here!!™ Instant Curry mix! "This one's my favorite."
Rei: "…"
Rei: "I detect a distinct lack of enthusiasm on your parts."
Usagi: "…I had this sudden image of you at thirty, living with a fridge full of instant meals and malt beer."
Rei: "¡Hmph! See if I help you again."
Makoto: "Okay, enough comedy, folks. Into the kitchen for the lessons. Usagi? After you."
Minako: "I wanna watch!"

Cue Swedish Chef music.
Usagi: "I absolutely promise this time I will not let you do all the work. I really do want to learn to do this myself."
Makoto: "Good! Let's start with peeling and chopping."
Usagi: "Peeling I can do." /peels carrots, potatoes, onions. A plurality of the skins go into the bucket.
Makoto: "Very good! Now, watch me chop."
Makoto /chopchopchopchopchopchopchopchopchopchopchopchopchopchop
Makoto: "See?"
Usagi: "…Behold, future IRON CHEF AINO!"
Minako: "Whoa. I wanna try!"
Makoto: "Okay…"
Minako /WHAKwhakWHAKwhakWHAKwhakWHAK
Makoto /flinches. "Don't do it like that!"
Minako: "Like what?" /spins around, knife in hand.
Makoto /throws herself back.
Usagi: "Minako! No!"
Minako: "Huh?" /spins the other way.
Usagi /dives for cover.
Usagi: "She's WORSE than I AM!"
Minako: "Don't be silly, guys, I'm doing just OH GOD MY FINGER! MY FINGER!" /throws knife over shoulder, pots and pans fall.
Makoto: "…it's a carrot."
Minako: "—what?"
Makoto /eats it.
Minako: "AAAAAHHHHH! Hey."
Makoto: "I thought you said you cut your finger."
Minako: "I did. Right here. See?"
Usagi: "But I thought it was—" /smack! "MINA!"
Minako: "WELL YOU STARTLED ME! I thought it WAS my finger!"
Luna: "…I'm beginning to understand why Artemis has been skipping our little outings."
Minako: "…it stings."
Makoto: "That's the onion."
Minako: "Oh."
Usagi: "Well, that was fun, but I really have to learn how to do this now. EVERYBODY OUT! Except Mako."

Walking to the store. Mamoru holding Chibi-Usa's hand, Usagi reading the shopping list on her hand, Luna walking behind.

Usagi: "Potatoes. Carrots. Onions. Curry powder. Meat. What am I forgetting for curry rice?"
Chibi-Usa: "…Rice?"
Mamoru /tries not to smile.
Usagi: "Rice, yeah. Phew. Good catch. …Now would you look at that sunset."
Mamoru /Keanu. "Whoa."
Chibi-Usa: "…"

Chibi-Usa remembers a similar time, walking while holding the hands of Mommy and Daddy, admiring the sunset and flame spires over Crystal Tokyo.

Brief glimpses of Daddy, a tall, dark-haired gentleman with kindly plumber's hands and a taste for refined clothing, and Mommy, an elegant yet ebullient lady with distinctive long blonde pigtails and boundless empathy.

Chibi-Usa finds the current situation strangely familiar.

Chibi-Usa: (to self) "I find the current situation strangely familiar."
Chibi-Usa /closes eyes… and reaches out… and takes Usagi's hand.
Usagi /d'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Usagi: "This feels strangely comfortable."
Mamoru: "This feels strangely comfortable."
Usagi and Mamoru /look at each other, suddenly look away, blushing.

Luna: "Good. I was worrying about those two."
Luna: "…Wow, has it really been that long since I last did this? Walkin' chaperone. Long time."
Luna: "Harder to keep up when every noble rides a horse. Had to tag team with the other cats."
Luna: "Ugh. And I remember that time when he tried to take her sailing. Oh boy."
Luna: "I bet Serenity thought I didn't know about the time by the tree, but I knew. Heh."
Luna: "Ah, the times change, but the tune doesn't. They're good kids."
Luna: "…Kiss already, you fools!"

Chibi-Usa /suddenly realizes she's not in Oz any more.
Chibi-Usa: "LEGGO MY HAND!"
Usagi: "…You took my hand!"
Chibi-Usa: "NO I DIDN'T!"
Usagi: "DID!"
Chibi-Usa: "DIDN'T!"
Mamoru: "Sigh."

Luna: "…Youth is wasted on the young."

Petz and Calaveras are doing a food demo in a grocery store. The product? Well… the sign says "Mysterious Dark Fruit," and the fruits on display certainly are both those things. As to the ladies themselves?

They are wearing stupid hats. They have a booth babe. Neither will admit whose idea any of this was.

Calaveras /shrugs. "Hey, we only had five minutes."
Petz: "HYU!" /points.
Random Shopper #1: "Me?"
Petz: "Are hyu feeling anxious about your life? For an unhappy person like hyu, BLACK is PERFECT. Have some of these mysterious dark fruits with me, and we can both be… unhappy."
Random Shopper #1 /avoids eye contact and hurries on.
Calaveras: "Petz, honey, you're just not cut out for this line o' work, are you?"
Petz: "Vell, if hyu wish to try—"
Calaveras /squee! :) "KONNICHIWA JUBAN SUPERMARKET! Let me introduce you to our mystery fruit. It is our A-NUMBER ONE special today! The color is a trendy, trendy black, and it is absolutely DELICIOUS. Today, we're offering this at half-price! SUPER CHANCE! Try a taste with me, neh? neh?"
Booth Babe /starts working the crowd.
Petz: "…I admit it. That vas good."
Calaveras /beams.
Petz: "I suppose that is how hyu manipulate men, also."
Calaveras: "Wrong!"
Petz /?
Calaveras: "A woman don't need to manipulate men, if she looks half as good as me."
Petz: "…you vill be hurt some day. Und I vill laugh."

The sample platter is passed around. Mysterious Dark Fruit doesn't taste bad. But then!

All the shoppers turn into zombies.

Shopper #1: "Uhhhhh."
Shopper #2: "Unnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh."
Shopper #3: "Bargaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnns."
Booth Babe: "Miladies? I think we're ready now!"
Calaveras: "You just sayin' that because—"
Petz: "I vill never! You say—"
Bicker, bicker, bicker.
Booth Babe: "Miladies? …Oh, well."
Booth Babe: "Okay, all you zombies! Touch everything in the store, now! Rub your hands all over, real gross now, 'kay?"

Usagi /Jedi Mind Trick.
The doors to Juban Supermarket slide open.
Usagi: "Behold my power!"
Chibi-Usa: "…I wanna try!"
Luna: "Ahem!"
Usagi: "Oh! Sorry, Luna. You want me to get you something while you wait outside?"
Luna /not what she was referring to, but can't figure out how to say it with Chibi-Usa around. "…"
Usagi /knows damn well. "…I'm sorry, but there's no such thing as a service cat! I can't take you with me."
Luna: "…meow."
Usagi: "Back in a minute."

But soon…
Chibi-Usa: "This meat smells weird."
Mamoru: "No kidding. I think this whole shelf is expired."
Usagi: "I think this whole section is expired. What the heck? This has always been the best market in the district. Above and beyond."
Mamoru: "Maybe the fridges broke down in the heat. Well, we'll have to try somewhere else—"
Usagi: "Hey, wait! We haven't tried the other departments yet—"
{Mamoru and Chibi-Usa have left the scene.}
Luna /runs up. "Usagi! Usagi! Something's wrong in this store!"
Usagi: "Yes, there's an animal on the salesfloor."
Luna: "NO!"
Usagi: "Have you no respect for law and order?"

Mamoru haggles with the butcher at a little meat stall.
Rei: "Oh, excuse me— ¡Hey, it's Mamoru and Chibi-Usa! ¿But weren't you with Usagi?"
Chibi-Usa: "I don't care about her any more! She's stupid."
Rei: "¡Don't you talk about her that way! I know she often seems odd, but she's got her own way of—"
Chibi-Usa: "Can you make curry and rice?"
Rei: "Of course I can! 'I can whip together all kinds of curry, from Indian style and Sri Lankan style to hometown restaurant style.'"
Mamoru: "'Here's Here!!™, Instant Curry!'"
Rei: "…He sees through me."
Mamoru: "Well, not so much, but a little."
Chibi-Usa: "Would you come to my school with me?"
Rei: "…Uh…?"
Mamoru: "See, she's got this—"
Rei: "Oh, Usagi told me all about—"
Mamoru: "…"
Rei: "I think it would be a bad idea."
Mamoru: "Is it because of me? I can go—"
Rei: "No, no, it's just, well—"
Chibi-Usa: "Did he dump you, too?"
Mamoru /!
Rei: "¡No! Well, sort of. But that was a long time ago and we're just good friends now."
Chibi-Usa: "Then why are you all stuttering and weird?"
Rei /because it is fucking awkward to hang out with your ex who is also your best friend's ex except he maybe isn't ex and she's not sure just what he's thinking in all this and you just can't talk about this stuff in front of the kid.
Rei: "I have allergies."

And so…
Rei /sitting on park bench. "…"
Chibi-Usa /sitting on park bench. "…"
Mamoru /sitting on park bench. "…"
Rei: "…¡So!"
Mamoru: "So."
Rei: "…"
Mamoru: "…"
Chibi-Usa: (thinks to self) "That's funny, I miss Usagi. She's not stupid, she's nice, and makes me feel safe. I don't know why."
Chibi-Usa: "…I miss Usagi. Can we go back and—?"
Mamoru: "Yes!"
Rei /phew! "Thank goodness."

They walk back to the store.
Chibi-Usa /skips.
Rei /laughs.
Mamoru /deeply relieved.

Chibi-Usa /?
Rei: "¡Wait right here! ¡Don't go in the store! I'll be right back…" /dashes toward the store.
Chibi-Usa: "…What?"
Mamoru: "Don't worry, she does that all the time."

Usagi: "Whaddayamean weird?"
Luna: "The zombie-like behavior of the customers isn't enough?"
Usagi: "Well, I did think that a trifle—"
Customer #4: "Nnnnnnnnnnnnuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh."
Usagi /hastily back up into a shelf, out of the way. "—odd!"
The instant she bumps the shelf, everything on the shelf dissolves into sludge.
Usagi /!
Luna: "And then there's that."
Usagi /deliberately kicks another shelf.
The instant she bumps the shelf, everything on the shelf dissolves into sludge.
Usagi: "…dude."
Luna: "And then there's her."
Booth Babe /is now unmasked as Avocado Girl, dark-skinned beauty of dangerous darkness, and is merrily zapping all the zombie shoppers with dark energy.
Usagi: "…maybe I need glasses, Luna."

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 43+14
Usagi into Princess Serenity: 1
Usagi into Disguise Form: 9
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 15+1
Rei into Sailor Mars: 13+1
Makoto into Sailor Jupiter: 8+1
Minako into Sailor Venus: 7+1
Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask: 2
Luna-P into Something-or-Other: 3

Calaveras: "Looks like we've about wrapped up this popsicle stand."
Petz: "…I am not sure zat destroying the market vas our goal."
Calaveras: "Corrupt, destroy, I don' reckon it makes much difference in the end."
Petz: "I suppose not."
Usagi /bursts in, dramatically! "HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!"
Calaveras: "Who are you? Some kinda bad dream?"
Usagi: "Do I look like a bad dream? 'It is I, Sailor Moon! With my carrot, and my celery! Eating crunchy vegetables is good for me, and they're good for you, for teeth so strong, your whole life long, eat celery and carrots by the bunch! Three cheers for me, Sailor Vegetable—'"
Rei /rides up on a shopping cart. "—'crunch, crunch, crunch!'"
Usagi: "What up, Mars?"
Rei: "¿What up, Moon?"
Calaveras: "Screw you and the cart you rode in on!"
Avocado Girl /blows up the cart.

<< Luna : Attack : Avocado Girl >>
< Avocado Girl parries and ripostes! >
<< Avocado Girl swings Banana Knife! >>
< Luna dodges, barely! >
<< Avocado Girl casts Bombing Run! >>
< Usagi dives for cover! >
< Rei dives for cover! >
Petz: "Seize them, my minions!"
Petz: "…"
Petz: "Hyu let the Droid drain the minions? Already?"
Calaveras: "I thought we were all done with them!"
<< Avocado Girl throws Peeled Lichee Bomb! >>
Luna: "Oh no! Not a Peeled Lichee Bomb, deadliest of all exploding fruits!"

Enter Tuxedo Mask, dramatically, armed with +3 blessed throwing roses.
Mamoru /splits the Lichee Bomb in half with a well-placed rose.
Usagi: "But not the deadliest of all plants! Hello, Tux!"
Petz: "Vat are hyu? Some kind of weirdo?"
Mamoru: "Do I look like a weirdo? 'It is I, Tuxedo Mask! With my carrot, and my celery! Eating crunchy vegetables is good for me, and they're good for you, for teeth so strong, your whole life long, eat celery and carrots by the bunch! Three cheers for me, Tuxedo Vegetable—'"
Usagi and Rei: "—'crunch, crunch, crunch!'"
Usagi: "See, I told you we think alike!"
Rei: "Not the time."
Usagi: "Oops! You're right."
Mamoru: "En garde!"

Furious Avocado Tuxedo Battle! Excellent Compliant Monkey Rod vs. Banana Knife!

Usagi: "Go get her, Tux! W00t!"
Petz: "Does this make any sense to hyu?"
Calaveras: "Oh, we left sense behind long ago, honey!"
Rei: "¡Enough of this chatter! I, Sailor Mars, shall be your opponent."
<< Rei : Cast > BurnMandala : All Foes >>
< Petz parries with invisible force field! >
Rei: "Well… pus." /stamps foot.
Petz: "Next time ve take a mission, ve do not drink before it, hokay?"
Calaveras: "You just cain't handle it. Okay, Sailor Mars, I—"
Petz: "Excuse me? It is my turn."
Calaveras: "It is not your—"
Petz: "It is my turn—"
Calaveras: "Listen, I didn't get a—"
Petz: "I am the older and you—"
Calaveras: "Oh, ho! So you—"
Bicker, bicker, bicker.

Rei: "…"
Usagi: "…"
Rei: "It's like looking in a mirror."
Usagi: "I know, right?" :D

The other three Sailor Senshi burst in, dramatically! Petz and Calaveras are surrounded.

Petz and Calaveras: "Frell."
Makoto: "Who are you people?"
Petz: "No vun of consequence."
Ami: "We must know."
Calaveras: "Get used to disappointment!"
Minako: "Okay! …Roast 'em!"
{Petz and Calaveras have left the scene.}
Minako and Makoto /in unison. "Wimps."
Usagi: "Hey, Tux?"
Mamoru: "Almost finished." /disarms Avocado Girl in one easy motion, holds her at bay.
Avocado Girl: "Kill me quickly."
Mamoru: "I would as soon destroy a stained glass window as an artist like yourself."
Avocado Girl: "Really?"
Mamoru: "No."
Usagi /brains her from behind. "Bonk!"
<< Usagi : Cast > Halation : Avocado Girl >>
< Avocado Girl is eliminated! >

And all the customers are restored! And all the food, too!
Customers: "Wha' happen—?"
Usagi: "Good work, everybody! Thank you! Oh, and Tuxedo Mask?"
Mamoru: "Yes?"
Usagi: "Where is the baby?"
Mamoru: :confused:
Mamoru: :eek:
{Mamoru has left the scene.}
Usagi /sigh. "Sometimes, that man—"

Usagi: "Okay! Here we go! Curry Rice, Tsukino-Style!"

Usagi spends about an hour making a total disaster of the kitchen. Finally, out of the cloud of smoke—

Mamoru: "Did you have to use every utensil in the kitchen?"
Chibi-Usa: "Is this curry rice? It doesn't look like curry rice."
Mamoru: "Now, now, Usagi tried very hard to learn how, and I'm sure it'll be perfectly… edible."
Usagi: "Of course it will! Everyone, dig in!"


Usagi: "All right, all right, I'll take the first bite." /om nom nom
Usagi /nom nom
Usagi /nom
Usagi /um
Usagi: "…"
Chibi-Usa: "She's weeping."
Mamoru: "Because it tastes so good?"
Usagi /light shines. "BEHOLD and MARVEL! For I have created FOOD where there was NOTHING before!"
Usagi: "Eat! It's good for you."
Usagi: "EAT."
Mamoru /om nom nom
Chibi-Usa /om nom nom
Mamoru /!
Chibi-Usa /!
Mamoru: "…This is pretty good, Usagi!"
Chibi-Usa /casual. "…It's edible."
Usagi /pumps fist. "Yes! So are we on for tomorrow?"
Chibi-Usa: "Eh, I guess." /reaches for seconds.
Usagi: :D

Usagi: "Ami, let me run this theory past you: The bad guys are space communists."
Ami /considers. Finally: "Plausible."
Usagi: "They're attacking places of business, right?"
Ami: "Correct. Except for the dojo, but that could be a fluke… Though it is possible, even probable, that there is something connecting those businesses that we're unaware of. And it doesn't explain the Spore, I mean, Chibi-Usa."
Usagi: "Ha! Got you saying it, too."
Ami: "Hey, I like her, she's sweet, don't do that."
Usagi: "Sorry. I'm getting to like her too. That's why I still call her the Spore, because—"
Ami: "—she grows on you."
Usagi /bwahahaha!
Ami: "Puns. Why did it have to be puns?"
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