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[IWIW] Sailor Moon R (thread 4 of a continuing series)

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I must say, the Black Moon looks like a perfect blend of Crystal Tokio and the Moon Kingdom. Put into a black light. Which is eerily accurate...
And it is transplutonian, for your interest, I must insist...
(otherwise it won´t be the 10th planet, yaknow...)

We catch the barest glimpse of the central temple, filled with light, where about the city's center crystal point stand four women, clad in white and colors, hands clasped. From their combined efforts pours elemental power.

We recognize the four immediately, of course.[/i]
Yah, evidence is evident...
Rubeus: "Interesting. Their uniforms resemble those of these 'Sailor Scouts' who oppose us in this world…"
And grows more...
Luna: "If you'll recall, you possess a similar power. Remember when you were still learning the ropes?"
Usagi: "…Oh, yeah. The sonic scream crybaby attack. I'd almost forgotten. Hm. I suppose there's got to be a better way to handle a magically-empowered girl than shouting at her."
I remember. Nice that you do, too, Shadowjack...:)
Pink bolt, starshine, swirling smokes… and a portal appears. Chibi-Usa begins to be drawn upward, into the portal—

Chibi-Usa: "I did it!"

—which flickers and fades out.

Chibi-Usa /stands up. "WHAT? WHY? Why didn't it work?!" /starts to cry for real.
Using those thingies is difficult at best...
Berthier /appears on the stairs below Chibi-Usa. "Aw, did somezing sad happen, little rabbit? Quel dommage!"
Chibi-Usa /!
Koan /appears on the stairs above Chibi-Usa. "Berthier, I found the Wabbit first! I should have the honow!"
Ah, Chibiusa besting 2 dabbling sisters, Luna fighting (again), and, yes, 2 dabbling Phantom Sisters.
Hilarity ensues...:D
Koan: "Cat? That's a master-wevel judoka shapeshifted into the fowm of a cat, I'm sure of it. How's the spine?"
I am sorry, weren´t you talking about another cat...?
Minako: "If you like, I could act chirpy enough for two!" /LOL ;) ;) ;)
She could ! She really could...;)
Chibi-Usa: "Puu, I'm not strong, I'm scared!"
Puu: "Be brave. You have powerful allies."
Puu is wise...:)
Usagi /assumes a guard position before Chibi-Usa. "Where're the rest of the Otaku Girls?"
Koan: "That's PHANTOM SISTERS. And I do bewieve that—"
Calaveras: "From Planet 10—"
Berthier: "—La Luna Noire—"
Koan: "—the Bwack Moon Cwan's finest!"
All together now: "The Four Phantom Sisters!"
Petz: "In the name of the Dark Moon, ve vill punish hyu."
Aaaand...even more exposure.

Enter the Sailors, dramatically. Time for the slow-motion "The Right Stuff" Power Walk.
Now we have arrived...
Rei: "Sailor Mars, priestess of fire!"
Ami: "Sailor Mercury, mistress of waters!"
Makoto: "Sailor Jupiter, who calls the lightning!"
Minako: "Sailor Venus, knight commander of love!"
Usagi: "And Sailor Moon."
Chibi-Usa /wow.
Oh hell yeah !

Koan conjures brilliant freezing flame and hurls it forward in a wash of blue. Mars makes all the welding fuel canisters burst, and directs the swirling flames into the cold wave, warming it and sending the fire right back at her.

Berthier and Mercury stand apart, a torus of water suspended between them, as each condenses water from the air and feeds it into the pattern. Neither surrenders an inch.

Venus and Calaveras leap up, down, and over the construction stacks, whip vs. chain. So swift and accurate is their combat, not a single brick is disturbed, but the crackle of their weapons fills the air like a drumbeat.

Petz hurls upon Jupiter lightning bolts of all-absorbing darkness, but Jupiter moves as fast as lightning, and simply steps aside. Disdaining magical attacks, she comes on, fists cocked, but Petz, smiling, remains ever just beyond her reach.
See, this is the part which I wished would have been brought into epic lenghs. Would have been better than an episode with cute dinosaurs...
Rubeus: "Our mission is to change the future course of this city. Sorry, lady, but the kid's gotta die."
And now you know
(I mean, Sailor Moon. It was rather obvious for the audience.):
return to the past,
and blot out that history !
As said...

< Rose Garden Barrage! Rubeus is hit! Rubeus is hurt! >
He is mostly hit by the blast that comes from blocking his shooting star rubies. Mamoru seems better in defense with his powers...
<< Usagi : Cast > Halation : Rubeus >>
< Rubeus is hit! Rubeus is seriously hurt! >
Which strenghens the theory that Halation is less cleansing, and mostly "cutting"...
Chibi-Usa /sobs and hugs Usagi. "PLEASE SAVE MY MOM! Puu said Sailor Moon and her sailor warriors could help me! Please save my Mommy! Please!"
Usagi "—but I suppose questions can wait a moment, kiddo." /hugs back.
It gets closer...
(Have I mentionned that Puu speaks wisely?)
Glass towers and domes in curved and twisted shapes glimmer above a smooth reflective plain (glass or water?), that is itself divided by elevated roadways. But this great city is nonetheless dwarfed by mesas of ice that stand in back of it, and high above the stars shine coldly
And he glares at the image of Chibi-Usa's mother, held imprisoned, asleep?, in a magical stasis: An elegant woman in the prime of life. She wears a dress of purest white, folded to evoke angelic wings, and also a mithril crown. Her fair is long, blonde, and tied in odango twintails… a hairstyle more than familiar, for her face is also the spitting image of Usagi.

At last they stopped going around that for episodes, ansd made it outright clear finally...
It's a great episode. It would be greater with more budget. But I like having a giant brawl, even if it's basically inconclusive.
See, Jhiday, someone who agrees with me...


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I would assume little more than, "Like, here's all the masters this time, plus good-quality digital copies." Since if there was revised animation or what-not, they'd be advertising it. ("454 seconds of new computer-rendered footage!" etc.)


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Astronomy trivia:

The 10th planet chronologically was Juno, now designated 3 Juno, an asteroid. (Pluto was hardly the first planet to be "downgraded" in status after subsequent observations.)

Wikipedia also reveals that Saturn was also considered the 10th planet from the sun for some years, due to certain large asteroids being counted as planets. But I do believe Saturn is already taken in Sailor Moon's cosmology, even though I haven't met her yet.

Other "tenth planets" included 2060 Chiron, 136199 Eris, and 136108 Haumea.

"Trans-Neptunian Object" (TNO) is astronomer speak for "You know all those icy bodies orbiting way the hell out there? Pluto, Charon, all the other ones we've named recently, and all the rest of the Oort Cloud, Kuiper Belt, and scattered disc? Yeah, okay, those thingies." The problem with these guys, dramatically, is that most of them probably aren't even round, just chunks of ice, maybe some pebbles. A few—like good ol' Pluto—do qualify for proper dwarf planet status, though.

Pluto's surface gravity is about 1/15 G, and is believed to have a very thin atmosphere of mostly methane. If Planet 10 is at all like Pluto, the low gravity alone could explain why their agents are not the toughest cookies in the box…


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By the way...

In the end, it was an episode where a great brawl was happening, where speculated facts were confirmed, and thus the characters now actually know what is going on, at least a bit more than before.
So, so much better than that filler...

That was all I wanted to state now...

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The episode also underlined the symetry between the senshi and the sisters. Mars and Koan use fire, Mercury and Bertier water, Jupiter/Petz lightning, and Venus/Calaveras whips. It only breaks down at the leadership level, where we have Usagi using death rays made of love, while Rubeus uses explody spheres. Well, at least they are pinkish. Maybe he's more of an equivalent for Tuxedo Mask?


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The episode also underlined the symetry between the senshi and the sisters. Mars and Koan use fire, Mercury and Bertier water, Jupiter/Petz lightning, and Venus/Calaveras whips. It only breaks down at the leadership level, where we have Usagi using death rays made of love, while Rubeus uses explody spheres. Well, at least they are pinkish. Maybe he's more of an equivalent for Tuxedo Mask?
Spheres of raw purple hate, perhaps?

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I just want to say that "death rays made of love" is the most awesome yet accurate description of Usagi's attacks that I've ever seen.
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