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[IWIW] Sailor Moon R (thread 4 of a continuing series)

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See, you've outgrown the turducken of awesome, Shadowjack.

Somehow, you fit that turkey into a sheep of awesome, and the sheep into a pig of awesome, and now you just stuffed that sucker into an entire cow of awesome.

Or something like that.


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Re: #69: Awaken, Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Distress.

Wow, Kenji-papa doing his taxes is epic. (And your Ikuko-mama is disturbingly sexy.)
So that's what he's busy doing now that the show has forgotten about him ?

[edit] No that I think about it, I do find your Chibi-Usa off-model. Here's her design sheet (spoiler-free, hit enter on the location bar to pass the referrer protection) : the problem seems to be with the hair, which is too long and straight instead of curly and going sideways. She looks too much like a miniature Usagi, which while a cute idea doesn't really work.

But back with episode #69. Urgh, always hated that one.

Magic Voice: "Mamoru Chiba, you must not be involved with Usagi Tsukino."
Okay, even with the best will in the world, this does not make a lick of sense considering the eventual explanation. Previous occurrences of Mamoru's dream were at least vague enough, but there's absolutely no way to reconcile this. Which is the most blatant proof that the writers were making up this subplot as they went along.

Motoki /just happening by.
This is the Crown Fruit Parlor, which is apparently just on top of the Crown Game Center where Motoki works. According to the manga, Motoki and Unazuki's parents own both.

Over time, the Crown Fruit Parlor will become as much (if not more) of a regular hangout for the Sailor gang as the Crown Game Center (though, of course, in the anime they're both easily eclipsed by Hikawa Shrine for that role.)

Minako: "Because we're woefully short on actionable intelligence, here."
I'm pretty sure the original had an extended "As you know" recap by the girls, so thank you for sprucing it up.

Which is par for the course in R, and the second episode on a row. See what I meant when I stated that this plot device was overused ?

As Chibi-Sailor Moon [...]
Chibi-Sailor Moon

Note to the writers : if you want me to take this sequence seriously, please don't switch to super-deformed mode.

Luna /weeping tears of frustration and rage. "FOR GODS' SAKES! I don't know what stupid reason you've got for breaking up with her, but she's going to die, now, right now, if you don't help! So help me, if you don't get out of that bed, I'll drag you from it myself!"
You told him, Luna !

When all the characters are proclaiming how stupid and misguided this whole subplot is, it might be time for the writers to take the hint. It's not tragic, just irritating.

Also, despite a whole episode being devoted to it, the subplot barely makes any forward progress here. Urgh.

Next episode : I admit being a bit of a grumpy bear this season. But even I must recognize that next episode is nearly perfect : emotionally gripping, suspenseful, with some superb character work, and a completely unexpected ending that still makes perfect sense.

It also highlights how pointless the big battle royale in #68 was, though.
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Great side story!

And yes, the Mamoru plot is totally retarded.

Chibi's action is kind of stupid, but at least she meant well.


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You know, we could probably collect some of these and sell them at Comic Market in Japan. We'd need a Japanese circle to handle the logistics, but I suspect you'd get more than a few buyers.
Actually, I would recommend another year of hard training (or more, if he wishes) and getting a really good translator to ensure that the jokes carry over.

It will also help if Shadowjack actually goes there and man his own booth.

Despite saying this, if Shadowjack's serious about going there next year, I think I can get him in touch with the staff.

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Re: #69: Awaken, Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Distress.

Also ice cream time. The cats are struggling off to the side.

Rei: "…¿Ami, are you encouraging the cats to fight over the rest of your ice cream?"
Ami: "No, I'm helping Luna and Artemis resolve unresolved personal issues by means of a physical conflict game, with ice cream as a stand-in for various psychological rewards."
Luna and Artemis fighting over ice cream! Cute!

*victory fans*

<Vader> Noooooooo! </Vader>

Rei: "¡Almost too easy, she says! Sailor Moon!"
Luna: "Sailor Moon!"
Artemis: "Sailor Moon!"
Minako: "Sailor Moon!"
Chibi-Usa: "Sailor Moon!"
Jupiter: "Sailor Moon!"
Phobos: "Sailor Moon!"
Deimos: "Sailor Moon!"
Drunk Guy in the Park: "Sailor Moon!"
Ah yes, that. Whenever one of the girls is in danger, the others all have to shout her name. Very strange habit.

Rei and Minako /stretch Usagi out on a park bench.
Ami /tricorder action. "Her energy is pouring out of her body at a terrible rate. At this rate, she'll be dead in minutes!"
Rei: "Don't look at me, the ofuda are a once-per-encounter power."

Mamoru /kisses Usagi.
"Nobody tell him she just swallowed a demon, okay?"

Usagi: "Aha! So Mamoru was lying. Well, lying by implication. But why go to the trouble? Well, if there's anything I'm good at, it's solving mysteries. Usually by blundering into the culprit and blowing something up, but still."
So true.

Also, the the tax strip was awesome. What were the girls doing with all that paint?

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Re: #69: Awaken, Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Distress.

(And your Ikuko-mama is disturbingly sexy.)
Especially that panel where she slams the tray of tea down next to Kenji to wake him up.



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I think my major problem with this episode is just that it's treading water. The only really new thing we get is a detailed look at the dreams that are driving Mamoru away from Usagi. Other than that, most of the plot points have been done in earlier episodes, and often done better. (Mamoru tries to drive Usagi away by being a jerk? Check. Mamoru angsts about it? Check. Usagi is at first disheartened, then more determined than ever to win him back? Check.) The overarcing plot remains in a holding pattern. (The bad guys only show up to toss out a monster of the day, and Chibi-Usa continues to refrain from providing any useful information.) The episode is almost entirely skippable -- if they worked Mamoru's dream in somewhere else, the whole thing would be redundant. Pacing is really one thing they fumbled during the Black Moon Clan arc.

I'll go against the grain and say I thought chibi Sailor Moon on the tricycle was incredibly cute and amusing, though.
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