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[IWIW] Sailor Moon R (thread 4 of a continuing series)

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I plan once I get my website running, I'll have a dojin corner off to the side. Freebie PDFs perhaps. (I feel uncomfortable taking money for someone else's characters, unless it's purely to cover printing costs…)
Y'know, although I don't have anything like first-hand information on this... Naoko Takeuchi is said to be into actually reading Sailor Moon doujinshi.

If a means of contact could be hunted up, it'd be amusing to see how she reacted to this... :D


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Y'know, although I don't have anything like first-hand information on this... Naoko Takeuchi is said to be into actually reading Sailor Moon doujinshi.
Hey, man, if I had a following to the point of inspiring dojin, I know I'd be reading them! Hell, I'd dedicate a shelf to the collection.

EDIT: Though by doing that, one is also likely to end up with an awful lot of porn…
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Re: #69: Awaken, Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Distress.

First, Shadowjack, I wanna tell you again that your lil comics are crazy, weird, and awesome at the same time.
Shame on those huge scepters, here you got an aspirin after that...punchline...:D

I think my major problem with this episode is just that it's treading water.
I hate to admit it, but you are kinda right...
Pacing is really one thing they fumbled during the Black Moon Clan arc.
Which might not bother pre-teen girls (weknow, the intended target audience...),
But actually, the Black Moon Clan is such a cool villain, it could be turned into something really great...

Usagi /reads on, as the Prince kisses the sleeping beauty, wakes her, etc.
Usagi: "'—and they all lived happily ever after.'"
Chibi-Usa /zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Wait, didn´t we have that story already ? With the kiss of true love that wins against evil ?
I recall it was in the Doom Tree Filler Arc, and En was really eager to train that kissing scene...:p
And that, Sj remembers it, we had right in the last episode...
We had that already when the Moon Kingdom went down, in the first season...

But, to be fair, the nigh-circular iconic moon from the first OP also reappeared in this episode, quite often visible so.

Oh, but I wonder why Ami let´s the cats fight over her ice cream, isn´t she like the senshi of ice...?

Mamoru: "How do I get a girl to hate me?"
Now he really overacts a bit...
Motorcyclist /raises his visor. Its'a Mamoru.
Usagi /?
Mamoru /has Yoko riding behind him. Hint, hint.
Usagi: "…So, uh, is she your cousin?"
Mamoru /nasty smile. "None of your business."
Yoko: "Who's she?"
Mamoru: "Just some girl I know." /rides off.

Shocked silence, from everyone.
But credit where it is due, he really found the "right" tactic...:(
Well-intentionned. But could you believe such a little girl would pass such a dangerous road all alone, and in the night, too...?
<< Luna : Tech > PressurePts : Calaveras >>
These cats really get their training, they improve everytime...
<< Akumuda casts Sleep! >>
<< Rei : Cast > M.Barrier : All Allies >>
< Rei is protected! Minako is protected! Ami is protected! Makoto is protected! Luna is protected! Artemis is protected! >
I may have gotten it wron, but to my eyes, Rei plants a banning prayer strip next to Akumunda´s horn, confusing her.
Also, forcing her into a non-corporeal form. Which Akumunda immediately uses to get right into Usagi´s body...

Luna: "Sailor Moon!"
Artemis: "Sailor Moon!"
Minako: "Sailor Moon!"
Chibi-Usa: "Sailor Moon!"
Jupiter: "Sailor Moon!"
Phobos: "Sailor Moon!"
Deimos: "Sailor Moon!"
Drunk Guy in the Park: "Sailor Moon!"
Heh, and one girl that once wanted us to join an Exalted campaign told us we would have to shout out each others names more than we did.
(She had it from Inuyasha, though, but funnily, Shonen and Shojou serieses seem to have no problem to get themselves served from the same buffet of tropes...)

As Chibi-Sailor Moon, she runs along an endless path through the void after Mamoru, who smiles and disappears in the distance. The path bucks and writhes uncontrollably.
Damn, once again a deja-vu, this time from the first episode with Mercury, with that time controlling demon that used a clock hand short spear (Shadowjack recalls that episode, it is where that black cat clock comes from that he used in his Kanji´s Taxes comic strip).
At least, this time, as it is a dream, Usagis uniform changes with her...
Rei /slaps Usagi. "¡WAKE UP, WAKE UP, USAGI, YOU'RE LATE!"
If not even this works, it really is bad...

Luna: "Sailor Moon is in danger, and we haven't a moment to lose! You're her only hope! MOVE, monkey-boy!"
Mamoru: "…but… uh… I can't…"
Luna /weeping tears of frustration and rage. "FOR GODS' SAKES! I don't know what stupid reason you've got for breaking up with her, but she's going to die, now, right now, if you don't help! So help me, if you don't get out of that bed, I'll drag you from it myself!"
What happened with Mamorus "Bunny in danger"-sense ?
Lost in the Timeshift ?
But actually, Lunar is really heartbreakingly understandable here.

Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask: 2+1

Look up! Look down! I'm riding a motorcycle.
Heh. I said it once, I say it again.
Mamoru´s transformations are actually cooler the shorter they are.
His actual "Sparkly, coruscent transformation" was the longest, thus...
And despite this one having a motorcycle (I am as planless as you guys how he also affords one of those too...), it is not yet the shortest yet to come.:cool:
Ami /weeping. "True love brought her back!"
Chibi-Usa: "Wow! The fairy-tale came true!"
Minako /hand on shoulder. "We live in them, kid."
Akumuda /teleports back in. "DAMN YOU ALL!
Remanifests. At least, such it appeared to me...3
Akumuda /draws her horn out, revealing it to be a sword.
Usagi /blearily. "Whoa, you had a sword stuck in your head all along? No wonder you're so crabby."
<< Akumuda backstabs Mamoru! >>
< Mamoru dodges, barely, taking half damage. >
And there I was, hoping for another fencing scene with Mamoru...
<< Usagi : Cast > Halation : Akumuda >>
< Akumuda is eliminated! >
Akumuda: "Brilliantly done! A superb tragic reversal! I always wanted a proper death scene. Good night, sweet princess." /expires.
And again, the cuts from the moon sickles are clearly visible. Sailor Moon, the inventor of the gatling shuriken energy lovepowered death ray...:p
'Yoko': "Unazuki Furuhata."
Usagi: "Furuhata? …You're Motoki's sister?"
Yeah, why not...:)?
Usagi: "Aha! So Mamoru was lying. Well, lying by implication. But why go to the trouble? Well, if there's anything I'm good at, it's solving mysteries. Usually by blundering into the culprit and blowing something up, but still."
Yeah !
Bloody Mystery !
(sry, I had to...:p

You told him, Luna !

When all the characters are proclaiming how stupid and misguided this whole subplot is, it might be time for the writers to take the hint. It's not tragic, just irritating.
I guess I have to agree with you here, I´m afraid...
After even Luna started it, one as the viewer can only hope that the coin drops now. Otherwise...the coin dances in the sky...having this go on and on...
...I´ll get my coat now...

Also, despite a whole episode being devoted to it, the subplot barely makes any forward progress here. Urgh.
It also highlights how pointless the big battle royale in #68 was, though.
Sadly, yes.
The Black Moon clan has great characters, but they could be used better.


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Sheesh, I go a couple of days without an episode, and you guys start causing trouble. I can't take you anywhere. :p
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