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[IWIW] Sailor Moon R (thread 4 of a continuing series)

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You know what this means : you must release a new episode soon, or all civilization will break down !
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Ah, California, it is like the Tokio area for the USA...

Oh, but no trouble ahead, I see Beryll´s appearance has already been covered...
...by L, in the background...;)


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Will you be doing the Sailor Moon R Movie soon? It's safe now, as far as spoilers for the current season go.


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Episode #70: A Battle of the Flames of Love! Mars vs. Koan.

Rubeus /morning shave.
Wiseman: (via hologram) "RUBEUS!"
Rubeus /Great Control.
Wiseman: (via hologram) "Drat."
Rubeus /towels off, faces the display. "Were you trying to make me cut myself?"
Wiseman: (via hologram) "Yes. Orders."
Rubeus: "'Orders,' right. You and I both know that only—"
Wiseman: (via hologram) "Prince Dimande is, heh-heh, ROYALLY pissed off at you, boy."
Rubeus: "The Prince?!"
Wiseman: (via hologram) "Seems he's a bit irritated that you keep missing the mark. And I quote, 'In the Name of the Nine Hells, how hard can it be to kill one little child? What's Rubeus doing out there, having a private—'"
Rubeus: "Yes, thank you, I'm quite aware of our lord's opinions of my hobbies. I don't need to be reminded by the likes of you."
Wiseman: (via hologram) "You'd better shake it, or it might fall off, if you know what I mean."
Rubeus /turns to go.
Wiseman: (via hologram) "Wait, Rubeus, wait!"
Rubeus /?
Wiseman: (via hologram) "…A little bird told me, that if you want to see a crescent moon on a lazy Sunday afternoon, try the Hikawa Shrine."
Rubeus: "…The one which—?"
Wiseman: (via hologram) "The one which. Just a rumor, you understand. A wavering in the wind."
Rubeus: "Let's see, that's in Koan's jurisdiction, so I'll just—"
Wiseman: (via hologram) "Er, Koan? That's the pretty one with the, uh—"
Rubeus: "Yes, the pretty one with the uh. What?"
Wiseman: (via hologram) "The predictions look very bad for her. She goes there today, shit's gonna happen to her."
Rubeus: "So? What's your point?"

Rei: "¡Yuichiro! ¡Mas rapido! ¡You're lagging behind!"
Yuichiro /is carrying all of Rei's purchases. "Uh, where are you, miss? I can't see!"
Rei: "¡Slow down! ¡You'll run into someone!"
Yuichiro: "But I, uh—"
Rei: "¡Stop dawdling! ¡I wanna check out this store next!"
Yuichiro: "Wait! Oof, aaargh, whoa—"
Rei: "¡Cuidado, estupido! ¡Watch where you're going!"
Yuichiro: "—help! Whoa, whoa—"
Rei: "¿Don't you just love these lazy Sundays?"
Koan /steps out of a makeup shop nearby.
Yuichiro /trips over Koan. BOXES EVERYWHERE!
Koan: "Oh, excuse me, is he youws?"
Rei: "Yes, sorry."
Koan: "Oh, no probwem, dear. I'll wet you handle it, then."
Yuichiro: "Here's your bag back, ma'am. Sorry 'bout that."
Koan /snatches bag. "Gods, what a pathetic wittle man. You're welcome to him, honey." /walks off.
Rei: "…¿How long you gonna keep staring at her skinny butt?"
Yuichiro: "Haven't we seen her somewhere before?"
Rei: "Come to think of it, the cat ears do look familiar…"

Koan /stomps in, still in a huff.
Rubeus: "Why so angry, dear?"
Koan /blush blush blush
Rubeus: "I've been waiting for you."
Koan: "…for me?"
Rubeus /diminishing personal space. "Who else?"
Koan: "Well, I thought, maybe, um, oh, um, hi."
Rubeus: "Hello."
Koan /I'm melting, melting. "Hewwo."
Rubeus: "I need your help with a… problem."
Koan: "Anything."
Rubeus: "I need you to go to the Hikawa Shrine again for me."
Koan: "Yes…"
Rubeus: "The Rabbit's going to show up, I need you to kill her ASAP."
Koan: "The Wabbit? I mean, yes! Yes, of course, the Wabbit! What else would we be talking about? Hahaha!"
Koan: "Considew her dead, Master Wubeus! Even if it costs my own existence!"
Rubeus: "That's what I hoped you'd say."
Koan /?
Rubeus: "And maybe afterwards we can… talk."
Koan /melts again.
Rubeus: "Don't fuck it up. Good-bye!" /turns to go.
Koan: "WAIT! Wait wait wait!" /digs in her shopping bag.
Rubeus /?
Koan: "Pwesent! I mean, I got you this pwesent. Cowogne, from Cowogne, actually, the weal stuff. It's a perfect scent for you, I think you'd weally like it if you gave it a twy. For you, sir!" :D
Rubeus: "…"
Koan: :D
Rubeus /hearty smile. "…Thank you!"
Rubeus: "Whoops! Dropped it."
Koan /!
Rubeus: "Oops, stepped upon it, too."
Koan /!!
Rubeus: "Dropped my lighter into it, clumsy of me. Whoo, that stuff burns fast, doesn't it?"
Koan /!!!
Rubeus: "Sorry 'bout that. Too bad. Maybe next time." /exits.
Koan /is trying very hard not to cry.

Koan /but there's no one here to admire it. Foo.
Koan /no sign of the target?
Koan /no sign of anybody!
Koan /checks watch.
Koan: "I must be here earwy."
Koan: "Gee, what's up with Master Wubeus? It's almost as if he didn't care about me at all, and just was hoping for a chance to get wid of me."
Koan: "Must be my imagination."
Yuichiro /materializes. "Good afternoon, ma'am!"
Koan /!
Yuichiro /sings: "Whether you're down or feeling fine / You'll fill your needs at Hikawa Shrine! / Blessing, fortune, or talisman? / Prayer or purification? / Or just a sympathetic ear? / If you're looking for spirits, Hikawa Shrine is heeeeeere!" /does a little dance.
Koan: "…ah, it's the pitiful wittle man again."
Yuichiro: "Oh hai! We're trying to make up for the previous administrator with a new PR campaign! My idea. What do you think?"
Koan: "…Is there anyone else I could talk to?"
Yuichiro: "Nope!" :D
Koan: "…"
Yuichiro: ":D
Koan: "…I'll buy one fortune stwip if you go away."
Yuichiro /pumps fist. "Yes!"

Koan /reads. "'Your deepest wish will come true.' YES! I knew it! HE LOVES ME! HE LOVES ME!"
Koan: "I must become even more beautiful for him." /opens compact.
Rubeus /is inside the compact. "KOAN!"
Koan: "AAAAACK!" /flings compact from her.
Koan: "…"
Koan /retrieves it. "Hello?"
Rubeus: (via compact) "Did you already kill the Rabbit?"
Koan: "…No? She hasn't shown up yet."
Rubeus: (via compact) "Then this is hardly the time to fool around with makeup crap, is it?"
Koan: "I'm sowwy, sir! I'll—"
Rubeus: (via compact) "Look, it's terribly simple. Search the area, thoroughly, and kill anyone who might be the kid. You got that?"
Koan: "…When you say 'anyone', do you really mean—? I mean, I don't know if—"
Rubeus: (via compact) "I love you."
Rubeus: (via compact) "Excellent." /signs off.

Koan /watches Rei beating up Yuichiro for slacking on his chores.
Koan: "Hmm. No, too tall. They may wive for today."
Koan: "Pitiful saps. What a world of diffewence between those two, and the woving, cawing, deep and meaningful wewationship that Wubeus and I share."

Minako: "Mako, I know we agreed to give up on our First Loves, but there is one thing I miss."
Makoto: "…What's that?"
Minako: "Having an easy excuse for why I'm sitting at a cafe on a gorgeous sunny day without a handsome date beside me."
Artemis: "Am I not handsome?" ;)
Makoto /flicks his nose. "Cats don't count!"
Artemis /ow mai node!
Makoto: "I hear you, Mina."
Luna: "…appropos of nothing, where's Ami-chan?"
Minako and Makoto: "Cram school."
Makoto: "On a Sunday. Sheesh."
Luna: "Too bad."
Makoto /looks at Luna. "Hey—"
Luna /soul of innocence. "What?"
Minako: "Where's Usagi, anyway? Heckle her all you like, things are never boring around her. And it's not like her to miss out on a chance for parfait."
Luna: "She was going over to Rei's to return some manga. I guess she got held up by something."
Minako: "Hmm."
Luna: "Hey—"
Minako /soul of innocence. "What?"

Rei: "I just don't know what I'm going to do with that boy."
Rei: "…"
Rei: "Usagi, how long are you going to hang around here reading my manga?"
Usagi: "This one's mine! I paid for it myself! Come on, Rei, I can't read these at home. Not with Chibi-Usa and Luna around. Or, worse, my parents. They aren't permissive dirty ol' men like your Grampa."
Rei: "Okay, granted, but when do I get to read them?"
Usagi: "Want me to read out loud? Okay, first panel—"
Rei: "You have to do the voices."
Koan /knock knock! "Avon calling!"

Rei /answers the door.
Usagi /follows, curious.
Koan: "Good afternoon, might I interest you in our fine line of cosmetic—? Oh, you girls are both so pretty! Are you models?"
Usagi: "Why, as a matter of fact—"
Rei: "Aw, I'm a sucker for flattery. You can come right on in."

Koan /in full pitch-mode. "…and with these, you'll find a boyfriend in no time. Or do you already have one?"
Rei: "I don't know if you'd exactly call him a boyfriend…"
Usagi: "I don't know if you'd exactly call it having him…"
Rei /stage-whisper. "He dumped her."
Usagi: "He did not. He's just giving me the cold shoulder for some stupid reason which I don't understand OH GOD WHYYYYYYYYY—"
Rei: "¡Usagi!"
Usagi: "Hm?"
Rei: "Love includes trust. If you can't trust him, then there's no relationship, right? Keep believing in him, no matter how coldly he treats you, you keep believing, because you will get him back if you can hold to it."
Usagi /sniff sniff. "You really think so?"
Rei: "I know so."
Koan: "I think you're wrong. Wove is the most important thing to a woman, it's twue, but it's a two-way street! You shouldn't continue to wove someone who tweats you so coldly. If he tweats you like dirt, he's not worth it, honey. You dump him, and forget about the swob."
Usagi: "B-b-but I can't."
Koan: "Yes, you can! You've got to bewieve in yourself. And to make it easier to bewieve in your own beauty, and to help keep his affection from gwowing cold, that's what cosmetic enwichment is all about! To be bewoved, you must be beautiful at all times!"
Rei: "…"
Usagi: "…"
Koan: "…oh, snap, I almost forgot my weal job again."
Rei: "That's okay, I think you've got the sales pitch down pat. But, uh—"
Usagi /is making danger, warning, creepy hand signs.
Rei: "—I don't think we need anything today, thank you."
Koan: "Oh, poopie. Oh, by the way, are there any wittle girls here?"
Usagi and Rei /look at each other.
Koan: "Because we also sell a special wine of pwoducts for kids… uh…"
Usagi: "No."
Rei: "Nope."
Usagi: "No kids here."
Rei: "None."
Usagi: "Negativo."
Rei: "Zero."
Koan: "Oh, well, then. Too bad. Goodbye, now!" /exits.
Usagi: "That was weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiirrrrrd."
Rei: "¿Didn't you just blow up a cosmetics store? Maybe they're onto you."
Usagi: "You mean I'm being hunted by the Mary Kay Commandos? That's all I need."
Rei: "Well, if a L'Oreal ninja comes here, that would make three crazy women who'd violated my home today, which is a nice round number…"
Usagi /starts to count… "Hey!"

Koan: "I'll just have to go on stake out."
Koan: "…"
Koan: "What are you looking at?"
Detective Not-Appearing-In-This-Film: "What are you looking at?"
Koan: "…I'll just go over here."
Usagi /dashing out the door. "Bye Rei! Bye Yuichiro! Bye Crazy Avon Lady!"
Yuichiro: "Bye-bye!"
Koan: "Hey!"

Usagi: "Hello, Chibi-Usa!"
Chibi-Usa: "Hello, Kyo-Usa!"
Usagi: "Kyo-Usa?"
Chibi-Usa: "Kyo means HUUUUUUGE."
Usagi: "…Fair enough."
Chibi-Usa: "'Cause you're fat and have a big head!"
Usagi: "Yes, okay, thank you. Don't waste too much time reading Rei's comics. Ta!"
Chibi-Usa: "This is one of those 'do as I say, not as I do' things that grown-ups do, isn't it?"
Usagi: "What a perceptive little darling you are! Don't trip and die!"
Chibi-Usa: "Don't forget to breath and choke!"
Usagi: "Don't fall in the toilet and drown!"
Chibi-Usa: "Don't miss your bus!"
Usagi: "That's not a very good ins— WHA-HEY!!!!! WAIT!"
Bus Driver /waits. "…Say, didn't you use to be a stewardess on this line?"
Usagi: "My, er, older cousin."
Bus Driver: "Oh." /drives on.

Chibi-Usa: "I'm here!"
Koan: "So am I!"
Chibi-Usa /!
Koan: "Gotcha!" /grabs Chibi-Usa so fast she doesn't have time to scream.
Yuichiro /thwaps Koan with a broom. "TAKE THAT, MONSTER!"
Koan: "What did you just do?"
Yuichiro: "This!" /thwap! "Let the girl go!"
Koan: "What did you just do? You're going to mess up my HAIR!" /drops Chibi-Usa.
Chibi-Usa /K.O.
Yuichiro /?
Koan: "I mean, have some sense of proportion, buddy!"
<< Koan casts Dark Fire! >>
< Yuichiro runs away! >
< …almost. Yuichiro is hit! >
Rei: "¡Oi!"
<< Rei : Tech > Stone : Koan >>
< Bip! >
Koan: "Ow!"
Rei: "¡Yuichiro! ¡Over here!"
Koan: "STOP DISTWACTING ME! I'm twying to do something here!"

Koan chases Rei and Yuichiro, throwing dark fire bolts with abandon, all around the grounds, which have only just been fully repaired after the last time. Finally, she gets them cornered.

<< Koan casts Dark Fire! >>
Yuichiro /daring last-moment sacrifice!
Rei /!!!!!!!!!!!!
< Yuichiro is severely hurt! Yuichiro is down! >
Rei: "¡Yuichiro! ¡No!" /first aid! first aid!
Koan: "What the heck?! Now why did you do a stupid thing wike that?!"
Yuichiro: "Love. Hey, I gotta be me."
Koan: "But she doesn't give a damn about you!"
Rei: "¡Yuichiro! ¡Hang in there!"
Koan: "Well, okay, half a damn, but I saw the way she tweats you the west of the time. Sewiouswy!"
Yuichiro: "Doesn't really matter, does it?" /passes out.
Koan: "…"
Rei: "…"
Koan: "…"
Rei: "Okay, mad now."

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 43+17
Usagi into Princess Serenity: 1
Usagi into Disguise Form: 9
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 15+2
Rei into Sailor Mars: 13+3
Makoto into Sailor Jupiter: 8+2
Minako into Sailor Venus: 7+2
Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask: 2+1
Luna-P into Something-or-Other: 5

Koan: "YOU'RE A SAIWOR WAWWIOR?! …Oh, pus."
<< Rei : Cast > BurnMandala : Koan >>
< Koan dodges! >
Koan: "Well, this is just perfect!"
Koan: "Wait, this is just perfect! If I can get rid of you both—"
Rei: "¡Hohoho, just try, puta!"
Koan /does so.
<< Koan casts Rain of Fire! >>
< Rei dodges! >
< Rei : Cast > Fire 2 : Koan >>
< Koan blocks with flames! >
< Koan counterattacks with fire! >
< Rei blocks with flames! >
< Rei counterattacks with fire! >
< Koan dodges! >
<< Koan surprise flank attack! Elbow strike! >>
< Rei is hit! >
Rei /realizes the battle has carried over to where Yuichiro lies.
<< Koan casts Rain of Fire! >>
Rei /daring last-minute sacrifice!
< Rei is hurt, badly! >

Rei /tries, and fails, to stand. "oooooooo… that feels like second degree, at least… ouchie…"
Koan: "You did it, too?! …You fool, you could have escaped if you'd weft him."
Rei /still can't stand. "Not gonna do that after he tried to protect me, ¿now am I?"
Koan: "Look, a minute ago you were arguing that wove can be a one-way thing—"
Rei: "¿Wait, that was you? ¡You really are a cosmetic assassin!"
Koan: "—and now you're mutually pwotecting some wandom slob who's not even your wover!"
Rei /all right, damn it, I'll kneel. "I owe him for his sincerity."
Koan: "Psssssssh. I'm gwad I know a deep and twue wove with Master Wubeus—"
Rei: "Oh, bullshit."
Rei: "I can hear the posturing in your voice; you're not giving any thought to his feelings in the matter. ¿Didn't you say that love is a two-way street, and if he doesn't respect you, then you should—"
Koan: "THAT'S NOT TWUE! IT'S NOT! WE CAWE ABOUT EACH OTHER AND WOVE EACH OTHER FOWEVER AND oh god I do sound pwetty pathetic when you put it wike that SHUT UP SHUT UP IT'S NOT TWUE!"
Rei: "Uh… I was just taunting you, really… I didn't really mean to, uh—"
Koan: "If he weally didn't wove me, he'd wouldn't take any of my gifts, and he'd shout at me, and he'd AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGH."
Rei: "I guess I hit a little close to home."
Koan /forcefully. "I don't have time for this!"
Rei: "¡There's always time for self-reflection!"
Koan: "SHUT UP! I'll kill the girl first, and then I'll, uh, I'll—"

Enter Tuxedo Mask, dramatically, armed with +3 blessed throwing roses.
Koan: "Who—?!"
Mamoru: "The image of love that shimmers in the heat waves. Now, sorrowful wanderer, listen to the beat of her heart."
Koan /man what
Mamoru /coolly picks up Chibi-Usa and walks away.
Koan: "h-h-h-HEY!" /points ineffectually.
Rei: "Tux."
Mamoru: "Mars."
Rei: "She's not here, you know. Kind of wasted the poetry."
Mamoru: "I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about. Excuse me."
Koan: "HEY, come back here, buddy! Who do you think you are, the Sphinx?!"
{Mamoru and Chibi-Usa have left the scene.}
<< Rei : Cast > BurnMandala : Koan >>
< Koan is hurt, badly! >
Rei: "¿Remember me?"

Rubeus /just pops in. "Koan!"
Rei /?
Koan: "Master Wubeus!"
Rubeus: "Have you killed the Rabbit?"
Koan: "…nearly!"
Rei /rolls eyes.
Rubeus: "I see."
Rubeus: "Koan, your years of faithful service to the company are deeply appreciated, and it is with deep regret that I must inform you that your services will no longer be—"
Koan: "Wait, wait, wait! I was just about to kill her!" /points at Mars. "Shouldn't that count for—?"
Rubeus: "No, it looked to me like it was going to be the other way around. Am I right, Miss?" /looks at Rei.
Rei: "…"
Koan: "Well, then, if we fight awongside each other, together, we could—"
Rubeus: "Yeah, no."
Koan: "B-b-but I woved you all those years—"
Rubeus: "Love? Don't be ridiculous! The Clan is all! 'Wove!' Ha!" /laughs.
Koan /:eek:
Rei: "…"
Rubeus: "Here, have a useful present. Better than all the gunk you girls throw on yourselves, anyway." /throws Koan a SPACE-TIME BOMB and lights the fuse.
Koan: "…b-b-but the bwast wadius is too much for—"
Rubeus: "Oh, I'm sure you'll work out something as easily as you've solved every other problem I've assigned you on this mission."
{Rubeus has left the scene.}

Koan /stares at the ticking SPACE-TIME BOMB and sobs.
Rei: "¡Koan! ¡Don't just stand there—throw it away, quick!"
Koan /sobs. "It's alweady too wate. But at weast you know you were wight after all. That counts for something, doesn't it?"

<< Minako : Tech > LoveChain : BOMB >>
< Koan drops the SPACE-TIME BOMB! >
Minako /flings the fiendish thingy high into the sky.
<< Makoto : Cast > SparkWave : BOMB >>
< SPACE-TIME BOMB is destroyed! >

Blinding flash, fireball roar, overpressure wave bows the trees, shatters the windows, etc.

Minako: "Well, look at this! Appears we got here just in the nick of time. Whaddaya suppose that makes us?"
Makoto: "Big damn heroes, Cap'n!"
Minako: "Ain't we just!"
Usagi: "You see the lady standing next to me with the blue boots and wand?"
Ami /grins.
Usagi: "Now I'm not saying you weren't easy to find, but it was kinda out of our way, and she didn't want to come in the first place. She's lookin' to bust out some spells. So, if you'd just give up quietly, we'd appreciate it, 'cause you've got nowhere to go."
Koan /crouched on the ground, rocking back and forth. "Nowhere to go."
Usagi /?
Koan /back and forth. "Nowhere to go."
Usagi /?!
Koan /back and forth. "Nowhere to go."
Usagi: "Uh… Koan?"
Koan /snaps. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!"
<< Makoto : Tech > JupiterKick : Koan >>
Rei /dramatic last-moment sacrifice!
Rei: "OOF."
Rei /thud.
Makoto: "…Mars!"

Koan /Rei fell on top of her. Too shocked to react.
Rei /gasp
Makoto: "Mars!"
Rei: "…my ribs… by Jupiter, ow…"
Makoto: "Mars! You're not supposed to—"
Rei: "…I. Am. Still. Talking. To. Koan.…"
Makoto: "Okay…?" /helps them both up.
Koan /?!
Rei /grabs Koan. "It's. Not. Over."
Koan: "It's over."
Rei: "It's not over. You haven't lost everything."
Koan: "What could I—?"
Rei: "You still have yourself."
Koan: "…"
Rei: "Just like you said, 'believe in your own beauty.'"
Koan: "…"
Rei: "A wise man once wrote, 'It's never too late to start all over again.' No matter how far down the hole you believe you've dug for yourself, you can fix it, step by step. We place our own steps. The future begins now. It always begins now."
Koan: "…"
Rei: "¿All right?"
Koan /collapses into tears.
Rei /lets her cry on her shoulder. (Watch the ribs, please.)
Usagi: "…You really are a priestess, aren't you?"
Rei: "Shhhhh."

Rei: "Okay, Koan and I have talked it over. Sailor Moon, it's miracle time."
Usagi: "I'll, uh, I'll do what I can."
Rei: "¿You're sure about this?"
Koan /nods once, sharply.
Rei: "Turn her into a normal woman."
Usagi: "…Like… wait, what? 'Normal.' So, no powers…"
Rei: "No powers, a place in this world. Lift the weight of duty and past errors. Absolution."
Usagi: "…Wow. Uh. Okay! Uh… can I do that?"
Luna: "Silver Crystal, I should think."
Artemis: "It's not as powerful as before, but this definitely falls within its sphere of influence."
Rei: "And this'll be easier, anyway—unlike the Wizards from Hell, she's not fighting it."
Usagi: "And she's not as big as the Tree. Okay, hmm. Let me think a moment about how to do this without a wand…"
Usagi: "Okay. Uh, Koan? Rewriting someone without permission isn't right, you know, so I mean, uh, give me the word, here?"
Koan: "Do it. Pwease."
Usagi /takes up her brooch. "O SILVER CRYSTAL! Hear this wish…"

There is a swirl of motes like rose petals, and Koan vanishes into the light…

A day or two later. Rei's place.
Rei /on crutches, due to her injuries. "¡Yuichiro! You did a wonderful job repairing the building after the explosions."
Yuichiro: "Really?"
Rei /hits him with a crutch. "¡NO! ¡Get this sawdust and broken glass out of here! Honestly…"
Yuichiro: "But I might cut myself."
Rei: "¿Do I have to think of everything? Yamandakka can't do it, because she's replanting the gardens again, I can't do it, because of obvious reasons, so that must mean—" /raises crutch.
Yuichiro: "Yes, Miss, right away, Miss!"
Koan: "Avon calling!"
Yuichiro /boggles. "It's her!" /dives for cover.
Koan: "You two always get along so well! I envy you."
Rei: "…I'm not sure that we're a good model for relationships, but I'll take praise any day. Nice to see you smilin', chica. ¿Tea?"


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It's safe now, as far as spoilers for the current season go.

Spoiler: Show
Chibi-Usa knows the Sailors' identities, and Usagi & Mamoru are back together.

The R movie won't be safe for a while... Not until after Episode 77, at least.


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Will you be doing the Sailor Moon R Movie soon? It's safe now, as far as spoilers for the current season go.
I was meaning to ask again. (I know I could search through the thread, but I'm being lazy) About what episode does that fit in?

EDIT: Swiftly posted, Jhiday! :D


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Re: Episode #70: A Battle of the Flames of Love! Mars vs. Koan.

I live to please.

Anyway, on to the new episode...

Rubeus: "The Prince?!"
Yep, the Prince. You didn't think Wiseman was in charge, were you ?

Rubeus: "Whoops! Dropped it."
Koan /!
Rubeus: "Oops, stepped upon it, too."
Koan /!!
Rubeus: "Dropped my lighter into it, clumsy of me. Whoo, that stuff burns fast, doesn't it?"
Koan /!!!
Rubeus: "Sorry 'bout that. Too bad. Maybe next time." /exits.
Koan /is trying very hard not to cry.
Wow, Rubeus sure is an asshole here. Okay, Koan has an history of screwing up, but that's no reason for singling her out like this.

One of the pitfalls of writing an episodic series like Sailor Moon is "sudden characterization syndrome", where characters develop a whole new character arc out of nowhere to fit with the episode's plot. We're not entirely there yet (there was a bit of foreshadowing before), but Koan being so madly in love with Rubeus, and him being so much of an asshole, do feel very sudden.

There's nothing wrong with the episode itself (which is actually very good), but once again it feels like the season has been poorly planned.

Koan: "Pitiful saps. What a world of diffewence between those two, and the woving, cawing, deep and meaningful wewationship that Wubeus and I share."
Verbatim from original episode, for those who are not (re-)watching it along. This episode isn't subtle about Koan's self-delusion, but it's good at making it work.

Detective Not-Appearing-In-This-Film: "What are you looking at?"
Wait, what's he doing there ?
(And didn't he notice the kidnapping attempt barely a few instants later ?)

Not that I'm complaining about him appearing again, I'm just fearful of over-exposure.

There is a swirl of motes like rose petals, and Koan vanishes into the light…
Surprise ending !

But my reserves against the season's overall pacing rear their ugly heads again. Why build up to a big battle royale in episode #68 if it's clearly not going to happen now ? (What with Koan leaving the Black Moon Clan...) Have there been last-second changes to the previously planned resolution of the Rubeus arc ? Or was #68 a cynical acknowledgment that this was the only time when they could do a battle royale stunt episode, before Koan got taken out of the picture ?

On the other hand, I found this episode unexpectedly good, especially as I didn't remember Koan's redemption being very convincing. But it's the Rei/Yuuichiro relationship that really steals the show and makes everything feel genuine. (And it's nice that their subplot is getting some good forward progression.)

Without Rei, this episode wouldn't work.

Next episode : An episode that doesn't work, I fear. A complete mess with one very good, genuine and touching scene lost in there.

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Rubeus: "Lady, you're suckin' on my elbow."


Mary Kay Commandos... that brings up visions of Bill the Mooncat, and you really don't want to take a transformation gizmo that he's drooled on. ^.^
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