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[IWIW] Sailor Moon R (thread 4 of a continuing series)

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OK, admit it, Shadowjack, at the beginning of the episode you thought this would be where we see a new "control point", or learn Jupiters new attack.;)
Yeah, I was expecting a "HEY! This is my element, bitch!" throw-down.

But no.


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I have a theory which explains why Rubeus and company operate the way they do, but I can't lay it out without huge spoilers until we see enough of the future they're from.

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One additional popular theory about the way the Dark Kingdom operated the way they did is that they were still partly sealed, and it actually took some not-quite-insignificant energy expenditure to send troops through D-point and keep them on Earth.

Mass mook combat is pretty darn rare in this series... but it does happen from time to time.

That aside... There are times when I actually like the Pink One better than Usagi (not so far, but I'll let you know when it happens); and another happy-dancing Yay for Puu! :D


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No, I'm joking with you. Don't tell me. :cool:
"Usagi, you can't return to the future right now."
"How come, Puu?"
"My head is stuck in this honey jar and I can't see well enough to give you the landing coordinates."


"Puu, are you there?"
"This is Eeyore. Puu's taking a nap."
"Can I come home to the future now?"
"The future really isn't all that; you'd just be unhappy like me."
"But I'm unhappy here!"
"Don't Ohhh-kayyy me!"
"How about if I write you a poem? I know how to write, you know, even if they aren't very good."
"I hate my life."


"Puu, are you there?"
Hi, Bunny! *Spring noises* How are you? It's GREAT here in the future!
"Can I come home to the future now?"
Sure! Just coil up your tail and SPRING FORWARD. Through Time. Like me!
"I don't have a tail."
"What kind of bunny doesn't have a tail? You just do it like this! *Spring Sound, slowly becoming higher pitched and vanishing, then silence.*
"Tigger? Tigger?" *Silence* "Dammit."


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Re: Episode #64: In Search of the Silver Crystal! Chibi-Usa's Secret.

Shadowjack said:
"USAGI! Pay attention! I'm from the future!"

…oh, wow. I love it!

"Usagi! Usagi!" Ms. Haruna runs up in an outlandish costume.
"What is it, Ms. Haruna? Er… I mean, Mamoru and I were going to go out for a spin, and—"
"Then bring him, too! This concerns both of you! We've got to go back—back to the future!"
"What's wrong with us in the future? We turn into assholes or something?"
"No, no, you're fine—it's your kids, Usagi! We've got to do something about your kids!"
"…Ms. Haruna, we don't have enough road to get up to 88."
"Roads? Where we're going we don't need… roads." ZOOOOOM!!!
Puu IS Ms. Haruna!

Oh, I dunno, I kind of liked it, though. Much better than the last one, anyway. Very good atmospherics with the rain, having to cope with weird magical side effects, and finally an actual reason to sort of like Her Pinkness. (Her trying to cheer up the other kids when she's terrified herself is admirable…)
Yea, not the greatest ep, but quite watchable.

Gargoylewing said:
Makoto: "I love a good rainstorm."
Ami: "Me too."

Sure, those two do...
You know what standing under an umbrella signifies in Japan.

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Re: Episode #64: In Search of the Silver Crystal! Chibi-Usa's Secret.

Petz: "Ve seeking the Rabbit! Arise storm! North vind blow! South vind blow! Hurricanes! Typhoons! Earthquakes! SMOG!"
Furaiki starts drumming.
Controlling the weather? That's one powerful droid.

Usagi: "…it's scary and dangerous out there! This is no time to send a kid out on the street alone!"
She's waving her arms and kicking her legs in a very childish way there, too. Rather endearing in a silly way.

Shingo /playing Alien v. Sailor Moon, and he's just gotten to the Mount Rushmore level.
Ah, more merchandising. Also, Shingo really shouldn't be running the TV and console during a thunderstorm.

Ami: "Touché. :) …Man, they're in a hurry, wherever they're going."
omitted: "She should be studying instead."

Everyone is now free falling. So is everything that wasn't nailed down, making for a horrible, dangerous mess. Fortunately, the initial push wasn't terribly forceful, so all the broken glassware, spilled liquid, etc. is moving slowly.
omitted: "Oh no! My textbooks!"

This is getting really, really grating.

—he slips, trips, and flails into the middle of the room.
Mamoru /trapped in cape. "MMMFF MMFFFF FFFM FMMFM!"
I laughed at that.

All in all, I liked the episode, despite its failings. It has enough comedy with the lack of gravity to make up for its shortcomings, and I also like Ami's blue dress. Nothing wrong with her outfit this time, for once.
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