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[IWIW] Sailor Moon R (thread 4 of a continuing series)

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I wonder how Usagi would react to the Romanian Twins.
Much the same as Rock did, I suspect, but she can actually offer hope of change.

Be a good idea to spoiler further discussion or off-thread it, since there's Black Lagoon newbies about. :)


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Now I'm beginning to wonder what would happen if Usagi and Radical Revy-chan should ever cross paths...


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Episode #74: Defeat Rubeus! The Final Battle in Space.

Usagi: "Chibi-Usa fucked everything up!"
Chibi-Usa: "…Yes. I did."
Usagi: "YOU LITTLE— You… realize that, do you?"
Chibi-Usa: "Yes."
Usagi: "…I suppose there's nothing I can say that could make you feel worse than you already feel right now?"
Chibi-Usa: "…No."
Usagi: "Um. Uh… Okay then."
Mamoru: "I'll handle her. Go cool off."
Usagi: "Yeah. Sorry."

Like some giant crystalline BUG.
Rubeus: (via PA) "Sailor Moon! It was quite wise of you not to appear—especially since, with your companions lost, I doubt there's anything you can do to me. However, I will give you time to think things over. I will reappear in three of your Earth hours. Surrender the Rabbit and the Crystal, or receive the bodies of your friends. Make up your mind soon."

Cloaking device, schmoaking device. Let the natives panic.

Rubeus /contemplates the globe and smiles evilly. Yes, soon, soon, he will—

Enter Esmeraude, heralded by demoniacal laughter.

Esmeraude /lights up Russian cigar. "Why are you fucking around, Rubeus? You have two targets remaining; you should eliminate them promptly."
Rubeus: "A woman would not understand these th—"
Esmeraude /puffs smoke in his face.
Rubeus: "Ahem! My wounded pride would not be be satisfied if I killed those girls so easily!"
Esmeraude: "ORLY?"
Rubeus: "BEHOLD!"

Rubeus's ship is actually laid out rather intelligently for a zero-gravity spacecraft used by people who can ninja leap and teleport—a vast empty volume, able to be divided up as needed with crystalline screens or magical fields, the surfaces studded with magitechnical devices. Some regions, including the central dias—which is suspended from magical gimbles in the center of the space, so it can orient with the direction of thrust—have artificial gravity plating. You could ninja leap from one plate across the volume to another, or walk the long route along marked gravity walkways, or simply drift comfortably in one of the null-gravity sections. The "bridge" dias (usually all we've seen before) has the control and observation mirrors, as well as portals that link to private pocket spaces.

One "floor" has been designated as a temporary cellblock: four massive black crystalline crucifixes, to which are chained the four Sailor Senshi, who are currently suspended in magical sleep.

Esmeraude: "Pride means nothing; victory means everything. Cut 'em down and kill 'em now."
Rubeus: "You're not in command of this operation yet. As long as I have these hostages, Sailor Moon can't try anything. And once I have her, I will kill her slowly and painfully in front of these warriors."
Esmeraude: "Oh, is that so? Well, I'm sure nothing can possibly go wrong. I wish you all success."
Rubeus: "I'll show you what—"
{Esmeraude has left the scene.}
Rubeus: "—Crimson Rubeus is capable of, they may have laughed at— she's left, hasn't she?"
Rubeus: "Who am I asking? There's nobody left, I killed them all. Well, tried to. I did successfully drive them all away."
Rubeus: "Hmm. That would explain why I had to make my own coffee this morning. Right, take a memo: once Sailor Moon is destroyed, recruit new minions."

Chibi-Usa: "So you're Tuxedo Mask."
Mamoru: "Yep."
Chibi-Usa: "And she's really Sailor Moon?"
Mamoru: "Yes. Is it really so hard to believe? Sailor Moon is all about the protective power of love, and Usagi loves everyone."
Chibi-Usa: "I did give her the Crystal back…"
Mamoru: "That's good."
Chibi-Usa: "I actually have no idea what I'm doing here or why."
Mamoru: "I was beginning to suspect that."
Chibi-Usa: "I just wanna go home."

The cats are watching the TV news networks flip out about the flying saucer sighting.

Artemis: "I've been counting, and I think they've rerun the same two-and-a-half minutes of actual footage thirty times in the past two-and-a-half hours. Which, by the way, leaves us with only thirty minutes to come up with a brilliant plan to save the Sailors and defeat Rubeus."
Luna /sighs. "Well, we've done better with less. Is Mamoru still—?"
Usagi /clutches the brooch so tightly it hurts. "I CAN'T DO THIS ANY MORE!!!"
Usagi /doubles over with frustration. "I don't care who or what or why or whether they kill Chibi-Usa or not, she's a brat and a bitch and a monster and if she hadn't shown up this city would still be at peace and I'd still have a boyfriend and I wouldn't have to do this crap every week! I want to wrap Chibi-Usa and this stupid brooch up in giftwrap and let Rubeus shove them up his hole just to get them all to leave me and my friends alone. I MEAN IT!"
Artemis /drops monocle. "…I say!"
Luna: "Shit… she's serious!"
Usagi: "OF COURSE I'M NOT SERIOUS! Luna, you know me!"
Luna: "But this afternoon you said you—"
Usagi: "Luna, I'm fourteen years old! I'm supposed to be immature and make no sense! I'm trying to be cool-headed and adult here and I just feel like I'm going start screaming and breaking things! Damn it!"
Luna: "…Usagi… I… I'm sorry. It's a heavy load."
Usagi: "I know, Luna, I'm okay. I'm sorry. I'm just… tired, is all."
Artemis: "I understand, milady, you simply had to vent. Let us cats scheme; you rest."
Usagi: "I'll be out on the balcony, getting some fresh air."

Usagi: "Why can I never be cool-headed around the people I care for? Okay, focus. Focus. Exhale. Breath. Right. Come on, Usagi, think of a plan. You can do this. One Brilliant Moon Princess Plan."

"Uh, list assets. Well, there's me. One."

"Can't risk Mamoru again; never again. Can't risk Chibi-Usa, of course! Phantom Sisters have no powers now. Luna and Artemis can't match Rubeus's power level. And I can't think of anyone else. So, uh… one."

"I'll have to sneak out so they don't try to follow me."

"Uh… okay, now for the enemy. Can't blow up his ship with them still on it. There's no reason for him to leave the ship, so I can't decoy him out. I can't sneak in because I can't fly. I can't trade with him. He probably has a Silver Crystal Detector or something, so I can't fake him out. I guess it's the frontal assault or nothing. He seems to like to monologue, though, maybe I can work on his pride or something… I'll have to play it by ear. Sheesh. What's the point of planning when it's going to end up in a big crazy fight anyway?"

"Maybe I should rehearse some cool lines like Mamoru does. Nah. I'll just speak from the heart. I do my best stuff that way."

"It's funny, but… only a few weeks ago, I'd have been whining, 'I'm sleepy! I'm scared! No, no, I don't want to go there by myself!' Oh, I'd have gone in the end, but I'd have needed convincing. That's silly, why do I do that?"

"I guess… I don't want to admit that I can do this, really. It's safer if it's always a surprise. So I always hold back. I go in anyway, because of the others—I could never leave them to go alone—but I keep secretly hoping that someone else will step up, and tell me that it's okay to stay and just be a kid. But I know there's no one else who can step up. And I know that I can."

"And there's Chibi-Usa this time. She has to be protected. I can't waste time pretending I'm not able. For her sake, I have to take it on."

"So. Usagi: you are a sexy booted goddess of battle."

"…and I almost believe that. Hum. I guess this is what growing up feels like. I feel… strange. Stronger and weaker at the same time. I don't know. I don't know if I like it, but it's there. Did my mothers ever feel like this? …Gee, probably. I'll have to ask."

"So. Step one: sneak out. Step two: meet Rubeus. Step three: boom. Okay. It's a plan! (Or something resembling one.) Hang in there, guys; I'm a-comin' to the rescue."

Luna: "Right, so, we make a fake Silver Crystal to buy time, and—"
Artemis: "—while Rubeus is distracted, we sneak on board to try to free the others. Good! But what about Chibi-Usa?"
Usagi strolls through the room, very calm and casual…
Luna: "I know, we could disguise ourselves as Chibi-Usa, and—"
Artemis: "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno."
Luna: "Okay, that was stupid, I admit it. Wait, how do we make a fake Silver Crystal?"
Artemis: "Well, er… well, you start with a crystal, and—"
Mamoru /just coming in with Chibi-Usa. "…Where's Usagi?"
Luna: "Out on the balcony."
Mamoru: "No, I just looked there. And she's not in the apartment."
Chibi-Usa: "…"
Artemis: "…"
Mamoru: "She's not in the apartment! Shit—"
Luna: "She didn't sneak out to go it alone?!"
Artemis: "She's your pupil. Would she?"
Mamoru /suddenly realizes. "…Where's Chibi-Usa?!"
Artemis: "…Damn it, Chiba, you were just watching her a moment ago!"
Luna: "She didn't sneak out to follow her?!"
Artemis: "You live with her. Would she?"
Mamoru: "Unbelievable. They could almost be sisters."
Luna: "DAMN THE ENTIRE BLOODY BLOODLINE! I hope they both grow up to have hundreds of horrible children!"

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 43+21
Usagi into Princess Serenity: 1
Usagi into Disguise Form: 9
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 15+5
Rei into Sailor Mars: 13+6
Makoto into Sailor Jupiter: 8+5
Minako into Sailor Venus: 7+5
Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask: 2+1
Luna-P into Something-or-Other: 6

Usagi /runs to the flying saucer landing site. "I'm sorry, Luna, Mamoru, Artemis, but I can't drag any more people into this. Sailor Moon is just going to have to face Rubeus alone!"

Camera pulls back to reveal ten police squad cars, two armored SWAT vans, three firetrucks, three competing news vans, a generator truck and a battery of searchlights, a team of researchers from the university, and an entire JSDF mechanized infantry company with a tank troop and three GDF microwave projectors in support. The entire landing site is cordoned off and surrounded by onlookers. Helicopters and jet fighters circle overhead.

Usagi: "Son of a…"
Soldier: "It's Sailor Moon?!"
Usagi: "…Hiya, folks." :eek:
Cameras close in.
Usagi /vaults the traffic barrier, ducks under the police tape, and strolls past the soldiers. "I'll handle this one, guys. Sorry for all the trouble."

All the electric power goes out over the area; the only light is the massive searchlights of Rubeus's ship.
Rubeus: (via PA) "BWAHAHAHA! So good of you to come, Sailor Moon and Rabbit."
Usagi: "Rabbit? …Chibi-Usa!"
Chibi-Usa /waves. "H'lo."
Chibi-Usa: "I'm helping!"
Usagi: "You turn around and march right back to the apartment right now, young lady! I mean it!"
Chibi-Usa: "Nuh-uh. This is all my fault, so I have to help!"
The tractor beam draws the two of them up into the ship…
Usagi: "You wait 'til we get home, and then you'll be BIG trouble, little lady."

Soldier: "No unauthorized personnel, buddy! Stay on that side!"
Mamoru: "SHIT!"
Artemis: "I must say, sir, I am dreadfully disappointed in your child-watching skills."
Luna: "Shut up, Artemis! SAILOR MOON! No!"
Soldier: "…Were those cats talking?"
Mamoru: "NO! I ventriloquize under stress! ARRRRGH! Usagi!"

Rubeus /dramatic entrance. "Welcome aboard!"
Usagi /notes that Rubeus has posed himself dramatically in front of the four crucifixes holding the Sailors. "How long did it take you to arrange that tableau?"
Rubeus: "Oh, you would not believe how difficult, what with them all different heights—WILL YOU PLEASE."
Usagi: "AHA! You have fallen into my clever trap!"
Rubeus: "…"
Usagi: "You didn't think I'd hand over the Rabbit and the Crystal so easily, did you? BWAHAHAHAHA! You pitiful fool, Rubeus!"
Rubeus /starts to sweat.
Usagi: "This is a cleverly-disguised special ops dwarf, courtesy of the Japanese government."
Chibi-Usa /salutes. "Banzai!"
Usagi: "Even now, our top secret SDI satellites are ranging in upon your illegal vessel, and my Super Sailor Counter Spell is weaving an intricate web about you! There's no escape, so you might as well surrender now."
Rubeus: "…I notice that you did bring the Silver Crystal, though."
Usagi: "I'm not surrendering it, I'm using it."
Rubeus: "I suppose you wouldn't mind if I took a moment to verify your claims?"
Usagi: "I am shocked, sir! Shocked and insulted! But if you wish to back up your discourtesy with your own skill, Sailor Moon is at your service." /strikes kung fu pose.
Rubeus /flexes muscles. "I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!"
Usagi: "Chibi-Usa, find somewhere safe and stay there."
Chibi-Usa: "Okay."

Luna: "What do we do? If they're in orbit, there's no way for them to escape if things go bad!"
Artemis: "Are you sure we don't have invisible jets? The girls seemed so certain…"
Luna: "OF COURSE I'M SURE! Oh, why did she have to go off alone? She's not beginning to believe her reputation, is she?"
Mamoru: "Shut up and pray!"

< Usagi is flung into a wall, cracking it! >
Usagi: "Owie…"
Rubeus: "This is only the beginning of your suffering! You have put me through considerable unpleasantness—"
Usagi: "Hey, you chose to attack us, bud, so you takes your lumps when you get 'em." /draws the Moon Scepter, does Bruce Lee-style prep moves. "Stop whinging and take it like a man."
< Shipboard Defenses absorb the attack! >
Usagi: "Dang it, when do I get defenses like that?"
Rubeus: "When you get your own private starship." /twiddles his fingers.
Suddenly! Usagi is slammed to the ground and feels an immense pressure.
Rubeus: "I recommend it. There are so many fun tricks you can do with the artificial gravity."
Usagi: "Artificial gravity is completely unrealistic!"
Rubeus /twiddles his fingers the other way.
Suddenly! Usagi is slammed into the ceiling.
Usagi: "…but it sure hurts."
Rubeus: "Enjoying the view?"
Usagi /glances out the portal at the Earth below. "Hmm. It's raining in Shanghai."
Rubeus /twiddles his fingers.
Suddenly! Usagi is dumped into freefall.
Rubeus: "I think it's appropriate to let your first experience of spacesickness be while looking at your pitiful past-time planet… because it sure makes me sick."
Usagi: "Har de har har!" /tumbles about. "Come up here and fight, jerk!"

Chibi-Usa /takes out her lockpicks and runs over to the crucifixes.
Chibi-Usa runs smack into the security force field and is electrocuted.
Chibi-Usa /screams in fright and pain!
Rubeus: "Yeah, I thought so."
Usagi: "Frell."
Chibi-Usa /sits up… and tries to get through the force field again.
Rubeus: "She's not very bright, is she?"
Chibi-Usa: "I'm not the one about to get worked by Sailor Moon!"
Rubeus: "Ha! Me?" /twiddles fingers.
Suddenly! Usagi is slammed into the floor again.
Usagi /dazed. "…'remember, girls, unexpected weight gain can be a side effect of adolescence'…"
Rubeus: "Watch as I squish Sailor Moon like a frog! Sailor Moon, I will permit you one grovel before you go."
Usagi: "This you call villainous dialogue?"
Rubeus: "Hey, there's a kid watching, and I haven't had a decent coffee in weeks! SQUISH! SQUISH!"
Usagi becomes so heavy that the floor beneath her splinters.

Usagi /…stands up.
Rubeus /?!
Usagi /Makoto Smash! "UNFORGIVABLE."
Rubeus: "How in the name of space are you standing under triple gravity?"
Usagi: "I'm Sailor Moon. I can breath in space."
Rubeus /restores the gravity to Dark Moon normal. "…What kind of explanation is that?"
Usagi /phew! "I am Sailor Moon, and that is reason enough."
Rubeus: "…I apologize for underestimating you."
Usagi: "Thank you!"
Rubeus: "So this time I will use my FULL—"
Usagi /quick-draws and fires.
< Rubeus casts Kamehameha! >
Rubeus: "Why won't anyone let me finish a speech?"
Usagi: "I've been asking the same question all month! GET SOME, MOP-TOP!"
The two attacks counter each other; both combatants pour their full energies into the conflict!

Chibi-Usa: "Hmm, it looks like all of his energy is coming from these glowing crystal thingies on the walls. It would be incredibly stupid of me to mess about with this without knowing what I was doing. Fortunately, I do incredibly stupid things all the time!"
Chibi-Usa /messes about with the crystal thingy.
Chibi-Usa gets electrocuted!
Rubeus /was in the middle of flinging Usagi all about the room on a streamer of energy. "Hey!"
Usagi /falls several meters with a thud. "…you know, you're ruining your decor… with my body… owie…"
Rubeus /kicks Chibi-Usa aside. "Damn it, get your grubby fingers off that, brat, you could have broken it! Well, I was going to kill you anyway, so I might as well do it n—"
Rubeus /!!!
< Rubeus parries, barely! >
Usagi: "I'm not fiiiiiiinished!"
Rubeus: "Will you just die already!"
< Rubeus casts Kamehameha! >
< Usagi counterattacks! >
Usagi: "Chibi-Usa, go for it!"
Chibi-Usa /applies the full force of small child ingenuity to the task of breaking Rubeus's crystal power thingy.

< Shipboard Defenses deactivated. >
Rubeus: "Uh-oh."
< Rubeus is flung into a wall, cracking it! >
< Rubeus's control keys are disabled! >

The bridge shatters! The crucifixes shatter! The ship rumbles as many important pieces begin to fall apart!

Minako: "Wha' happen—?"
Makoto: "Last thing I remember, Rubeus had just captured us, so we must be…"
Ami /looks around at the falling pillars. "We appear to be in the 'Dark Tower collapses' phase of the scenario, which means that Sailor Moon has just defeated the villain."
Rei: "Like, duh, of course she did. The important question is: ¿Is Chibi-Usa okay?"
Rei: "¡Hola, niña! ¿Where's Sailor Moon?"
Usagi /staggers over, purple with bruises, covering in crystal dust. "…talk about sub-standard building code…"
Ami: "Are you okay?!"
Usagi: "What? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I did that."
Ami: "I asked, are you hurt?"
Usagi: "Sorry, am I repeating myself?"
Ami: "I think you're a little punch-drunk."
Usagi: "That Rubeus packs a wallop. I think I'm a little punch-drunk. Did he come back a second time yet?"

Rubeus: "SO, SAILOR SCOUTS! You think you've won?"
Minako: "Well, basically, yes."
Rubeus: "YOU FOOLS! One push of this button and you will ALL be—"
Rei /reaches out and pushes the button.

You now have three minutes to reach minimum safe distance.

Usagi: "¡¿MARS?!"
Rei: "¿What? We were going to blow the ship up anyway."
Ami: "¡MARS!"
Rei: "I didn't want to sit through more of his threats and boasting."
Makoto: "Rubeus, why activate self-destruct? You'd die too."
Rubeus: "Having failed in my mission, I can no longer return to the future—I am already as one dead. So I might as well take you all with me!"
Usagi: "Or you could switch sides like the Four—"
Rubeus: "I am not running some fucking little bourgeois boutique!"
Usagi: "Well, that's not your only option. Look, let's get away where we can talk, and we can arrange for—"

You now have two minutes, thirty seconds to reach minimum safe distance.

Rubeus: "Screw you all and the unicorn you rode in on!"
Rubeus /leaps into the flames of the overheating reactor.
Usagi: "…"
Usagi: "…"
Usagi: "MEN!"
Usagi: "Okay, situation: we're in orbit with no escape pods, and Mars has set the entire spaceship on fire."
Rei: "Oh, sure, blame me, not the guy who built a ship which burns at the touch of a button."
Usagi: "Jupiter, suggestions?"
Makoto: "Damn it, Moon, I'm a Sailor, not an astronaut!"
Usagi: "Mercury, your analysis?"
Makoto: "Logic would suggest we use the Sailor Teleport."
Usagi: "Minako, have we the power?"
Minako: "Sailor Moon's already drained her energy dangerously low—she canna take much more of this! And we have Chibi-Usa to worry about, too!"

You now have two minutes to reach minimum safe distance.

Usagi: "Well, we'll just have to try breaking the laws of physics."
Minako: "YOU CANNA CHANGE THE— Yeah, okay, let's do that."
Usagi: "Chibi-Usa, do you think you can help us, too?"
Chibi-Usa: "Uh… okay?"
Usagi: "Good girl! I'll get you something nice later."
Chibi-Usa: "PANCAKES!"
Usagi: "…Sigh. Right. Pancakes."

You now have 90 seconds to reach minimum safe distance.

Usagi: "Energize."
Usagi /powers up.
Mercury /powers up.
Rei /powers up.
Makoto /powers up.
Minako /powers up.
Chibi-Usa /crosses her fingers and wishes really hard.


{The Sailors and Chibi-Usa have left the scene.}

Rubeus /burned and blackened. "From hell's heart I stab at thee… for hate's sake—"
Esmeraude: "You're a miserable sight."
Rubeus: "Esmeraude, you're a lifesaver! Please, you have to save me! This ship will—"
Esmeraude /talk to the BACKHAND! "Past' zakroi!"
Rubeus /!

You now have 60 seconds to reach minimum safe distance.

Esmeraude: "You lost every target, and you still want to live in disgrace? You're a disgusting man. The Dark Moon does not need incompetents like you."
Rubeus: "There's always a chance! I can learn from my mistakes! Esmeraude, please! I was whipped by a gang of teenage girls; I have to win back my honor somehow!"
Esmeraude /hands Rubeus a loaded gun.
{Esmeraude has left the scene.}
Rubeus: "…"

You now have 30 seconds to reach minimum safe distance.


The Sailors and Chibi-Usa materialize in a shimmer of light…

Ami: "It worked!"
Usagi: "Whoa, it's daylight, already?! I didn't think the fight took that long."

The explosion in the sky finally dies down, and the light fades as well.

Usagi: "…Oh."

It's actually a couple of hours before dawn.

Usagi: "…I guess it's a good thing we got out of there in time, huh?"
Usagi: "Yes, I did—"
Chibi-Usa: "From scratch!
Usagi: "Uhhhhhh… I don't think—"
Chibi-Usa: "No weaseling!"
Rei: "¿Are you sure? She's a terrible cook."
Usagi: "That's not Mars picking on me, that's truth."
Makoto: "It's not really possible to screw up pancakes."
Rei: "You forget who we're talking about."
Chibi-Usa: "…On second thought, I don't want 'em."
Usagi: "Too late, I made the promise! Don't worry, I haven't killed a customer yet!" ;)
Chibi-Usa: "Oh noooooo—" :)
Usagi: "Come here, you!" :)

Freeze-frame on laughter, roll credits.

Prince Dimande: A bored bishie with blue bangs and an impeccably-pressed white suit, sipping brandy on his throne.

Prince Dimande: "I thought Rubeus would turn out to be a little more capable. Ah, well; ah, well. Make sure you don't suffer his fate and all that."
Esmeraude: "Of course, your Highness." /marches out.
Prince Dimande /summons up the hologram of Serenity and delivers a silent toast. "Soon, my dear, I shall have everything I want. EVERYTHING."

Mamoru: "I understand that Chibi-Usa requested pancakes, but don't see just how that leads to everyone coming over and using my kitchen in the small hours of the morning."
Usagi /covered with batter. "Consider this both reward and punishment!"
Mamoru: "For whom?"
Usagi: :D


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Re: Episode #74: Defeat Rubeus! The Final Battle in Space.

Mamoru: "I understand that Chibi-Usa requested pancakes, but don't see just how that leads to everyone coming over and using my kitchen in the small hours of the morning."
Usagi /covered with batter. "Consider this both reward and punishment!"
Mamoru: "For whom?"
Usagi: :D
This way, nothing has to be explained to parents.

Brilliant as always.


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Re: Episode #74: Defeat Rubeus! The Final Battle in Space.

Yeah, new episode !

Usagi: "Chibi-Usa fucked everything up!"
Prepare yourself to be re-using that one.


Usagi: "OF COURSE I'M NOT SERIOUS! Luna, you know me!"
Best line of dialogue in the episode, so I'm glad you kept it. The weak smile when Usagi says this really sells it.

It flows so effortlessly with your usual characterization of Usagi that it convinced you've absolutely nailed her. Seriously, when hearing it, I instantly thought "that's a Shadowjack line !"

Luna: "I know, we could disguise ourselves as Chibi-Usa, and—"
Artemis: "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno."
Luna: "Okay, that was stupid, I admit it."
Someone do a screencap of this, please. It's such an hilarious image...

(And I like that such a tense episode can still do a few jokes here and there.)

Usagi: "AHA! You have fallen into my clever trap!"
Second "Shadowjack moment" of the episode. Too bad you didn't keep the original punchline, which was hilarious too.

("This isn't the real Rabbit, but my cousin Chibi-Usa I disguised as such !")

Dear gods, I love this episode. Action packed, filled with emotion and tension, a few good jokes that don't fall flat (well, apart from that pancake thing at the end, which is a bit painful), Sailor Moon kicking ass and being awesome, Chibi-Usa helping winning the day through sheer recklessness... What's not to like ?

Next episode : I'm wondering what the writers were thinking with this one. It's absolutely not the logical continuation of what we've just seen, at all. WTF ?


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As much as I like Balailanka!Emeraude I think you're going to be strained to keep that up...
Yeah, the comparison sets up unrealistically high expectations of efficiency and dignity, and there's no way for poor Esmeraude to match them.

(She can talk the talk, but as far as walking the walk goes...)


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*shakes fist at Shadowjack once for being awesome and once for what happened at the D&D game*

yesterday at the D&D game, the DM was trying to hype up an encounter. "She's multiclassed wizard/fighter. All the hitpoints of a fighter, all the spells of a wizard, and her main weapon is a whip."
Me: "Why the hell are we fighting Sailor Venus?"
DM: "You need to get a life."
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