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[IWIW] Sailor Moon R (thread 4 of a continuing series)

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Please folks, minds outta the gutter... (I more and more regret having posted that screenshot, me being a Amiryo-guy myself...)
The main question is: Is Esmeraude too deranged to succed in her important task ?
Well, she obviously is on the fringe on the derangement and arrogance scale.
Is she capable ? Her plan sounds solid, despite that she has to start it the same way Rubeus did...
Is she that powerful as she acts to be ?
Well, we cannot say so far.
(Not without spoilers)

Umino: "Oh, thank you. Sorry, I guess you've never seen me without my—"
Usagi: "GAH?! Who are YOU?! And YOU?!"
Naru: "…Usagi, it's me, Naru, your best friend since grade school?"
Umino: "And Umino Gurio, infamous nerd and Naru's— um?"
Naru: "We'll say 'boyfriend.'"
Yeah, thea really were a bit absent the last time, compared to season 1 at least...
THen again, Usako had not much eyes for her surroundings while moping over being dropped. Ah well...
Usagi: "I guess you have. Anyway, am I really silly, or just normally silly, for thinking that if I made one and wished hard, Mamoru would come back to me? I mean, he's not just going to walk around the corner and OH MY GOD HE JUST WALKED AROUND THE CORNER!"
Mamoru /?
Mamoru /runs away!
No need for a talisman to let *that* happen...:p
Floating in infinite space is a white marble platform, with a few pillars, some tasteful potted plants, and a big swimming pool.

Esmeraude /restrained indoor laughter. "As my beloved Prince Dimande poured his power over beautiful, terrible Crystal Tokyo, so shall I pour Dark Power over this filthy, crowded Metropolitan Tokyo."
Decadent, but tasteful interieur. Granted, I have no idea about the art styles on the
Black Mooooon
Despite what I saw so far, so I cannot say where in the style chart Esmi is residing. I go for "overly decadent" though just by guessing...

Shadowjack said:
Makoto: "See, there's this new specialty store just opened up in this mall, dedicated to making promise bracelets. They sell all the supplies you'll need, good quality at surprisingly—dare I say suspiciously?—low prices, plus instruction booklets, of course, and they're even offering free classes."
Usagi: "…Oh, shit."
Ami: "Yes."
Usagi: "Oh, shit!"
Makoto: "I know, isn't it just perfect timing?"
Usagi: "Aw, you guys always know the way to my heart. A whole demon trap, just for me?"
To be fair, yes, the girls in the series do not yet start realizing a demon trap before it gets demonic right in fron their eyes (well, mostly). And I can´t say how many shops opened anew in 90s Tokyo (heck, the senshi helped on one even themselves...). It is just part and parcel of the genre I guess....
Even if SM set parts of the Genre itself...
Esmeraude: "In other words, we'll bring them all—?"
Udering: "—and in the darkness bind them! Yes!"
Esmeraude: "Excellent work! Proceed!"

Luna: "OH MY GOD! We've already established that giving someone a promise bracelet means you wish them to stay in love with you! Does this mean that, not satisfied with your romantic pursuit of Mamoru, now you're trying to pursue Usagi too?! You two-timing, love triangulating, pink-haired FIEND!"
Chibi-Usa: "What?"
Luna !
You should not use such words while small children can hear them !
Luna: "Sorry, just getting meta.
Yeah, I understand...
Mamoru /opens the door. "For Chrissake keep your voice down do you know what time it is?!"
Usagi: "I HAVE TO—"
Mamoru: "No! No! We've got nothing to say to each other! Go home!"
Mamoru: "…"
Usagi: "I know it sounds crazy."
Mamoru: "No. It's not. Come in."

Usagi /explains.
Yes, AMEN !
See, they could have solved that all the way already if they finally managed to go and exchange information way earlier. It is like watching a disfunctional P&PRPG group-
Whooooah, scary thought...
Usagi: "It could just be a dream…"
Mamoru: "It's not and you know it! It's a prophecy."
Usagi: "…That's why you broke us up. To… to protect me? Oh, Mamoru—"
Mamoru: "Yes, damn it. Look, every minute you're here, you're probably making it worse. You have to go before you die."
Usagi: "…if it's with you, I don't mind dying."
Mamoru: "YOU FOOL! Listen to yourself! Look, just get out!" /shoves her out the door and locks it.
Yes ! Cause this is the way it is done !


Flash! Forehead sigil ignites! Immense pillar of light! etc.
Hm, the flash seemed to be tamed this time. Maybe directly applying darf power to Chibiusa dimms it ?

Usagi /!
Luna /bites the bracelet off of Chibi-Usa's wrist.
Usagi: "YOU OKAY?!"
Chibi-Usa: "…I think so…"
Luna: "WTF?"
Funny, it remembered me of the one time when Usagi had a twig of the Space Tree in her hair which started twitching...
Usagi: "I KNEW IT! Luna, take care of Chibi-Usa! I'M ON THE MOVE!"
See? Even at least they realize that when something happens, from where it comes...

Ami and a few others who don't have bracelets, or made theirs specially, stare in shock.
Why is there an Ishida Uryu lookalike in Ami´s class ?:confused:
Ami /gizmophone! "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!"
Funny, because they do come in seperately, but each one in the nick of time.:cool:
<< Rei : Cast > BurnMandala : Four-Wheels >>
< Four-Wheel Drive is destroyed! >
And Rei even has even more rings than Udering. And Rei´s are ON FIRE !

Makoto /high-fives Minako. "Hey, droid-lady, does the IOC know you're stealing the Olympic logo?"
Droid Udering: "SHIT!"
Yeah, another mistake by Udering:
You cannot use the Olympian attack to bring down JUPITER !
You should have known that...;)
Mamoru: "And now ladies, Tokyo presents… Sailor Moon."
Usagi: "Hiya!"
<< Usagi : Cast > Halation : Udering >>
<< Droid Udering is eliminated! >>
I wanna say, the little gem they leave behind turns to dust, I doubt that you can use it for anything else than maybe Alchemy. Because you can use everything for Alchemy...
Esmeraude: "Impudent warriors!"
Usagi: "Impudent! We're always impudent! Mercury, lend her a thesaurus."
Esmeraude: "Soon the DARK GATE will open in tokyo and the raw force of EBC POWER will flood this place until the silver crystal turns evil and BLACK and the WHOLE TERRESTRIAL COSM will be intersurrounded and destroyed!!" /WHOOOP! HOHOHAHAHAHAHAHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE…
Deranged ? Yes. Incompetent ? Not in her book; she has however no squad of minions she could blame if it fails...
Usagi /runs and runs and runs and runs and runs…
Mamoru /is looking sadly across the bay, and turns to see Usagi just before she—
Mamoru /—and they tumble over the railing and fall—
Usagi /—a couple of feet onto the grassy slope below—
Mamoru /—and roll down to a safe landing—
Usagi /—and somehow come up holding each other tightly and kissing.
Usagi: "Stay with me?"
Mamoru: "If it's not what we were meant to do, it's still what we want to do. And that's good enough for me. Yes, always."
Usagi: "Mamoru."
Mamoru: "Usagi."

The night passes beneath the Moon.
Come on, we are all glad the brooding Mamoru time is over.:p
END OF "Our Feelings are the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Once Again."
We told ya the title will be spoilery...

Shadowjack said:
Droid Udering is an awesome dark-skinned girl, rocking some sort of stylish gold-and-white Egyptian/African tribal/80s glam rocker outfit. She looks like Nadia of the Blue Water's older rockstar sister.
Red-Haired Instructor Lady: "Don't worry, dear, everyone has trouble at the beginning! Anyway, it's closing time, so class is over for today! (Someone get this klutz out of my classroom!) Please read the manual at home—"
Usagi: "I have to read?! THIS SUCKS."
Red-Haired Instructor Lady /riding crop. "YOU VILL READ THE MANUAL PROMPTLY AND THOROUGHLY! JA?"
I must say I liked Udering.:eek:
She was a bit more competent in my memories of that episode. And her feeling of Invincibleness may be a flaw by design (specially crafted for Esmeraude maybe). But she looked not silly, had an actual talking voice (not just Pokéspeak), and even made the scene when she acted like Miss Haruna on Usagi...:)
Or to say it like Shadowjack:

Droid Udering[disguised]uses READING ORDER on Usagi
Usagi is [weak to learning]
Usagi is hit !
It is super-effective !
Usagi is confused !
Usagi is intimidated !

Btw, Shadowjack, have you deactivated your image display in the post ? All the smileys came out as text to me, and it weren´t more than 10...[confused]
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Gargoylewing said:
The main question is: Is Esmeraude too deranged to succed in her important task ?
Well, she obviously is on the fringe on the derangement and arrogance scale.
Is she capable ? Her plan sounds solid, despite that she has to start it the same way Rubeus did...
Is she that powerful as she acts to be ?
Well, we cannot say so far.
She had a solid plan, good connections, and decent skills… but she almost completely fell apart within hours-to-minutes of being away from home. Obviously, it's the social constraints of her home environment that keep her together; away from that, among "barbarians", strangers, "not real people who matter", she's basically alone with herself, and not very in control.

Also, the Sailors at this point don't seem terribly impressed, and they've seen a few villains by now.

However, insanity has a certain power all its own, so she may still pose a credible threat. She might just embrace the madness and go into Joker-mode, doing the absolutely bugfuck with consummate skill; or she might cling to sanity by pouring herself into the Plan with insane devotion (sleep who needs sleep hahahahahahaha), to the point where she burns out no matter whether she wins or loses.

Or she'll just fart around ineffectually for several episodes, and then whack the Sailors with a frightening desperation gambit at the end of her arc.

Despite what I saw so far, so I cannot say where in the style chart Esmi is residing. I go for "overly decadent" though just by guessing...
I was reminded of A) 1980s resorts and B) the TV version of The Heart of Gold.

Hm, the flash seemed to be tamed this time. Maybe directly applying darf power to Chibiusa dimms it ?
Yes, I had to put that in after they DIDN'T DO IT! Surely being attacked by string is just as scary as being attacked by a bondage fetishist. What, Chibi-Usa's pillar of light only appears when someone's looking for her?

…Wait a minute, that's brilliant! Assuming it's a child-protection spell, anyway…

Btw, Shadowjack, have you deactivated your image display in the post ? All the smileys came out as text to me, and it weren´t more than 10..
The last one had seventeen when I tried to post it, so yeah, I disabled it.


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Oh, yes, a random thought today, on the subject of character age and ability.

The girls are aged 14 years, but have experienced 15 years, thanks to Usagi's timeslip. However, they seem to have more free time and fewer academic problems in this second 1993 than they did the first time around.

Partly, this can be accounted for by their having done the schoolwork once already—repetition gains results. Even Ami has been able to slack off from cram school a little.

But this also occurred to me, drawing from my own experience as I grew older:

Usagi is at home, alone in front of the television. Rei is doing homework in her room, with the TV on as background.

Usagi /streeeeeeeeetches for phone…
Usagi /has to actually get up and get the phone.
Usagi /dials the Shrine, with Rei's extension.
Rei /picks up. "Hello?"
Usagi /without preamble. "You know what really sucks about living this year over again?"
Rei /drily. "Yeah, all my favorite TV shows are now repeats."
Usagi: "Exactly. And you know what? Now that I watch them again, they weren't all the good the first time."
Rei /nods. "I hear ya. I hear ya. I don't know why I even bother now."
Usagi: "Suddenly I have whole hours of free time I never had before."
Rei: "You could do your homework."
Usagi: "I've done my homework."
Rei: "¿No kidding?"
Usagi: "I've done tomorrow's homework!"
Rei: "You must be really bored."
Usagi: "I am so bored. What are you doing right now?"
Rei: "Extra credit. I've finished all my homework, too."
Usagi: "Yeah, okay, let's do something."
Rei: "Yeah, I'm… done with this. ¿What do you wanna do?"
Usagi: "I dunno. What do you wanna do?"
Rei: "I dunno. ¿What do you wanna do?"
Usagi: "I dunno. What do you wanna do? You wanna hang out?"
Rei: "Sure, come on over. I'll call Mina, we'll do something. Practice our powers or whatever."
Usagi: "Meh."
Rei: "Or something."
Usagi: "Maybe we should start a band."
Rei: "Meh."
Usagi: "Or something. I'll come over. See ya." /hangs up.

Television consumes lives!

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Wow. I'd missed this. Uh… bookmarked! Thanks. :)
You missed it because until just recently it was stuck on my hard drive. It was only in like the preceding week that I got the idea to use Dropbox's Public folder.

Why did "Konya wa Hurricane" immediately pop into my head?
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I find interesting which band position choices I made in common with that artist, and which we didn't.

For reference, I'd drawn Usagi as lead vocals, Mina and Rei as guitars, Mako as stand-up bass, Ami as drums, and Mamoru as piano.

Mako as drums and Ami as turntablist works well, I think.


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#78: Venus Minako's Nurse Mayhem.

A gloomy-almost-but-not-quite-rainy day, and—of course—the Christmas decorations are starting to go up, months too early.

TV Newsreader: "One of the hardest hit areas of this first wave is the Juuban district, still reeling after the attempted alien invasion a few weeks ago. GDF representatives will not comment on the possibility of a connection. Schools and offices across the district have closed due to high numbers of sick-outs, and to slow its spread. Public health officials have not yet developed a specific vaccine, but state that this appears to be a normal flu virus, curable for most with the traditional remedy of plenty of bed rest. Now here's Mari Yamada with some information on preventing and recovering from the flu…"

Esmeraude /in Russian sable. "I'm sure no one will notice that this illness is related to DARK POWER. Stupid humans—all of you, get infected!" /WHOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHOOHOO!

Minako: "It seems that everyone has come down sick. That means it is time for the GODDESS OF LOVE to go into action!"

All closed up due to illness.

FX: Telephone rings.
Rei /croaks. "¿hello?"
Makoto (via telephone): "Sounds like you've got the same bug as I've had."
Rei /croaks. "…yeah…"
Makoto (via telephone) : "Ami and Usagi are down, too. Listen, Rei, whatever you do, don't let Minako into your house."
Rei /croaks: "¿what's she doing out if she's sick?"
Makoto (via telephone) : "She's not sick! I almost wish she were…"
Rei /croaks: "¿so, what, she got brainwashed by the enemy or something?"
Makoto (via telephone) : "Worse than that, she's—"

Minako bursts in, dramatically, armed with a CARE package and a medical kit!
Yuichiro /screams in pain.
Gramps /faints.
Makoto (via telephone): "…I was too late… May the Gods have mercy on your soul." /hangs up.

You are logged in as Rei. You feel awful.
You are in your bed. All your stuff is here. The exit is west.
You lie back and feel a little better.
Minako and Artemis enter the room. Minako is carrying a bowl of something.
Minako cheerfully exclaims, "Okay, Rei, just the thing to keep your strength up: porridge! I made it right this time."
>ask minako about "this time"
Minako hesitates.
Artemis says, "She's already been over to Ami's and to Mako's today," and shudders with horror.
Minako says, "Yeah, I tried making porridge for them, and my attempts were miserable failures, and I feel really bad about that. But third time's a charm, right? Eat hearty!"
Minako gives the bowl and a spoon to you.
>look bowl
It's one of the bowls from the kitchen. It contains steaming hot rice porridge, and is garnished with a spring of mint.
>smell bowl
Why would you want to do that?
>smell porridge
The porridge smells surprisingly appetizing. You realize it has been some time since you ate any substantial food.
>look Artemis
Artemis avoids eye contact with you, but shakes his head and mutters.
>look Minako
Minako is looking at you. She is making puppy dog eyes. She's waiting for you to try her gift.
The porridge is getting cold.
>look bowl
It's one of the bowls from the kitchen. It contains hot rice porridge, and is garnished with a spring of mint.
You have a nagging feeling that you have forgotten something.
>say "thank you" to Minako
You remember to say "thank you" to Minako. Minako says, "You're welcome! Now eat, eat!"
>evaluate Minako
You detect no ulterior motives. Minako appears to be quite honest.
>evaluate Artemis
You are too sick, tired, and hungry to evaluate motives.
The porridge is getting cold.
>eat porridge with spoon
You eat some of the rice porridge.
An animated cutscene ensues, in which Rei's mouth explodes and sets the entire bedroom on FIRE.
You feel especially awful. You have a tremendous thirst.
You are in your bed. All your stuff is here, but it looks like someone recently set the room on fire. Minako and Artemis are here. The exit is west.
Artemis tastes the porridge and exclaims, "That has FAR too much salt!"
Minako cries, "I did it again! I'm such a bad girl!" and smacks her forehead.
>use spoon on minako
Why would you want to do that?
>ask minako about sleep
Minako says, "Why of course you should get some sleep! Let me clean this up for you!"
Minako takes the bowl from you, but fumbles and knocks it over, covering you and your bed in wet porridge.
Minako says, "I'm so sorry! Let me switch your blanket for a clean one!"
>hit minako with spoon
I don't think she'd like that.
>throw spoon
You're too tired to throw things.
Your bed is too damp to rest in.
>ask minako for help
Minako grabs your blankets and pulls. Since you had not left the bed, you are thrown onto the floor with a bump.
You feel especially awful and hurt. You have a tremendous thirst.
>ask Artemis for help
Artemis shrugs and says, "I'm sorry, Rei. But at least Minako isn't doing this on purpose."
>ask Esmeraude for help
You can't be that desperate! Anyway, she isn't here right now.
Minako quickly makes the bed with clean, dry, warm blankets. "Okay, it's ready for you now!"
>go bed
You are now in bed. It's nice and warm.
Minako says, "I know! Let me put on some relaxing music so you can sleep well, with relaxing alpha waves and stuff." She takes a cassette tape from her pocket and walks over to your boombox.
>look tape
The tape is titled, "Rammstein (Mina's Blow the Doors Off Mix)."
>stop minako
How? You're still in bed.
Minako puts the tape in the player, turns up the volume, and pushes play. Almost immediately, your ears are blasted by the finest German industrial metal at 140 decibels. Minako seems surprised, and searches her pockets for the correct tape.
Noise at this volume may cause lasting injury.
>ask minako to stop music
It's too loud in here! She can't hear you.
Minako fiddles with the buttons on the player, trying to turn it off or down.
>throw pillow at minako
You don't have a pillow.
>get pillow
You pick up your pillow. Beneath it was your Mars Star Power Makeup Pen.
Minako fiddles with the buttons on the player, trying to turn it off or down.
>get pen
Your hands are full of pillow.
>throw pillow at minako
You're too tired to throw things.
>drop pillow on floor
You drop the pillow on the floor. It lands softly. Artemis walks over and lies down on it.
Minako fiddles with the buttons on the player, trying to turn it off or down. Suddenly, it explodes! You didn't even know that boombox had a self-destruct option.
You feel especially awful and very hurt. You have a tremendous thirst.
>get pen
You now have the pen.
Minako waves the smoke away and says, "Sorry about that! But I guess sleeping in a quiet room is best when you're sick, right?"
>mars star power make up
In a swirl of light and color, you transform into Sailors Mars.
Minako asks, "Why are you doing that?"
>kill minako with fire

Minako: "Darn it, I did it again. I'll just have to make TRIPLE-sure not to screw up at Usagi's place!"
Artemis: "YOU'RE GOING TO TRY AGAIN?! Have you no sense of mercy?!"
Minako: "Usagi's entire family is sick over there! If I don't go, who else is going to save them from the flu?"
Artemis: "Yes, but who's going to save them from you?"
Minako: "Sorry, I can't hear you, my ears are still ringing from the relaxation tape."

All closed up due to illness.

Rei (via telephone): "…whatever happens, don't let—"
Usagi: "Save your poor voice, Rei—Makoto and Ami already warned me. I've locked all the doors and ground-level windows, disconnected the doorbell, and placed a quarantine sign outside… and that's about all I can handle. I'm nearly done in, and we already have a feisty one here OH MY GOD CHIBI-USA NO!" /drops phone.
Mom /breaks sound barrier.

A brief interlude in which Chibi-Usa is saved from plunging off the second floor balcony. She was trying to hang up the linens, but they mass more than she does.

Usagi: "How'd you get here so fast, even when you're sick?"
Mom /croaks. "i'm a mother."
Chibi-Usa: "I'm helping!"
Mom /croaks. "you don't have to help, dear, go play outside."
Chibi-Usa: "But you're all so sick! I have to help all I can!"
Usagi: "Look, squirt, it's appreciated, but you have to stick to what you can handle."
Usagi: "You dropped the clean sheets over the edge onto the muddy ground!"
Chibi-Usa: "That's because they TRICKED ME!"
Mom: "You handle this. I have a headache."
Usagi: "So do I. Who do I get to pass the buck to?"
A Mysterious Voice: "Never fear!"

Enter the Morningstar Knight, dramatically, armed with +1 laundry basket!

Morningstar Knight: "Sickness strikes at the hearts of women, sapping their strength with which they face life's challenges! I cannot forgive such cruelty!"
Usagi: "Hey, whoever you are, thanks for saving the clean shee—"
Morningstar Knight /unmasks as Minako! And flings the sheets away with a dramatic fluorish! (They land in a bush or something.)
Usagi: "…never mind."
Minako, for it is she: "The GODDESS OF LOVE hears a cry for help!"
Chibi-Usa /waves. "Hi, V!"
Usagi: "Sorry, door's locked, and I'm too sick to look for the key!"
Minako /ninja leaps up to the balcony! "No problem!" :D
Random Passerby: "Hey, that chick can jump just like Sailor V!"
Usagi /grabs Minako and drags her inside. "Get in here!"
Usagi /breaks out in a coughing fit.
Minako: "See? You should totally be in bed! Fear not! I'll handle every—"
Usagi: "Chibi-Usa! Babysit Chibi-Usa! That's what we need help with!"
Minako: "Okay!"
Chibi-Usa: "Rock. Video games 'til 10 o'clock."
Usagi: "We're fine, we're all fine here, I'm almost better, just a little coughing fit, Dad's almost better too—"
Minako: "But if you strain yourself you'll have a relapse! Into bed with you!"

Artemis: "I'm, 60-70% certain that they won't burn the house down."
Luna /croaks. "…Artemis… just pretend I insulted you just now… and go away…"
Artemis: "Eek! This flu crosses species lines? Uh-oh."
Usagi: "…thank goodness I'm not Chibi-Usa's mom, or I'd be lying here terrified of what Minako might do with her…"
Usagi: "…"
Usagi: "Maybe I should go out there."
Artemis: "Why go looking for trouble when it'll come knocking at your door? Rest while you can."
Minako: "Knock, knock!"

Minako and Chibi-Usa burst in, dramatically, dressed as nurses! Minako's nurse uniform shows a lot more leg.

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 43+24
Usagi into Princess Serenity: 1
Usagi into Disguise Form: 9
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 15+7
Rei into Sailor Mars: 13+8
Makoto into Sailor Jupiter: 8+7
Minako into Sailor Venus: 7+7
Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask: 2+1
Luna-P into Something-or-Other: 7

Luna-P into medical kit!
Usagi: "I don't need an operation!"
Minako: "That's for Doctor to decide! First, we'll check your temperature!" /applies thermometer orally.

The time passes, until the thermometer beeps.

Minako: "-37.5° C?! …Is the battery okay?" /shakes the thermometer.
Usagi: "Uh, you only have to shake the old mercury thermome—"

The thermometer slips out of Mina's hand and flies through the window. Which was closed.

Luna /shudders in the draft. "Usagi has competition for clumsiest…"
Usagi: "I'm only clumsy with myself and people I trip over on the street!" /cough cough.
Minako /papers over the window. "Okay! Now, are you hungry, Usagi—?"
Artemis: "NO!"
Usagi: "NO!"
Minako: "Wow, you must be really sick. How about some music—?"
Usagi: "Boombox is out of batteries!"
Chibi-Usa: "This is no fun. I thought V was gonna break more stuff!"
Usagi: "Mina… go away."
Minako: "I'll ask your Mom if there's anything she needs done!"
Minako /leaves the room.
Usagi: "…one… two… three… four…"
Mom screams.

Minako: "Okay, Chibi-Usa. It is time to REGAIN OUR HONOR!"
Chibi-Usa: "Right!"

It basically plays out like this:
Spoiler: Show
Roger Rabbit in "Somethin's Cookin'."

Mom: "…"
Usagi: "…"
Mom: "Usagi, handle this for me." /goes to hide in the basement.
Usagi: "Okay, you two, you need to stop spinning around and around the room like that."
Chibi-Usa /trying to clean the soy sauce off of the ceiling. "?"
Minako /trying to put the television back together. "?"
Usagi: "You can't really help us by getting all… bendy. You've got the—the light from the window… keep you up, lift you up… they shine like… little angels…" /passes out.
Chibi-Usa: "Did Usagi just go crazy and fall asleep?"
Minako: "I TOLD her to stay in bed!"

Usagi and Mamoru having dinner in a nice restaurant. They're just finishing up dessert.
Mamoru /laughs. "Ah, that's Minako for you."
Usagi /smiles. "Yes. At the time it wasn't so funny, of course."
Mamoru: "I imagine not!"
Usagi: "By the way: It's good to spend Christmas this way. I've missed this. Thank you."
Mamoru: "My pleasure, as always, dear."
Usagi: "Did you get me a nice present for tomorrow?"
Mamoru: "I think so, but I won't know for sure until tomorrow, will I?"
Usagi: "I got you a nice present…"
Mamoru: "Oh?"
Usagi: "…for tonight." ;)
Mamoru: "…Waiter! Check, please."
Giant Glowing Head of Ami Mizuno: "STOP, STOP, HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! This dream's going no further!"
Usagi: "But it's just getting to the good part!"
Giant Glowing Head of Rei Hino: "You're fourteen years old for goodness sake! None of this now!"
Mamoru: "She's fifteen! Sort of…"
Giant Glowing Head of Makoto Kino: "This is your idea of a fever dream? A romantic candlelit dinner?"
Usagi: "Well, it's getting pretty feverish now! And what's wrong with romance?"
Giant Glowing Head of Darth Venus: "MUAHAHAHAHAHA! SUFFER! SUFFER!"
Giant Glowing Head of Evil Chibi-Usa: "ALL YOUR CAKE ARE BELONG TO US!"
Mamoru /falls into darkness. "NOOOOOOooooooooo…"
And suddenly everything's on fire!
Usagi: "NOOOOOOO!!!"
Usagi: "Why do my dreams always stop before the kiss?!"
And suddenly, Usagi is drowning in water!

Usagi /?
Usagi: "…I have a wet towel on my face."
Minako /gently moves it. "Sorry, after you fainted, you were feverish, and my hand slipped while changing the towel."
Usagi /looks around, and sees that her room, at least, is still standing.
Chibi-Usa /zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Usagi: "…You've been at my bedside the whole time?"
Minako: "Well, there's nothing else I can do to you. FOR YOU. For you."
Usagi: "Heh." /cough cough.
Minako: "Sorry, I know I keep screwing up, but I suck at this nurturing stuff. Kinda funny for the Sailor of Love. But I have to do all I can."
Usagi: "I know why you're trying to help your friends, because I would, too, but it seems you've been going above-and-beyond with me."
Minako: "…"
Usagi: "Is it because I'm the Princess? I know you take that bit seriously—"
Minako: "No. That's different. I guess it's… well. You know you're my best friend, right? I feel very… comfortable when I'm with you. Like with no one else. I like the way you're always full of energy. I wish I could be like that. To see you not energetic—it's like a crime against nature!—it makes me feel sick and angry. It gets me right here. It's like I have to do whatever I can to make that right, for you. That's why I can't just stand by and leave you alone when you're sick. 'Cause that's how I feel."
Usagi: "…I like you a lot too, V. Thank you for trying, anyway."
Minako: "Get well soon, okay?"
Usagi: "I'll try."
Chibi-Usa /wakes up. "…is she better yet?"
Minako: "Well, the fever's down! Chibi-Usa was helping me, you see."
Usagi: "Really?"
Chibi-Usa /defensive. "WHO CARES IF IT'S TRUE OR NOT! We have to go get medicine at the hospital!"
Minako: "Oh, yeah. You'll be okay alone, right? Good. Back soon!"
{Minako and Chibi-Usa have left the scene.}
Usagi: "…"
Usagi: "…Sailor V admires me for something? Whoa. Well, I guess that's okay, though."
Usagi: "And she can handle the Spore, no worries. Nothing to do now but sit back and take a much needed nap."
Usagi: "Ahhhh."
Usagi /It suddenly occurs to Usagi to wonder if that speech of Minako's was some sort of love confession. She doesn't sleep a wink for hours.

Esmeraude /steps over piles of unconscious hospital staffers and steps into the room where the Dark Henge is hidden. "How goes it, Pharmakon?"
Pharmakon, a button-down doctor-type droid. "Ah, Lady Esmeraude. As you can see, the Dark Henge continues to grow steadily with every 'patient'. I think your plan is working admirably well."
Esmeraude: "Good! Good." /WHOOOHOHOHOHOHOHO!
Pharmakon: "On that note, I believe it's about time for your next shot."
Esmeraude: "Yes, it is, thank you."

Chibi-Usa: "V! The Walkman you gave me isn't playing music any more!"
Minako: "Hmm, must be interference, the radio antenna can't pick anything up. Sorry, I left my tapes at home."
Chibi-Usa: "Awwwwww." :(
Minako: "That's funny, shouldn't there be people here? Most of the lights are out. And it's all quiet. Too quiet."
Chibi-Usa /climbs over the desk and starts rummaging about in the receptionist area. "You think so?"
Minako: "Get out of there, silly!"
Chibi-Usa: "HELLOOOOOOOOO? ANYONE THERE? My name is Tsukino, here to pick up my MEDiciiiiiine! HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOO? ANYONE THERE?" /wanders off.
Minako: "Frell."

Esmeraude and Doctor Pharmakon are busy poisoning pills.
Esmeraude: "What the hell? How can there still be a kid around who can scream that loud?"
Pharmakon: "Impossible!"
Chibi-Usa /pokes her head in the door. "EXCUUUUUUUUSE ME! We need the medicine for Ikuko-Momma and the others! Why are you hiding back here?"
Esmeraude: "What's with this kid? Okay, darling, but first let me give you a present."
Chibi-Usa /?
Esmeraude /brandishes a hypodermic needle. "A FLU SHOT! Oh boy!" :)
Chibi-Usa /!
Esmeraude: "Don't worry about insurance, it's free of charge."
Chibi-Usa: "I DON WANNA A SHOT!"
Esmeraude: "You should accept goodwill with grace, child."
Chibi-Usa: "I DON WANNA A SHOT!" /turns to run away.
Esmeraude: "Sic 'er!"
Pharmakon /tackles Chibi-Usa!
Esmeraude: "This won't hurt a bit. Heh heh heh."
Chibi-Usa's caste mark glows! The pillar of light floods the hospital!

All the Sailors know that Chibi-Usa is in trouble! Because… they, uh… have finally attuned themselves to the proper frequency, I guess?

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 43+24
Usagi into Princess Serenity: 1
Usagi into Disguise Form: 9
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 15+7
Rei into Sailor Mars: 13+8
Makoto into Sailor Jupiter: 8+7
Minako into Sailor Venus: 7+8
Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask: 2+1
Luna-P into Something-or-Other: 7

Esmeraude: "Hey, that was the Rabbit! Rabbit, I'm gonna massacre you! Well, actually, Pharmakon is. Pharmakon, unmask!"
Pharmakon: "…sigh. Yes, milady."
Pharmakon /unmasks as a twisted blue droid nurse thing with scalpel and injector arms. "Pharma."
Chibi-Usa's Walkman starts playing static.
Esmeraude: "Right, now, get her!"
Pharmakon: "Sigh. Pharma, pharma, pharma." /approaches Chibi-Usa.
The static from Chibi-Usa's Walkman gets louder.

Sailor Venus bursts in, dramatically!
Minako: "I AM THE TERROR THAT TRIPS IN THE NIGHT! I am the autoclave for the scalpel of Crime, the sterilizing wipe for the baby bottom of Injustice! I AM SAILOR VENUS! And upon you I shall call down the judgement of Love!"
Esmeraude: "YOU! You already located my Dark Henge and came here?!"
Minako: "Of course!"
Esmeraude: "For you to have arrived so quickly—you must have known all along we were using this hospital as our center of operations for this flu epidemic!"
Minako: "Of course!"
Esmeraude: "Then you already figured out that it was biological warfare—that each patient that came in would receive a pill or shot, tainted with Dark Power—so that they would contribute their energies to the Dark Gate, and blame it upon the illness!"
Minako: "Of course!"
Esmeraude: "And you know that this entire plan was to prove my burning desire for Prince Diamande and become his trusted favorite!"
Minako: "Of course!"
Esmeraude: "You knew everything, all along!"
Minako: "Naturally, for is not the power of love infinite?"
Chibi-Usa /mutters. "Well, your power for fibbing appears to be. Now I know how Sailor V got her rep…"
Esmeraude: "I appear to have underestimated you."
Minako: "Maybe just a little."
Esmeraude: "I shall not do so in future. Pharmakon! You have my permission to use your full TERRIFYING INHUMAN STRENGTH as you kill them!"
Pharmakon: "Pharma mumble pharma whatever." /I have a degree, you know.

Usagi, Rei, Ami, and Mako have all—ignoring all protests—staggered out of bed and are trying to get to the hospital…

A deadly battle in the hospital corridors! Crescent beam vs. hypo gun! Lovely Chain vs. scalpel arm! It goes back and forth for a while, and then Minako finds herself pinned to the wall by a half-dozen hypodermic needles.

Minako /is pinned. "SHIT!"
Esmeraude /WHOAHOHOHOHOHOHOHAHAHAHAHAHA! "Looks like we've won! Kill the Rabbit first, priorities 'n all that."
Chibi-Usa /dodges and weaves.
<< Pharmakon shoots a dart! >>

Enter Tuxedo Mask, dramatically, armed with +3 blessed throwing roses!
< Dart disarmed! >

Mamoru: "A hospital is a house of life that saves people who have fallen ill. I cannot forgive those who corrupt its energy and abuse that trust!"
Esmeraude: "You hippie do-gooders really piss me off! Pharmakon, just kill 'em all!"

<< Makoto : Cast > SparkWave : Pharmakon >>
< Pharmakon is hurt! Pharmakon is stunned! >
<< Ami : Cast > Bubble1 : All Foes >>
< Pharmakon is confused! >
< Esmeraude is confused! >
Esmeraude: "What in the hell—?!"

The Sailors surround Esmeraude!
Makoto: "I'll hold her, you hit."
Esmeraude /if looks could kill right now…
Minako: "You're all supposed to be in bed, damn it!"
Usagi: "We're fine!"
Rei: "¿Guess what? In Sailor form, we're immune to most diseases. I found out when I chased you out of my place. ¡After I switched back, I was cured!"
Ami: "We'd never have figured out if you hadn't angered her, Venus, so we're indebted to you."
Minako /blinks.
Rei: "I'm only sorry I forgot to phone the rest of you up and tell you, but I was so busy putting things back together after—"
Makoto: "No hard feelings, we understand completely, believe me. And you told us in the end."
Usagi: "Anyway, thanks, V!"
Minako: "You're welcome, I think?"
Ami: "Anyway, time to eliminate this disease vector at the source."
Makoto: "Hells yes, Mercury."
Esmeraude /bravely runs away. "Pharmakon, handle this!"
Pharmakon /flips her the scalpel. "Phaaaaaaaaaaaaaarmuckon youuuuuuuuuu."

<< Rei : Cast > BurnMandala >>
< Pharmakon is hurt badly! And also autoclaved. >
Ami: "Okay, take it away, Sailor Moon!"
Usagi: "…wait… wait… I'm feeling a little faint again… gosh, I don't know if I can—"
Pharmakon /s—
Usagi: "—nope, guess I'm really all better. Blam."
<< Usagi : Cast > Halation : Pharmakon >>
<< Pharmakon is eliminated! >>
<< Dark Henge destroyed by feedback! >>

Mamoru /strolls up, carrying Chibi-Usa on his shoulder. "That was a little cruel. 'Feeling a little faint'? Really?"
Usagi: "Oh! Gosh! I guess I am. I'd better… have someone hold me up?" /leans.
Mamoru /laughs. "Ah, I love your energy."
Minako: "COULD SOMEONE PLEASE LET ME DOWN FROM THE WALL NOW?! After I worked so hard, I can't believe this…"

Esmeraude: "DAMN IT! And after I worked so hard, I can't believe this… AND I'D HAVE DONE IT, too, if it weren't for those damn Sailors—and the little Rabbit, too! Okay, that's it! NO MORE MISS NICE GAL!" /teleports out.

All closed up due to illness.

Artemis /croaks. "…my life is paiiinnnnnnnn…"
Minako /croaks. "…don't croak so loud, I have a headache…"
Artemis /croaks. "…and endless sufferiiiiiing…"
Luna /just happening by. "Not endless, no, but I do believe it's about to continue for a while!" :)
Artemis /croaks. "…ohhhhh nooooooo…"

Usagi and Chibi-Usa burst in, dramatically, dressed as nurses! Usagi's nurse uniform shows a lot more leg.

Minako: "…nooooooooo… mercy…"
Usagi: "I made nummy porridge!"
Minako: "…"
Minako: "…there's no way I'm getting out of this, am I?"
Usagi: "Eat, Santa, eat!" /proffers spoon.
Minako /eats some porridge.
Minako /Kricfalusi face.
Usagi: "So, how is it?" /puppy dog eyes.
Minako: "It's—"
Minako: "—interesting?"

Usagi: "EAT LOTS, OKAY?!"
Minako: "Mommyyyy, make her stop…"
Chibi-Usa: "Time to take her temperature!"
Usagi: "Who's the doctor, here? I say it's time to take her blood pressure!"
Chibi-Usa: "The… the… the Millennium Falcon is a garbage scow!"
And that's when the fight broke out!
Minako /tries to hide from the fight. "Is this what is meant by 'hoist on my own petard'?"
Artemis: "More like 'what's good for the goose is good for the gander'?"
Minako /cries. "I just wanna sleep in peace aaaaahhhhhhh Rickyyyyyyy woe is meeeeeee." :(


Is anyone REALLY a
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I find interesting which band position choices I made in common with that artist, and which we didn't.

For reference, I'd drawn Usagi as lead vocals, Mina and Rei as guitars, Mako as stand-up bass, Ami as drums, and Mamoru as piano.

Mako as drums and Ami as turntablist works well, I think.
Surely someone who's as good with computers as Ami should be on keyboard! *rimshot*
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