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[IWIW Sailor Moon S] Thread 7: All Good Sailors Go To Heaven


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I would be very surprised if the release of the manga, new merchandise, and so on wasn't going to lead up to the re-release of the anime - quite possibly, in a new dub.


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Toei recently remastered the anime and is shopping it around on the international market... it's airing in Italy with new merchandising, so it's far from impossible for someone (Funimation?) to pick it up in the US market.


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Hah !

I should´ve known Toei was up to something regarding their agressiveness lately, but this explains why yesterday I was walking past the comic shop, expecting nothing too special, started with "I see they took the newest Bleach out of the window" followed by the most eery anachronistic feeling ever when I spotted "Sailor Moon 1 instead...

Volume 1 !
I hardly was trusting my eyes, but there it stood... :D

We live in truely interesting times...

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A set of accurate OVAs for the manga would be nice, same as what Hellsing Ultimate did for the Hellsing manga.


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I saw the re-released Sailor Moon and Sailor V vol 1 manga at the FLGS last week, and bought them on general principle.

...maybe soon I'll have a chance to finally read them.
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