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[IWIW Sailor Moon S] Thread 7: All Good Sailors Go To Heaven


flying over a post-factual world
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That would explain the Sailor uniforms for combat, yes. :D

Unless you use Sailor Teleport, which seems quite exhausting for "standard" travel.

And, yes, I am not saying star ships cannot exist (the Black Moon Clan may not have invented them just to flee Earth - unless Blonde Dictatress Of Love was so scary they totally invented revolutionary space travel ways just to get away from her:p), only we have not yet seen them enough to muse about some sort of Space Travel culture in the Sailor Millenium...

And up to all we know about the SM-Cosmos, interstellar travel via force field or magically controlled asteroids was the most often used.


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Minako should be fine. Scotty and Uhura both rocked the red shirt and lived.

Although the former actually was killed in one episode and the latter had her memory wiped, also in the same episode.


Okay, so maybe there's a small chance...

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Yes, exactly! Sailing silhouetted against the moon, trailing stardust. The ship's launches are wooden, delicately carved, with silver sails.
Just brings to mind certain arcs in the Thor comic where Thor would get in his viking longship and sail the seas of space in precisely that matter.

I submit that the Silver Millenium was often subject to raids by Vikings from Asgard, which was the majority of the defense work the Senshi had to perform before the rise of the Dark Kingdom.

Now...someone write this.


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Asgard? I would comment... but I haven't read much in the way of the Mighty Thor beyond Skurge at Gjallerbru(sp). But something tells me Odin would've respected Queen Serenity too much...

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Asgard? I would comment... but I haven't read much in the way of the Mighty Thor beyond Skurge at Gjallerbru(sp). But something tells me Odin would've respected Queen Serenity too much...
Nah. Odin was usually a jerkface. He'd start a war with anyone if he thought it would teach Thor a valuable (and annoying) lesson.

Not that Odin would necessarily have any say in it, as the Asgardians tend to be a fairly rowdy bunch. He might have to step in and stop things from getting out of hand every once in awhile, but if a bunch of drunken space-viking gods wanna go raid the uppity toga-people living on the moon, that's just harmless fun!


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Mercury was in the garden reading, while Venus sat by the reflecting pond with a net on a pole, trying to catch one of the many small fish which swam in the pond. Mercury didn't have the heart to tell her they were all illusions created for when the Queen of the Moon Cats had come to visit last week. It was another quiet afternoon. Mars was guarding the Princess, who was attending a council meeting as part of her ongoing training in statescraft. And Jupiter had last been seen going off to snuggle with some boy.

The peaceful afternoon was shattered by the sound of horns, followed by the sound of Jupiter shouting, "NOT YOU AGAIN! I WAS ON A DATE!"

"To arms, Mercury! Before they steal our fish again!" Which was why the Moon Palace now had illusionary fish in its reflecting pond. Venus took off at high speed, laughing, while Mercury followed more sedately, not being eager to get between Thor and Jupiter again. Unlike Venus, Mercury learned from experience.

The sound of thunder and rain could be heard in the distance and Venus shouted, "HEY, I JUST GOT MY HAIR DONE AND I DON'T HAVE AN UMBRELLA!!!"

Here we go again, Mercury thought.


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An idea from "The Magical Girl Wire" concept...

Spoiler: Show

You're stuck, again, on the red-eye JAL flight out of SFO to Tokyo. Third time this month, and you're thankful as hell that you can claim to your bosses that you need a seat in Executive class. Flying the cattle car level of Economy would have driven you nuts in less than three hours, and a crazy mage is a mage that'll cause a plane to crash.

Oh, you wouldn't cause it crash deliberately, or even by accident...but, easier all around. You really wish you could have gotten a First Class ticket, but you haven't built up enough mileage in this identity to pull off the upgrade. Ugh.

There's only so much you can do-no way in hell can you even think of pulling out files to review, you've already bounced through everything on the in-flight programming that you can stand, don't want to break out your iPad and read some books...so, you have way too much time to think and consider just how ironic things are for you here.

God, was it only fifteen years ago you were in the nearly same place as Miyako? Barely fifteen, having just discovered magic, starting to fight the Fair Folk around your LA neighborhood, and then the Order discovering you. The interview in the coffee shop, with you realizing in the back of your head that an answer of "no, go fuck off and die" would not be accepted. Black ops mage training-you discovering how little you actually knew, how much you had to learn, how much you're still learning...intimidating.

Fifteen years of fighting the oddest kind of war-one where the few rules on both sides are iron-clad. Where there are times where you could have gone further-but you couldn't because of the damn Compact...

Seventy-three percent. On a good day, that's what you remember. Seventy-three percent of the people that the Fey take, you're able to recover and for the most part save. Mind-warping spells all around to keep the Compact safe. Deleting memories is very bad mojo and just altering them is more merciful, but using a spell to convince a barely pre-pubescent girl that she wasn't kidnapped by faeries but by a serial pedophile doesn't ever get any easier. On a good day, you remember that and realize that the odds are getting better, the hunts are getting quicker, and every year, things improve just that little bit. Another good number-a hundred and fifty years. A good estimate of about when humanity would have developed the tools and weapons to be able to tell the Fair Folk to go fuck off and die-you can't play here anymore, you're not too good with your toys.

On a bad day (like this flight was becoming), there's another number your remember. Thirty-six hours. That would be how long it would take for the Fair Folk to pretty much take the world apart and reduce the human race to hordes of scared refugees that the Fair Folk could farm for power and energy. If the Compact ever fell...you're certain you wouldn't survive that long, you're going to damn well go to Hell kicking and screaming, but still...thirty-six hours. And, probably, humanity wouldn't get another chance to trick the Fae into another form of the Compact again.

Miyako Ameratsu. You roll the name around in your head, thinking. Of course, you can sympathize for her going all Carrie in her magical girl war-parents reduced to quivering masses of human-shaped flesh that pretty much twitch and breath and don't do anything else because their souls were ripped out. Younger sister turned into a ballerina doll for the Mask Of Winter's entertainment. And, in a few hours, he'd have to convince her to not go after the Lord of Winters without him breaking the Compact. Oh, taking out the Lord would be great loads of happy-making (it wasn't so long ago you had to clean up after his last "world tour"), but the bastard is good-always on the right side of the line when he realized that the Striker teams were on their way. Catching him...you have to quiver with barely suppressed joy. Anybody that caught him wouldn't have to buy drinks for years.

You've really got to like Miyako-she's operating solo for the past six months, no support, no nothing but what the octopus that lives in her head was saying, and she was going after Virtues-level Fae and winning. So, here you are, flying on a plane to Tokyo where you have to find a girl that is barely operating on this side of sanity, tell her that she can't take the head of the monster that stole everything that mattered to her, and accept training to join what little safety the world has from the Fae.

Or put a bullet in her head.

There are days that your job just sucks.


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I'm the middle of writing up #103, and yes, indeed, that is the scene I had seen untranslated many years ago. And some of the rest of the episode seems vaguely familiar, but I don't know if that's actual familiarity or just deja vu.

I'm still trying to figure out how to describe the scene, since it's such a visual gag. :D
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